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Chapter 106 Sure enough

On Friday night, Gu Xiaochen went home alone and cooked some noodles.

Wu Helian said yesterday that he had something to do on Friday. She didn’t ask what it was, but she understood that even if she asked, he wouldn’t say it. Unless, he spoke himself. Nested in the sofa, she embraced the pillow in her arms. She tuned in and out with the remote control, but could not tune in a satisfactory TV program.

“Beep–” The phone rang.

Gu Xiaochen picked up his mobile phone, and the call came from Yan Xudong.

She answered the phone and heard a hearty male greeting. Yan Xudong asked her, did you go out for the weekend? She said no. He asked again, are you at home? She said “en”, he was silent for a moment, and said

quietly , “Do you want to watch a ballet tonight?” “Someone, a little unhappy to go.” Gu Xiaochen held the phone and turned sideways, softly. Said.

There was a lonely voice on the other end of the phone, and Yan Xudong’s voice was a bit low, “I happen to be alone, and I can’t find anyone to accompany me. It’s better to accompany me. I’ll drive to pick you up right now, about half an hour later Go to you. You sort it out and see you later. “

Waiting for Gu Xiaochen to say more, Yan Xudong has hung up the phone.

Sure enough, within half an hour, Yan Xudong drove to the building near where she lived. Gu Xiaochen carried the shoulder bag downstairs and saw him smiling at her while sitting in the car. He got out of the car and opened the door for her, as usual gentleman. As the car moved forward, Yan Xudong said with a smile, “Thanks to you alone, otherwise I don’t know who to go with me.”

Gu Xiaochen turned his head to look at him, Yan Xudong turned the steering wheel and said casually, “Yong Heart took the inspector

, and Haoyang would also go. ” Gu Xiaochen said” Oh “when he heard him say that.

But in my heart, I actually want to make sure one more thing.

Ahe, will he go?

The big theater ’s LCD screen shows a piece of ballet, and the city ’s New York City Ballet, one of the world ’s top five ballet companies, is very famous. It was only five past six o’clock at this moment, and the performance started at seven o’clock, but the front hall of the Grand Theater had already waited for many audiences who came to watch the dance.

This performance starts on June 27th and lasts for five consecutive days until it ends on July 1.

However, from the situation, it is likely to be added.

Gu Xiaochen and Yan Xudong walked silently into the lobby, and the two swept across the banners hanging in the lobby. Gu Xiaochen’s eyes couldn’t help being attracted by the Swan Princess, she quietly looked at Song Fangsheng in the billboard. Suddenly, my heart is a bit sour, and I can’t relieve envy.

“Xudong, Xiaochen.” In the attention of everyone around, the scenery Xin came with Yao Yongxin.

The four gathered together and greeted each other. While waiting to enter, talk and laugh.

Yao Yongxin walked to the dance group’s stills and said the story with a smile, “Do you know the story of” Swan Lake “?” She saw everyone shaking their heads, coughed and explained, “Then I will tell you. One day , A supreme princess told her son Prince Siegfried that she had to choose a young girl to be his fiancee tomorrow and invite her to participate in their festival … “

Yao Yongxin said quietly this beautiful fairy tale It seems that Xin Xin did not have much interest in the ballet, and it was obviously purely accompanied by beautiful women. Yan Xudong turned his head inadvertently, but saw Gu Xiaochen staring at Yao Yongxin with such a concentrated expression, listening quietly.

“At this moment, the swans suddenly became a group of girls, and the most beautiful girl confided to the prince their mysterious and unfortunate encounter …” Yao Yongxin was saying, but someone came slowly behind him.

“It’s all here.” Wu Haoyang was energetic, and the handsome man was striking.

Three handsome men and one beautiful girl will naturally attract attention.

Entering the venue, the audience took the tickets and went into the theater viewing hall. The group was not in a hurry. They waited until the crowd had almost entered before entering. Gu Xiaochen turned to look at the entrance of the front hall, which was empty. Sitting by the seat number on the ticket, that is the VIP seat.

The theater was surprisingly silent, with occasional noises, and seemed to be waiting for the show to begin.

The five people sat side by side, and the leftmost position was vacated, but it was unknown to whom.

Just five minutes before the start of the performance, a long figure flashed on the access road. Everyone turned their heads and saw that he was Wu Helian. The light shone on him, his handsome face was cold, and there was a trace of ice cold. A pair of eagle eyes glanced at the few people present, but settled on the far right seat.

Almost at the same moment, Gu Xiaochen’s eyes hit him in the face. So stiff, he looked away slightly and was already seated in his seat. Gu Xiaochen lowered his head and said nothing. Yan Xudong looked at her quietly, seeing her frowning slightly, her expression was hard to conceal.

The music sounded and the ballet finally began.

Silence all around, actors coming and going on stage. Until the appearance of the white swan, Song Fangsheng was already Princess Aojita. Gu Xiaochen did not know whether she came to see the ballet or Song Fangsheng. She stared at her without blinking, ignoring the other dancers.

In the two-hour ballet, the moment the curtain fell, the audience stood up and applauded.

Gu Xiaochen also clapped and applauded gently, as if to understand something, and smiled faintly.

Walking out of the viewing hall of the theater, a group of people met Song Fangsheng, who was wearing a coat in the aisle. She hadn’t even had time to remove her makeup. Wu Haoyang greeted her and gave her a hug, “Fang Sheng, congratulations, the performance is very exciting and successful.”

“Thank you.” Song Fangsheng whispered, Wu Haoyang said again, “Change clothes, we wait for you.”

“Sorry, Let you wait. “Song Fangsheng smiled and nodded toward the people one by one, his eyes paused on Wu Helian’s body and turned away.

Until she left, Guxiao Chen said softly, “I’m sorry, I go first.”


“have come, do not rush to go tomorrow is the weekend, do not go to work, I think you would not be so disappointed, right?” Wu Haoyang said, everyone’s eyes turned to Gu Xiaochen, and she made her the focus in a flash. And she looked calm, without any fluctuations. Only the tight lips revealed the emotions.

“Xiaochen, do you have a better headache? If it still hurts, then I will send you back.” Yan Xudong said in a timely manner and relieved her.

Gu Xiaochen was grateful, and looked at Yan Xudong with a slight smile, and how he had wanted to leave suddenly changed. He could n’t even understand himself, and said softly, “I do n’t seem to hurt my head anymore. I do n’t want to disappoint, just go. Come on. “

Wu Helian smoked a cigarette in silence. Yao Yongxin patted his shoulder and reminded in a low voice,” Lian, no smoking is allowed here. “

When Song Fangsheng changed clothes and came to meet, the group immediately set off for the clubhouse. Several men took the car and turned back. Yao Yongxin naturally took the scenic car. Wu Haoyang walked to Song Fangsheng, which naturally meant to take her car. Only Gu Xiaochen was left, and she stood there without moving.

Gu Xiaochen said with a smile, “Xudong, I will take your car.”

“Please.” Yan Xudong opened the car door for her gently, and Wu Helian watched her indifferently.

Several sports cars drove on the road towards the clubhouse.

The clubhouse for the party was chosen by Wu Haoyang, not as noisy as PUB, and the environment is elegant and quiet. In the special private room, a group of people sat casually. Ordered drinks, some fruits and special snacks.

A group of people sat on the sofa and chatted about the past.

How naughty Wu Haoyang was when he was a child, Yao Yongxin’s results are always among the best, and never exceed the first. Wu Helian and Yan Xudong are like twin brothers in school, and they must appear together, such as skipping class, eating, going to school, and leaving school.

Yan Xudong looked at Song Fangsheng and asked with a smile, “How did Miss Song and Lian know each other?”

Song Fangsheng was holding a juice glass, with long hair running down his cheeks, and his face was very beautiful. She didn’t even recall much, and said softly, “We met on the train.” The

train? Everyone was taken aback.

Song Fangsheng’s smile was bright and moving, and he said, “Just in a train carriage.”

That was a long time ago.

She nearly missed the train because she overslept, and ran into the platform of the train station. The train was about to start. At the last second, she rushed up, but fortunately she didn’t miss it. In that carriage, a tall figure stood. He leaned sideways against the carriage, wearing a peaked cap, the brim was low, and was listening to the song.

Song Fangsheng recognized the badge on his backpack, they turned out to be a school-Hong Kong High School.

Song Fangsheng took the initiative to say hello, “Hey, we are from the same school. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Song Fangsheng, I just entered Hong Kong High School. Classmate, what is your name? Classmate, how old are you? Why are you ignoring people? “

Wu Helian just ignored them, posing coldly.

Until the train arrived at the station, Wu Helian silently left. But the crowd was so crowded that the badge in his backpack was squeezed out. Song Fangsheng picked up the badge and hurriedly got out of the car to chase him, trying to return the badge to him, but found that he had disappeared.

Going to school on Monday, Song Fangsheng asked his classmates, just to briefly describe, the classmates immediately shouted his name. It turned out that he was Wu Helian. After class, Song Fangsheng took the badge to look for him. He took it indifferently. She smiled and said, “Student Ahe, I am so hard to return the badge to you. Should you invite me to dinner?”

All started , All from that train, that badge.

Song Fangsheng’s thoughts finally withdrew and said lightly, “Coincidentally, we are in a high school.”

Too many stories are omitted, too many minutiae are omitted, and unknown entanglements are omitted. She described their relationship in a few simple sentences. When Yao Yongxin passed away because of her father’s illness, when Xu Dong emigrated with her parents, she suddenly broke into Wu Helian’s world so suddenly.

Train encounters, high school classmates, three years of coexistence … Gu Xiaochen took a quiet sip of lemon juice, sour that her teeth were trembling and she couldn’t help frowning. I didn’t expect the two of them to have known each other for such a long time. Eight years ago, they already knew each other in high school.

The men had to drive, so they did not drink.

Yao Yongxin chose a bottle of red wine and asked with a smile, “Miss Song, do you want a glass?”

Song Fangsheng just started to speak, but Wu Haoyang stopped before her, “Fang Sheng doesn’t drink.”

Yao Yongxin’s hand holding the wine bottle was slightly stiff , Song Fangsheng said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I don’t usually drink, and I feel uncomfortable when I drink. I will honor you with this glass of juice, and I’m happy to meet you.” She said, taking a sip of the juice.

Everyone is still chatting, chatting about studying in the United States, and those countries that I have been to.

Gu Xiaochen was naturally unable to intervene, just sitting quietly on the side.

At nearly twelve, the group left the clubhouse and went home. Gu Xiaochen walked behind the crowd, and Wu Helian, who didn’t speak much for a night, suddenly drew near her and whispered, “You take my car.”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t answer.

Several people went to pick up the car, and the three women stood outside the clubhouse and waited.

“Sister Yongxin, Miss Song, bye.” Seeing Yan Xudong’s car came first, Gu Xiaochen bowed his head and greeted him. She sat in the car and smiled at them and nodded. Through the front mirror, she saw that the black Lamborghini had stopped. She looked away and stopped looking.

Yan Xudong asked in

a deep voice, “Are you tired?” “It seems a little.” Gu Xiaochen smiled softly.

“Then you rest, and I will call you when you arrive.” Yan Xudong said thoughtfully.

Gu Xiaochen just said “En”, turned his head and looked out the window. Hong Kong is full of neon lights and bright green lights, reflecting her lonely face.

Eight years ago, and eight years later.

Eight years.

Gu Xiaochen, that is a time you can never involve.

In his world, the girl named Song Fangsheng occupied.

“Boom-Boom-” Soon after returning home, the door was knocked.

Gu Xiaochen stuffed himself in the quilt and did not get up to open the door. She knew who was outside the door, so she chose to ignore it so capriciously. She covered her ears and didn’t want to hear the voice. Until the knock on the door ceased, the whole world was quiet again. Then she let go of her hand, thinking he was gone.

After a long time, the phone came in a message.

The message showed “Ahe”, a few short words-I was outside.

Gu Xiaochen held the phone for a long time, and Xiumei’s eyebrows were tight. She knew his stubbornness. If she didn’t open the door, he would have to wait outside all night. She remained silent for ten minutes, and after all she couldn’t help putting down her phone and got up to open the door. As soon as the door opened, the oncoming air was full of pungent smell of smoke.

Wu Helian really stood outside, her tall figure obscured her sight, and she smoked silently with a cigarette in her hand.

A bright light slanted diagonally, hitting his side. He slowed down, slowly turning his head to look at her. He reached out and pushed the door open, but she didn’t let go, just said, “I want to sleep.”

“Why did you go.” Wu Helian did not go in and asked outside.

Gu Xiaochen’s heart tightened, and he said lightly, “It just happened to be boring.”

“So you went with Xudong?” Wu Helian asked Shen Sheng again, his indifferent tone faintly unpleasant.

Gu Xiaochen looked up at him, although his voice was very light, but it was decisive, “Xudong is my good friend.”

Wu Helian smoked a cigarette and spit out a white smoke ring, said quietly, “He is a man.”

“So?” Gu Xiaochen asked with a smile, his eyes closed tightly, said slowly, “Far away from him.”

Hearing him In this way, Gu Xiaochen only felt a little funny. The hand holding the door

pressed slightly, and her fingers clasped the edge of the door. Her eyes were extremely bright. It was still the sentence, “Xudong is my friend.” Wu Helian stared at her for a long time and said nothing, just turned around. gone.

Gu Xiaochen took the door, and his back disappeared before his eyes.

This Saturday, there is no phone call and no information.

The phone was alone, and there was no sound.

Waiting for Sunday afternoon, Gu Xiaochen, who was sullen at home for a day, finally went out. Every time I go out, there is always no place to go. She didn’t know what she was going to do, she wanted to come and go, and there was only one person to go shopping for a meal. She walked across the street, saw a bookstore, and walked in.

The bookstore gathered crowds, mostly students.

They carried backpacks, boys wore wrists, girls wore tall ponytails. The beautiful green faces make Gu Xiaochen think about the old days. She wandered in the bookstore, fingering the books on the shelf a bit. Suddenly, her fingertips touched the bibliography of a book, and she even stopped.

That is a fairy tale book.

“Swan Lake” by German writer Muzeus.

Gu Xiaochen turned the pages of the book and read silently. She stood in the corner of the bookstore, in front of the bookshelf, and read the whole story. Until the last sentence was read, “When the devil revealed a fierce fierce appearance, the prince rushed to the devil desperately, and with the help of Ojta and the geese, the devil was killed by the prince. Since then the witchcraft disappeared. He regained his human form with the maids. So, Princess Ojetta and Prince Siegfried lived happily together … “

The story of happiness.

Gu Xiaochen closed the book and walked out of the bookstore through the crowd.

A car was parked across the road, and the man in the driver’s seat accidentally glanced out the window. He looked around and stopped at one place. He saw the girl walking out of the bookstore, watching her walking aimlessly on the street, and watching her buy a cone of ice cream, and sit down on a bench on the street to rest.

The sun is good, her little face is calm and fair.

The door opened horribly, and the man got out and ran across the road.

Gu Xiaochen was eating ice cream, looking at the streets. Suddenly, she saw a long figure coming forward. Zhou Chengze held a few books in his hand, and turned to look at the books while walking towards her. He suddenly looked up, his eyes met her, and his steps stopped slightly.

Zhou Chengze walked calmly to her and looked down at her, “How are you here.”

Gu Xiaochen hurriedly swallowed the ice cream in her mouth and whispered, “It happened to be free, so

I went out to shop.” “Yaru asked me to buy it for her A few books. “Zhou Chengze said in a deep voice, but he seemed to be annoyed, frowning Yingying’s eyebrows.

“Oh.” Gu Xiaochen nodded.

Awkward for a while, no one spoke anymore.

“If it’s fine at night, it’s better to eat together.” Zhou Chengze said, pushing the glasses on the bridge of his nose.

“No, I have something to do.” Gu Xiaochen stood up and refused softly.

Zhou Chengze seemed to expect this, his mouth slightly raised, but he didn’t know if he was mocking himself or something, “Gu Assistant is really busy. Then when you are free, I will make an appointment first.”

“Brother!” A clear cry rang out, and Zhou Yaru walked out of the department store At a glance, she saw a restaurant not far away, and she ran with her shopping bags. Zhou Yaru gasped and saw Gu Xiaochen was there. She was a little surprised, and her eyes moved between the two.

“I’m leaving now. Goodbye.” Gu Xiaochen whispered and left with a satchel.

Zhou Yaru withdrew his eyes and looked at Zhou Chengze, “Brother, what did you buy?”

“I bought it for you.” Zhou Chengze said coldly, and Zhou Yaru immediately shouted unbearably, “Brother, I hate books the most!” After

turning around, Gu Xiaochen didn’t buy anything at the end.

She lay on the table and watched two small goldfish swimming in the fish tank. They didn’t look so cheerful either.

Little fish little fish, what are you waiting for.

Are you waiting for Aga to feed you?

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