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Chapter 96 Sleepless Night

The sea breeze in the middle of the night roared past and buzzed in the ear. Moonlight is like a silvery light flashing through the tip of a knife, cold and cold. Brushing his cheeks, only a pair of black eyes was extremely bright. There was a smoke between his fingers and he took a sip on his lips. The smoke was blown away by the sea breeze. Wu Helian looked at her indifferently, silently.

Silent for a moment, no one spoke.

He suddenly took steps and walked towards her step by step. His breath, the unique green grass fragrance cologne, mixed with a faint tobacco smell and spread to her along the wind. He was getting closer and closer to her, and she felt her heart beating faster and faster, eyes closed, but he walked quietly by her side, rubbing his shoulders, and headed towards the cabin.

Gu Xiaochen suddenly stunned, and did not look back.

“I finished smoking, you are free.” Wu Helian turned her back, and a quiet male voice floated from behind her ears.

Gu Xiaochen Huo Di turned to look at his tall back away, his eyes fluttered.

I used to think that they would never meet again, maybe one day, and it would be many years later, which street would they be in again, and it would only be like strangers. But now, she bit her lip tightly, holding back her words for a long, long time, about the missed appointment.

Even if she had promised Lin Fen, she would not go to the United States.

But she just didn’t want him to misunderstand, it was just that.

Moving her lips, she finally couldn’t help but shouted, “Ahe.”

Wu Helian’s tall figure swayed slightly, his pace slowed down at this time. Like waiting for her answer, waiting for an answer that would convince him. Her trembling voice came slowly, making him feel a little irritable. The smoke between his fingers ignited the sparks that were extinguished, and they were going to be extinguished soon.

“I’m sorry that day, I …” She wanted to explain, but he spoke first, as if he was disgusted with something, his eyebrows were tight, and she interrupted her words without any trace of emotion.

Gu Xiaochen was stunned, and heard his cold second sentence, “I don’t want to listen.”

A sentence stabbed her, and all the words that she wanted to explain were choked in her throat. She couldn’t spit it out and couldn’t swallow it. It was very uncomfortable.

Wu Helian’s figure was submerged in the cabin, and she stood staring at the spot.

That spark was finally extinguished.

The sea breeze is no longer gentle, and Gu Xiaochen only felt a burst of coolness hit his heart.

No one noticed that on the other side of the deck, another oblique long shadow in the darkness stood alone watching, like a guardian. It didn’t disappear until she entered the cabin again.

… the

floating clouds floated over the moonlight.

In a certain room in the cabin, Wu Haoyang smoked his head. The female companion came out after taking a bath and hugged him with a cute whisper, and he ignored it. Suddenly frowned, he said impatiently, “Go to bed”. The female companion was a little frightened and immediately obediently obeyed, no longer annoying him.

Wu Haoyang was a little restless, and suddenly stood up, as if feeling at ease, opened the door and glanced at another room.

In another room, Yao Yongxin and Jing Xin were sitting on the sofa while chatting while drinking red wine. Yao Yongxin’s eyes were trance, obviously a little embarrassed. Such a separate, a room, and a man and a woman, what else can you do? I can know with my toes.

“Jing Xin, are you working as a policeman like you are doing in a TV show every day? Is there really so many murders every day?” Yao Yongxin looked for a topic all over his face, his smile slightly uncomfortable. She didn’t know what she said at all, she started talking nonsense.

Scenery raised his eyes and said slowly, “I am the Commercial Crime Investigation Section, not the Criminal Crime Investigation Section.”

“So …” Yao Yongxin couldn’t help embarrassing, and his head was dizzy.

Landscape Xin put the glass down, a deep male voice full of magnetism, “late, you’re not going to sleep?”

“No it too late, we talk to you for a while now.” Yao Yong heart hastily shook his head, firmly hold the hands of the cup, that action It was surprisingly childish.

“Let’s light up after chatting.” Scenery Xin casually said, and got up. He began to undress, his long fingers unbuttoning his shirt. One by one, he quickly tore off his shirt, revealing his strong chest. Despite being an agile policeman, he doesn’t have too much muscle, just the right sturdy bodybuilder.

Yao Yongxin’s eyes widened, unexpectedly this seemingly cold man would be so active and bold. She put down the glass in a panic, stood up, and said panic, “Jing Xin, in fact we … we are just beginning, we are not so familiar, we are mature …”

“We are not mature enough to go to bed.” Jing Xin received Under her words, the words were surprisingly calm.

Yao Yongxin was shocked again, and then his expression slowly calmed down. After a moment of silence, he just spit out two words, “probably.” The

scenery Xin looked at her with her head down, just turned and walked to the bathroom. “I just want to take a shower and sleep.”

Yao Yongxin couldn’t believe this man is really fake?

“I sleep on the sofa.” Scenery Xin Shen interrupted her, stopped before washing the bathroom, and glanced at her indifferently. I saw her sorrowful face, such a savvy woman, there was still a hint of innocence in his eyes, he raised his lips, the smile was very pale.

Yao Yongxin didn’t expect him to say that, Xin Xin had walked into the bathroom.

The sound of water clambered and disturbed a heart.

After the shower, the scenery Xinguo Ran nestled on the couch. Yao Yongxin also took a bath, and when she came out to take a look, he seemed to be asleep. She lay down on the bed quietly, covered it with a quilt, and looked at the scenery again, sighing silently, and turned her back to the night sky outside the small window.

This night, a sleepless night.

… The

second day of sailing, everyone’s spirit looks good, but in fact, only you know. Everyone sat in the dining room of the cabin for breakfast, and the chef prepared a rich and delicious breakfast. Among the group of people, only Shen Ruo was still alive, and shouted, “He got a headache and died today, and he won’t drink so much in the future.”

“Does it still hurt?” Yao Yongxin turned to look at her, asking with concern.

“There is still a little.” Shen Ruo rubbed his temples, Xiumei frowned.

Gu Xiaochen said softly, “Shen Ruo, I carry cool oil in my bag. I will wipe it for you later. Maybe it will be better.”

“Then thank you.” Shen Ruo thanked with a smile.

The scenery Xin caught a piece of bacon, but instead turned to Yao Yongxin, the deep male voice was particularly gentle, “how to eat so little.”

“I’m not so hungry.” Yao Yongxin shook his head slightly, actually there is no appetite.

“Wow, Feng Sir is so considerate.” Shen Ruo yelled sarcastically and blinked ambiguously, “Feng Sir, you also revealed how you know Sister Yongxin and how you got to Sister Yongxin We are very curious, and you are satisfied with our curiosity. “

Yao Yongxin still calmly calmly, jokingly said,” Maybe I am chasing him? “

” Ah? Really? “Shen Ruo suddenly exclaimed, although Do not believe it.

Scenery Xin Junshuai’s handsome Junrong was a bit elegant at this time. His self-cultivation and temperament made him feel not as simple as a general inspector. He smiled at Yao Yongxin, and looked over everyone. Wen Xu said, “It’s hard to chase after Yongxin.”

“It’s hard to chase after you have been chased. Will you talk about Feng Sir?” Shen Ruo continued to ask, obviously refused. Let them go.

“Shen Ruo, why didn’t you find that you have the potential to be a reporter before?” Yan Xudong couldn’t help but chuckled, and the atmosphere was more relaxed and relaxed.

“Actually, when I was in college, I really thought about applying to the journalism department and the media department, but then I still dismissed my idea.” Shen Ruo recalled his past and took it out by the way and suddenly said, ” Manager, don’t talk about it! “

Everyone laughed except Wu Helian.

Wu Haoyang was sitting there eating something murmuringly, and the female companions around him sometimes grabbed some food for him. The strange thing was that there was no coquettishness, nor did they participate in the talks and jokes they had just made. They were very obedient and clever. And he suddenly looked up, eyes swept the crowd, look to the silence of another man on the same table, “You’re coming back this time, intend to go?”

The conversation turned to Wuhe Lian who instantly quiet the crowd down.

“Tomorrow.” Wu Helian did not look up, Shen Sheng said.

After the birthday party tonight ends, they will return to Hong Kong tomorrow.

Tomorrow … He is leaving.

Gu Xiaochen lowered his head, but he held the knife and fork tightly.

After breakfast, a group of people took their own activities on the yacht. The sun is very good, not too hot, and the gentle sea breeze blows, this is really a refreshing day. Several women were sunbathing on the deck chairs, while several men were fishing on the side.

Four fishing rods, see which one moves first.

Gu Xiaochen was cleaning Shen Ruo with oil, and Yao Yongxin had a few words with Wu Haoyang’s female companion.

Wu Helian stood up silently and walked into the kitchen of the cabin, then Yan Xudong followed. The two came to the kitchen, Wu Helian walked to the wine cabinet and took out a bottle of wine, poured two glasses, he handed one of them to Yan Xudong. Yan Xudong took his hand and took a sip. Then he said

quietly, ” Let’s go tomorrow?” Wu Helian also took a sip and said nonchalantly, “There is

something to do.” “You guys!” Xu Dong raised his fist and tapped his chest lightly, Wu Helian raised her lips, “How do you plan to set up a company in the United States? Or go back to domestic development?”

Wu Helian shook the glass, the amber liquid slightly along the wall Shake, “It’s not settled yet.”

“I mourn the finances of New York, USA!” Yan Xudong raised his wine glass to him, and the two clink glasses.

Going out of the cabin and back to the deck, I looked around and saw the sunshine. Gu Xiaochen sat quietly on the cool chair, looking out over the ocean. She rarely puts down her black hair, and blows with the wind. The exposed white neck, the curve is very beautiful. And she has a pair of beautiful legs, slender and well-proportioned.

Yan Xudong smiled at him and whispered, “Tonight, she is my dance partner.”

Wu Helian watched Yan Xudong walk towards her, staring at her fair white legs, and she became more displeased and irritable.

“Wow-Haoyang is so powerful, the first one caught a fish.” At this time, someone cried in surprise, and the female companion flew to Wu Haoyang and hugged him.

Wu Haoyang glanced at his female companion, smiling a little proudly.

Someone’s fishing rod also started to shake. Jingxin grabbed the fishing rod and gently pulled it up. Yao Yongxin was happy, got up and walked to him, said softly, “Although not big enough, but it’s not bad.”

Wu Haoyang Jun Rong sank, staring at Yao Yongxin.

At this time, Yan Xudong’s fishing rod also responded. He put away the fishing rod and saw a colorful fish, traversed the air and landed on the deck.

The crowd stepped forward to watch, wondering.

“What a beautiful fish.” Gu Xiaochen bent over and looked closely, but it was pitiful for this fish.

“If you like it, then raise it.” Yan Xudong said in a deep voice, and immediately ordered the crew to take the basin of sea water. It’s just a pity that the crew had just retrieved the glass jar, and the fish had been lingering for a while, obviously it was no good. Sure enough, he would die soon.

“Oh! Why are you dead?” Shen Ruo shouted.

Gu Xiaochen looked at the dead fish and was a little sad.

Wu Helian stood not far away, glimpsed her lonely profile, silently turned around to continue fishing. Throughout the afternoon, only he continued fishing so seriously and stubbornly, until the sun went down, he continued. Shen Ruo couldn’t help but walked to him, and saw that there were already many tail fish in the bucket, still swimming around.

“Master Lian, these fish are enough. We can’t finish it.” Shen Ruo said kindly.

Wu Helian said nothing, and no one knew what he was doing.

He frowned tightly, staring and looking at the fish in the bucket.

Night came again, and the night sky was full of stars.

The yacht’s main cabin has been furnished with a rectangular Italian-style dining table covered with white tablecloths. In addition to delicious food and drinks, white candles are placed at every distance to create a romantic atmosphere. A crystal light hangs from the top of the main cabin, and the light radiates from the dozen lights. The decoration of the main cabin is meticulous and meticulous, extremely luxurious, and expensive.

A group of people are dressing up, although it is a small party of several people, it is always a birthday party.

Inside the room, Shen Ruo was wearing a white mini dress and was wearing it. Suddenly she turned to look at Gu Xiaochen, who was sitting on the couch motionless, and Fox asked, “Xiao Chen, why don’t you change your clothes?”

“I … I don’t know how to bring a dress.” Gu Xiaochen was very embarrassed. I did not expect it. And after finishing work that day, Yan Xudong came to pick her up, and did not say to wear a dress. Really troubled.

Shen Ruo

frowned while wearing the necklace, “What should I do? I only brought one!” Gu Xiaochen was also at a loss, shaking his head.

Shen Ruo walked in front of her in a few strides, grabbed her hand and walked out of the room. Gu Xiaochen asked in surprise. Shen Ruo opened the door and shouted, “Let ’s go look for Sister Yongxin to see if she has more dress. Otherwise, , Ask Mr. Yang ’s female companion. Anyway, everyone is female, it does n’t matter. ”

Gu Xiaochen was dragged by Shen Ruo and walked towards Yao Yongxin ’s room.

“Boom —” Shen Ruo knocked on the door and yelled softly, “Sister Yongxin, are you there.” The

door opened the next second.

The person who opened the door was Xin Xin.

Jingxin only wore a white shirt and trousers. The buttons were not fully buttoned. Two of them were unbuttoned. In this way, he did not have the usual rigor of the police, but he was somewhat easygoing and resolute. His tall body blocked the door, and when they saw it, they made a sideways

exit . “Please come in.” “Thank you, Sir!” Shen Ruo greeted happily and dragged Gu Xiaochen into the room. Walking past him, Gu Xiaochen smiled politely at the scenery.

Yao Yongxin is changing clothes in the dressing room. She wears a rose-red dress, a magnificent show, and a tall figure that suits her. The hair curled up high, showing nobility. Hearing the movement outside, she immediately walked out of the dressing room, “Shen Ruo, Xiao Chen, what’s wrong?”

“You talk slowly.” Scenery Xin whispered, and left with interest.

After he left, Shen Ruo pushed Gu Xiaochen to Yao Yongxin, “Sister Yongxin, did you bring more dresses? Xiaochen forgot to bring them!”

“I just brought a few more sets.” Yao Yongxin turned and walked into the locker room. “Xiaochen, you choose a suit yourself.”

“It’s really troublesome.” Gu Xiaochen said embarrassedly, Yao Yongxin embraced her and smiled, “What trouble, just a dress.”

“Sister Yongxin, your dress is good Beautiful. Sister Yongxin’s figure is really good. “Shen Ruo looked at Yao Yongxin’s rose-red dress and couldn’t help but admire. Then looked at the dresses hanging in the closet and shouted excitedly, “Sister Yongxin, your dress is so beautiful.”

“Do you like it? If you have the right one, choose one yourself.” Yao Yongxin is generous. Said, “Some of these dresses are not worn, some are only worn once. You don’t mind.”

“Thank you Sister Yongxin, then I’m welcome!” Shen Ruo smiled in surprise and began to choose a dress. After taking a few sets of comparisons on her body, she finally chose a purple dress with a single shoulder design. The flowers on her chest are elegant and elegant. “Sister Yongxin, I will choose this one!”

“Okay, I gave it to you.” Yao Yongxin With a smile, Shen Ruo cautiously hugged the dress and thanked, “Thank you Sister Yongxin. Then I’ll go to change my clothes first, and you will quickly choose Xiaochen. See you Party later.”

“See you later.” Gu Xiaochen responded, and Shen Ruo flew out like a bird.

“Xiao Chen, how about wearing this skirt?” Yao Yongxin took out a gift box from the closet. She opened the lid, took out the skirt, and took it in front of Gu Xiaochen. It was a shiny silk skirt in pearly colors. There is no redundant and complicated lace, nor complicated pattern drawing. The simple chest-wrap dress has only a few folds at the waist, which is more close-fitting, and the skirt is short and sexy.

Gu Xiaochen stared at the pearl-colored skirt and murmured, “It’s beautiful.”

“Come, I’ll help you make up.” Yao Yongxin put the skirt aside and let Gu Xiaochen sit on the chair again. She picked up the makeup case and patiently applied makeup for her.

“Sister Yongxin, don’t have to be so troublesome …” Gu Xiaochen said half of it, and was only interrupted by Yao Yongxin’s heart path. Tonight, you gave it to me. “

Come off your glasses.” “Yao Yongxin smirked at her and

moved quickly. Gu Xiaochen was too late to dodge. The weight on the bridge of the nose was light, the glasses were not easy to fly, and the sight began to blur a little.

” Don’t move! ” “Yao Yongxin screamed, stared at her face, and whispered,” Xiaochen, your eyes are so beautiful! ” Why wear glasses all the time! Hey? Looking at it like this, I found you look good! Don’t wear glasses in the future! “

Finally, Yao Yongxin found a pair of gold glitter shoes.

” In order to match this golden makeup, you wear these shoes. “Yao Yongxin put the high-heeled shoes at Gu Xiaochen’s feet. When she wore it, she was just the right size. It was like buying it for her.

Without glasses, Gu Xiaochen couldn’t see clearly. She grabbed the glasses and put them on in a hurry. A jump. Wrapped breasts and short skirts, you can even see the looming cleavage …

“Is it too exposed? “Gu Xiaochen Xiu frowned, but thought of Yu Mei.

Such a situation seems familiar.

Yao Yongxin combing her long black hair for her, “No. Not at all. This skirt really suits you, he …” After a pause, he swallowed back, “They also waited a long time Now, let’s go. “The beautiful night will begin.

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