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Chapter 97 The ugly duckling is a swan

main cabin has been carefully arranged, it is already the party hall.

The men put on their suits, and they were all handsome and beautiful, and their bodies were as good as top models.

The scenery is cold and hard, Wu Haoyang is unrestrained.

This time, the party’s owner Yan Xudong, dressed in a white suit, is a prince in a fairy tale. He is so elegant and gentle, with a bit of fortitude and gentleness in his tenderness.

Wu Helian and Yan Xudong stood together chatting from time to time. He had black hair, black eyes and black suit as always. The obliquely long bangs covered the eyes, but the bottom of the eyes was deep, inadvertently shining. The thin lips raised a touch of radian slightly, not to mention the emotions, but they were so beautiful and smiled.

Shen Ruo walked into the main cabin with a purple dress, and her arrival attracted everyone’s attention. Asymmetrical shoulder design, showing the beautiful shoulder on one side. She pulled all her hair aside, and the flowers on her chest took some thoughts. She was already in the curled hair, reflecting the light and blooming fragrance.

Xu is the cause of cheek powder, her cheeks flushed.

“Miss Shen Ruo, you are so beautiful tonight.” Wu Haoyang took the lead in praise, with a dazzling smile.

Jingxin raised the wine glass in her hand and compared it with her, saying hello.

“Thank you Yang for complimenting!” Shen Ruo said shyly, but his heart was beautiful. Glancing at Xinxin’s wine glass, she smiled and nodded at him.

Shen Ruo took his steps and walked slowly towards Yan Xudong and Wu Helian. In her hand, she carried a gift. Although it’s not worth much, the beautifully wrapped gifts still look good.

Yan Xudong looked at Shen Ruo and said with a smile, “There used to be a beauty around me, but I didn’t find it.”

“Manager Yan really loves to joke!” Shen Ruo lightly laughed and gave the gift generously, “Manager Yan , I wish you a happy birthday! “

Yan Xudong took the gift in both hands and thanked Shen,” Although I said not to prepare anything, I still thank you. “

“It’s just a small gift, just like it.” Shen Ruo picked up the champagne on the dining table and clink with him gently. She took a sip of wine, looked at Wu Helian, and yelled softly, “Master Lian.”

Wu Helian was silent and smiled at her.

Shen Ruo blushed and immediately backed away. But her eyes kept glancing at Wu Helian, watching him quietly.

“Why is Yongxin so slow? Xiaochen hasn’t come yet?” Yan Xudong looked at the entrance and said casually.

Shen Ruo hurriedly replied, “Xiao Chen didn’t bring a dress, so she was with Yongxin. I think they will be here soon.”

Wu Helian suddenly frowned, her thin lips slightly pursed.

As I was saying, I saw a beautiful figure flashing.

The rose-red dress makes Yao Yongxin’s skin fairer, but such a flamboyant dress will not be abrupt, and it is so fit with her figure. Tall hair curled up, revealing a beautiful neck. Yao Yongxin came with a smile, noble and natural.

Wu Haoyang narrowed his eyes and stared at her deadly.

Someone walked past him behind him, and the scenery greeted him with a steady pace. Arms around her waist with one hand, domineeringly seems to be swearing ownership, but do not know who it is. Scenery Xin bowed his head in Yao Yongxin’s ear and whispered something. The intimate gesture made someone’s eyes burn with flames.

“Hao Yang.” The female companion shouted softly, Wu Hao Yang hugged her, took her into her arms and hugged.

Scenery Xin brought Yao Yongxin to Yan Xudong, and she joked wildly, “Xudong, congratulations you are one year older. This is a birthday gift, happy birthday.”

Everyone laughed, Yan Xudong and Yao Yongxin embraced .

“Sister Yongxin, what about Xiaochen?” Shen Ruo didn’t see Gu Xiaochen and asked in surprise.

“I forgot to get a gift, a gift she’ll get.” Yao Xudong Yan Yong looked at heart, pretending to be mysterious when he said, “for a moment to see Xiao Chen, a few men you must shore!”

The crowd suspiciously, holding the glass Wuhe Lian Clasped fingers.

“Xiaochen is here!” Shen Ruo looked back, and saw the faint figure coming from the dark entrance, exclaiming.

She finally walked into the banquet hall. She lowered her head, her black hair was smooth on her chest, and she was very gentle. The pearl-colored dress on her body was petite and lovely, wrapped in her graceful figure, and the cleavage on her chest was vaguely visible. She pulled the skirt short and wanted to stretch it a little longer.

And her fair skin is so tempting, it really makes a man spurting blood.

Gu Xiaochen could almost feel everyone’s attention, she hesitated and hesitated, and finally looked up. In the expectation and curiosity of everyone, I saw a small pink face, but still wearing the pair of glasses. Can’t help but sigh for a long time, it really didn’t change much.

But someone seemed to be relieved, Wu Helian took a sip of wine.

“Xudong, I wish you a happy birthday.” Gu Xiaochen finally walked in front of Yan Xudong. He gave the gift with both hands and said softly, “Birthday gift, I hope you like it.”

Yan Xudong’s smile was incredibly gentle at this time. He solemnly took the gift and said with a deep voice, “Thank you.” He held the gift with one hand and hugged her with the other.

Gu Xiaochen was unpredictable and was already hugged tightly by him.

“Xiaochen, why are you still wearing glasses?” Yao Yongxin stared at her and urged,

“Take it off!” “I can’t see it after taking off the glasses, or I don’t need it anymore!” It was surprisingly difficult to take off her glasses. “Wearing so good-looking, then wearing this pair of glasses is really destructive! Hey! Let’s take it off!”

Gu Xiaochen panicked and shouted softly, “Shen Ruo …”

When the glasses were removed, everyone saw a pure and refined face exposed in the air. The black hair was on her cheeks, and her lingering expression was delicate and innocent, with a pretty nose, big and bright eyes, and long eyelashes covering the eyelids, drawing a fan-shaped shadow and shaking gently.

She … she is Gu Xiaochen?

Gu Xiaochen, who always wears a rigid suit?

She turned like a ugly duckling into a noble and beautiful swan, which amazed everyone present.

Silent for a moment, no one spoke.

Gu Xiaochen vaguely saw everyone’s stunned attention, it was like a sharp arrow, shot at her, so she was at a loss. Panic back, quickly grabbed the hands of the sink if wearing glasses back, she is looked down, hesitated and whispered, “do not wear glasses, I really can not see.”

“Xiao Chen, you ……” Xu Yan Dong stunned, the words came to his mouth, and there was no sound, and it was too late to look back, only to feel that she was completely beyond her imagination.

Gu Xiaochen was very embarrassed, staring at his golden high heels with a tight look.

Wu Haoyang approached her female companion and said with a deep voice, blurted out, “I said Gu Xiaochen, how do you grow like this?” It

sounded so strange, as if she were a monster.

Gu Xiaochen only felt his ears hot for a while, and his face seemed to burn. She bit her lip and said annoyedly, “I … I have always been like this.”

Her depressing voice rang in the silent hall and exploded at once.

Such familiar words, she had said the same thing before. Wu Helian’s cold eyes gathered a flame, as if something was burning. He stared at her, and suddenly had the urge to take her away, and even more wanted to take off his suit jacket and wrap her body.

Wu Haoyang said quietly, “You are really hidden.”

“Xiao Chen, you are very beautiful. What do Tian Tian wearing his pair of glasses do, pick it off. The beauty is for everyone.” Yao Yongxin ignored it. Someone’s yin and yang strange device stepped forward and took off her glasses again.

Gu Xiaochen backed off again and again, protecting his glasses. “I still don’t want it, I won’t see it.”

“It’s okay.” Yan Xudong finally recovered, held her waist trace, and put her in his arms, ” I can take you. “

Gu Xiaochen raised his head in a trance, too late to respond. His dark palm stretched out and took off her glasses. Yan Xudong’s elegant and elegant face is slightly blurred, but it is magnified in the eyes. He snapped his fingers, and the music of the cello rang instantly, and he held her to the center and danced.

“Xudong …” Gu Xiaochen yelled softly.

Yan Xudong stared down at her. From this angle, her shyness and pure beauty were all contained. He raised the corner of his lips and secretly thanked that this dress really suits her. He said in a deep voice, “Although you don’t look bad when wearing glasses, but you take off your glasses, it really looks better. Xiaochen, you are really beautiful.” The

neck is red , Gu Xiaochen bowed his head and said nothing.

Everyone watched the two of them dance together, Wu Haoyang frowned, and pulled his female partner to start dancing. Seeing this scene, Yao Yongxin smiled and turned to grab a glass of wine. It was just that she turned around and stood a tall figure in front of him, and the scenery said calmly, “Dance.”

“Okay.” Yao Yong quieted and nodded and smiled.

Jingxin took her hand and walked to the center of the dance floor.

Seeing that the three pairs of people have found a partner to dance, there is only Shen Ruo alone. She was completely frozen like a fossil. A pair of big eyes staring at the graceful figure dancing with music in the center of the dance floor, I never thought she would be so beautiful and charming.

Such Gu Xiaochen was something she had never seen before.

I didn’t know what it was like, and Shen Ruo tightened the skirt unconsciously. Yu Guang glanced at another man who was also alone and stared at Feng Xiao, his eyes fixed on Gu Xiaochen. That kind of gaze is too hot, and the concentration is terrible, like a deep possession.

Master Lian told Xiaochen, they … an idea flashed in Shen Ruo’s mind, and his small hand clenched into a fist.

Throughout the night, Gu Xiaochen continued to dance with people, at first Yan Xudong, and then Wu Haoyang also joined in. In the end, even Jingxin Xin danced a few songs with her. Gu Xiaochen exchanged between them, the protagonist of a banquet seemed to have changed people, as if no longer a birthday party.

During this period, Shen Ruo also danced a few songs with the three of them.

Only one person hasn’t moved in one night.

Wu Helian was sitting on the sofa chair on the side, holding a glass of wine alone, meaningless to drink. The black hair gathered his black eyes, raised his eyes inadvertently, his cold eyes glanced at a figure, and withdrawn indifferently.

But the glass in his hand was changed from glass to glass.

Yan Xudong walked back to Wu Helian and also took a glass of wine.

He took a sip and stared at Gu Xiaochen, who was dancing with the scenery, and said slowly, “Did you know it already?”

Wu Helian remained silent, but his silence seemed like a default at this time.

Yan Xudong drank the wine from the glass and suddenly said, “Everyone likes a good girl.” When the words fell, he put down the glass and walked to Yao Yongxin, said with amusement, “Miss Yongxin, I have not invited you to dance tonight , I wonder if you are free now? “

” Well, I’m free for the time being. “Yao Yongxin put his hands in Yan Xudong’s hands and walked to the dance floor.

The lights are dazzling, and the shining light and shadow are also dazzling.

The shy bright face shook in front of her eyes, Wu Helian drank her head up and drank the drink, and she felt a bit spicy in her mouth.

After dancing all night long, Gu Xiaochen’s name above the bathroom was finally able to breathe. Standing in the bathroom, she picked up a cup of water and splashed at herself. The cold water seemed to dissipate the temperature on her face. She rested for a while before she walked out of the bathroom.

As soon as the bathroom door opened, she was about to turn around, but she was startled.

How is he?

A long figure stood leaning against the corridor, with smoke between his fingers. Suddenly he turned his head and swept at her like this. He watched lukewarmly and said indifferently, “What should I say to you?”

What? Gu Xiaochen’s eyes widened in surprise, thinking in his mind what he had said.

Too much … Which sentence is he referring to?

Wu Helian smoked a cigarette and suddenly reached out to hug her neck and bowed her head towards her. Gu Xiaochen couldn’t stand the smell of snuff, and he coughed a few times. When his vision was blurred, his handsome face was pressed down, and his hot tongue drilled into her mouth.

You can only dance with me.

Don’t even think about it.

His kiss seemed to be looting, his tongue rolled in, and it took Gu Xiaochen’s mouth roughly. She groaned and could not escape. Wu Helian’s excessively arrogant behavior made her not only unable to breathe, but also a little frightened, her body trembling.

“Hehe …” Gu Xiaochen finally breathed a trace of air and whispered softly.

The breath gradually became unstable, Wu Helian continued to kiss her deeply, her dark palms pressed against her head, not letting her resist the struggle, and not allowing her to escape dodge. His overbearing came so suddenly that it was unstoppable. The limbs are weak, and the feet step on the board as if they step on cotton.

The smoke between his fingers fell to the ground, and the spark went out.

Wuhe Lian around her neck, one hand pinch her chin lifted, he just let her own face, heavy breathing, his voice hoarse extra, “or night time, see the deck.”

Whirring. Gu Xiaochen breathed fresh air, and his chest was no longer suffocating.

Her cheeks were flushed because of the lack of itching, and her lips were also red and swollen by him. As soon as his hands were loose, Gu Xiaochen stood blankly and stretched out his hand to hold the wall so that he would not fall down.

Wu Helian gave her a cold glance, turned around and walked back towards the main cabin.

He stamped out the cigarette butts that had just been dropped on the ground with one foot, and never looked back.

Gu Xiaochen stared blankly at his back, feeling his heart beating faster.

Wu Helian turned to the corridor and collided with Shen Ruo. Shen Ruo smiled embarrassedly and hurriedly said, “I’m sorry, Master Lian, hit you.”

“It’s okay.” Wu Helian, who was silent for a night, finally spoke, understatement.

Shen Ruo watched Wu Helian walking past her with a smile, and then took her steps and ran to the bathroom. Seeing Gu Xiaochen standing outside the bathroom from afar, she shouted curiously, “Xiao Chen, what are you doing standing there?”

Seeing Shen Ruo, Gu Xiaochen calmed down, “Nothing, I just had to go back to the lobby.”

“That You wait for me, let’s go together. “Shen Ruo walked in front of her, staring at her small face and smiling.

“Okay.” Gu Xiaochen responded, but he was still circling his words.

See you on the deck last night.

… When

Gu Xiaochen and Shen Ruo returned to the main cabin lobby, they only saw a few people standing beside the birthday cake on the third floor. It seemed that they were waiting for them who hadn’t arrived before they lit candles and sang happy birthday songs together. The two hurriedly quickened their pace, and kept apologizing.

Yao Yongxin lit up the birthday candle for Xu Dong, and said, “Xu Dong, remember to make a wish!”

Piano music played in the hall, “Happy—Birthday—To—You—”

Yao Yongxin sang a happy birthday song , Shen Ruo immediately sang with a voice and clapped his hands.

Gu Xiaochen also clapped his hands and sang gently.

Yan Xudong’s eyes swept across the people in front of him, and his eyes converged with Gu Xiaochen in the air. He slowly closed his eyes and silently allowed his wish.

The next second, the candle was blown out in one breath.

“Wishes come true!” Yao Yongxin and Shen Ruo shouted at the same time, Gu Xiaochen’s voice was soft, “Wishes come true!”

Cut the birthday cake, one by one.

The men took a bite and stopped eating, and a few women were quite interested. After dancing all night, I took a break and started chatting casually. Time passed quickly, and it was twelve o’clock in the middle of the blink of an eye. Everyone was tired after playing for a day and went back to their rooms to rest.

Tomorrow morning, the yacht will return to Hong Kong, this sailing trip is about to end.

Everyone left the main cabin one by one. When Gu Xiaochen turned around, he met Wu Helian’s terrifying eyes.

Shen Ruo opened the door of the room, took off his high heels, and walked in barefoot. Gu Xiaochen walked into the locker room and changed his dress. Shen Ruo lay down on the bed and squinted, “Xiao Chen, do you know? I just heard Sister Yong Xin said that this yacht is the tenth birthday of Manager Yan , His father gave him a birthday gift! “

” Birthday gift? “Gu Xiaochen was a little surprised.

“A yacht of such a high price is a great gift for birthday gifts! The manager’s family background should also be good!” Shen Ruo blinked and said again.

Gu Xiaochen said “en”, not much to say.

Shen Ruo got up and walked to the door of the dressing room, she shouted at the temple, “Xiao Chen, my head hurts a little bit, would you help me rub it with cool oil?”

“Headache again?” Looked, asked worriedly.

Shen Ruoping was lying in bed, and Gu Xiaochen took cold oil and rubbed her head for her. As she rubbed, she listened to Shen Ruo’s words. Turned his head and glanced at the time, almost faster. About this time last night, she couldn’t sleep and went to the deck.

“Shen Ruo, are you better?” Gu Xiaochen asked softly, wondering if he was waiting there.

Shen Ruo shook his head and mumbled, “It still hurts.”

After a while, Shen Ruo pinched his temple and lay down halfway, “Xiao Chen, you accompany me to the deck to blow the wind.”

Deck? Gu Xiaochen frowned, but Shen Ruo stretched out her hand and walked out of the room.

A roaring sea breeze stood a tall black shadow on the deck.

Wu Helian stared at the entrance of the cabin, and vaguely saw the two men who were holding each other out, Jian Mei was amazed. He was silent, kicking the bucket at his feet into the sea.


Under the moonlight, a colorful fish traversed an arc in the air and was instantly submerged in the sea water.

Wu Helian took her steps and walked past them.

Senran’s breath passed by, and the smell of smoke spread, and Gu Xiaochen lowered his head.

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