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Chapter 103 Drunk

a group went to a senior club.

The VIP rooms in the clubhouse are like palaces in the ancient century. Silver glittering tableware, retro decoration style, half-closed curtains hang long tassels, and the pendulum of the clock keeps swinging. The huge floor-to-ceiling windows are too good for daylighting. Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, you can overlook the scenery of Hong Kong, which is very spectacular.

“Shao Heng, I’m so hungry.” The female companion sat on the sofa with his arms around him and said intimately.

“That’s something.” Lei Shaoheng said with a deep voice, glanced at Gu Xiaochen, apparently dominated by her, “Miss Gu, you come to order food.”

“You just come. I casually.” , Shy smile. She hasn’t paid much attention to these, and she has no idea about ordering food.

Wu Helian took out a cigarette and lit it, Shen Sheng said, “You guys.”

Hearing this, Lei Shaoheng was not reluctant. The female partner took the menu and started to order.

Gu Xiaochen looked at the blue sky and couldn’t help but quietly walked to the French window. Xu is reflected by the blue sky, and the blue color is all under her eyes. A tall figure suddenly flashed beside him, and Wu Helian walked quietly to her, stood beside her, and smoked at once.

The laughter of women came from time to time, but they clearly did not say anything, but they were so peaceful.

“Are you hungry?” He asked deeply.

Gu Xiaochen shook his head, “Fortunately.”

“But I’m hungry.” Wu Helian spit out a smoke ring, eyes deep.

Such simple words seemed to be nothing wrong, but Gu Xiaochen blushed. He suddenly took a step closer and bent slightly, blowing hot air in her ear, “I want to eat you.”

Gu Xiaochen took a step backwards subconsciously, only to see that he was full of jokes, and made it clear that he was teasing her. She bit her lip and didn’t know what to do, at a loss, she opened her clear eyes. She was like a bunny who was only frightened, causing him to chuckle with laughter.

“Hehe.” Wu Helian smiled against the wall, his smile dazzling than the sun.

Lei Shaoheng was talking intimately with his female companion, and Wu Helian’s laughter came, making him stunned.

Will this guy laugh?

The four of them spent lunch in the clubhouse. In the afternoon, the female companion took Gu Xiaochen to the spa to keep fit, and they went to the sauna. In the steaming sauna, the two men sat face-to-face with their bath towels naked, enjoying the heat hitting the whole body, relaxed and comfortable, exhausted.

“Really hit?” Lei Shaoheng said without closing his eyes.

Wu Helian was silent, her cold towel covered her eyes, and the corners of her mouth flew a touch of arc.

Obviously, he is in a good mood.

…… The

time hurried, Gu Xiaochen and the female companion who finished the SPA returned to the private room. The clothes have been sent for dry cleaning. They wear pink and elegant SPA clothes, which make their skin more watery. Gu Xiaochen’s long hair was slightly damp and did not dry completely. The beautician cares carefully and blows the hair to eight parts, which is the best.

Wu Helian and Lei Shaoheng are already there, as well as comfortable robe after washing the sauna.

“Shao Heng, have you waited a long time.” The female companion naturally walked to Lei Shaoheng and asked gently.

Gu Xiaochen’s hands hung down casually and came to Wu Helian to sit quietly. It’s just some distance away, one meter away. She lowered her head and said nothing.

Lei Shaoheng patted the female partner’s shoulder gently, and she immediately obeyed. A pair of peach blossom eyes condensed light, looked at Gu Xiaochen, the first time to introduce, “Miss Gu, I am Lei Shaoheng.”

Gu Xiaochen confused his sudden opening, nodded at him. Even though he did not introduce himself, Wu Helian did not introduce him. But she also knew his name from the shouting of his female companion and the name of the waiter, Lei Shaoheng.

The female companion got up, took a business card from the shoulder bag, walked back to Gu Xiaochen and handed it to her.

Gu Xiaochen took the business card and saw the black lettering on the bronzing business card. He said with surprise, “Mr. Lei turned out to be a lawyer.” The

female partner couldn’t help but be surprised. The top ten gold barrister in the world, the political tycoon on the rich side, did not know ?

Lei Shaoheng disagreed, and said infrequently, “In the future, you can find me in a lawsuit without charging you money.”

Gu Xiaochen smiled, realizing he was joking. Holding a business card, she glanced at Wu Helian beside her. Suddenly remembered that he had not introduced his friends in Paris, France. She carefully pinched the corner of the business card, for fear of crumpling it.

“Mr. Lei, where do you live now?”

“Spring City.”

“Are you inland?”

“Let’s have time to play, let Lian bring you to come.” When we

talked and laughed, the time passed quickly, and the dinner was also simple. Solved together in the club. As night fell, the female partner suggested playing four-player poker.

Gu Xiaochen immediately frowned, saying embarrassedly, “I’m not going to meet.”

“It’s okay, anyway, you and Lotus partner, the big deal is to drag his hind legs, I don’t think Lotus will mind.” Lei Shaoheng smiled charmingly, with a deep meaning.

Gu Xiaochen pursed her lips awkwardly, her face reddened.

Four-player poker, played in pairs.

Lei Shaoheng and his female companions played exceptionally well, except for so many coincidences, they almost won. Several bottles of wine have been placed on the table, XO spirits, every time you lose a game, you will be fined for a drink. These bottles of wine, almost all Wu Helian drank.

In the last game, both of them let go, Lei Shaoheng left her private room with her arms around her and went to the suite to rest.

Wu Helian picked up the wine glass and was about to drink. Gu Xiaochen hurriedly stopped and took the wine glass. “Ahe, you drink too much. I help you to go to bed.”

Gu Xiaochen lifted Wu Helian hard, asked the waiter, and finally left Entered the suite.

Darkness entered the bedroom, Wu Helian fell to the bed at once. Turning on the bedside lamp, the dim light shone on his handsome face. Xu’s eyes were hazy because he drank too much. Gu Xiaochen had never seen him drunk, this should be the first time.

He narrowed his eyes, looked at her and murmured, “Chen Chen, help me undress.”


Gu Xiaochen was stunned for a while, and his big hand had grabbed her little hand and pressed it on his hot chest. He closed his eyes, long eyelashes covering the eyelids, and painted a fan-shaped shadow. Seeing his brow furrowed, as if sad, she hesitated and whispered, “Then let go, I will undress you.”

Wu Helian really let go of her hand and listened like a child.

Bingbing’s cool little hand touched him and could not make him extinguish the fire!

Gu Xiaochen took off his robe for him, but found that he could not be turned. He just opened his robe and did not know what to do. He seemed to be very hot and uncomfortable. She stood up silently, walked to the bathroom and twisted a wet towel, and sat back on the bed to wipe his face and hands.

“Do you want to drink water?” Gu Xiaochen lowered his head and wiped his face with a wet towel.

Wu Helian nodded, and she was about to turn to pour water, but someone behind her suddenly stretched out her hand, her dark palm touched her, grabbed her slender arm, and pulled her gently towards her with her wrist. For a while, she was lying on his chest!

“Hehe, I’ll pour water for you.” She shouted hurriedly, but Wu Helian hugged her in an overbearing embrace.

Gu Xiaochen earned it, Wu Helian suddenly turned over and trapped her under her imprisonment!

He lowered his head and kissed her lips violently, his wet tongue drove straight in, drunk with alcohol, completely contained her mouth, drained the oxygen in her body, and kissed her to suffocate!

The slender fingers lifted off the laces of the SPA suit, and the big hand held the waist and moved up slightly, groping along her waistline.

“Chenchen.” He kissed the corner of her eye, pecked her lips, and chewed on her neck. The big hand bypassed her smooth back and pressed her towards herself. Her softness rubbed against his chest, making him more excited. With a few fingers, her corset loosened.

Pulling up her clothes hand in hand, he buried his head in front of her chest and opened her mouth to embrace her cranberries.

“Ahe …” She shouted his name helplessly, as if she was afraid of something.

“Don’t be afraid.” Wu Helian gently calmed her with his big hand on her back. He hugged her arm, hugged her and tore off the clothes. The pink spa suit had already faded to the waist. Her white body made him blush.

She had no energy and her chest kept rising and falling.

He parted her legs together with his legs, his big hand went down, and squeezed into her narrow body. Her body was too tight, and the foreign body in her body made her frown sadly. He repeatedly moved back and forth with his fingers, gradually feeling her wetness, he propped his body to look down at her, knowing that she could already accommodate herself.

“Do you want me?” He asked hoarsely.

“I …” Gu Xiaochen was flustered and met his crimson eyes, biting his lips in annoyance, “I don’t know!”

“Say you want me!” He pulled her loose black wire away and pinched her jaw Just asked her to respond!

The whole body’s blood was poured back, and all of her surged into the brain in an instant, making her unable to think!

Under his sentiment, the world desires to lose himself, his empty body desperately desires his filling, but it is difficult to tell, and Gu Xiaochen nodded with difficulty.


he lowered his waist, kissed her small mouth, and plunged into her body!

“Um!” She groaned, and instantly felt herself full!

Wu Helian lifted her white legs, shouted her name intimately, swayed her body arbitrarily, sprinted almost crazy, and demanded her enticing sweetness wildly!

Gu Xiaochen whispered unbearably, murmured for mercy, “Ahe … lighter …”

He was sometimes violent, sometimes gentle, and subverted her world!

… The

morning sun has a reddish light and shadow through the curtains.

There was a piece of Jingyi in the bedroom, clothes scattered on the floor, full of alcohol, and the strong breath after love. The two meters wide bed, the two are still asleep. His big hand circled her waist, imprisoned her in her chest, and locked her tightly so as not to let her escape.

Gu Xiaochen frowned, waking quietly.

The biological clock is like this, it will wake up at seven o’clock. Even if there is no work day.

She opened her eyes in a daze, he was so close to her, his breath sprayed clearly on her face. Recalling last night, her white face flushed again, and she found herself unable to face him. She pushed him gently, and he did not wake up.

With a little effort, she pulled away his big hand.

Wu Helian immediately frowned, she was startled, but she dared not move.

And he just frowned, still did not wake up. Looking at him, Gu Xiaochen was relieved and slowly got out of bed. When the foot fell, the legs were soft and weak, sore and sore, and almost fell to the ground. She held the edge of the bed at once, biting her lips awkwardly. Suffering from soreness, he walked barefoot on the floor and walked around the bed to get the SPA suit.

As soon as Wu Helian opened her eyes, she saw that she was bending over to pick up her clothes, and her body was covered with a few green-red marks, which were the exclusive marks he left last night. She picked up the clothes and covered her chest, but the looming chest and soft body made his bloodline expand!

His eyes narrowed, and his big hands reached her, grabbing her back to bed!

“Ah!” Gu Xiaochen was frightened and exclaimed, and the clothes in his hand fell again. She lay on his body, twisting her body to get up, and said in a panic, “How did you wake up!”

“I want you to get up?” Wu Helian asked in a deep voice, and the punishment seemed to bite her neck.

Gu Xiaochen opened his eyes round and swayed his eyes, daring not to see him.

His spoiled tone, “Love running around! Naughty!”

“I’m hungry, I want to eat, I can’t sleep, I …” She immediately moved out all the reasons, and said, “Well” The voice has been engulfed by him.

An hour later, a woman was so exhausted that she fell asleep again.

Wu Helian lit a cigarette and looked sideways. Gu Xiaochen slept on his arm and slept very sweetly. He pulled up the bedding and covered her thoughtfully. After only a few breaths of cigarettes, they smothered it in the ashtray. He lay down and hugged her to make up for sleep.

Until noon, the two people woke up.

During the leisure time in the afternoon, the female colleague opened the live webcast news.

“Look at the news!”

“What news?”

“Lei Da lawyer, Lei Shaoheng, you don’t even know? He has a financial lawsuit with the Hong Kong First Lawyer today, I said early that he will win! Okay, Auntie ’s money can be obtained! “The female colleague’s words were full of compliments, and obviously he was very pleased with this lawyer Lei Shaoheng.

The male colleague sarcastically said, “You are all in the twenties, don’t daydream.”

“I want you to do it!” Leng snorted, glared at the male colleague, “Don’t be jealous of Lawyer Lei ! ” “

I heard ah, not just the thunder lawyer lawyer so simple, he is very powerful in the Mainland government officials, aides have to give him a face, known politicians tycoon, have got a lot of land and property. “old Wang pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and talked.

Everyone was shocked!

Gu Xiaochen looked up at the computer screen and saw Lei Shaoheng’s breathlessness, a pair of hooked peach blossom eyes, condensed with light. There is a kind of wisdom and calmness in reversing the world between chatting and laughing, he is undoubtedly the king. Surrounded by countless reporters, Lei Shaoheng walked calmly towards the waiting RV and walked away.

The hostess is reporting on his glorious record, everything said is really amazing.

“Where is the attorney so handsome!” Xiao Wen muttered beside him, his eyes shining brightly.

Gu Xiaochen smiled slightly and didn’t say much.

I woke up that day and learned from the waitress that Lei Shaoheng had left with his female companion. Now when I see the news, I know that Lei Shaoheng is so famous.

Aga’s friends feel so far away.

“Buzz–” The phone vibrated on the table.

Gu Xiaochen picked up his phone and looked down at the familiar name—Wu Helian.

She picked up the phone and gently “fed”.

“Hungry.” Wu Helian spit out two words.

“Go and order something for yourself.” Gu Xiaochen frowned helplessly, there was no way to take his childishness.

Wu Helian called “Oh” over the phone and asked before hanging up, “Have you eaten?”

“Eat.” Gu Xiaochen replied with a smile before he hung up the phone.

In the noisy office, there was a lot of noise in the ear and the sound of keyboard knocking. Gu Xiaochen stores the number as “Ahe”, and he always feels that he seems to be closer to him. Such a silly move makes me feel a little funny.

After coming off work for several days, he came to pick her up. They had dinner together and took a walk in hand. He sent her home, and then went back by himself. I call and send messages every day. She is all in her call log and all in her inbox. The man used short words to send messages, and there were no punctuation.

However, many times Gu Xiaochen didn’t even know what their relationship is now.

Is it just a friend? It doesn’t seem to be exactly.

Lovers? He had never said so, and never recognized it.

In fact, several times, Gu Xiaochen could not help but want to ask, ask him a sentence: Ahe, who am I?

But she did not dare, afraid to hear his answer, and said it in his mouth. Even if he was silent, his indifferent look would make her sad. So she became a snail, hiding in the shell and not coming out. His scent was the shampoo she chose, and she was content to see him eating his own cooking.

Why is it satisfied?

Gu Xiaochen was like Gai, unable to answer.

“Lappland …”

“The furthest to the north is the most beautiful and lonely ice queen in the world. It is snowy all year round. The beautiful ice queen lives in this palace without temperature. The wall made of white snow peaks, the glass made of cold wind, really makes you cry when you see it from a distance. “

” The Queen of Ice and Snow lived in this isolated palace for too long, because it was too deserted. And feel lonely. “

” She didn’t have any friends. “

” She went to the village and found a teenager named Gai. “

” Gai said, let me be your friend. “

” The Queen of Snow told him, People hate me and no one wants to be friends with me. All I have is a cold back and a bitter cold wind, but why do you say you want to be friends with me? “

” Gay didn’t answer immediately. “

” No, no Answer. “

Wu Helian went to the United States, the plane at ten o’clock that morning. Before, he had been remotely controlled, and ordered his subordinates to work there. Now that I ca n’t think of it, I must do it myself. Gu Xiaochen asked silly, what is that?

“For example, signing a contract requires face to face in person.” Wu Helian whispered in her ear, sighing, “such as with you …”

Gu Xiaochen blushed and heard him murmur, pushing him out of the apartment.

Before Wu Helian boarded the plane, she also called her. She was working at the company at the time, and had several documents in hand, so dizzy and busy. He interrupted her busyness by a phone call, but it made her feel some sweet troubles. She told him, “You can’t make private calls during work hours.”

Almost all of his frowning can be outlined in her mind. Lip corner, smile lightly.

On the other end of

the phone, there was a broadcast reminding boarding. His low male voice suddenly sounded, “Did you lose that ring.” “No.” Gu Xiaochen squeezed his phone tightly.

“Put it on.”

Because of his simple words, the three simple words seemed to stop the rotation of the earth, and the heartbeat was still together.

Back home from work, Gu Xiaochen took out the silver ring from the drawer, took it in his hand and looked at it again.

Never take it off. He once said that.

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