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Chapter 120 Trying Habits

Gu Xiaochen no longer asked him where he went, or what he did. No longer meet so diligently, no longer eat together every day. In fact, I can guess what happened. Think about it too, Song Fangsheng is uncomfortable. When he is alone, he is really sad. Gu Xiaochen experienced that kind of sadness, so he learned to be considerate.

Forgive him for telling a lie, forgive him for being busy on every phone call, and forgiving for the green years that everyone has had. It’s just that understanding and unknowingly became relief, and relieved too many things.

In fact, many times, she wants to ask a clear understanding.

For example, that embarrassing question.

Ahe, did you choose to go back to Miss Song?

But whenever he saw him, he rubbed her hair and hugged her in his arms. She was so reluctant to let go just because she smelled the good tobacco smell on him. So she looked like a snail with her head protruding, and when she reached her mouth, she swallowed it back again, retracted it into her shell, and escaped from hiding.

She is just trying to get used to it.

It’s like getting used to his life from the beginning, and now getting used to living without him. I have to eat and meet together every day, instead of three or four times a week, and it will become less and less in the future, and I will not need to meet up until as little as a week, and as little as a month and a year. She can get rid of this habit.

Like those who smoke, wanting to quit nicotine makes Gu Xiaochen feel a little difficult.

So she tried to divert attention, such as learning something.

The real estate business project cooperated by Shangyin and Wu happened to have come to an end. The next matter was entirely handled by Wu. Gu Xiaochen returned to Cai Hua from the investment banking department to report. Cai Hua has always admired her, with emotion and joy. Since Gu Xiaochen followed Cai Hua, Cai Hua did teach her a lot, and let her know a lot. The relationship between the two at the moment is like a sister as well as a teacher and student.

“Before you said that you want to take a vacation, I agree. But I’m really too busy recently, so you have to work hard for a few more days. So, let’s put you on a half-day break today. After a few days, I will definitely let it go You’re fake. Xiaochen, do you think this is the case?” Cai Hua’s tone was full of discussion, and the pile of documents also proved that she was really busy.

Gu Xiaochen smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, Sister Cai.”

Coincidentally, the phone rang and Cai Hua answered the phone.

Hearing Cai Hua’s intermittent words, Gu Xiaochen heard who was calling the phone and roughly guessed what was going on. When Cai Hua hung up the phone with a headache, Gu Xiaochen smiled and said, “Sister Cai, it’s okay this afternoon. I don’t know if I can go to the school to pick up Xiaofeng?”

“This is so embarrassing, it’s too much trouble.”

Gu Xiaochen begged, “Just let me go, a person is very boring.”

Thanks to Cai Hua’s repeated thanks, Gu Xiaochen got off work early.

The sun is very hot, it’s 2:10 in the afternoon.

Because he didn’t know Cai Feng’s school very much, Gu Xiaochen simply took a taxi. Looking at the scenery along the way, the blink of an eye is here. When I got off the bus, I saw a few red flags at the gate of the campus, and the banners were hanging, which was very lively. It turned out to be a campus basketball game.

Gu Xiaochen asked Cai Hua to ask Cai Feng’s mobile number in advance, and she stood outside the school and called him. As soon as the little guy answered the phone, he ran out with his backpack. Cai Hua must have greeted her, so Cai Feng was very happy to see her.

“Sister Xiaochen, don’t you have to go to work today? Mom is busy every day!”

“Sister is resting today.”

“Sister Xiaochen, did you know that our school basketball team won the championship today! And I’m a center and took it. Twenty points!”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t know anything about basketball. He just listened to Cai Feng’s cheerful words. He looked at him with a small face and smiled proudly, miraculously, and suddenly felt a little proud of himself. “Xiaofeng is amazing and awesome! You ticked you to take you to eat ice cream, shall we go now?”

“Okay.” Cai Feng agreed, and the two happily went to the ice cream shop.

It is really enjoyable to eat ice cream in the summer and sit in the cool store looking at the hot sun.

Gu Xiaochen and Cai Feng finished eating ice cream and strolled around the street.

Cai Feng looked forward to the bookstore, and ran forward, “Sister I’ll go to the bookstore to see.”

Gu Xiaochen looked at his leaving figure, and inadvertently scanned the shops along the street. Suddenly glimpsed at a musical instrument store, she went involuntarily. The clerk saw a customer and greeted him immediately, “Miss, we have the most complete musical instruments here. What instrument do you want?”

“Well, I’ll just take a look.” Gu Xiaochen said with a smile, his eyes shuttled among the complicated instruments. Finally, the piano was directed.

The black body and white keyboard are like the scene in memory.

He once played the piano for her, the song “Ode to Joy”.

“Miss, the sound quality of this piano is particularly good, you can give it a try.” The clerk said enthusiastically.

Gu Xiaochen shook his head, “I… can’t play the piano.”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter, you can also look at other things.”

“I want to know if there are any musical instruments, smaller, I can take it with me?”

The clerk thought for a while and said with a smile, “I’ll get it for you.” The

same black body, but no white keyboard. Gu Xiaochen held the harmonica in his hand, and he couldn’t put it down. The clerk explained in detail, but she didn’t listen. When the shop assistant finished talking, he said, “I’ll buy this.”

“Sister Xiaochen will play the harmonica?” Cai Feng bought a comic book and ran back to find her.

“I want to go to school.” Gu Xiaochen smiled brightly at him and said softly.

Try everything, try to learn the harmonica, learn to get used to him without him.

promised Cai Hua to rest after being busy for a while, Gu Xiaochen did not forget to tell Lin Fen.

Lin Fen said nothing, and told her when the time was fixed.

Gu Xiaochen searched for the harmonica class online, filled out the registration form, went to pay the fee, and Gu Xiaochen slowly walked out of the building with the curriculum. Every Wednesday and Friday evening, a two-hour study course lasts for three months.

Wu Helian asked what she was doing recently.

She only told him that the company had a few projects, so it was busy.

When Wu Helian heard it, she didn’t say much. She just lay beside her and watched TV. At such a warm temperature, Gu Xiaochen took a deep breath, and suddenly heard his low male voice. At such a short distance, a faint sound sounded, “No matter how busy you are, you must be tired to eat on time. The weather is hot, you remember to drink plenty of water and don’t eat ice, No fish are allowed.”

Gu Xiaochen said “Eun” and quietly nested in his arms.

It is true that Shangyin is really busy. It’s just that she didn’t tell him. In fact, she signed up for the harmonica class, and she didn’t want him to think she would be bored alone. So she followed the time of the harmonica class and reported on time, without being late or absent.

In Nuo University’s classroom, only half of the people were sitting.

At the beginning, it was still full, but after a week, the number of people gradually decreased.

The teacher already recognized Gu Xiaochen and liked her very much, probably because she was the only student who was not absent, and the only student who listened to her so seriously. So during the break, the teacher in her fifties told her the origin of the harmonica.

“Teacher Li, there is your phone.” The young woman ran to the door of the classroom and yelled softly.

“Then I’ll answer the phone.” Teacher Li sang to Gu Xiaochen and turned to walk out of the classroom to answer the phone.

Some were bored and felt thirsty. Gu Xiaochen walked out of the classroom alone and wanted to buy a can of drink. She walked in the corridor, looking at the paintings of musical instruments hanging on the wall, telling the origin of various musical instruments. Through the corridor, there is a drink vending machine around the corner.

Gu Xiaochen took out a coin from his shoulder bag while choosing a drink.

The person passing by accidentally rubbed her, and one of them did not hold firmly, and the coins rolled from his fingers. The rash man didn’t pay attention and walked over with his girlfriend in stride. Gu Xiaochen hurried to chase away the few coins and bent over to pick them up. She was crouching down to pick up a coin, and looked up at another not far away, but a long figure flashed in front of her.

It was a young and handsome man with dark brown hair that fell lazily on his forehead. He stretched out his arms and just bent over slightly to pick up the coins on the ground easily. Gu Xiaochen also noticed that his hands, long fingers, and distinct bones were indeed a pair of very beautiful hands.

The man raised his head, it was a deceptively handsome face, not as evil as Wu Helian, not as uninhibited as Wu Haoyang, nor as eloquent as Yan Xudong. He was fresh and natural, not tepid, and stood there, as if detached from the worldly tranquility.

The man took a coin and looked around. He looked around and met the girl standing obliquely in front.

In the eyes of a man, it was not a pretty girl. Wearing a fancy dress, simple cotton T-shirt, with a pair of linen cropped trousers, exposed a smooth leg. Her skin is very fair and her expression is very peaceful. Through those oversized black-framed glasses, her eyes were so clear.

Like the one who remembers.

The man held the coin in the palm of his hand at once, and his pupils of the same color as the hair were a little surprised and surprised. He took his steps and walked towards her.

Gu Xiaochen was stunned, but just felt that this man was a bit familiar.

When the other party walked in front of her, she suddenly remembered something, and her eyes were filled with delighted smiles.

“Xiao Xu?” Gu Xiaochen whispered softly, the name in memory.

The man suddenly laughed and dazzled, “Sister Xiaochen.”

Hong Kong is full of restaurants, shopping malls, entertainment venues, and the building of the teaching class also stands in it. In the cafe along the street, Song Fangsheng sat in the cafe waiting for Wu Helian to arrive. With books and pencil bags on the table, she ordered a cup of coffee and waited quietly.

Sure enough, Wu Helian came in a little while.

Song Fangsheng immediately called the waiter and ordered a cup of coffee for him.

As soon as Wu Helian sat down, Song Fangsheng said with a smile, “Ahe, where are you going to eat later? I checked. There is a Shanghai restaurant nearby. How about we try it?

Wu Helian nodded his forehead. He has never had much opinion on food. Song Fangsheng was still talking about the interesting things that the professor explained during the class. Wu Helian looked at her more and more spiritual face, calm and calm. The previously weak, she has recovered a lot since these days, and her face has gradually turned rosy. .

“you do not have to accompany Miss Gu do? Song Fangsheng suddenly asked, bowing his head, holding the coffee cup in both hands.

Wu Helian was silent, and said quietly, “She is very good.” “

Song Fangsheng was stunned, and his index finger caught the cup.

It was because of peace of mind.

Wu Helian’s eyes glanced out of the glass window at random, but his eyes were stunned when he saw a familiar figure. Opposite the street, petite The woman got around the car and got on the car. He could vaguely see the man in the driver’s seat, but he couldn’t see him clearly.

Wu Helian watched the car go away, frowned sharply, took out a cigarette and smoked one.

“Sir, smoking is not allowed here. The waiter said politely.

“What’s wrong?” Song Fangsheng asked in confusion.

“It’s okay.” Wu Helian spit out two words, but she was shocked.

That woman, isn’t that his morning morning?

Song Fangsheng watched him put the smoke desert back into the cigarette case, and saw that he did not look any different. Naturally, he thought there was nothing wrong.

Ding-zhang said, “Smoking is not good for your health. Smoke less.” Wu Helian said “en”, Did not say much.

“Ahe, did you know? The professor who taught our course is really humorous and funny. When the professor gave a lecture today, he told us a joke, which is really funny. I said to you to listen to it…” Looking for the topic, Song Fangsheng, with his hands on his cheeks, retold the joke the professor said with a smile.

But Wu Helian never responded, clearly staring at her eyes as if they had penetrated. Song Fangsheng couldn’t see his shadow in his eyes. There was a strange suffocation in the atmosphere. She didn’t notice it, but she clearly noticed it, and noticed the subtle changes.

Perhaps from the moment she returned, she sensed the change, but she still wanted to stubbornly grasp something.

In a blink of an eye, the dishes were all ready. Song Fangsheng picked up the chopsticks and pretended not to know anything. He said capriciously, “It looks like it tastes good,

let’s eat.” Wu Helian silently took the chopsticks.

And this meal, it is tasteless.

After dinner, Song Fangsheng proposed to go to the night market, Wu Helian said in a deep voice, “It will not be today, it will be late, I will send you back.”

Hearing his words, the smile on Song Fangsheng’s face was stiff, and the corners of his mouth flew as far as possible. Covered the stiffness. Sitting in his car through the bustling street, the window opened and closed a gap, only to feel the sound of the wind blowing from the ear, rumbled back. Song Fangsheng quietly glanced at him aside, his face was handsome, but he frowned tightly when he didn’t realize it.

Song Fangsheng lowered his head and gently grasped the badge in his pocket.

In front of it is a bright red and green, and the black sports car runs away, submerged in neon flashes.

The markets at night are always very lively.

Along the road, you can see a variety of gear snacks.

Simple lemon yellow bulbs, even without lampshades, hang in the middle of giant sun umbrellas. Such a parasol is indeed large enough for four or five people to sit under the umbrella and have a meal together. No rainy weather, just to increase the atmosphere.

“Your fried noodles come!” The young man shouted and ran to a table with two plates of fried noodles.

Gu Xiaochen was about to pick up chopsticks, but she handed a pair in front of her. She took it with a smile, “Thank you.”

“What kind of so polite.” Xiao Xu’s voice is pure, without any impurities, like the beautiful notes of pressing the piano keys. His temperament is too vulgar, sitting in such a roadside stall to eat such cheap food makes people feel unsuitable. But he looked calm and quiet, and made people feel at ease.

Gu Xiaochen opened the chopsticks easily, and while eating noodles, he said, “Xiaoxu, what are you doing now?”

Counting time, he should still be studying.

At that time, he was just a teenager. He stood behind a group of children, as quiet as air, but dazzling like a group of chickens. If it wasn’t so coincident, she sang the wrong lyrics in the group chorus, but he was easily found by the accompaniment. It’s just a look, soothing, so that she can feel at ease, I’m afraid they won’t know anymore.

Only one day, he suddenly disappeared from the teenager.

“Reading.” Xiaoxu’s brown eyes condensed and asked with a smile, “Sister

Xiaochen , how about you?” “I’m at work.” Gu Xiaochen took the tea cup and drank, and said softly, “After work, I still find it good to read, Although it was a bit boring when I was studying.”

“Why is it boring and not in love?” Xiao Xu was a little surprised.

“In love?” Gu Xiaochen shook his head, but recalled that time.

The Zhou family provided her four years of university expenses and living expenses, but in fact she only had the university tuition fees attached to the Zhou family. The usual expenses were to work as much as possible. Soon after, she could earn four years of college expenses. It will be fine soon.

“Those men really have no vision.” Xiao Xu frowned, his tone uneven.

Gu Xiaochen just smiled.

Like this thing, maybe it is like the green vegetables and radishes have their own love. Why is there any reason?

“Sister Xiaochen, you must be admitted to the University of Hong Kong, majoring in international finance.” Xiao Xu said slowly, and did not forget the volunteers she had said. This girl a few years older than him, so confident, told him his ambitions, and worked hard towards that goal, just like the one she loved so much, they were so strong and beautiful woman.

Gu Xiaochen slightly pursed his lips and nodded with a smile.

Talking to Xingtou, the phone suddenly shook in his pocket.

Gu Xiaochen took out his mobile phone to see, and was a little confused as to who would send her a message. As soon as the thoughts moved, an unsure answer came out of his head, but he was looking forward to it. Press the read button and you will see the system message displayed on the screen as a reminder of the deduction.

Gu Xiaochen was stunned, staring at the message, and the loss slowly overflowed from the brow.

Visiting the night market, eating snacks, drinking cool mint flavored black tea, the two chatting while talking.

The time passed unconsciously, and the night grew deeper.

Xiaoxu drove Gu Xiaochen home, and the car stopped at the entrance of the alley. He saw that the alley was black and bright, so he asked Gu Xiaochen to go in. But Gu Xiaochen didn’t let it, just said it was all right, and he was used to it. When they were separate, they left each other with their mobile phone numbers.

The night sky was full of stars, and Gu Xiaochen walked alone.

Perhaps it was due to the late night, this alley seemed a little breathy. She no longer bowed her head, walking slowly bravely.

Only suddenly, his eyes glanced at the figure under the street lamp.

Gu Xiaochen’s heartbeat stopped once, and then quickly accelerated.

Wu Helian stood under the street lamp and stared at her silently.

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