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Chapter 107 If she is not

Is this a cold war?

Gu Xiaochen didn’t even know what it was.

Even if she lives in a city, it seems to be across the ocean, so far away that she can’t see where the shore can be docked.

On the first day, she would watch her cell phone from time to time, the second day, the third day, the fourth day … she passed by day after day, and she finally calmed down. Back to the days of a person’s life, this is actually just the case, she should have been used to it. Every day, the arrangement is very substantial, and I have dinner with colleagues in the department, and go out to run the exchange and run the client company with Xiaowen.

Go out early in the morning and always go home until dark.

“Assistant Gu, you seem to be desperately Sanlang.” Xiao Wen screamed, and lifted the shoulder bag. “It’s already off work, Assistant Assistant, do you want to work overtime?” The

desk was full of documents. Gu Xiaochen buried his head in it and said softly. “It’s okay to go home from work anyway, I’ll be ready soon. You go first. Bye.”

“Then I will go first. Bye.” Xiao Wen waved his hand and left with a smile.

In an instant, she was the only one left in the office. The sound of the keyboard knocking, “slap” and “slap” sounded more silent. It wasn’t until the sky was slightly dark that Gu Xiaochen started to pack things up. There are only a few cleaning staff and security guards in the whole building. They have recognized her and greeted her, “Miss Gu, get off work.”

“Well, get off work. You also get off work earlier.”

Gu Xiaochen bought a burger nearby and sat down The bus went to the Zhou family to visit Lin Fen.

After half past seven, Zhou’s family had just used dinner.

Gu Xiaochen was led by the maid to the side hall, and only a few people sat on the sofa. Zhou Mosheng and Zhou Chengze discussed matters in the business field, and there was no one sentence, just to pass the time. And Zhou Yaru snuggled up next to Lin Fen, holding a professional magazine for making chocolates in his hands and was studying.

“Xiaochen, you are here.” Lin Fen stood up, walked to her and took her hand to sit down, “Have you

eaten ?” “Eat.” Gu Xiaochen replied softly.

Zhou Yaru deflated his mouth, but it tasted a bit. She looked up and saw that Zhou Chengze made a look at her. She frowned, and said unwillingly, “Aunt Fen, let’s go upstairs and talk. Dad has been smoking, not good for your health, And it’s so bad. “

” Yes, Dad doesn’t smoke well. You go talk. “Zhou Mosheng said with a smile, Zhou Chengze said nothing.

The three immediately went upstairs to Lin Fen’s room.

And without talking, Zhou Yaru got up and went back to his room.

Gu Xiaochen finally had time to get along with Lin Fen alone, holding Lin Fen’s warm hand, she just felt calm in her heart. She chattered, talked a lot, talked about the company’s business, and said how busy the work was. Say what project the department has taken over now. The smile on her face was as bright as possible, and she did not want Lin Fen to worry about herself.

Lin Fen listened to her for a long while, reached out and hooked her falling hair behind her ear, and said gently, “My

Xiaochen is not happy.” Gu Xiaochen suddenly felt startled, but his heart was slightly sour.

“Has something happened?” Lin Fenning asked.

Before the eyes became red, Gu Xiaochen dropped into Lin Fen’s arms. She leaned her head on Lin Fen’s shoulder and rubbed childishly, said softly, “The company is busy lately, I feel so tired. Mom, I want to go out with you for a few days.”

“Mother schedule time? “Lin Fen caressed her softly and said softly.

Gu Xiaochen nodded.

This midsummer has already begun, and July is coming.

In the afternoon of the day, the sun shone brightly and shone on several figures on the western suburbs golf course. The caddie stood quietly, ready to serve the two gentlemen at any time. Wearing a golf shirt, a Polo style T-shirt, one black and one white, paired with long trousers, wearing leather shoes style spikes, the two stood on the lawn.

These two people are Wu Helian and Yan Xudong.

Yan Xudong played the club and looked at the direction of the ball flying away. He said casually, “Hao Yang seems to be familiar with the lady Song.”

Wu Helian raised the posture to play, and she was handsome. He threw the cue aside and the caddie immediately caught it cleverly. The two walked in the direction of the ball flying away, Shen Sheng said, “I don’t know.”

“Yingxin said he wanted to go back to Australia.” Yan Xudong looked at the front and said slowly, “I guess she finished her hand. Some more difficult business matters will be resigned. “

Wu Helian was not surprised.” She shouldn’t be back. “

” People have to go crazy once in this life. “Yan Xudong narrowed his eyes and said Shen Jing.

The two continued to play golf on the course. Wu Helian looked in the direction of the hole in the front. Yan Xudong stood behind him and asked, “What’s the matter with you and Miss Song.”

“Friends.” Word, holding the cue and comparing gestures, ready to play.

Yan Xudong put his arms around his chest, “I thought she was your former lover.”

Wu Helian was silent and stopped talking. When his hands were raised, he was about to hit the ball, but Yan Xudong suddenly asked at this time, “So what about Gu Xiaochen.”

Li tried not to get it right, and the ball slowly moved towards the hole, but only at the edge of the hole.

“If she isn’t a girlfriend, I think I should have a chance.” Yan Xudong said with a smile, Wu Helian’s cool and handsome look stifled. The sunlight was too dazzling and concealed the forbearance in his eyes. He said heartily, “Lian, no matter what happens, we are brothers.”

Wu Helian held her fist and the two touched it.

During off hours, the crowd is turbulent.

In the distance, a black Lamborghini approached.

Wu Helian’s eyes moved away from the goldfish feed on the sub-seat. Huo Di looked up and saw the petite figure carrying a satchel into the silver-gray Porsche in front.

That was Chenchen and Xudong.

“Xudong, be careful on the road.”

“Okay. You also have to rest early. Call me if you have time.”


Yan Xudong sent Gu Xiaochen to stop in front of the apartment building, and they said goodbye with a smile.

The elevator went all the way up and finally reached the top floor.

Gu Xiaochen reached for the key in his shoulder bag while walking out of the elevator. As soon as I looked up, I saw a tall figure standing in the corridor. He leaned against the wall and faced himself, his slender legs bent slightly, and his chic posture. The black eyes were extremely deep, staring at her so urgently, like a black cat in the night.

Gu Xiaochen pursed his lips and said nothing, as if he had not seen him, and walked to the attic.

Wu Helian’s eyes moved with her, as if to make up for the time she hadn’t seen in the past few days, and as if she was angry, he stared at her deadly. But she even ignored him! He suddenly took his steps and stopped at her very fast, blocking her way. He looked down at her, Jianmei raised his anger.

Gu Xiaochen looked calm and said lightly, “Please let it go.”

Wu Helian didn’t mean to let it go. The tall figure was like a wall, covered with shadow. Gu Xiaochen met his cold eyes, covered with mist. Perhaps it was the relationship of dim lighting, but he could not see him at all, and heard him faintly saying, “You went out with Xudong again.”

How did he know?

Does he follow her?

No, this is unlikely, nor is his style.

Although Gu Xiaochen was very suspicious, he still said indifferently, “I said the last time, Xudong is my friend. I go out with him, it’s nothing.”

“Because it’s Xudong, it’s not allowed.” Wu Helian shouted hard.

“I don’t want to talk to you.” Gu Xiaochen whispered, and moved aside, he would bypass him. But he stretched out his hand, and the powerful arm directly dragged her into his arms, imprisoned firmly in his chest, so that she would not have the opportunity to escape. Gu Xiaochen struggled and did not dare to disturb the neighbors, so he gritted his teeth and shouted, “Wu Helian! You let go!”

Wu Helian fully attached her body to herself. The scent, her unique body fragrance, would make him miss him so much, “Not only Xudong, I don’t like you going out with any man.”

Gu Xiaochen tried to calm down his emotions as much as possible, and his hands pushed hard to reject him. You can go out with other women, why do n’t I allow it! “

” Hehe. “He smiled, when she was still annoyed and irritable, he laughed abruptly, so hateful,” Go to the ballet of a friend , this is nothing. CNR, you are jealous. “

Guxiao Chen upset Yaochun,” I did not! “

Wuhe Lian hand held onto her slender hand and pinch her chin lifted,” quasi you are jealous. “

Guxiao Chen stunned moment his deep mellow male voice is very appealing, “you are not allowed to knock over Cu Tanzi.”

“Do not allowed.” Guxiao Chen gently spit the words, smiled and asked, “you are my ? ” “

CNR. “Wuhe Lian Chun Yung slightly heavy, already unhappy, rather abruptly and said,” Stop temper. “

The original …… this is because she is losing his temper.

Gu Xiaochen’s heart suddenly fell into the abyss, and suddenly he smiled. What he is talking about, what does he mean, she is not really a fool, she understands clearly. He waved his hand vigorously, and strode up to the attic to open the door, but there was a pocket of goldfish feed on the ground. Her hands were shaking, and she opened the door, “I will buy goldfish feed myself, you don’t have to worry.”

“Gu Xiaochen!” He shouted her full name, angry.

Gu Xiaochen covered the door, and the sadness filled the mountains and flooded her.

There is no beginning, of course, there is no end. Between them, there is never zero.

…… In the

hot July, Xia Cicada called “know” and “know” on the tree endlessly.

The campus of the university is quiet and no longer noisy. Connaught University campus, a few students passing by sporadically, some deserted. Only on the basketball court, the boys are playing basketball. The sound of basketball slap and cries from time to time are heard through the sky. The sweat that is flowing down willingly is enjoying the beauty of squandering youth.

The sun shines through the branches of the big tree, shining a dappled light.

In front of the green and quiet path is a teaching building.

Parthenocissus climbed the walls of the building, lush, the building looks a bit old.

As you approach the building, you can hear the piano.

Ding Ding Dong Ding Ding Dong can make people meditate.

There are only a few tables and chairs in the classroom on the third floor of the building.

The girl in the white skirt is sitting on the piano chair and is playing the piano. She has long hair, straight behind her, bright forehead, beautiful nose bridge, connected into a beautiful arc, that is a beautiful and moving side face. His hands and fingers are slender and flexibly fall on the keys. Those keys are like butterflies with vitality and flying.

A tall figure suddenly flashed in the hallway outside the classroom.

The man stood on the corridor, silently looking at the girl who was playing the piano. He didn’t say anything, smoking and watching.

At the end of the song, the girl turned her head slowly, turned her eyes, and saw him outside the corridor. She smiled slightly and yelled softly, “Student Ah He.”

Such a time seems to have returned to the past.

In those lush years, he and she were a few years old. He is a campus prince, a popular idol, a teacher’s praise, and an object admired by students. He is a perfect incarnation. He was two years older than her, but she never called him “a senior”, and always called it like “Aga”. Of course, this is also when the two are alone in private, she is terrible for those girls who adore him.

It took so many years to blink.

Song Fangsheng slowly stood up, looking at Wu Helian outside the classroom, she smiled a little, and said lightly, “I know you will come.”

He also kept the summer agreement.

Classmate A He, one day I will stand and dance on the stage of the theater.

You must come and see.

Wu Helian did not speak, the distance between the two was only five meters.

Song Fangsheng calculated this distance silently, and it was exactly the same as before. She turned her head slightly, a few strands of hair fell mischievously on her shoulders, and her eyes narrowed. Two pairs of crooked little moons said with a smile, “Classmate Ahe, what are you doing standing outside the classroom. The weather is so hot , Cooler inside. “

In fact, this classroom has always been so cool.

It has not changed in all these years.

This school is a high school in Hong Kong that Wu Helian and Song Fangsheng once attended.

At that time, Song Fangsheng was very popular with dance teachers because of his outstanding dancing talent.

The dance teacher gave her the keys of this music classroom, and then naturally became a hidden place for the two of them in their leisure time. Before, they would go to the rooftop of the teaching building, or find unmanned classrooms to read books and listen to songs, but someone would always bother. In order to avoid unnecessary disturbances, they are strangers in front of outsiders and do not even say hello.

The music classroom became a joyous place for them the following year.

She likes to play the piano, he always listens to songs.

Later, he no longer just listened to the song, but listened to her play the piano.

She prefers ballet to ballet and puts on her ballet dress and ballet shoes. She practices dancing alone in a quiet classroom. Song Fangsheng told him that ballet dancing was his mother’s dream. Because her mother was too late to realize her dream, she must realize it. She also told him what his mother ’s favorite song was.

Wu Helian was silent, still saying nothing.

But three days later, when Song Fangsheng came to the music classroom with a lunch box, he heard piano sounds in the classroom. She was surprised, thinking about who it would be. Is it a teacher? She pushed open the door, and saw him sitting in the piano chair, the sun shining through the glass window, so that the golden light shed, his handsome face, slightly thin lips.

This kind of him made her lose her mind for a moment, and even wept with joy.

That song is “Ode to Joy”, composed by Beethoven, and the fourth movement of the ninth symphony.

That’s my mother’s favorite song.

It took only three days to play “Ode to Joy” in full, and it played well. Song Fangsheng had to admit that Wu Helian was really a genius. Perhaps, in terms of piano, he has extraordinary talent. She pestered him to let him continue to learn piano, but Wu Helian never learned other songs.

He only plays that one.

Recalling the past, it seems to be vivid, so clear.

Song Fangsheng has been laughing, watching him finally step into the classroom. She looked sideways at the already incomplete piano and asked softly, “Ahe, will you still play the piano.”

Wu Helian silently said, Shen Sheng said, “I will not play for

a long time .” It’s been several years.

Except …

Song Fangsheng remembered that day, in that piano shop, he was playing the piano. But for whom?

Seemingly wanting to know something, and wanting to confirm something, she asked, “Is it better to play today?” Wu Helian smoked and said indifferently, “Hand born.”

Song Fangsheng did not expect that he would refuse, Li Rong was suffocated, but sad. He only played the piano once that day. After so many years of isolation, she heard him play the piano again, on that occasion. What this means, she clearly understands, gently fists, “Ahe, let’s go to the school.” The

two strolled on the tree-lined path, the school has been renovated except for the teaching building .

Even so, some things feel wrong.

“Do you remember there? It should have been a playground before? At that time, you should have stood on the far left of the playground. I was on the far right. There was a cafeteria, but the school ’s food was really not good. Uncle is good. “Song Fangsheng pointed at the two directions to compare pictures, and the scene before him was vaguely before.

She kept saying it, and it was so detailed.

Every time I go through a place, I am talking about everything I used to be.

I walked around the campus for a while, talking while walking, stopping and walking, walking and stopping, even for two hours. Until I returned to the building full of creepers, I looked up under the building, and the door to the music classroom was still open. Wu Helian smoked cigarette after cigarette, and finally stopped smoking.

“Hehe, you didn’t smoke before.” Song Fangsheng looked sideways at him and frowned.

Wu Helian stared at the classroom on the third floor and said lightly, “That was before.”

His seemingly calm sentence made Song Fangsheng sad. She extended her hand tremblingly, her fingers bent into a tangled posture, and touched him carefully, grabbing his arm. She leaned her head towards him, as if she was tired of practicing dancing before, and would always rest on him like that.

“Ahe, it hasn’t changed now,” she murmured, her voice too soft.

“It’s not too late, I’ll send you.” Wu Helian’s tone was plain, without any ups and downs.

Song Fangsheng suffocated and said, “I know you are

blaming me for not saying goodbye …” “Sheng.” Wu Helian shouted this title, which was a long-lost title.

But the time was too long, even he felt strange.

Song Fang Sheng did not dare look up, is afraid to face, deep male voice heard hovering overhead, “I do not blame you.”

“Aga. I have left the ballet troupe, and I’ll be here.” HUO Di Fang Sheng Song Looking up, looking at him persistently. He is still a young man and has not changed in her world. Song Fangsheng stubbornly refused to let go of his hand. The sentence that he had hidden for many years was suppressed in his heart.

She moved her lips and said softly, “Ahe, I miss you so much.”

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