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Chapter 105 Isolation

Gu Xiaochen never mentioned Song Fangsheng on the premise of Wu Helian, and he did not take the initiative to mention it. Everything seems to be the same as usual, eating together, walking together, but even walking side by side with him, as if separated by something, so distant and strange.

The two ballet tickets that Yan Xudong gave her were quietly placed in her bag.

The performance date of the ballet is June 27th, starting at 7pm.

Gu Xiaochen flipped through the calendar, it was Friday.

The decision plan for the electronic platform exhibition of Zhou and Haisheng, which was planned by Shangyin Bank, was finally formed. At the moment when the plan was completed, the members of the investment bank cheered and sighed, and finally relaxed. Everyone has been full of confidence in the fruits of their efforts since these days.

During the lunch break, a few men got together and started to tease, and the women also talked about the beauty classics.

Gu Xiaochen and the data clerk backed up and stored the data of the plan, and then copied them into two disks. When everything was done, she knocked on the door of the manager’s office with the data dial.

In the office, Cai Hua is answering the phone. She glanced at Gu Xiaochen and motioned her to wait a little. After she finished the phone call, she dropped the microphone and slowly looked up at her, “All are ready?”

“Yes, Manager Cai, all are ready.” Gu Xiaochen said softly, she picked up the data disk in her hand and placed it On the desk.

Cai Hua didn’t take the data disk to check it as usual, she smiled calmly, “I believe in your ability, you don’t need to look at it. We are going to Zhou Shi immediately.”

“Okay.” Gu Xiaochen took the data disk again Back, he turned out of the office and packed his things.

But for a while, Cai Hua took Gu Xiaochen and another subordinate, and the three went to Zhou.

The afternoon sun was hot, sitting in the company’s car, the driver air-conditioned, but let Gu Xiaochen feel a little cool. She turned her head and looked out of the car window, and the scenery along the road was thrown far behind. Silently bowing his head, he suddenly thought that he had never seen Zhou Chengze since that day.

Wu Helian left Hong Kong a few days ago and went to the United States, during which she visited the Zhou family to visit Lin Fen.

Lin Fen was in good health and recovered very well. Seeing her in a good mood and looking good, she was at ease. When she chats with Lin Fen, Lin Fen will inadvertently mention Zhou Chengze as if the company is too busy.

I don’t know what happened to his forehead now.

Zhou’s company building.

In a conference room on a certain floor, Cai Hua sat at the forefront, and Gu Xiaochen sat down with another colleague. Opposite them, several people sat in Haisheng.

Suddenly, the assistant lady who just received them opened the door of the meeting room again.

A group of people looked up and saw Zhou Chengze walked in calmly. He was also followed by the executive manager who took over the planning, as well as several subordinates.

Zhou Chengze flashed in front of Gu Xiaochen’s eyes in a flash. His white shirt, dark silver suit, and Italian hand-cut suit made him look more slim. The sharp edge of Sven Junrong, the silver-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose are more elegant, he is always clean and tidy, showing a trace of cool and chic.

Gu Xiaochen’s eyes stayed intentionally somewhere, staring closely at his forehead, trying to see some traces.

He has not bandaged his wounds, obviously he is fine. Just looking at this distance, you can vaguely see the faintly powdery forehead, the new skin is always like this.

Gu Xiaochen was relieved, and he seemed to be fine.

“Mr. Zhou.” Everyone stood up and greeted each other, and Gu Xiaochen also stood up.

Zhou Chengze looked at the crowd and said with a deep voice, “Sit down.”

Zhou Chengze was sitting in the front center seat, and Haisheng and Shangyin sat face to face on each side.

Putting his hands flat on the arm of the chair and gently overlapping his chest, Zhou Chengze said slowly, “Manager Cai, you can start.”

“Good.” Cai Hua smiled right, Yu Guang glanced at Gu Xiaochen.

Gu Xiaochen got up in tacit agreement and distributed the copy to everyone present. The colleague had already drawn the curtains in the meeting room, and she put the data disk in the computer again and turned on the projector. In the dark conference room, the 3D effect image immediately appeared on the white curtain.

“Mr. Zhou, this is a 3D image of the exhibition we produced.” Cai Hua sonorous female voice sounded, and Gu Xiaochen answered slowly, “We have set two in advance for this electronic platform exhibition. There are plans to choose from. This is the first set of plans. Please open the blue file. “The

secretary opened the blue file, but Zhou Chengze’s original slack eyes focused. Light and shadow interlaced in front of him from time to time, but he always looked at the thin figure, as if to discover what unique charm she had.

For an hour, Zhou Chengze was silent and expressionless.

Until “brush–“, the curtains were opened and the sun shone brightly, making him narrow his eyes.

“Mr. Zhou, what do you think?” Cai Hua asked.

Zhou Chengze looked down and thought again. “Assistant Gu, which one do you think is the most complete plan?”

Gu Xiaochen pursed his lips, expediently recommended two sets of plans, and said, “Zhou Zhou, I think the first set of plans is more complete. “

Zhou Chengze didn’t say much, and said a little,” Then the first set of plans. “

Everyone was stunned, did not expect him to let a little assistant decide which set of plans to choose. Gu Xiaochen was also shocked. She originally thought he was asking about pros and cons. Under the consternation of everyone, Zhou Chengze stood up and walked out of the meeting room.

After the meeting, Gu Xiaochen left Zhou’s business bank with Cai Hua.

On the ground floor of the building, Bai Hui walked by.

The two saw each other almost at the same time. Bai Hui stopped and Gu Xiaochen greeted Cai Hua. Cai Hua’s mood is very good, naturally also reasonable, giving her three minutes.

After someone left, Bai Hui looked at her and said, “Let’s meet at night.”


Gu Xiaochen should leave Bai Hui, she didn’t refuse, even more embarrassed to refuse.

Bai Hui, like her, is a financial department, and she is bigger than her.

In college, Gu Xiaochen usually does a lot of odd jobs.

At that time, Bai Hui helped her a lot. In addition, she is also the daughter of the school manager, and the days in college have also been enriched by her. At the school party and show, Bai Hui took her to participate together, and even participated in planning. In fact, as a child, Gu Xiaochen liked it very positively, but after Gu Qing left, she slowly quit those activities.

In addition to the years of elementary school, Gu Qing was still there, and she had a very happy life. The remaining days, junior high school, high school, she lived in a world of one person. The classmates around me do, but they can’t get together. Until the appearance of Yu Mei, her classmate, her deskmate, her good friend.

Thinking of Yu Mei, Gu Xiaochen found that since the Spring Festival, she hadn’t seen her for so long.

She always comes without a shadow.

But the only certainty is that she will definitely come back.

See you again, she may not leave again.

Gu Xiaochen and Bai Hui made an appointment to meet at six, and before leaving work, she sent a message to Wu Helian. I’m afraid he is busy, so there is no phone. The message read “Tonight, I had an appointment with my college sister, so I can’t have dinner with you. You are not used to pick me up.”

After a few minutes, he came back to the message, and there was only one word-um.

After Gu Xiaochen got off work, he walked down the street alone. It was almost time to look at the restaurant before meeting. Coincidentally walking across the overpass again, I have to admit that Song Fangsheng on the billboard is really beautiful, elegant and noble. She is not only beautiful on the billboard, but the real person is even more beautiful.

Gu Xiaochen glanced at it, then took back his eyes and walked down the overpass.

Coincidentally, Gu Xiaochen ran into Bai Hui in front of the restaurant.

The two smiled and entered the restaurant. Choose a quiet location, the restaurant is on the left corner. Ordered a meal and talked while eating. Talk about interesting things in the university, and talk about the trivial life. Chatting and chatting, suddenly I talked about emotional issues, not so deliberately, just so natural.

Bai Hui was eating ice cream with a spoon, and asked with a smile, “Xiao Chen, are you not in love?”

Gu Xiaochen suddenly froze, but he didn’t even know that it was considered love. So she shook her head.

“Sister Xue?” Gu Xiaochen asked.

Bai Hui put down the spoon, his hands flat on the table, looked into her eyes and asked, “Auntie Lin Zhou Shushu married, you should have some dealings with him, right? How do you like the city of Ze?”

Guxiao Chen moment of understanding, that Bai Hui likes Zhou Chengze.

Lin Fen has said Zhou Chengze this way more than once. Apart from those entanglements, Zhou Chengze is indeed the ideal target. Gu Xiaochen thought quietly and said in Lin Fen’s words, “He’s very good, young and promising, a talented person.”

“You’re right.” Bai Hui murmured, and the smile became a little sad, “Young and promising, a talented, girls do not want to ask, to beg a good target. “

Guxiao Chen silent smile, she added,” but …… if his heart is not in your body, no matter how useless. ” “

ice cream how to be of “Bai Hui whispered, Gu Xiaochen’s heart tightened.

At about eight in the evening, the two walked out of the restaurant.

On the roadside of the restaurant, a gray sports car was parked. The window slowly lowered, and the man in the car was Zhou Chengze. Bai Hui walked towards him, Gu Xiaochen froze in place. What benefit stoop and white Zhou Ze said the city, back to look Guxiao Chen shouted, “Xiao Chen, wherever you go, get you go?”

Guxiao Chen took a few steps forward, separated by some distance “No, I have to go Somewhere else. “

Zhou Chengze looked sideways, glanced at Bai Hui and directed her, he didn’t say much. Bai Hui waved at her, opened the door and drilled into it. Zhou Chengze withdrew his eyes, the window rose slowly, and the car drove forward. The figure outside the car was left behind a little bit, getting farther and farther away.

Atmosphere car stalemate, white Hui smiled and just talk, “Xiao Chen should also find a boyfriend, Ze city, your company, there are no competent good?”

He has been silent frowned Ze Yu Zhou City, said sadly, “In the future It’s okay not to find her. “

The smile on Bai Hui’s face suffocated, flashing disappointment and loneliness. She will head to the window, looking out at the scenery, her voice is so light, but the silence hovering in the car, so positive tone, say the do not want to confirm the hearts of things, “Zhou Ze city, you like Guxiao Chen.”

… …

After separating from Bai Hui, Gu Xiaochen walked alone on the street. She is going to the nearby bus station and going back by bus. The small shops all the way, the dazzling array of goods, dazzled by dazzling. But her footsteps stopped in front of a small shop and couldn’t help but face the window. Through the glass, feel the cold temperature of the water, beautiful fish swim around, very relaxed.

Gu Xiaochen looked at it for a while, and finally walked into the shop.

The boss saw a guest and greeted him immediately, warmly entertaining, “Miss, we have a lot of fish here. Please take a look.”

“Okay.” Gu Xiaochen nodded and walked to a glass fish tank.

The goldfish in the fish tank is orange, flicking its tail, it is very beautiful. She bent over slightly, looking at the goldfish in the fish tank, and asked softly, “Boss, is the goldfish good to keep.”

“Good to keep.” The boss promised.

When Gu Xiaochen walked out of the shop, he already had a bag of goldfish in his hand. The other portable bag contains a small glass fish tank and fish feed.

She got on the bus and went home.

In the dim alley, Wu Helian leaned against the wall smoking and waiting. Seeing her, he straightened his body and stared at her. Gu Xiaochen was slightly happy, and his steps were faster, and he came to him.

Wu Helian asked indifferently, “What did you buy?”

Gu Xiaochen lifted the two-handed thing to him and said with a smile, “Goldfish, fish tank, and feed.” When

she got home, she put the gold fish into the fish tank.

Wu Helian stood behind her and reached out to hug her. “One fish is called Chen Chen.”

“The other is called A He.” Gu Xiaochen said smoothly.

“Chenchen, where did you come from.”

“Chenchen, why are you so beautiful.”

“Chenchen, how about changing feed for you tomorrow.”

Oh, yes, he was asking the little goldfish, and Not asking her.

Wu Helian has moved back to Yinshen Mansion, Room 601 in Building C. Just every night, he would come to Gu Xiaochen to report here, it was like the Big Ben in London, England, so on time. He stared at the fish tank, smoking two cigarettes while feeding two small goldfish, and asked funny questions from time to time.

Gu Xiaochen washes clothes in the bathroom. She looked out and glanced at him. His handsome profile was surprisingly childish, standing in front of the table with the fish tank. When she was done washing and drying the clothes, she also walked to the fish tank, learned his tone, and spoke like a gourd.

“Ahe, where did you come from.”

“Ahe, why are you so beautiful.”

“Ahe, how about changing the feed for you tomorrow.”

Wu Helian twitched her eyebrows, hugged her, and hooked her into her arms. Gu Xiaochen couldn’t dodge, and he was suffocated and kissed violently. Until she was unable to continue, begging for mercy softly.

The electronic platform exhibition will be held in the hotel lobby soon. As soon as the news came out, it immediately attracted the attention of Hong Kong media reporters. Before the exhibition started, media from all walks of life scrambled to report, lest this great news might be missed. It is reported that the stocks of the two companies have increased rapidly recently, and Zhou’s has taken the lead.

On Thursday afternoon, the exhibition was grandly opened.

The crowd of black crows, the LCD screen shows the latest developments of the new development projects of Zhou and Haisheng.

Gu Xiaochen stood behind the crowd and quietly listened to the host’s speech.

For the electronics industry, Gu Xiaochen did not know much. Only the host’s related commentary surprised her. This is really a magical world. Then the CEO of Haisheng Company took the stage to give a speech, followed by Zhou Chengze, the CEO of Zhou’s, came to power.

Zhou Chengze on the stage spoke calmly and wisely.

“This President Zhou is very young, handsome and golden, so powerful.” Xiao Wen whispered beside him.

With applause, Gu Xiaochen applauded with approval. She turned back to the background and urged, “Xiaowen, work started.”

“Okay.” Xiaowen withdrew her gaze and followed her away.

Starting at 1 pm, the show will not end until 2:30. It’s just three o’clock now, but the head of the exhibition hall is still moving. The reporters gathered around Zhou Chengze for interviews and refused to leave. A group of people went up and opened the road. Zhou Chengze walked backstage with a smile, intending to detour.

“Mr. Zhou.” The staff in the background saw Zhou Chengze and greeted each other.

“Assistant Gu, you’re going to take President Zhou around the way behind. There are too many reporters in front.” Lao Zhang rushed in and screamed.

“I know.” Gu Xiaochen responded, looking at Zhou Chengze, “Please, President Zhou, please.”

Without saying a word, Zhou Chengze came out of the back door under her leadership. Bypassed the backyard of the hotel and left from the side path. The reporters were crowded to the door of the hotel, apparently wanting to continue to follow. The subordinates hurried to get the car, while Zhou Chengze waited behind the wall.

Gu Xiaochen stood beside him, turning his head to look at his forehead.

At a close look, she was startled.

A few strands of bangs, where his forehead was previously injured by her, there was a faint line. It seems to have been deliberately covered with a puff, so I can’t see it as I get further away. Could it be that Gu Xiaochen was surprised, was his wound stitched?

“You …” Gu Xiaochen shoved, and couldn’t help but ask, “Your forehead, the stitches?”

Zhou Chengze’s handsome side froze, his expression tense.

His silence made Gu Xiaochen feel guilty. She didn’t expect that the miss would be so serious. She lowered her head and said softly, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s none of your business.” Zhou Chengze said quietly , his low male voice drifting Come.

Gu Xiaochen bit his lips and raised his eyes, asking again, “Is the wound okay now?”

“It’s okay.” Zhou Chengze’s expression softened, staring at her nervous little face. The little face couldn’t hide her guilt, she bit her lip and looked embarrassed. He withdrew his gaze and no longer looked at her. So softly, a simple sentence, “It can make you worry for me, it’s worth it.”

Gu Xiaochen froze, the subordinates had already driven the car, and Zhou Chengze walked away.

The figure of his departure was chic, and Gu Xiaochen raised her eyebrows.


“Ahe, I bought the vegetables and went to your place to cook today.”

Gu Xiaochen walked out of the supermarket with two large pockets and called him. Over the phone, Wu Helian was obviously not at home. Because of the sound of piano dings in her ears, she wondered where he was, and he uttered a “good” sound and hung up the phone.

Gu Xiaochen went to Yinshen’s apartment alone, and it was praise and soup.

When the door opened, she poked her head out of the kitchen. “Ahe, you are back.”

Wu Helian’s tall body stood at the entrance and was taking off her shoes. After changing slippers, he smoked a cigarette and walked to the kitchen to watch her busy figure. Gu Xiaochen was peeling cucumber. She seemed to have thought of something and said, “Ahe, tomorrow is Friday, we …”

“I have something to do tomorrow.” Before she finished talking , he interrupted and said hardly .

The unspoken words swallowed back suddenly. Gu Xiaochen was careless. The knife in her hand cut her finger, and the blood flowed out suddenly. But Wu Helian didn’t know and turned to the living room. Suddenly there was a noise from the TV set, and she rushed down with water.

Let’s go to watch ballet together.

The half-sentence that was not finished, the tickets for the two ballets.

Something happened on Friday, what is it?

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