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Chapter 117 Waiting for your call

Wu Helian got up at seven in the morning. After a while, he has changed into clean clothes. Go back to the bedroom and sit on the edge of the bed to caress her slightly warm face. Gu Xiaochen was still asleep, but his big hand was a little cool, which made her frown, and he said in a

deep voice, “Chenchen, I’m going out, you sleep a little longer.” Gu Xiaochen couldn’t open his eyes and obediently “en “With a deep sleep.

Wu Helian bowed her head and kissed her forehead, then she got up and left.

Out of Yinshen Apartment, Wu Helian immediately called Wu Miaoke’s mobile phone. The phone is turned on and the phone is connected. Wu Miaoke shouted apologetically at the end of the phone, “Second Brother, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, let you worry! Then are you coming to pick me up now?”

“Location.” Wu Helian’s tone Dignified, said hardly.

Even if Wu Helian no matter how much he spoiled himself, Wu Miaoke did not dare to continue to anger him at this time, and immediately said where he was, Wu Helian asked, “I’ll be here soon, you have something to eat first.” The

car opened After more than twenty minutes, Wu Helian finally arrived at the cafe where Wu Miaoke was. On the second floor of the cafe, Wu Miaoke shone with energy and sat on the sofa unharmed. She ordered cakes and coffee and was eating leisurely, not to forget to order a copy for him.

“Second brother, I’m here!” Wu Miaoke saw him sharply and shouted softly.

Wu Helian walked towards her in silence and sat down on the sofa opposite her. He froze a handsome face, just looking at her, but said nothing.

“Second brother, have you eaten?” Wu Miaoke asked enthusiastically.

Wu Helian’s only thin lips and his tight eyebrows showed his displeasure at the moment.

Wu Miaoke swallowed the food in his mouth, put down his fork, folded his hands together, and muttered, “Brother, I’m wrong! Don’t be angry, okay?”

But he still didn’t say anything, Wu Miao could just sit up and sit next to him, a young and lovely smiling face leaned towards him, making people unable to be solemn, she said, holding his arm, “Second brother, second brother, I I know you are worried about me. But am I good? Don’t be angry! Okay?”

“Where did you sleep yesterday?” Wu Helian’s expression eased slightly, glancing sideways at her.


Miaoke suddenly supported me, his eyes flashing, “I sleep with a good friend.” “Miao Ke!” Wu Helian shouted in a deep voice, Wu Miao Ke immediately surrendered, but he was embarrassed to say, “Oh, second brother, I…”

I saw Wu Miaoke’s shy face, a fragrant and sweet breath around him, that was the transformation of the butterfly. Wu Helian realized what was happening, and Ning Mi said, “I told you not to have a relationship with him.”

Wu Miaoke lowered his head and said seriously, “But I also said, girls, if they don’t like it If you like it, it won’t be casual.”

“You like him very much?” Wu Helian asked back.

Wu Miaoke’s side face is like a charming flower, with a bud waiting to be released, completely a woman immersed in love. woman? Wu Helian looked at Wu Miaoke beside her and suddenly realized that she had really grown up. This little girl was no longer a child. He was silent, listening to Wu Miaoke happily telling, at the end, just reminded, “Make good security measures.”

Wu Miaoke blushed, nodded, and said nothing.

“If you have time, ask him to come out and meet me.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice.

“Good.” Wu Miaoke agreed.

Then Wu Helian sent Wu Miaoke back to Wu’s house and stepped into the villa lobby, the atmosphere suddenly suppressed. The housekeeper only said that the old man and his wife were waiting in the side hall. Wu Miaoke threw out his tongue, thinking about this miserable time. The two went to the side hall and really saw Wu Jizong and Ji Yuehua. Wu Jizong couldn’t help but said sharply, “

I ‘m getting more and more unruly! How dare I never return all night?” “Dad, I know I’m wrong.” Wu Miaoke said with his head down.

Wu Helian said quietly, “Yesterday I played a little late, so let Miao Ke sleep with me.”

“Miao Ke, have you eaten too early?” Ji Yuehua asked gently but looked at the two at the same time.

“Mom, my 2nd brother and I have already eaten.” Wu Miao Ke replied.

“Then you and I will go upstairs.” Ji Yuehua stood up, walked to Wu Miaoke and hugged her upstairs. When turning around, Wu Miaoke raised an eyebrow at Wu Helian, meaning that he had successfully passed the level.

After Ji Yuehua took Wu Miaoke away, Wu Helian stopped staying, “I’m gone.”

“It’s time for you to gather your heart.” Wu Jizong looked through the newspaper in his hand, but this sentence was just about to walk out of the side hall. Wu Helian said.

back to Yinshen Apartment, Wu Helian took the key and opened the door. As soon as the door opened, he was still standing outside the apartment, and he smelled the rich fragrance of the air. After changing slippers, he walked to the living room and looked sideways. He saw Gu Xiaochen cooking something in the kitchen. The petite figure was very beautiful.

Gu Xiaochen was too attentive and did not notice that he was back.

Wu Helian walked quietly behind her and stretched her hands around her. Suddenly hugs Gu Xiaochen, she froze, and then leaned against his chest safely, “You are back.”

“What are you cooking, so fragrant.” Wu Helian asked lowly.

“Milk tea, just learn how to cook, and don’t know if it works.” Gu Xiaochen said softly, still holding the method of making milk tea just checked from the computer.

“Cook it for me to drink?” Wu Helian looked down at the note paper in her hand and took her hand to stir the boiled milk tea in the pot.

Gu Xiaochen said “Eun”, his small hand slowed down, let him hold his hand to stir the light brown liquid, and said quietly, “Miss Song came to you just now, you are not here. She asked me to tell you that she is waiting for you Phone.”


That morning, at about nine o’clock, Gu Xiaochen was still wearing that pleated skirt, without combing his hair, and had just washed his face. Hearing the doorbell ringing, she thought he had forgotten to bring the key, and she quickly put down the towel and ran out of the bathroom. As soon as the door opened, the smile on his face was slightly suffocated, and his expression became unnatural.

Song Fangsheng was beautiful and beautiful, with straw bags in her hands, shouting at her with a smile, “Miss Gu.”

“Miss Song.”

“Ahe, aren’t you at home?”

“He’s out, would you like to sit down first?”

” No, if he comes back, please tell me to tell him, and I will wait for him to call him.”

Song Fangsheng simply said, without much stay, left gracefully.

But Gu Xiaochen couldn’t smile gracefully, couldn’t be as calm as her, couldn’t calm down. Wu Helian’s silence made her more uneasy. She should not be so careful, after all, they are also friends. Friends can meet at dinner, can contact by phone, and can talk about their concerns. What’s more, they have known each other for so long.

She believed him and gave him enough space.

But she found that she couldn’t treat it as nothing happened.

For eight years, it seemed to be a threshold that could not be crossed, and it hung across them.

At the moment in the meeting room of the commercial bank company, the real estate agent will rush to Hong Kong in the near future to decide on the final development plan, but Gu Xiaochen is lost. Yuan Fei shouted several times, and Gu Xiaochen didn’t recover until a long time. Yuan Fei did not say anything, but was very generous to her. She looked to the people at the conference table and began to explain about the development of Wu’s resort area.

After the meeting, Gu Xiaochen returned to the office.

Thinking about whether to eat together at night, I took out my mobile phone and prepared to call him.

But he found a message coming in from his phone.

The message was sent by Lin Fen and asked her if she had time tonight.

Gu Xiaochen immediately returned the information, telling her that she had time. So he made an appointment with Lin Fen and went to Zhou’s home after get off work. Just after the message was sent, Wu Helian’s phone came, and a low male voice came, there was no ups and downs, “I have a friend tonight and I don’t have dinner together. You go back earlier.”

Gu Xiaochen clenched his mobile phone at once, but just “en” .

I still wanted to ask the words, but didn’t ask.

Ahe, did you make an appointment with Miss Song?

Gu Xiaochen originally thought that Lin Fen wanted to ask her about Wu Helian because she met Zhou Yaru at the bookstore that day. But when I arrived at the Zhou family, I learned that Lin Fen was looking for her for the travel mentioned earlier. The time has been set, let her arrange for leave, so as not to get busy when you get something, it is not good.

Gu Xiaochen nodded and agreed.

The two chatted for a while, watching the time was almost up, and Gu Xiaochen planned to leave. Before leaving, Lin Fen went to get the baked cookies and asked her to wait for a while. Gu Xiaochen sat in the room, waiting for her to return.

Suddenly, the door knocked gently and then opened.

Gu Xiaochen naturally thought it was Lin Fen, smiled and looked up, but there was a long figure in front of him.

Zhou Chengze is no longer a formal dress in the past, only wearing a white casual shirt, smoky gray trousers, a home man image, he came to her indifferently, calmly and restrained. He sat down on the sofa opposite Gu Xiaochen, and then he said, “I heard that you have

reunited with him.” Gu Xiaochen stunned, and immediately understood, not speaking.

“I’ll wait for her downstairs.” It took a long while before Gu Xiaochen stood up and was about to leave.

“Do you think he is sincere to you?” Zhou Chengze’s low male voice sounded like thunder, stopping Gu Xiaochen’s pace. He took off his glasses and wiped them while holding a kerchief, said quietly, “Wu Helian, the second younger of the Wu family, the financial giant, no one knows, no one knows. Regardless of family background, you should also understand clearly How many women are around him should know that he has always been just playing.”

Gu Xiaochen’s heart was slightly cool, but his head was hot. “Thank you Mr. Zhou for your reminder.”

She hurried on and started to walk towards the door. Holding the door handle, the door was opened at once, but behind him came Zhou Chengze’s sharp nightmare male voice, with a trace of sarcasm, “I advise you to stop dreaming and be naive.”

Gu Xiaochen hurried farewell to Lin Fen, holding cookies Go out of Zhou’s house.

She got on the taxi, and the cold air in the car made her tremble.

Stop dreaming and be naive.

How many people have spoken to her in such words. Do you just want to like someone, is this also a dream?

The streets in front of the traffic are full of light. The cars in front are shining brightly, passing by at once, illuminating the faces of passers-by, and also illuminating Wu Helian and Song Fangsheng walking side by side. Having just eaten together, Song Fangsheng suggested to walk away after dinner. After walking for a while, I saw a convenience store on the roadside. Song Fangsheng stopped and said that he was thirsty and wanted to drink water, and turned towards the convenience store.

Wu Helian followed silently, but only stood in front of the store, and did not enter.

In front of the cashier’s counter, there are countless chocolates and candy.

Song Fangsheng took two bottles of water and placed them on the counter. Someone immediately placed two boxes of candy next to the mineral water. She turned her head slowly, only to see Wu Helian pay the bill. Song Fangsheng’s heart moved slightly, looking at the two boxes of candies, bowing his head with a bitter and happy smile.

He did not forget that she loves candy.

Walking out of the convenience store, Song Fangsheng carried his pocket, walked quickly to him and turned to face him, said with a smile, “Ahe, I know there is a singer you like to hold a concert recently, let’s go and see? Do you remember Did we make an appointment at that time…”

Wu Helian stopped slowly and interrupted her words, “Sheng…”

“Ahe.” Song Fangsheng didn’t give him the opportunity to speak, and suddenly said, “If I was then Without leaving, will we be together?”

The surrounding vehicles were passing by, and the light slowly shone from Song Fangsheng’s body to Wu Helian. The intertwined light and shadow showed his indifferent and handsome face in the dim light. The noisy sound roared, Song Fangsheng looked at Wu Helian stubbornly, his eyebrows twisted slightly, and his crystal-clear eyes stared at his deep eyes unblinkingly, looking forward to an answer.

After a stalemate for a long time, a low male voice sounded

indifferently , and came through the sound of wind and car, “No if.” “No if…” Song Fangsheng murmured to repeat his words, clenching his pockets with one hand, clenching his hands into a fist, sad expression. Extremely painful, stubbornly asked, “Why do you still obey the agreement! Why do you want to see me dance ballet! Why do you have to go to school to meet me after so many years! Why!”

“Ahe, you didn’t forget me !I’ve always been in your heart! Isn’t it!” Song Fangsheng’s eyes were tearful, and his voice was trembling.

Wu Helian stood in front of her and said quietly, “I don’t want to lose my appointment.”

Don’t want to lose my appointment?

Such a simple answer makes Song Fangsheng bitter and unstoppable.

He stood in front of her, thinking for so many years, studying for so many years, still the distance, five meters away. He always kept this distance, waiting outside the school, waiting outside the dormitory, waiting on the tree-lined trail, waiting in… too many places in the memories.

Song Fangsheng suddenly began to hate this five-meter distance, bit his lip violently, and took a step towards him. She opened her hands and hugged him. Tears hovered in her eyes, and she choked with sobs, “Ahe, I don’t have no if, I don’t, I don’t…”

She kept saying the words “I don’t want”, trying to catch something.

Wu Helian stood standing and let her hug, heard her suppressed crying, Shen Sheng said, “Sheng, don’t be like this.”

“Why do you still remember that I like to eat candy!” she asked in a trance, grasping his shirt with both hands.

“We are friends.” Wu Helian’s voice was magnetic and quiet, but Song Fangsheng was suddenly helpless. Then she chuckled helplessly, released her hand, and turned and strode away.

In front of the eyes, there were many bright colors and blurred vision, and he ran towards the unknown in the neon.

Song Fangsheng, who returned home, could no longer bear the sadness, and knelt down on the floor, crying out loud. Tears dripped down, still holding the pocket in his hand. Those are the two boxes of candy he bought for her, lying quietly in his pocket. She grabbed the candy frantically, tore the packaging, and ate it one by one, sweet to greasy, and even had a bitter taste, making it difficult to swallow.

She curled up in the corner against the wall, took out the badge in her pocket, but shook her hand.

“Hey, we are from the same school. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Song Fangsheng and I just entered Hong Kong High School. Classmate, what is your name? Classmate, how old are you? Classmate, how can you ignore people? “

Student Ahe, I’m so hard to return the badge to you. Should you invite me to dinner?”

“Ahe, one day I will dance on the stage of the theater.”

“You must come and see.” “

The mood of waiting for the phone to ring is like riding a roller coaster, the time is so slow and so slow, and the speeding car drives towards the highest point little by little. When it reached the highest point, it paused abruptly, and then drove down. At that moment, it was like a phone ringing, and the “Ahe” displayed on the phone screen made Gu Xiaochen feel dizzy.

When the phone was connected, she held the pillow and talked to him.

He asked her what she was doing on the phone, and she told him that she was watching TV. He asked her again what she had eaten at night, and she told him to eat something casually in the shop after get off work. Almost all he was asking questions, she was answering. Finally, she couldn’t help it. She asked in a soft

voice , “Ah, what are you doing?” At the same time as the words fell, the apartment door was also knocked.

“Someone knocked on the door, I’ll take a look.” Gu Xiaochen said suspiciously, holding the phone to open the door.

But as soon as the door opened, Wu Helian was holding the Xibo coat in her hand, and she was holding the mobile phone in the other hand. He raised a corner of his lips and smiled charmingly at her.

Gu Xiaochen was stunned for a moment, but did not expect him to stand outside her apartment.

After a hollowed-out anti-theft door, Wu Helian looked at her eyes, Shen Shen said, “I’m thinking of you.”

His voice didn’t know whether it came from the phone or from the air, she smiled brightly. The heart was like a night sky with gorgeous fireworks in full bloom, and a bright light was blooming in the darkness. It turns out that some people miss a person like her, and that person also misses himself so coincidentally.

Many times, Gu Xiaochen felt that Wu Helian was like a child. When the two were alone, he didn’t have the silence and calmness in the company, and the indifference in front of outsiders. In daily life, she wouldn’t know anything, even asked her to squeeze towels for him, and wished her to wipe his face.

Of course, this is only when getting along alone.

“Mr. He, Mr. Ding’s assistant claimed that Mr. Ding would arrive in Hong Kong in three days.”

Like at this moment, a group of people gathered in the conference room for a meeting. Gu Xiaochen sat on the side of the conference table, recording the details. Wu Helian, who inadvertently looked up and sat in the middle, had such a distant existence. She lowered her head and listened to the arrangements. The two parties sent people to receive the big client, and finally decided on their respective candidates.

The assistant got up and pulled open the door of the meeting room, but saw Wu Haoyang standing outside the meeting room with a handsome face coldly. His expression was hazy, his eyes narrowed slightly, and his anger was concentrated.

“Yang, President Yang?” Assistant Zhiwu shouted, apparently startled.

Wu Haoyang didn’t pay any attention to it, and his sharp eyes shot straight at Wu Helian. Wu Helian walked towards him silently, and then Wu Haoyang whispered something. The two left, leaving only a group of people looking at each other in surprise.

In the conference room, Gu Xiaochen looked at the figure of the two leaving, and felt a little uneasy.

What’s happened?

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