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Chapter 119 There should be no expectations

hot summer days, some endless, will go to the end of August, but this hot but do not know when it will ease, I am afraid it will continue for a long time. The meteorological news recently reported that Typhoon “Aisa” will hit in early September, when there will be heavy rainfall and the temperature will decrease accordingly.

Although the air was blowing in the office of the building, someone’s anger rose because of a phone call.

“Mr. Wu, Miss Song said that she has no appetite and does not want to eat.”

“Must let her eat! No matter how much she eats!”

“Okay, Mr. Wu.” Wu Haoyang hung up the phone and was upset.

The door of the office was knocked, and he drank, “Come in!”

Yao Yongxin walked in with several documents in his hand, Li Rong was quiet. She stepped on high heels and walked in front of him. She put a few documents on the table. With an official attitude, she said calmly, “President Yang, let me revise these documents before, and they have been revised now. President Yang Please look over.”

“How many projects do you have in your hands?” Wu Haoyang suddenly looked up.

Yao Yongxin said calmly, “One.”

Wu Haoyang narrowed his eyes slightly and said with a deep voice, “After leaving Wu’s, what are you going to do?”

“Who knows, marrying someone may be.” Yao Yongxin smiled and joked.

“That wind inspector?” Wu Haoyang’s expression sank, and he suddenly clouded.

“Maybe.” Yao Yong was ambiguous, as if he was joking, and he was serious. Her tone was too light, but it was impossible to tell the truth.

Wu Haoyang got up and walked around the desk to her.

Although Yao Yong’s heart looks calm, but a heart jumps quickly. His tall figure covered her and cast a shadow. She looked at the person in front of her, only to find that this man was really tall. What exactly did he start from, he was so much higher than her. Yao Yongxin can even remember clearly that he was taller than himself in elementary school.

“I want to marry that wind inspector so quickly, wouldn’t it be too hasty?” Wu Haoyang said slowly, staring at her.

Yao Yongxin looked back at him without speaking. She didn’t know what she was waiting for, maybe she was waiting for an impossible sentence. But so funny, she would still expect it. So she smiled and laughed at her undesirable expectation, and finally remained silent.

“You…” Wu Haoyang spoke again, but the phone rang at this time. He hesitated to pick up the phone and heard the anxious female voice ringing, “Mr. Wu, Miss Song still refuses to eat! She hasn’t eaten for two days!”

“I’ll be back soon!” Wu Haoyang’s brow furrowed and hurriedly I replied. Hanging up the phone, his gaze swept over her, and whispered, “The file is on first.”

Yao Yongxin stood still, and he strode past her and ran out of the office. The documents were left aside in this way, and God knows that it was something she drove out after three whole nights. She shrugged, still smiling.

You don’t even have to guess, you know who it is.

The person who can make him so nervous is probably only her.

Are you jealous?

Jealous of the beautiful girl who can dance ballet and play the piano.

But she does nothing except her first homework every year.

Wu Haoyang drove the car and immediately went to the apartment where Song Fangsheng lived.

As soon as she arrived at the apartment, the aunt pointed to the study anxiously and said, “Mr. Wu, Miss Song is reading in the study. I let her rest, but she doesn’t listen.”

“Go to prepare porridge!” Wu Haoyang drank and hurried to the study. He pushed the door open and saw Song Fangsheng sitting behind the desk, nesting in a chair and reading. Her long black hair hung down on both sides of her cheeks, covering her face of melon seeds, and she was already thinner, and she became thinner. As pale as she was, she looked at the book quietly, silently, as if she would not be disturbed by anything or anyone.

“Fang Sheng!” Wu Haoyang approached her and said, “You must eat!”

Song Fangsheng slowly raised his head and looked at him. There was no trace of blood on her pale and dry lips. She smiled slightly and said softly, “Hao Yang, why are you here? Don’t you have to go to work today?”

Auntie brought in the porridge and Wu Haoyang took the porridge bowl and held it in front of her. Shen Sheng said, “Fang Sheng, are you eating well?”

“I’m not hungry, Let it go and eat it later.” Song Fangsheng is still smiling, taking back his eyes and continuing to read.

“No! Eat now!” Wu Haoyang frowned stubbornly.

Song Fangsheng stared at the book, and that stubbornness was not to be outdone, “I said to eat it later!”

“What are you doing! Song Fangsheng! Are you angry with your body? Do you want Uncle Song to worry about you for you? “Wu Haoyang shouted angrily, grabbed her book, put the bowl of porridge in front of her, and

screamed, “Eat now!” “I really don’t have an appetite.” Song Fangsheng sighed, it didn’t look like it! Is lying.

Wu Haoyang no longer spoke, but just looked at her.

After a long while, Song Fangsheng was a compromise. Reaching for the spoon, she took a sip of porridge. Maybe it’s been a long time since I haven’t eaten. The warm liquid is as difficult to swallow as paraffin wax. I frowned slightly and swallowed it, but my stomach twitched for a while, so that she covered her mouth and stood up to run to the bathroom. .

“Fang Sheng?” Wu Haoyang shouted in surprise, as she ran to the bathroom.

Song Fangsheng vomited uncomfortably while washing Yutai, tears overflowing his eyes.

“What’s wrong with you? Fang Sheng?” Wu Haoyang saw her like this and hurried to her to support her and asked worriedly.

“I’m fine…” Song Fangsheng said weakly, feeling dizzy, “I just want to sleep a little…”

“Fang Sheng?” Wu Haoyang was shocked when she saw her face pale, and hugged her across her, shouting at her aunt

Said , “Go get Miss Song’s bag and follow me to the hospital!” On the way to the hospital, the aunt helped Song Fangsheng sit in the back seat.

Wu Haoyang, who was holding the steering wheel while driving, kept hearing her whispering, her voice was so soft, but vaguely came, “Ahe…”

Song Fangsheng was hanging from the hospital ward.

Wu Haoyang accompanied her, and the doctor said in his mind, “The patient can no longer be stimulated, which will aggravate her illness. And her mental state is very bad now, anemia, immunity decline, and the gastrointestinal system suffers from nervousness. The oppression has prevented her from eating normally. She needs to be cheerful and maintain an optimistic attitude.”

Fang Sheng, you shouldn’t be back.

Wu Haoyang looked at Song Fangsheng, who was sleeping, but was helpless.

Song Fangsheng woke up in the afternoon of that day, but he still could not eat. After only drinking two porridges, she pushed open the bowl and was unable to continue eating. After a few days of nutrition in the hospital, she finally couldn’t bear the smell of disinfecting water in the hospital. She just wanted to be discharged from the hospital.

Back home, Song Fangsheng would either lie on the sofa and watch TV, or he would sit in the study room and read a book. She also eats, but eats very little. Just let her eat a few more bites, she will spit out uncomfortably. Seeing her getting thinner and thinner, Wu Haoyang was helpless and didn’t know what to do.

Until one day, Wu Haoyang came to visit her during the lunch break. I saw her asleep on the window sill, wearing a white nightdress, leaning her head against the glass window. The slender arm hugs the box of candy, the sun shines in the hot light, and the sugar paper seeps the juice of the candy, which is about to be melted by baking.

Wu Haoyang took her back to her bedroom and covered her with a quilt.

Almost immediately, Wu Haoyang turned back to Wu Shi.

Wu Haoyang rushed into the deputy general office and walked to the executive desk and said, “Fang Sheng is sick, you go to see her.”

Wu Helian didn’t look up and said blankly, “It’s time for work now, and I have a Meeting.” The

phone rang suddenly at this time, and Wu Helian pressed the key, and a report from the secretary came over. “He, Mr. He is here.”

“I see.” Wu Helian hung up the phone and left when she got up.

Wu Haoyang stared at Wu Helian’s leaving back, and could no longer calm his anger. The secret kept in his heart could no longer be concealed and sneered, “Song Fangsheng is a fool! The most thorough fool in the world! You know her Why did you leave that year!”

Wu Helian’s footsteps came to a halt, and indifferently looked back at him again.

The two looked at each other, and for a moment nobody said anything.

Wu Haoyang’s angry Junrong suddenly fell silent, and he was always unruly and solemn. Shen Jing said, “Her father had an accident.”

As a diplomat, Song father was involved in a corruption and bribery case that year. Facing a huge crisis, Song Fang’s subordinates immediately took Song Fangsheng, and even deceived Song Fangsheng, telling her that she had a car accident. Song Fangsheng heard the news and ignored the others and immediately went with his subordinates. The bribery case was not withdrawn until three months later, and Father Song was no longer suspect.

“Why don’t you tell me? She can tell me!” Wu Helian questioned.

“How does she tell you? If her father is really guilty, do you think the Wu family will accept her?” Wu Haoyang said with a smile, Shen Sheng said.

“It’s another matter for the Wu family.”

“You don’t think it’s relevant, but she feels related!”

“Then three months later, the case was dropped after three months, why didn’t you come back!”

Wu Haoyang laughed and said quietly, “Because… she is ill.”

If it were not for Wu Haoyang to tell him today five years later, I’m afraid Wu Helian will never know the real reason why Song Fangsheng left. I even remember clearly that I had agreed to go to the exhibition the day before. But the next day, he waited from the morning to the evening, until the end of the exhibition, until the hall closed, but she still did not come. Her phone was off and she was not at home.

It was not until three days later that Wu Helian learned from the school teacher that Song Fangsheng had gone abroad.

In which country I went to study in which school, the teacher refused to tell Wu Helian.

Song Fangsheng left, and suddenly left like this.

She left no information, no words, and walked so thoroughly.

The reason why she would leave without saying that was because of this-esophageal cancer, inherited her mother’s illness.

Wu Helian didn’t think of it, and never went to verify it. People who just think they want to leave do not have to chase, and those who will stay will always stay. It was not the first time that someone was chosen without saying goodbye. It was not the first time that he was used to it. He was already used to it. He was the one who was not chosen, and he could accept it.

“Song Fangsheng, so proud, is constantly chasing Song Fangsheng, who is as perfect as you. How do you let her come back to face you? Drag you down? Let you sympathize with her? Stay with her? Tell her that you will not leave her for a lifetime. What did she say she could export?”

“I hope you pretend to know nothing.”

“Otherwise, she will die better than life.”


At five o’clock in the afternoon, Gu Xiaochen came to work in Wu Shi Building. Did not go in, but stood outside the building. She took out her mobile phone and called him. The phone was on, and she said with a smile, “Ahe, where are we going to eat today? Or go home and cook for yourself?”

Wu Helian silently said, Shen Sheng said, “Morning and morning, I am now outside for entertainment. I will not be together at night. . You go home early.”

She was still happy, holding her mobile phone tightly, and said softly, “Then I will go home for dinner, you drink less wine.”

He said “En”, and hung up the phone.

Gu Xiaochen stood there for a while, just about to take a step, but saw a tall figure walking out of the building and heading straight ahead. He turned his back on her and did not see himself. But that person only needs one glance, and she can recognize who he is.

Gu Xiaochen held the phone and ran a few steps forward, standing there alone.

It turned out that he would also lie.

Wu Helian rushed to Song Fangsheng’s house. The aunt opened the door, not Song Fangsheng.

The aunt saw the visitor, and he froze for a moment, and hurriedly asked.

Wu Helian claimed to be visiting Song Fangsheng. The aunt saw his extraordinary appearance and his heroic spirit, and learned that he was also named “Wu”, and naturally let him in. She hurriedly told Song Fangsheng, but turned back and said, “Sir, Miss Song said she was a little tired and wanted to rest, so please go back.”

Wu Helian Jianmei was very disappointed, obviously unhappy. Regardless of his aunt’s dissuasion, he just broke in.

“Sir!” the aunt shouted hurriedly, but it could not be stopped either.

The bedroom door was closed, and the door of the study next door was half-covered, revealing a gap.

Wu Helian stepped forward and stood in front of the study. He reached out and pushed gently, and saw Song Fangsheng lying halfway on the window sill, holding the glass bottle full of candy in his arms and holding a book in his hand. The yellowed cover is wrapped in plastic transparent paper, I don’t know how many years it has been left, it seems that it is many years old.

The girl in the school skirt once held the book and flashed in front of him.

“Ah, do you know Cangyang Gyatso?”

“He is the sixth Dalai Lama, but I think he is a poet, and the poems he writes are so beautiful.”

“That day, I closed my eyes in the scented mist of the Scripture Hall, and I suddenly heard you chanting the mantra in that scripture; that month, I shake all the scripture cylinders, not for excess, just to touch your fingertips; that year, The long head creeps on the mountain road, not to see it, just to stick to your warmth; in that life, to turn the mountain and the water to the pagoda, not for the afterlife, only to meet you on the way…”

That day, that one Month, that year, that life.

She once read that poem, blinked her bright eyes, and smiled brightly.

But now, her expression is no longer beautiful, so thin that she can’t find the little bit of heroism that year. Only the traces of frowning between the eyebrows can see her pride and stubbornness. Just like when practicing ballet, so many falls, so many repeated rehearsals, even if you have muscle cramps, you must keep your teeth stubborn.

Footsteps sounded in his ears, Song Fangsheng raised his head silently. She glanced at the black leather shoes, her eyes widened, and she clutched the book firmly. Looking up all the way, he finally caught up with him. She didn’t know how to tell. She only knew that she was now pale and ugly, and she was no longer the same.

Song Fangsheng raised his hand to cover his face, not to let him see his ugly look, said

anxiously , “I said I’m going to rest!” Wu Helian silently for a long time, said quietly, “Just passing by, so come up and see you It’s better to have dinner together at night.”

Song Fangsheng bit his lip tightly, trying to get rid of his words but couldn’t say anything.

“Miss Song, the meals are ready.” Auntie stood outside the study and said in time.

“Then I’m welcome.” Wu Helian responded and walked in front of Song Fangsheng, looking down at her. “Sheng, I’m hungry.”

Song Fangsheng was in a trance. Such words made her feel so familiar. He was still in that tone, a simple sentence, three words “I am hungry”, when she was frustrated, when she was lonely, he walked to her with a lunch box. It is clear that she has not eaten all day, but he says he is hungry. This habit is still the same as before.

She didn’t

raise her head and said softly, “I want to wash my face.” Song Fangsheng’s words made Wu Helian relieved, and the aunt was happy to prepare dinner.

However, after a while, Song Fangsheng combed her hair and tied her hair with a black hair ring. The whole person looked more energetic. She finally walked to the living room, the living room and the dining room are connected, so you can see Wu Helian sitting waiting at a glance. A few plates of light and delicious food were placed on the dining table, as well as the smell of rice.

Song Fangsheng sat down in the chair opposite Wu Helian, and the two ate in silence, without much words.

“Miss Song, drink a bowl of soup.” Auntie came out carrying the fish soup, filled her bowl with joy, and said, “Mr. Wu also came to a bowl.”

Song Fangsheng said softly, holding the spoon. He doesn’t drink fish soup.”

“It turns out that way.” Auntie heard her saying this, and said with a smile, “Then you eat slowly.”

Song Fangsheng nodded, and the aunt walked into the small room to watch TV. She drank her fish soup, but the words of Fang Cai, if it used to be, it must be very smooth, but now it is no longer so natural to say something. Why did he come suddenly? Is it possible that Song Fangsheng looked at him quietly, but he saw that his indifferent Junrong did not have anything unusual.

While drinking soup, Song Fangsheng said, “Don’t you have to accompany Miss Gu today?”

“There is no need to meet every day.” Wu Helian said slowly, unable to see any emotion.

I don’t know how to taste a meal, but it’s the longest meal time since these days and the most often eaten by Song Fangsheng. When the two had finished eating, they moved to the sofa and sat down. The aunt came over to clean up the chopsticks and couldn’t help but say, “Miss Song, you’ll eat as much every day in the future.”

Wu Helian lowered her eyes and asked Shen Jing, “Do you usually eat too little?”

Song Fangsheng heard him ask Only then did he know that he did not know his situation. She took a cup of tea and said, “I haven’t had any appetite recently.” After

eating and sitting quietly for a while, Wu Helian got up and left.

Song Fangsheng sent him to the door, before turning around, Wu Helian said, “The girl is too thin and unattractive, eat more.”

She said “En” and watched him leave.

Out of the apartment building, Wu Helian got into the car. He lit a cigarette and smoked without a sip. It’s like thinking about something quietly. I don’t know how long I pondered until my phone vibrated. A message came in. Pressing the read button, the characters could be transformed into her soft and sweet female voice, which seemed to echo in the ear.

Information content-Ahe, I’m so sleepy, so I went to bed first. When driving, be careful on the road. good night.

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