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Chapter 101 New Number

I don’t want to go short.

Gu Xiaochen was silently reading this sentence in his heart, only to see that he was staring at her quietly, his dark eyes shining brightly, with the cold light glowing under the moonlight. He suddenly perched on her, and his tall body covered her. Hold the wall with one hand, and hold her with the other hand. His breath rushed, she couldn’t dodge.

Gu Xiaochen was stunned, his eyes wide open.

His kiss came so hurriedly and so quickly, he was overbearing and gentle, and he couldn’t help but indulge. The tip of the tongue brushed over each of her shell teeth, tickling her tongue. He hugged her petite body harder and harder, as if to rub her into his body, constantly entangled and kissed her deeply, wanting her to be so intense.

He is about to get out of control!

“Chenchen.” Wu Helian hugged her at once, screaming hoarsely in her ear.

Gu Xiaochen was also short of breath and murmured “en”. She just feels hot and hot, and her cheeks are flushed. Blurred eyes, his eyes filled his handsome face. His fiery lips touched her skin and kissed the next traces. It was a strange itch that would make people lose their strength to resist.

A cold wind blew, but the temperature of his lips was hot, and Gu Xiaochen recovered, shy and anxious.

“Tonight, I want to sleep with you.” Wu Helian calmed her breath, her slender thumb gently stroking her tender cheeks, and her eyes had a charming charm.

His heartbeat was about half a beat. Gu Xiaochen dodged his gaze and whispered, “You go back to the hotel to sleep.”

“The car parked at the Landmark. It’s inconvenient.” He moved out the reason, but he was not persuasive.

“You can call a car.” Gu Xiaochen immediately took his words.

Wu Helian pouted, “You can’t call it.”

Yu Guang glanced aside, and Gu Xiaochen pointed his finger at the parked bicycle. “The bicycle lent you. You ride over.”

“Chenchen!” Wu Helian yelled in a low voice, staring at the bicycle, her frowning eyebrows were already displeased.

Damn bike! Really want to smash it!

“It’s late, I’m going to sleep.” Gu Xiaochen pushed him away, but he still stopped her and wouldn’t let her go. She frowned slightly, her heart palpitated, and muttered, “Ah, don’t do that.”

Wu Helian asked her in a low voice hoarsely around her waist, “I’m going to the mainland tomorrow, and I will be back in a few days. Really not Let me stay? “

Gu Xiaochen bit his lip and nodded. This topic is really embarrassing.

Wu Helian was silent for a long while, staring at her for a long while, but let go of her hand, and no longer blocked her way arbitrarily. “I see you go up.”

Gu Xiaochen hurriedly withdrew his eyes and turned his head immediately.

She walked forward a few steps, and he watched her silently toward the building, further and further away from him. She grabbed her shoulder bag at once, and hesitated to stop her footsteps. She always felt that she could not walk like this, and always felt a little sullen. His body stiffened, and he looked back at him.

The lights were dim, and the moonlight was bright and bright, shining on him staggered, covered with a layer of warm and cold light. His hands were arbitrarily inserted in his trousers pockets, and his standing figure was so daunting, with a deep and conspicuous attention, like a big tree that would not be shaken by the wind and rain, had already taken root.

Wu Helian regained her usual calmness and calmness.

Gu Xiaochen rubbed her footsteps and walked back to him again. Her voice was very soft, “I forgot something.”

Wu Helian stared, but there was a trace of confusion.

“Emm–” She dragged her long tail, and she twitched for a while.

Gu Xiaochen suddenly grasped the shoulder bag suddenly, as if courageous enough, he tipped his toes sharply, his soft lips leaned towards his face, and kissed gently, even the dragonfly could not even count the water, and the lips wiped his skin, panic Said, “I am very happy today, and … be careful on the way.”

A heart was about to jump out, Gu Xiaochen did n’t dare to look at him, but just ran into the building.

Wu Helian stood dreamily on the spot, reaching for the cheek that she had kissed, and Jianmei raised her eyebrows slightly. He took a cigarette without any trouble, took a few sips, and then walked towards the bicycle. He picked up the bicycle and walked out of the alley, striking like a big teenage boy.

The street lamp pulled the shadow very obliquely, and the corner of the mouth was a bit of a flying arc.


“Assistant Gu, please take a look at this copy!”

“Okay, give it to me. I’ll deal with what I have in hand first, and I will reply to you in the afternoon.” Reaching over the documents handed in by colleagues, he said with a smile.

Xiaowen was so busy that he was so troubled that he was scratching his hair. She collapsed on the office chair at once, took a look at the documents in her hands, and couldn’t help complaining, “Oh my god, why is it so

annoying ?” Gu Xiaochen rushed back two glasses and put one of them in front of her The cup of coffee is refreshing. “

” Thank you Assistant Gu. “Xiaowen immediately picked up the coffee and took a few sips.

Gu Xiaochen smiled at her, turned his head inadvertently, and glimpsed the sky outside the window slowly flying over an airplane.

I wonder if he has left?

Waiting for lunch break, colleagues in the department gathered at a nearby fast food restaurant to dine together. Simple fast food, although it tastes average, is also a moment of relaxation. Several colleagues complained about whether they were too busy, while wondering whether they could raise their wages.

“Buzz–” whose phone vibrated on the desktop.

Gu Xiaochen stopped eating and looked at the screen. It was a strange number. Doubting who it was, he still connected the number and gently “fed”.

“This is the new number.” The low male voice on the other end of the phone surprised her.

Gu Xiaochen cleverly oh, he spit out two words, “Hang up.”

“You can call it twenty-four hours.” He added before hanging up.

… After

Wu Helian’s phone call, Gu Xiaochen’s calm heart was no longer as calm as before. She had never cared about the phone that much, so she would take it out and take a look at it after ten minutes of exaggeration. The first time I felt like I was crazy, it was like getting obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Open the drawer, press the button, and glance at the phone screen.

She repeats this.

Xiaowen finished a data report and took a few minutes of rest. She turned her head casually, only to see Gu Xiaochen took out her phone and looked at it, and put it in the drawer again. With a light tap on her desk, she asked with a

smile , “Gu Assistant, are you waiting for the phone?” Gu Xiaochen froze for a moment, his face flushed and nodded awkwardly.

“Boyfriend?” Xiaowen asked gossip.

Gu Xiaochen shook his head again, “No.”

They … they are just friends.

“Assistant Gu, do you know what you look like now?” Xiao Wen blinked at her, and Gu Xiaochen looked back at her curiously. Xiaowen squinted slightly, a look of “coming”, she smiled slyly, saying one by one, “You are a woman in love!”

Scared! Gu Xiaochen was scared!

When I got off work, my phone still didn’t move.

On the way home, Gu Xiaochen clutched the phone tightly, fearing that it would shake up in the next second.

I cooked something myself and took a shower. At this moment, Gu Xiaochen watched the TV boringly on his sofa, while Yu Guang glanced at the mobile phone from side to side. At ten o’clock, she lay down to sleep. Close your eyes, but you can’t sleep.

That night, the phone was quietly placed on the pillow.

information, that is system information.

The phone is not from him.

For the next two days, work as usual as usual. Gu Xiaochen didn’t know what was deadlocked, wanted to call him, and was afraid he was busy. If it bothers you, it ’s not good.

And why should she call him. She couldn’t help feeling annoyed.

On Friday afternoon, Gu Xiaochen went to Haisheng and Zhou’s two companies to submit the initial plan of the electronic platform exhibition. Gu Xiaochen originally thought that he would meet Zhou Chengze, but miracle, did not encounter. Maybe he really went to work in the mainland. It’s just his forehead injury, I don’t know what happened.

Successfully submitted the plan, Gu Xiaochen hurried back to the company to report to the manager Cai Hua.

Sitting down in the elevator, the phone suddenly clamored.

Gu Xiaochen, who was crowded at the end of the crowd, pulled out her phone with difficulty and saw the caller ID, her heart tightened. Pressing the thumb to turn on the button, as soon as the mobile phone was placed in the ear, he heard the low voice of the male voice, and he asked angrily, “Why didn’t you call me?”

“Ding-” The elevator happened to reach the ground floor, crowd one Swarming out.

Gu Xiaochen walked slowly and said softly, “I’m afraid you are busy.”

He silently asked again, “Where are you.”

“Just after work, I was about to walk out of the building.” Gu Xiaochen said truthfully, with the revolving door ahead .

Wu Helian suddenly asked, “Nothing to tell me?” The

surroundings were very noisy, footsteps mixed with noise, Gu Xiaochen’s heart suddenly suffocated, and then beat more quickly. Holding the phone tightly with a small hand, she walked towards the outside sunlight. Just one sentence, six simple words, she asked softly, “When will you come back.” The

revolving door turned, and the end of the phone remained silent.

Oncoming bright, Gu Xiaochen looked up slowly, only to see a black Lamborghini parked across the road. The tall man wearing streamlined sunglasses leaned against the body, his slender figure, his left leg slightly bent, and his posture was very chic and eye-catching.

His mobile phone was held in his hand, as if who he was calling on.

Gu Xiaochen stopped suddenly and could not help but bend his eyes. And he had hung up the phone, took off his sunglasses, a handsome evil face, black hair and black eyes, even more dazzling than the sun. She walked with a smile and walked straight towards him.

“Get in the car.” Wu Helian opened the door and helped her into the car.

When he got into the car, Gu Xiaochen turned to look at him, and couldn’t help but ask, “How come back so quickly.”

She thought it would take several days.

He left on Wednesday, this is only Friday.

“Things are done.” Wu Helian said indifferently, holding the steering wheel with both hands and stepping on the accelerator.

The car drove steadily forward and turned the corner.

Gu Xiaochen did not know where he was going to take her, and was silent along the way. But she recognized this direction, it was to go to the golf course in the western suburbs. After leaving the city, the air in the suburbs was much fresher. The car stopped in front of the golf course and the two got out of the car one after another.

The waiter came to answer immediately, Wu Helian grabbed her hand in her hand and walked in.

The stadium inside the stadium, bright lounge area.

On a sofa, an unruly man sat with his female companion.

Men wear casual fashion, slender legs overlap at random. He has a pair of peach eyes, even though he didn’t discharge to anyone, but it seems that he is frowning, his eyes will hook people. A lazy look, a sloppy attitude, but with a sharp edge, hiding deterrence.

Gu Xiaochen recognized him and they met in Paris, France!

Wu Helian walked to Gu Xiaochen and sat down together.

“It turned out to be Miss Gu.” Lei Shaoheng smiled at her with a deep smile.

“Hello.” Gu Xiaochen smiled shyly.

Lei Shaoheng spoke quietly and said, “Miss Gu, I didn’t have the opportunity to invite you to dinner last time. Don’t you know whether you will appreciate your face this time?”

“No, you’re busy.” Wu Gulian Jun said slightly, waiting for Gu Xiaochen to answer.

Lei Shaoheng smiled with amusement, and sang a clear tone, “I’m not busy or busy, I’m not busy at all.”

Wu Helian got up and hugged her, said coldly, “We are busy.”

“What are we busy with ?”

“Watching a movie . “He spit out three words.

Lei Shaoheng was in a daze for a moment, watching the two of them come and go in a hurry, and suddenly laughed out loud.

This guy …

walked out of the golf course and sat back in the car, but Gu Xiaochen thought about his words. Holding the satchel in her arms, she lowered her head and said nothing. When the car was driving slowly, she glanced at him sideways. There was no emotion in that handsome face, staring at the road ahead, he was driving attentively.

Wu Helian first took her to the restaurant for dinner.

When I left the restaurant, it was about nine o’clock in the evening.

As night fell, the prosperous Hong Kong had just staged the beauty of the night.

Wu Helian did not immediately pick up the car, but walked side by side with her. Such a quiet and peaceful night is really suitable for such a pleasant walk. But he didn’t even say anything. Just walking like this, how could his heart beat faster.

Gu Xiaochen clenched the handle of the shoulder bag and bit his lip angrily.

What are you nervous about? Gu Xiaochen murmured secretly.

A few pedestrians stood on the road ahead.

The street performers wore large clothes and played the guitar freely. The melodious guitar sound, he sings nice English songs. The cheerful look on his face will make people happy, and the mood will be a little bit happy. Every time someone passed him, he couldn’t help but stop and listen to a song quietly.





Gu Xiaochen looked at and sang English. Song’s street artist suddenly felt his hand holding her. The gesture of holding fingers together, the intimate gesture. The weather in June is already warm. But her hand was still slightly cool, and the temperature in his palm hit, as if warm all the way into her heart.

She bowed her head and smiled, even feeling like she was in the warm spring.

“Let’s go.” Wu Helian whispered, holding her hand and walking through the crowd.

Gu Xiaochen followed him, looking at his tall back fox and asked, “Aren’t you going home?”

“Not going home.”

Gu Xiaochen was more curious, “Where do I go?”

Isn’t …

Wu Helian still walking forward He didn’t look back. The male voice floated from the front. “Watching a movie.”

Gu Xiaochen was startled, and the smile on his face was even bigger.

Really go to the movies!

Every step went briskly, Gu Xiaochen pressed slightly, holding his hand back. Moonlight shed light from the cracks of the tree branches and landed on her hair. Suddenly, there was a feeling of returning to a young age. The sound of the guitar sounded faintly, and the English lyrics were silently translated in her heart.

I know it sounds strange,

you changed my season.

It was so unexpected,

as if heaven were waiting for my arrival.

the movie at ten o’clock in the evening, the film is one and a half hours long.

When they arrived at a nearby movie, the movie was about to start. Wu Helian led Gu Xiaochen to the entrance and took out the movie ticket from the suit pocket. Gu Xiaochen didn’t even know when he bought the ticket. Did he buy it before? Just to see the staff tear the ticket, she was passively led by him into the hall where the movie was watched.

Entering from the passage on the right, the two finally found a seat and sat down.

There are not many people watching movies at night, and most of the seats are empty in the film projection hall of Noda University. Looking around for four weeks, Gu Xiaochen was a little strange. It was all a man and a woman who looked at the movie in pairs. She thought about it, is it a love movie? So there are so many couples.

Suddenly in front of him, a row of subtitles appeared on the screen.

Gu Xiaochen narrowed his eyes before adapting to the sudden darkness. After a while, she looked at the screen.

This is a Japanese blockbuster.

The movie started very ordinary, nothing special.

At ten past midnight, a car was driving on the road. But the atmosphere of the music made her creepy. The temperature in the movie theater was a little low. The empty hall, cold wind blowing from time to time. With the music, Gu Xiaochen felt a little scared, and finally understood what movie he was watching.

How could it be a horror movie!

She turned to look at Wu Helian, who looked at the screen indifferently, motionless.

In the movie, the male host is sitting next to him while driving on the highway. Suddenly, at the sound of “Boom–“, a black figure flashed from the front. They hurried to brake, but they still killed the cat crossing the road.

The atmosphere is gradually tense and condensed, and I always feel something good around me.

Gu Xiaochen watched the movie on the screen. As the movie was slowly screened, Xiumei kept twitching, clutching the handle of the shoulder bag, as if comforting herself. Suddenly someone screamed out of her ear. She closed her eyes in fear and dared not look at it again.

After a while, she wanted to see if the terrible shot had passed, so she narrowed her eyes again.

And on the screen is a faceless child’s face, showing a cyan color, grinning like that.

Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help it anymore. With a loose hand, he hugged Wu Helian’s arm next to him and shouted anxiously, “Ah!”

Wu Helian remained silent, turning her head to look at her. He dropped the armrest between the two seats, said nothing, and reached out to hug her in his arms, letting her snuggle towards herself.

Gu Xiaochen itself is not timid, but like ordinary girls, she is very afraid of this horror movie. So she never looks. This time she tried hard to drill into his arms, wishing to stick to him.

Wu Helian looked calmly at the screen, her mouth slightly raised.

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