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Chapter 110 The Auditorium will not disappear

unconsciously, this July slowly came to an end.

Gu Xiaochen was uneasy in her heart. These days, she always felt a little uncomfortable. Could it be that … she didn’t dare to think, hesitating and hesitating, hesitating and hesitating, she never went to the hospital. Not knowing how to get rid of that trouble, she worked harder and harder. If the company has three good employees to evaluate, then she will definitely be elected.

And her hard work and hard work were appreciated by Cai Hua, but she was also worried for her.

“Xiao Chen, although work is important, the body is more important than work. If you are not like my son, if you are sick, it will be bad.”

Gu Xiaochen knows it naturally, but if he is empty, he will be unable to control his thoughts. That would make her struggle with pain, not as good as work, it would also make her forget about those annoying things. So she is still the same. In the past ten days, she has obviously lost a lot of weight, her appearance is very poor, and her mental state is not good, and she looks very tired.

Until one day, she received a message.

He sent the message.

Still indifferent tone, the order is general-the university hall is still there.

Gu Xiaochen held the phone and quit the message.

No, she won’t go.

Gu Xiaochen only put the phone back in the shoulder bag, but when he didn’t see it, he still came home from work. But the message appeared like a nightmare repeatedly before her eyes, disturbing her all night.

… When I

got up, Gu Xiaochen had a more severe headache, but he still stubbornly went to work.

If it was n’t Lin Fen ’s phone, if Lin Fen suddenly let her go back to her real home, if she did n’t open the door to see her wearing an apron and looked at her and smiled, if it was n’t for the table full of dishes, she was her favorite The food she ate, if it were n’t the cake with candles in it but not lit … if not so much, she had long forgotten.

Gu Xiaochen couldn’t even remember, it turned out that today is her birthday.

On the last day of July, her birthday.

Gu Xiaochen stood at the entrance of the apartment and froze.

“Wash your hands, eat cake or noodles first?” Lin Fen took off her apron and smiled at her gently.

“I … wash my hands first,” Gu Xiaochen said musly, turning happily into the bathroom.

Before Gu Qing’s death, Gu Xiaochen’s birthday was spent with a family of three. After Gu Qing left, Lin Fen had not forgotten her birthday. Although it was not as rich as before, a birthday cake and a bowl of longevity noodles always existed and have not changed. Even if Lin Fen married the Zhou family, it has not changed.

Lighted the candle, Gu Xiaochen stood in front of the cake and smiled happily.

“Don’t forget to make a wish.” Lin Fen whispered and stood beside her.

Despite the absence of a happy birthday song, despite the lack of one person, and despite the fact that there are only two people in the apartment, Gu Xiaochen felt extremely satisfied and never had. She clenched her fists in both hands and made a wish silently in her heart. That wish has been the same for many years since Gu Qing left.

I hope my mother is safe and healthy. Gu Xiaochen prayed secretly and opened his eyes to blow out the candle.

Blowing the birthday candles, Lin Fen cut the cake and prolonged the longevity noodles. The two sat at a table for dinner and the atmosphere was warm and harmonious. Still eating, the phone rings loudly, one after another. Yan Xudong, Yao Yongxin, Shen Ruo, and even the person who disappeared for a long time, Yu Mei also called.

“My dear, happy birthday.” Yu Mei’s voice is always vivid, it seems to be a thousand times.

“Mei Mei.” Gu Xiaochen was pleasantly surprised.

“Okay, don’t be so touched. I didn’t prepare a gift for you. Are you eating with my aunt?” Yu Mei asked with a smile.

Gu Xiaochen said “Eun”, and Yu Mei said anxiously, “I also happened to be in the dining room. This day is too busy and I can’t walk away. Wait for me to return.”

“I know. You have to be careful outside. I wait for you.” Gu Xiaochen whispered, moved to cry.

Lin Fen looked at her with a smile and made a call, only to be sure that she really had many friends, and seemed to be relieved.

After eating, about eight o’clock, someone knocked on the door.

The person who came was Zhou Chengze. He was wearing a plaid shirt, clean and fresh, and he obviously came to pick Lin Fen back. But he still carried two gifts in his hand. He handed the gift to her and said slowly, “Happy birthday.”

Gu Xiaochen silently accepted the gift after all, “Thank you.”

Zhou Chengze seemed to be loose The tone was more comfortable, and

Shen Sheng said, “Yaru chose.” “Thank you Yaru for me.” Gu Xiaochen said softly.

“Aunt Fen, can you go now.” Zhou Chengze said nothing, and then asked.

Lin Fen had put on his shoes and reached out to touch her face. “Have fun. Wait a few days to make arrangements and go out with you for a few days.”

Gu Xiaochen nodded and sent Lin Fen downstairs .

The car carried two people away, and the cell phone in his pocket started to clamor again.

Gu Xiaochen answered the phone, and Shen Ruo shouted over there, “Xiao Chen! Are you all right? We are all here!”

“Okay, come soon!” Gu Xiaochen hurriedly returned.

Going back to the apartment to take the bag, Gu Xiaochen immediately stopped the car to gather with the gang. Flipping the phone, Shen Ruo sent a message to inform the location, told the driver about the location, but also saw the unanswered message.

Delivery time-July 30th.

Information content-the university hall is still there.


Why is it the day before the birthday, why is it chosen on this day.

Gu Xiaochen silently read those four words.

See it or not.

Who will wait so long, don’t be stupid.

When Gu Xiaochen arrived at PUB, it was almost nine o’clock. She pushed the door open with her shoulder bag, and suddenly champagne, ribbons, and whistling sounds greeted her, and everyone shouted “Happy Birthday Xiao Guchen”. She froze for a while, then smiled in surprise.

Yan Xudong, Yao Yongxin, Xinxin Xin, Shen Ruo, and even old colleagues who had a good relationship when working in the investment department. So many people gathered together to celebrate their birthday. Gu Xiaochen was shocked or shocked.

PUB was specially selected by Yao Yongxin and Shen Ruo. It is exaggerated that Yan Xudong even took the PUB.

Scenery gave three layers of birthday cakes, and the round table was filled with countless gifts.

Gu Xiaochen has never received such a large number of gifts.

A group of people sang birthday songs around her, clapping hands together. The lights dimmed, and only the candles on the cake lit with light. She stood in front of the cake, and in the singing and applause, she blew out the candle again after so many people gathered in the blessing.

“Happy birthday!” Everyone shouted in unison.

“Secretary Gu, you walked too hurriedly at that time, and the farewell party was not too late. Today you have a birthday, how can we have to come too!” Several old colleagues shouted, and still did not change the name “Gu Secretary”

Gu Xiaochen accepted everyone’s blessing, a white face stained with a beautiful blush. I can’t even tell whether it’s the cause of alcohol or the headache. It’s a little hazy.

At the urging of everyone, she began to open gifts.

Many times, the value of the gift itself does not make people happy.

But the moment I opened the gift, it was a joy I couldn’t buy with money.

The beautiful black velvet high-heeled shoes were sent by Yao Yongxin, and a set of cosmetics were sent by Shen Ruo. Cute dolls, handbags, office supplies … all kinds of gifts dazzled people. Boxing, singing, drinking, and wantonly carnival in this night, it will not end until dawn.

Yao Yongxin and Jingxin sat side by side at the bar, and the two were drinking, just like a couple.

Shen Ruo and a few colleagues laughed and snarled, drinking bottle after bottle of wine.

Gu Xiaochen sat on the sofa, took out her phone and glanced at the time. It was past ten o’clock, but she was a little absent-minded, and she didn’t know where she was floating. She stood up and took a breath to the balcony. Pushing the door open, a gust of wind blew, a little sultry. As soon as the door closed, the noise was instantly cut off.

See it or not.

Will there be people like fools still waiting?

Are you really there?

The door was pushed open again. Gu Xiaochen looked back and saw Yan Xudong walking towards her with a glass of wine. He smiled softly and leaned his glass towards her

. “Xiaochen , happy birthday.” “Thank you, Xudong.” Gu Xiaochen took the juice glass and clink with him.

Yan Xudong leaned against the railing and blew the wind with her, glancing at her beside her, but she could not conceal a trace of anxiety like she was troubled by what happened. He withdrew his eyes and looked up at the starry sky. “Why? Is there anything wrong?”

Holding the glass in both hands, Gu Xiaochen looked down at the lemon-colored liquid in the glass. Hesitating, he couldn’t help but ask, “Xudong, if you If you tell someone else, will you wait for that person? “

Yan Xudong’s eyes narrowed and he drank himself.

“If it’s me …” Yan Xudong spoke quietly, Gu Xiaochen turned to look at him, he seemed hesitant, as if thinking. Gu Xiaochen squeezed the cup in her hand and stared at him without blinking. She was waiting for an answer, perhaps an answer that made her go silly. And he raised the corner of his lips and spit out a word, “Yes.”

In a trance, Gu Xiaochen’s eyes glowed, “Really?”

“Of course.” Yan Xudong promised in a deep voice, Gu Xiaochen nodded and said hurriedly, “I … I have something, I will be back soon.”

Yan Xudong did not ask, but just said “OK”.

Gu Xiaochen placed the juice cup on the edge of the balcony, pushed the door open with both hands, and ran out.

Everyone is playing on Xingtou, so no one notices her leaving halfway.

Yan Xudong gently shook the wine glass in his hand. Only then did he say half of it, and half of the sentence was: If you are waiting for the target.

“I’m going to the University of Hong Kong!”

Gu Xiaochen took a few minutes to stop the car and looked at the phone again. It’s already 11:20. She asked the driver how long it would take to get to the University of Hong Kong from here. The driver told her that it would take more than half an hour at the fastest. She urged the driver to hurry as fast as possible.

Turning the corner, the University of Hong Kong is not far ahead.

At the traffic lights, the car stopped.

Gu Xiaochen couldn’t wait, read the price displayed on the meter and gave the fare, and hurried off and ran to the past. She ran fast, breathless. The ponytail that had been pierced also spread out, and the black hair fluttered with the pace. After crossing the road, she ran across the corner in one breath. She couldn’t stop. She was afraid that she would never run again.

Suddenly, the night sky was so beautiful that it set off fireworks.

Countless balls of light were simultaneously released from the roof of the teaching building and sprinkled towards the highest point of the sky, and then scattered the beautiful beams, intertwined with colorful colors, one flower after another. Such a beautiful view can only be seen at Christmas time. The vehicles passing by on the road slowed down, and several students who rushed back to school could not help stopping.

“It’s so beautiful!”

“How come there are fireworks?”

A soft whisper of passersby sounded in his ears, and Gu Xiaochen stood alone on the silent road.

Such a night suddenly dropped a fireworks rain.

The clock tower stands at the headquarters building of the University of Hong Kong.

The clock tower clock’s hour hand slightly offsets the Roman numeral “XII”, while the minute hand points to “I”.

Five o’clock at twelve in the morning.

It’s August 1st.

There are often things that once decided to start, suddenly not so terrible. As written in that book, why are so many people in this world afraid of death. In fact, many times, people are not really afraid of death, but the moment of fear of death. At that moment, a person can only feel once in a lifetime, so no one knows what it feels like.

On the weekend, the temperature is particularly high.

On the first weekend of August, the hottest day since midsummer, the temperature soared directly to forty degrees.

Going out on the bus and walking on the road will be unbearable. It’s too hot.

Pedestrians come and go, and taxi business is better than usual.

On the bus platform not far away, a petite figure among the people waiting in line was silent. She was wearing a sun hat and sun glasses, but the sweat was still flowing down her forehead. From time to time she took out paper towels to wipe the sweat, and in the other hand she took a small fan and fanned it. The wind that came out of the fan also carried heat, which could not relieve the scorching heat.

Bus 713, passing the hospital along the way.

Gu Xiaochen got in the car with the crowd and rushed to the hospital.

In the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology clinic, the doctor was a middle-aged woman, and the tone of his speech did not fluctuate. She asked some questions according to the usual practice, and then asked her to have a urine test for examination. The nurse took the test cup and left, Gu Xiaochen waited alone in the corridor outside the clinic to wait for the final result.

During this period, some girls came to the clinic, some were accompanied by friends, and some were accompanied by boys.

But no one came alone, except for her.

Gu Xiaochen was very patient while holding the handle of the shoulder bag.

Suddenly, the nurse walked out of the outpatient room and shouted, “Miss Gu Xiaochen!”

Gu Xiaochen looked up and stood up at the same time. The nurse’s expression was so indifferent that she couldn’t see what the result was. She walked into the clinic and sat opposite the doctor again. She did n’t even open her mouth. Her heartbeat seemed to be still at the moment until she heard the sharp female voice, “Miss Gu, your physical condition is very bad. Young people do not stay up all night to work, which is very bad for you. Mood, Stress, external environment, diet, etc. may cause irregular menstruation. I will prescribe some medicine for you to take care of. “The

doctor lowered his head on the medical record sheet.

A “buzz” sounded in the ear, Gu Xiaochen said hesitantly, “Doctor … am I not pregnant?”

“You just have irregular menstruation, not pregnant.” The doctor said calmly and again, “If you are worried, I Give you another oral contraceptive. You should ask your person to take safety measures. “

Gu Xiaochen didn’t hear clearly what the doctor said.

Without pregnancy, these four words exploded in my mind.

Gu Xiaochen seemed relieved, but why was it empty?

Going out of the outpatient room, Gu Xiaochen picked up the list and went to the medicine collection office. There was always a crowd of people in front of the elevator. She had to walk up the stairs. When passing the elevator, it happened that the elevator door opened. She still walked forward, not planning to take the elevator. In a flash, the beautiful woman with long hair in the elevator saw her.

“Gu …” She was about to speak, but the elevator doors closed slowly.

the cafe on the street is relaxing.

The tall man came in from the outside, striking. The gray Xibe top was held in his arms, and he only wore a white floral shirt. The flower tie was loose and loose, but it did not make him look sloppy. Instead, he was naturally unruly and handsome. Looking across the cafe, he stopped by the window.

The gauze curtain fell, and there was a beam of light shining obliquely on the table between the curtain and the curtain.

Notebooks, books, pencil bags … Girls with glasses are studying hard while drinking coffee. It was not until the chair on the opposite side was pulled away that she slowly looked up and saw the person coming, showing a smile.

“What did you write?” Wu Haoyang asked curiously, and snapped his fingers toward the waiter, “Bing coffee.”

“Wait, it will be ready soon.” Song Fangsheng lowered his head and continued to copy the remaining notes, laughing He said, “I haven’t done anything recently, so I chose a course to study.”

Wu Haoyang glanced at the cover of the book and read it out, “Chinese Language and Literature? Do you read this?”

“What happened to me?” Can’t it? “Song Fangsheng raised an eyebrow.

“Read it, read it. You are just happy.” Wu Haoyang naturally didn’t mean to block. The coffee came and he took a sip.

After finishing the last few words, Song Fangsheng meditated silently and said softly, “I went to the hospital today and met a man.”

Wu Haoyang didn’t answer, waiting for her following.

“It’s Miss Gu.” Song Fangsheng looked up again and looked at Wu Haoyang. “She went to the obstetrics and gynecology department.”

Wu Haoyang was startled, and Junrong was stunned.

At 1pm, Song Fangsheng had classes, and Wu Haoyang sent her to school. Then the car turned around and drove somewhere.

When Wu Haoyang appeared outside Yao Yongxin’s apartment, Yao Yongxin was obviously surprised. The door was half hidden, and she would not let him in. He stood outside, and she stood inside the door. She asked quietly, “What’s the matter?”

Wu Haoyang glanced at her and glanced into her apartment, ” Would you not invite me to sit in? “

“It’s not convenient.” Yao Yongxin smiled faintly. The meaning in this statement made it clear that there was someone in the apartment.

Wu Haoyang’s sword eyebrows sighed, and a sneer laughed at the corner of his mouth, and he just broke in.

“You …” Yao Yongxin unexpectedly, the door has been pushed open by him, he stepped into her private world wildly.

“Thirst, pour me water.” Wu Haoyang saw that there was no one else in the apartment, his expression eased a little, and he sat down on the sofa.

Yao Yongxin was a little sullen. “Something to say, just finish. I want to rest.”

“Thirsty, pour me water.” He repeated this sentence.

“Go down by yourself,” Yao Yong said with her teeth clenched, and her eyebrows frowned.

Wu Haoyang looked at her for three seconds, stood up and walked to the refrigerator, took ice water and poured a drink. Yao Yong was bored on the sofa, staring at him and asking, “What the hell are you doing?”

“Gu Xiaochen went to the obstetrics and gynecology department.” Wu Haoyang said suddenly, mixed with the grunt of drinking water.

“What?” Yao Yongxin scared.

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