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Chapter 116 Not Allowing You to Be Sad

The hot wind in the summer evening blows slowly, with long hair against the cheek, flying in the direction of the wind. Even though sweat was oozing from the forehead, that happiness was breeding. Gu Xiaochen didn’t know where he was going to take her, but just hugged his waist like this, sitting in the back seat of the bicycle, it didn’t matter where he went.

The scenery along the road passed by in a hurry.

Close your eyes and hear the sound of the car, vocals and wind, and his vigorous heartbeat.

Wu Helian rode her bicycle all the way forward, crossed a few roads, turned the corner, and passed the traffic lights.

The surrounding scenes made Gu Xiaochen gradually familiar with them. Those small shops one after another have not changed as before. She opened her eyes at once, suddenly realized that she realized where it was. She looked up at him, but she was a little puzzled how he would bring her here.

-It turned out to be the University of Hong Kong.

The bell tower stood upright, as if returning to the night when the fireworks were in full bloom.

After successfully entering the campus from the main school gate, the guard hurriedly shouted, “This classmate! Get off the train when you enter the school!”

Gu Xiaochen was startled, but Wu Helian still stepped on the pedal as usual and returned, “I know “The

car rode to the tree-lined trail on the campus, Wu Helian stopped on one foot, and Gu Xiaochen got out of the car. Locking the bicycle, Wu Helian took her hand and strode forward. His strides were larger and he walked diagonally in front of her. Gu Xiaochen’s eyes turned from Wu Helian to the front, and there was light at the end of the trail.

The two strolled through the quiet tree-lined trail, and suddenly their eyes were suddenly bright.

Gu Xiaochen’s footsteps suffocated and saw a synagogue in front of him.

Of course, Gu Xiaochen recognized this hall.

Oh no, more than recognition, it should be impressive.

I’m afraid it will be hard to forget in my life.

It was freshman. She had just entered college and participated in the debate PK competition as a representative of the finance department. Their team broke into the final round because of their outstanding performance. But on the day of the final, she was late, so the financial department was defeated. In front of a thousand students, he scolded her completely.

In a trance, Wu Helian took her hand to the hall.

This synagogue was built some years old. After they graduated from that field, they have been renovated again, so it looks quite new now. When the door was pushed open, dust rose. Gu Xiaochen stood behind him and suddenly remembered that night. The gate of one of the halls was unlocked, and a dim light was on the podium.

It should be this hall.

Gu Xiaochen stood stunned at the door, Wu Helian let go of her hand, turned her back to close the door, and the light was concealed, and the hall was slightly dark. Gu Xiaochen watched him walk up to the podium, watched him press the switch of the projector, watched the white curtain show a picture, she was like a fossil and could not move.

The screen shown on the curtain is not very clear, and it is obviously not a professional DV shooting.

The camera is dangling, it is very likely that the phone is a candid camera.

The crowd of black crows gathered around, and the two stalemate in the middle.

The camera was aimed at the girl with long hair. She wore a pair of black-framed glasses and pulled her head down, making it hard to see her.

In front of her, there is a handsome man who shines like the sun.

“Do you have a notion of time, do you know what ten minutes represent. It is now a debate game at school. The direct consequence of your lateness is that the entire team will be retired because of your mistakes. After entering the society and entering the company, If you want to post body position, your mistakes will directly affect the company’s operations. ” “

I have to wonder, like you no sense of time of people, whether it is how to stand out from the freshman student in the Department of Finance. ” “

It’s to The students in the finance department are ashamed, and you should leave and go home.” The

silence around us, the cold male voice of the men hovering and echoing, was even more alarming.

The girl in the camera was always pulling her head, not looking up. From this angle, she could see her red eyes, hiding behind the glass lens, biting her lips so stubbornly that she would not cry. Her expression was sad, as if she had suffered great grievances and sadness.

The man turned coldly and walked away in the aisle that the students consciously gave up.

Suddenly noisy and noisy in the curtain, the girl instantly became the object of crowd watching.

Gu Xiaochen looked at each scene of the screening with a smile, and saw Wu Helian walking straight towards herself. He is like a goddess, so rich and beautiful, so he suddenly broke into her world without giving her the chance to choose. She was still laughing, but she had the urge to cry.

The recording of the video has stopped, and the lens is finally fixed on the girl with red eyes.

In front of Wu Helian, a girl with red eyes also stood. He looked down at Gu Xiaochen, his eyes deep, and Shen Sheng said, “Actually, I have always been curious, why did you arrive late that day.”

Gu Xiaochen pursed his lips, not opening for a long time.

After a long time, she said tremblingly, “It’s sad… a sad thing…”

Halfway through the words, she had choked her voice, her tears all condensed in her eyes, and she endured sourness. She was so stubborn and stubborn that Wu Wulian felt suffocated. He stretched out his hands and hugged her in his arms. Caressed her gently, and the magnetic male voice made her feel more at ease. He asked

indifferently , “Are you still sad?” It doesn’t matter anymore.

“You are not allowed to be sad, only remember me.” His overbearing is so unreasonable, but she made her ecstatic.

Gu Xiaochen smiled and nodded, hugging him tightly.

Who would have thought that today, after many years, it is still this synagogue, and he and she would walk together like this.

That sad thing may be the beginning of destiny.


university has been on summer vacation, so there are only a few students left in the school. On the playground, boys are playing basketball, and a few girls are sitting on the viewing seat, holding mineral water or towels in their hands, just like a girlfriend. The smile on his face was brighter than the sun, and the beauty was so beautiful that even the sunset glowed.

Year after year, from one world to another, the students at the university have changed a lot.

I don’t know if the old professor is still here, maybe he has already retired.

The two held hands and wandered through the school. Occasionally, students passed by and could not help but look back. What a handsome man that was, holding the girl’s hand tightly. I want to come to be someone I like deeply, so it will show that look, as if I have the sunshine of the whole world.

After making a circle around the school, Wu Helian took her to the school cafeteria.

Gu Xiaochen followed his footsteps and walked in.

The cafeteria was empty and only a few students were eating.

Wu Helian took her hand and walked into the canteen. The aunt of the canteen saw him and greeted him immediately. “Mr. Wu, you are here, you are all ready.”

Wu Helian said “en”, and the aunt immediately clapped her hands.

Almost at the same time, the staff of the cafeteria walked out, and the uncle walking in the middle was holding an ice cream cake. The ice cream cake just got out of the refrigerator, because of the heat, it emits hazy white smoke. Sweet white chocolate ice cream, half and half of bright strawberries on the cake, very cute.

A pink candle burning with candlelight.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday, “Happy birthday, happy birthday!”

Gu Xiaochen stood in the middle of the cafeteria smiling like a child, shy and shy.

When the crowd walked in front of the two holding the ice cream cake, Wu Helian gently hugged her and turned her head to look at her who had been surprised to no response. Shen Sheng said, “Make a wish, blow the candle.”

This turned out to be the third birthday this year.

Gu Xiaochen held his hands in prayer, pondered his wishes, and his birthday wishes never changed in the past. This time, she said quietly in her heart: I hope Ahe is safe and healthy.

Blow out the candles and hope that your wishes will come true.

Gu Xiaochen turned sideways to Wu Helian and kissed him for the first time. Her soft lips pressed against his face, and then gently retracted, Wu Helian stunned and raised a smile at the corner of her mouth.

The students in the restaurant saw this, and some people exclaimed, “It turns out to be a birthday!”

“You look at you!”

“What are

you looking at ?” “You look at people celebrating their girlfriend’s birthday, so romantic and sweet! How about you? I will be so romantic when I celebrate my birthday this year!”

The girl on the side couldn’t help shouting enviously, but the boy frowned.

“I heard someone was having a candlelight dinner in our school’s cafeteria!”

“Canteen candlelight dinner in the cafeteria?”

“Really, it seems to be my girlfriend’s birthday!” A

few girls came in front of them and were whispering discussions.

It should be the first person in the history of the University of Hong Kong, to give a girlfriend a birthday in the cafeteria restaurant, and it is still a candlelight dinner.

It was dark and it was already past eight at night. The night campus at eight is quieter than during the day. At the corner of the school, there is the library. Normally, the door is opened and closed on time, and it will be closed after the summer vacation. But at the moment, two figures walked in. The door was immediately locked again, and no one saw them.

I walked quietly to the sixth floor, and looked at the neatly arranged bookshelves, which were filled with all kinds of books.

Gu Xiaochen reached out his hand and walked through the bookshelves, and his small hands stroked the books one by one. Moonlight spilled into the library, and the dark hall glowed with silver. Suddenly I thought that when she was okay, she liked to come to the library to read books. There are not many ways to relax and there is no place to go, this is the best place to relax.

There was a faint male voice in his ear, he seemed to be on the phone.

The male voice disappeared, and Wu Helian walked slowly from the aisle of the bookshelf.

Gu Xiaochen found a book that he had always liked.

She likes it because of a sentence in this book.

Wu Helian walked over to her, her arms around her body, so intimate. She chuckled and called his name. And he hugged her and turned to the floor-to-ceiling window,

Shen Shengding , “Chen Chen, look here.” Gu Xiaochen really looked up.

Suddenly, a sphere of light emanated from the night sky and rose to the highest point.

One after another, once again intertwined into a fireworks rain.

The eyes were red and blue, with colorful colors flashing.

He lowered his head, kissed her small earlobe and murmured, “Do you like it?”

Gu Xiaochen said, “En”, and turned his head to look at him.

The four eyes are facing each other, it is almost impossible to control himself, he shouted hoarsely, “Chenchen.”

Undoubtedly, he covered her lip fiercely.

The big dark palm stroked her face and swallowed all her breath. The tip of his tongue brushed each of her shell teeth, possessing her sweetness, and she couldn’t help shaking. Big hands quickly moved down, stroking her soft chest across the clothes. She let his lips kiss herself and could only hug him weakly, and he was like a hungry man for a long time, staggering in the desert to find an oasis, as much as possible to absorb her sweetness.

“Uh-ah!” she cried hard, almost lacking oxygen.

He immediately supported her waist and prevented her from falling down, his lips still screaming with her. But her head was tilted, but it hit the edge of the bookshelf, so that she groaned and bit his tongue again. The bloody smell filled the mouth, but it was aphrodisiac, making him even more reluctant to let go.

The fireworks were still in full bloom, and the book in her hand fell to the ground.

The book turned to one page at will.

The red stroke is a line, the eighteenth line.

The most beautiful thing in this world turned out to be that I met you.

“I… bit you…” Gu Xiaochen couldn’t make a sound when he kissed it. After a while, he just squeezed out the first word of a sentence. His teeth touched his tongue instantly, and the bloody smell was once again filled . His tongue filled her mouth, stirring constantly, as if to kiss the deepest part of her body, and she exhausted her words.

The man’s big hand pressed tightly on her back and pressed her hard against herself, not letting her struggle to escape. The peculiar breath of his body and the burning moment surrounded her. She was trapped in the aisle between the bookshelves by him, and she was so sad that she could not move easily.

Gu Xiaochen only wore a thin white long dress and a cotton long dress, like a second skin, clinging to her soft curve. His slender fingers unfastened the beige button directly in front of the skirt, and with a big hand, he pulled the skirt easily to her waist.

The fireworks were blooming in the night sky, the moonlight was interleaved with flowers and fire, and her attractive body made him red eyes. He bit her lips, prompting loud she trained, enjoin, about swelling in her lips when withdraw their teeth, in a low voice retorted, “compensate me!”

Voice down, around her smooth back Flick your fingers lightly and lift the buttons of the bra.

He caressed her body and took off her corset during caress.

Gu Xiaochen shuddered lightly and blushed with his words. She twisted her body restlessly, shyly trying to escape. Just about to speak, his hot and greasy tongue instead of teeth invaded her mouth again, and he was tightly hugged to his chest. The expensive thin western coat rubbed her skin. The rough texture made her uncomfortable.

“Itchy.” Her breathing was disturbed, and she hurriedly uttered her voice, and her white neck became the target of his continued capture.

Wu Helian ignored it and sucked on her.

Feeling his hot lips eagerly attracting her skin, she gasped and said, “No, don’t be here.”

“Morning, I want you.” He held her small face, her throat tight, before her Said hoarsely.


curtains were yanked down!

Gu Xiaochen’s body swayed, screaming and hugged him around his neck, turning around in front of her eyes, she had been laid down on the floor of the curtain by him. He knelt in front of her half, unbuttoned his shirt with his left hand, and the shirt suddenly spread out. He smiled extremely enchantingly, and his eyes glowed with strange light, just like the evil spirits and ghosts from hell.

He grabbed her hand and pressed her against his chest. The vigorous heartbeat slammed into the heart through the palm of her hand, making her eyes wide. He opened his hands and held her hand, and his strong chest pressed against her.

His kiss was like a gust of wind and rain, and suddenly her buds were covered, so she couldn’t help but lean back.


A gorgeous firework was blooming again in the night sky. The sparks spread out from the sky and scattered the bottom of her eyes. She frowned slightly, but it was a strange numbness. He untied his belt, Huo pushed forward, and penetrated her! She groaned, tolerating his gigantic size.

Both were stunned, and then he started to move wildly.

She only knew that she was going to be crushed by this man, and she was deeply trapped in his passion.

“Click—” The sound of the lighter cover made someone smoke a cigarette in the dark.

On the sixth floor of the silent library, on the floor in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, the two embraced tightly together. Wu Helian was smoking against the wall, and he was lying almost naked on his chest. Xi thin coat covered her, Gu Xiaochen was tired and fell asleep, her smooth shoulder was half exposed, and there were traces of his bite.

After smoking the cigarette silently, Wu Helian gently pushed her, trying to push her back. Gu Xiaochen opened her eyes in confusion, like a cute cat, squinting her eyes halfway, and muttered, “Ahe…I’m so sleepy…”

“Morning, we’re home.” With no energy to move, he began to put on her bra and skirt for her. Then he also put on his clothes, he put his coat on her body, hugged her sleepy, she got up and left the library.

On the campus at midnight, the hot wind blew on his face, and Gu Xiaochen was a little sober.

The two walked back to the tree-lined trail, took their bicycles, and left the school through the side door.

After stopping the car, he first returned to the place where he parked.

On the way, Gu Xiaochen fell asleep again. After stopping the car, Wu Helian did not want to wake her up again, wrapped her slender hands around her neck, and hugged her upstairs. Free one hand to open the door and close the door with your arm. He took her to the bedroom and gently put her down. Fearing that she was hot, she turned on the central air conditioner, and that she was cold, and covered her with a thin quilt.

Gu Xiaochen rolled over and finally fell asleep comfortably.

Wu Helian looked at her cute little sleeping face and smiled at the corner of her mouth. He stared suddenly, as if suddenly thinking of something. He hurriedly glanced at the wall clock and saw that the time had passed by one in the morning. After Jianmei’s frown, he strode out of the bedroom and covered the door gently.

Wu Helian took out her mobile phone and was about to press a button to call, but found that she didn’t know when to enter a message. It was Wu Miaoke, two or three sentences, the tone was quite happy, with a little sorry: Second brother, today I sleep with a good friend, don’t worry. Tomorrow morning, I will call you and ask you to send me home. I fell asleep.

Wu Miaoke’s lively youthful smile appeared in his mind, but Wu Helian was helpless. Immediately made a phone call, but Wu Miaoke’s cell phone was turned off.

He was holding his mobile phone and suddenly felt troubled. What’s wrong with this girl? But she is not a three-year-old child, she has grown up. Hesitated again and again, and after a long thought, he pushed the bedroom door open.

Standing at the door of the room, I saw Gu Xiaochen sleeping soundly. He undressed, lifted the quilt and lay beside her, snuggling with each other and holding her tightly.

Good night, my baby.

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