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Chapter 99 Indifference like him

Gu Xiaochen didn’t dare to turn around. She said what she said in those three words, even she was surprised.

I am willing.

She said so.

Airport broadcasts continued to sound boarding prompts, “Passengers, flight NY6693 to New York, United States, will take off at 9 pm, and boarding will end soon. Passengers who have not yet boarded will go to the boarding gate …”

She was still stunned to stand in place, but Wu Helian stepped forward.

Gu Xiaochen opened his eyes wide and turned sharply, only to see him stride away, further and further away from himself. His voice came through the air, so low that it sounded in the ear, so a cold word. She watched him disappear at the corner entrance of the automatic induction door, and there was no more of him in front of her.

The sky is dark and the night in Hong Kong is particularly charming.

Such a night will make people lose themselves.

In the dark night sky, an airplane took off from the runway and flew high.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t know how she got out of the airport lobby, and she didn’t even know how she got home. Back in the attic apartment of the building, I opened the door with the key and fell on the sofa all at once. The strength of my body seemed to be drained, and I couldn’t use it anymore.

The heart is a bit cool.

The kind of cold is not the cold water in the winter, nor the uncomfortable chills.

It was so dazed.

“Go back by car.” After she said those three words, he said coldly.

Wu Helian’s cold, indifferent handsome face has been swaying in front of Gu Xiaochen’s eyes, and it can’t be scattered. At nine in the evening, he got on the plane and flew to New York, USA. No more words, just turned away, never walked back, no trace of nostalgia.

Gu Xiaochen relieved himself and told himself nothing. I just wanted to tell him that there was a reason why she didn’t go that day. It’s just that. Moreover, now that Lin Fen has not recovered, she will not go to the United States with him. He is leaving, and that is what he deserves.

She looked up in a trance, she glanced at the clock, it was already ten o’clock.

Thinking of going to work tomorrow, Gu Xiaochen changed his pajamas and hurriedly went to bed.

But she couldn’t sleep anymore.

In the darkness, she curled up into a ball. It seems that it will not be so lonely.

Gu Xiaochen closed his eyes, not allowing himself to think more. She just kept turning her head, how could she not help being disappointed and sad.

Early in the morning, the commercial bank company was in a rush. Especially because of Monday, when the weekend break just came, everyone had not adjusted their mood and could not immediately put themselves into work. But there are so many miscellaneous things, the investment bank is so busy that he can’t wait to grow three heads and six arms to deal with.

“Beep–” The phone rang.

Gu Xiaochen was sorting documents, and immediately answered the phone, while recording the report data on the other side, and said with a smile, “Hello, this is the investment banking department of the Commercial Bank. This is

Gu Xiaochen.” “Is Assistant Gu? Hello, we always hope The exhibition of the electronic platform with Haisheng was planned by Shangyin. “Zhou’s assistant said on the phone.

Gu Xiaochen suddenly fell silent, and said softly, “Well, I will tell our manager immediately.”

Hang up the phone, Gu Xiaochen got up and knocked on the door of the manager’s office. Walking in front of Cai Hua, she faithfully recounted what was just said on the phone. Upon hearing this, Cai Hua nodded and said, “In reply to Zhou’s, we will do our best to satisfy both parties. The exhibition of Zhou’s and Haisheng’s, we took it.”

“Got it, manager.” Gu Xiaochen responded, Cai Hua Another said, “Assistant Gu, according to the old rules, you are still responsible.”

After taking over the task, Gu Xiaochen immediately packed his things and went to the two companies with his shoulder bag to extract relevant materials. First, I went to Haisheng Company and successfully got the file data backup from the responsible manager. After leaving Haisheng, he hurried to Zhou.

Sitting on the taxi, through the window glass, you can see Zhou’s company building from afar.

Since the Zhous took over from Zhou Chengze, it really grew bigger. When Zhou Mosheng was in charge of Zhou, it was still a small and medium-sized enterprise. However, a few years later, Zhou’s has occupied a leading position in the electronics industry, and the momentum is swift and violent, even surpassing the former leading company Vanke Electronics in recent years, and occupying the top position.

At this moment, Gu Xiaochen stood in front of the building of Zhou’s company, only to realize that this was her first visit to Zhou’s.

“Miss, I am Gu Xiaochen of the Commercial Bank Corporation. I previously contacted the manager of your planning department by phone …” Gu Xiaochen walked to the reception desk in the lobby and spoke softly.

But after half of her words, someone patted her on the shoulder. “Miss Gu.” Gu

Xiaochen turned back suspiciously and saw a strange male face. The man retreated sideways, and her vision was broadened. Qiu Chang’s figure, with a dark silver suit and straight, he stood in front of her, the silver-rimmed glasses exuded a hint of cold light, and the graceful and graceful silence.

“Mr. Zhou.” The employees in the hall shouted. Gu Xiaochen recovered and walked a few steps forward, shouting with a smile, “Mr. Zhou.”

Although he had not been in contact with Zhou’s, this man also started from “Young Master” Became “Zhou Zhou”, which really replaced Zhou Mosheng.

Zhou Chengze glanced at her and said with a

deep voice, “You come with me.” Gu Xiaochen instinctively frowned, Zhou Chengze sharply captured her small movements, and said, “The information you want is here with me.” Take the

elevator upstairs , Gu Xiaochen was quiet and silent.

Pushing open the door of the president’s office, Zhou Chengze walked towards the sofa, “Sit down.”

“Thank you.” Gu Xiaochen politely thanked him and sat down on the sofa opposite him.

The secretary prepared the tea and sent it to the office, and the two never spoke. It didn’t take long for the subordinate to knock on the door with some documents, “Mr. Zhou, this is the documentation of the Planning Department.” The subordinate put down the things and retreated out respectfully.

“Thank you Mr. Zhou, I got the documents, so I won’t bother.” Gu Xiaochen reached out to get the documents and was about to leave.

Zhou Chengze suddenly reached out and pressed the documents on the coffee table with a big hand, so that she would not take them away.

Gu Xiaochen closed his hand at once, staring at him calmly, and was not deterred by the sharpness that he radiated all over him.

Zhou Chengze also closed his hands in a nonchalant manner, his eyes locked her, and suddenly opened his mouth, and a low male voice hovered in the silent office. , Moved into the Zhou family two years later. You can continue your work without resigning at the Bank of China Company. I have no objection. “

His sudden words were too surprising, and Gu Xiaochen froze.

Zhou Ze city waited patiently for her answer, but also spoke and said, “Just follow me, you can call fair and square Fen aunt mother. Also, you can live with every day and Finland aunt.”

Fair and square and shouting at her “Mom”, live with her every day … Gu Xiaochen’s heart is slightly sour, she lowered her head and did not speak for a long time. After a while, she slowly raised her head, but she understood his words clearly and understood the hidden meaning.

There was no mention of the word “marry” from beginning to end. He even asked her to be his …

“I don’t know if I have to say it several times before you will understand! I won’t enter the Zhou family! Bother you!” Gu Xiaochen The words say that every word is decisive. She suddenly picked up the file and turned to the gate.

Zhou Cheng Zehuo got up and caught her a few strides. Stretching her long arm, she firmly grasped her wrist. His strength was too great, Gu Xiaochen was so dragged by him, the file in his hand slammed on the ground, he frowned with anger, and grunted, “Gu Xiaochen! Do you think you are still worthy of me Wife? “

“I didn’t even think about it! You can’t understand it! Let go!” Gu Xiaochen was chest tight and found that all his crazy actions were inexplicable.

Zhou Chengze stared at her fiercely, her eyes cold. He suddenly dragged her into his arms, held her face, and kissed fiercely. I thought of a man who had kissed her and even possessed her before him, turning her from a girl to a woman, and this exercise of power was not himself. He was overwhelmed by madness.

“Gu Xiaochen! You are mine!” Zhou Chengze said arrogantly, plundering her lips. His hands began to pull her clothes, trying to plunder more.

“Well!” Gu Xiaochen struggled in pain, unable to escape his strong kiss. When panicking, her hands groped around. Suddenly, the little hand touched something hard, and she grasped it tightly. Unable to take care of the others, the hard object in the hands of the wheel hit him.

Zhou Chengze only felt that his brain was hot, the pain hit, and the warm liquid drained from his forehead.

The blood flowed down his forehead and down the face, half of the face was full of blood, and there was still blood pouring out. Anger made him darker, and his suit and shirt were stained with blood.

This looks terrible.

Gu Xiaochen panicked, his hands trembling slightly, “Bleeding …”

Zhou Chengze closed his eyes with one hand, covering his forehead with one hand, blood stained his hand, Youyou said, “There is a medicine cabinet in the cabinet, then take a towel Give it to me. “

Gu Xiaochen immediately put down the hard object that hurt him, and all the disputes of Fang Cai were thrown out of Jiu Xiaoyun. After taking the towel, she hurried to him and wiped the wound with blood.

But the smashed mouth seemed a bit big, and the blood could not stop it.

“Still bleeding …” Gu Xiaochen said with a tremble, and the towel in his hand was stained with blood.

Zhou Chengze saw her look panic and her eyes were flushed. The lips that he had kissed just now were red and swollen, almost torn. Suddenly I didn’t know what it was like, I just felt upset. He grabbed the towel in her hand and stopped looking at her. Press hard on your wound to force the pain to calm yourself.

Zhou Chengze took out his mobile phone from his suit, found the number and pressed the dial key, “Dr. Gao, I don’t know if you are free now. I had a little accident here.”

Dr. Gao rushed to Zhou’s company in the first time, he Special medical kits are also mentioned.

At this moment, he was holding a tool to treat Zhou Chengze’s wounds. The simple treatment finally stopped the blood. Dr. Gao said, “Mr. Zhou, I am only stopping the bleeding for you temporarily, or go to my clinic to clean up carefully. Otherwise, the wound It would be bad if it caused bacterial infection or ulceration. “

Zhou Chengze said” en “, and Dr. Gao left the medicine box.

Gu Xiaochen stood there like a fossil, and said nothing with his lips closed. She bit her lip and whispered, “It’s better to go to the clinic immediately. Goodbye.”

She dropped her head and turned around.

“Don’t take the file?” Zhou Chengze said on the sofa, Shen Sheng said.

Gu Xiaochen’s footsteps suffocated and walked awkwardly to the documents that fell on the ground, packed them up and held them in his arms, and got up again. She walked to the door, and the moment the door opened, she heard Zhou Chengze say slowly, “You don’t have to go to see Aunt Fen to hide me.”

After finishing work that day, Gu Xiaochen went to Zhou’s house despite hesitation. She didn’t want to make an appointment, but also wanted to see what happened to Zhou Chengze’s injury. After all, this is the injury she caused, this is a fact. She accompanied Lin Fen for a while, but did not meet Zhou Chengze.

When he left, he learned from Zhou Yaru’s mouth that Zhou Chengze had gone to the mainland to work.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t know whether he was actually doing things, or was concealing his wounds, not wanting to worry his family. She was walking alone in the alleyway home, feeling bored, bowing her head and thinking, not paying attention to the front. When she turned the corner, someone suddenly rushed out, and a tall figure scared her.

The voice couldn’t be uttered, and my heart choked, choking for a moment.

The dark clouds obscured the moonlight, and the indifferent handsome face glowed in the darkness. Waiting for the dark clouds to pass by, and the moonlight splashing on his face, he saw his eyebrows wrinkled, his expression slightly tired, and he held his anger in a hurry, and then rushed to ask, “Where did you go? Didn’t you let you not run around!”

Gu Xiaochen was stunned for a moment. Live, did he tell her not to run around?

He seemed to just say something and went back by car.

“How are you here?” She asked suspiciously.

He should be in New York, USA!

“Why can’t I be here,” he said lightly, and Junrong sank.

Gu Xiaochen looked at Wu Helian who suddenly rushed out, and he stared at her displeasedly, but no longer spoke. Did he not actually go to the United States? But it seems impossible. At that time she watched him walk towards the boarding hall with his own eyes, he should be right.

“Aren’t you going to America?” Gu Xiaochen asked softly.

“Go.” He remained indifferent.

Sure enough it was gone. But it is wrong to count the time.

Gu Xiaochen thought for a while, a certain possibility popped out of his mind. Unless he went to the United States and immediately flew back to Hong Kong on a flight, there is absolutely no possibility that he will appear in front of her in such a fast time. It’s just … is it possible? Day and night between Hong Kong and the United States?

What is he doing back?

Wu Helian suddenly fell over her, and the weight of the whole person pressed against her. She was almost overwhelmed by the thin, so that she fully supported him, not to fall. Gu Xiaochen struggled to support him, worried, and asked softly, “What’s wrong with you?”

He rested his head on her shoulder, spread her arms around her slender waist, and muttered, “Headache.”

His breath was so close that it tickled her.

Gu Xiaochen smelled the unique grassy smell on his body, mixed with the smell of tobacco, why was he suddenly a little bit happy, should this man really go back and forth day and night? It seems that the jet lag has not been adjusted, no wonder there will be a headache. She tugged at his sleeve and frowned, “You are tired, go home and take a shower.”

“Sleep there.” Wu Helian tightened her arms tightly, apparently did not mean to let go of her.

Gu Xiaochen’s small face suddenly appeared shy, and Zhi Wu said embarrassedly, “No, you go back to sleep there.”

“I didn’t bring the key.” Wu Helian rubbed her neck, his lips touching her skin.

Gu Xiaochen pushed him away and said anxiously, “Then you will stay in the hotel.”

“I recognize the bed.” His reason is justified.

“Then sleep on the floor.” Gu Xiaochen didn’t know whether it should be funny or angry. Is this a reason? Such a childish boy is not like him at ordinary times. The indifferent man seemed to disappear all of a sudden, and no trace was found.

Wu Helian silently said quietly,

“You can’t sleep alone.” “You go to the hotel to sleep.” Gu Xiaochen refused to retreat and finally straightened him.

“Really drive me away?” Wu Helian leaned against the wall, her dark and bright eyes staring at her. This tone turned out to be innocent like the homeless.

“Hehe.” Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but smile, the moonlight shone on her face, her smile was so shy, so innocent, it would make people feel moved. Even through the glasses, he clearly saw her bright eyes, so beautiful and so clear.

“Then I’m leaving. But …” Wu Helian said casually, paused, and smirked. “There is one more thing to do before leaving.”

“What?” Gu Xiaochen looked at him with his eyes open, but he suddenly reached out and took off her glasses. His eyes were slightly blurred, and he was already perching on her. A handsome face pressed down, his lips, with a familiar smell of tobacco, which was the smell of memory, and so gently fell on her lips.

“Five o’clock tomorrow night, Land Plaza.” Wu Helian put her glasses back on the bridge of her nose, Shen Sheng said. He regained his indifferent look, and no longer laughed, so he turned away.

Gu Xiaochen stood and watched him leave, seeing that he lit a cigarette, and the sparks ignited in his fingers flashed.

What did he say?

Tomorrow at five o’clock, Land Plaza?

…… After the

investment bank department received the electronic platform demonstration meeting of Zhou and Haisheng, the working group began to hold successive group meetings. After a busy day of work, everyone was dizzy. Finally to the working hours, Cai Cheng, manager out of the office, clapped his hands, “Ladies and gentlemen, today held a meeting temporary, collective leave it.”

Ah? The people couldn’t help but be disappointed and sighed bad luck.

“I have made an appointment with my boyfriend to go to the movies, but I can’t go now. It’s disappointing.” Xiao Wen sat on the chair and complained.

Gu Xiaochen raised his head and suddenly thought of what Wu Helian said yesterday.

Colleagues shifted their positions and walked towards the conference room. Gu Xiaochen thought about it, thinking about how to tell him. Pressing his number daringly, it was still the voice reply, “Sorry, the user you dialed has been turned off …”

His phone has been turned off for a long time, and she has known for a long time.

“Gu Assistant, let’s go.” Xiaowen urged, Gu Xiaochen had to put the phone in his pocket and walked to the meeting room with Xiaowen.

At this interim meeting, there are specific matters concerning the exhibitions of the two companies. This is the largest cooperation case in recent days for the Commercial Bank. Cai Hua clearly pointed out at the meeting that he should not be taken lightly. The meeting has just been going on for fifteen minutes, but there have been phone rings or text messages.

“All hands off!” Cai Hua yelled in exasperation after being interrupted countless times.

It was all right, everyone had to turn off their phones one by one.

Gu Xiaochen took out his mobile phone and adjusted it to the off state.

“Everyone listens well, our time is limited. But how to perfectly plan this electronic platform exhibition in a limited time …” The surroundings were finally silent, and Cai Hua’s quiet female voice sounded.

Five o’clock, five o’clock thirty, six o’clock, six o’clock thirty …

Cai Hua talked endlessly for an hour and a half before the meeting was announced.

“Wait a long time? I just finished the meeting! I’ll come soon!” Xiaowen immediately turned on and reported to her boyfriend. While calling, she waved at Gu Xiaochen.

Gu Xiaochen also waved at her, hurriedly packed things and ran downstairs.

After an hour and a half, will he wait there?

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