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Chapter 127 Finally Can’t Help It

the last day of the trip, Zhou Chengze arrived at the castle.

At that time, Gu Xiaochen and Lin Fen were drinking afternoon tea on the open-air rooftop. Footsteps sounded behind them, making the two look back. I saw Zhou Chengze’s beautiful figure flashing, drowning in the shady room, and then stepped into the rooftop, the sun shed in a flash, and even the hair showed a thin layer of golden light.

“Aunt Fen.” Zhou Chengze shouted in silence, looking at the two warmly.

Gu Xiaochen nodded slightly at him, not expecting him to appear suddenly.

Lin Fen immediately greeted, “Chengze, why are you here?”

“Just come to France to do something, calculate the time. You will return to Hong Kong tomorrow, and simply go back with you.” Zhou Chengze said unhurriedly, vacant. The wicker chair sits down in a chic posture.

Lin Fen poured a cup of tea for him and began to tell the anecdote of this trip.

Gu Xiaochen listened quietly and didn’t say much. Only when Lin Fen asked her opinion would she answer. Lin Fen’s mood was very good, and he kept talking. Gu Xiaochen never knew that Lin Fen could say so much. It wasn’t until the maid came that interrupted her, “Madam, you’re about to bake the cake.”

“Okay.” Lin Fen replied and said to them again, “I’ll go and see, you sit Chat.”

“I’ll go too.” Gu Xiaochen just got up, Lin Fen gently patted her hand, “No, you chat with Chengze.”

Gu Xiaochen also knows to leave Zhou Chengze here alone, it seems It’s not a polite thing. Despite the embarrassment, he stayed. It was just that when Lin Fen left, neither of them spoke anymore, and the silent atmosphere seemed suffocating, making people feel breathless and depressed.

After a long time, Zhou Chengze asked, “How is this trip?”

Gu Xiaochen stared at the flower pattern of the rose tea set and said softly, “I am very happy to travel.”

Hearing her say, Zhou Chengze’s tight expression suddenly eased, as if relieved. He glanced at her delicate white face, the deep male voice was so beautiful, half self-sarcasm, half sighed and sighed, “It’s really rare, and finally makes you happy once.”

Gu Xiaochen pursed her lips and said nothing.

“Sir, lady, lady just fell!” the maid hurriedly exclaimed.

Gu Xiaochen stood up violently, with a shocked expression on his face, panic-stricken, “Take me away!”

Zhou Chengze also stood up at the same time, his eyes undulating, as if he understood something. A few strides caught up with Gu Xiaochen, Shen Sheng reassured, “Don’t worry!” Lin Fen

had been helped by the maids to the suite to rest, at this moment she was lying on the soft bed. Her mental state is not bad, she can’t see anything wrong, but her eyebrows frown slightly. At first, she pinched her temple from time to time, like a headache. But as soon as the door was pushed open, she immediately closed her hand and stopped kneading.

“Why did you fall? Is there any discomfort?” Gu Xiaochen ran to the edge of the bed and looked at her all over.

Lin Fen said softly, “I’m fine, I didn’t see the steps just now, and I will fall if I step on the air. Don’t be so nervous.”

Gu Xiaochen saw that she didn’t look any different, and people were all right, so she nodded.

“Xiaochen, you can bring the cake, don’t forget to pour the chocolate sauce.” Lin Fen asked, Gu Xiaochen got out of the bedroom obediently.

“Let’s go out too.” As soon as Gu Xiaochen left, Lin Fen evacuated the maid again.

When only two of them were left in the suite, Lin Fen looked quietly at Zhou Chengze, his gentle face was worried, and his forehead, which had not left any traces in the years, suddenly showed a few vicissitudes of wrinkles. “Chengze, can you promise me something?” The

wind blew away the soft female voice, and Zhou Chengze nodded solemnly.

But for how long, Gu Xiaochen folded the cake and gently knocked on the door. She stood at the door, while Zhou Chengze and Lin Fen looked at her at the same time. Gu Xiaochen was a little surprised, but heard Lin Fen said, “Xiao Chen, I said to Cheng Ze just now, you will go to Zhou’s work.”

Gu Xiaochen froze, and there was no response.

…After the

holiday, Gu Xiaochen didn’t recover from Paris, France, and returned to Hong Kong. Lin Fen asked her to go to work at Zhou. She asked why, she only said that it was more assured, and Zhou Chengze also needed help. Rather than being busy in other companies, it is better to be in Zhou’s. Zhou Chengze gave her a week to resign, and after she went to Zhou, she would be competent as a manager of the planning department.

Gu Xiaochen’s thoughts were in chaos and he didn’t know what to do. While carrying luggage into the building, turn on. The phone immediately came in with a message from Yan Xudong. Then I remembered that the trip did not tell him. But that message made her almost missed and lost her phone.

The message says-Lian has returned to the United States.

“Miss Gu! You are back!” Uncle Uncle hurriedly shouted at her, “I will get you a fish tank!”

Gu Xiaochen was in a trance, his mind blank.

The uncle uncle ran into the duty room to get the fish tank, but shouted in surprise, “Oh! What’s going on?”

Gu Xiaochen groaned, as if there was a bad hunch.

Uncle holding out the fish tank, I saw two small bodies floating in the glass fish tank.

Those two fish named Chen Chen and A He actually died like this.

Uncle repeatedly apologized, only saying that he went to buy two small goldfish for her.

Gu Xiaochen said that it was no longer necessary. Instead, he was relieved and did not have to take care of it every day. She carried the fish tank upstairs and didn’t know what it was like. Taking the key to open the door, something suddenly fell from his eyes and dripped into the fish tank. She kept suppressing her emotions and she didn’t cry so much, telling herself that it’s okay. But looking at the two small goldfish that died in the glass fish tank, their eyes suddenly turned red, and their lips were bitten, but tears covered their eyes.

Gu Xiaochen finally couldn’t help feeling sad anymore, crying like a child in the apartment.

Lin Fen suddenly asked her to go to Zhou’s work. Gu Xiaochen didn’t sleep well overnight. She didn’t want to go to Zhou, but she didn’t know how to refuse. After the vacation, he went to work at Shang Bank as usual. Cai Hua shouted her into the office as soon as possible and said a lot of things to her with a serious voice.

Gu Xiaochen thought that there were any important tasks to be delegated, but Cai Hua said, “Xiao Chen, President Zhou directly greeted the board of directors, you can resign and leave the bank at any time. But no matter where you go, I know you can do it Good. Zhou is a good company with great potential for development, so do it well.”

Gu Xiaochen heard so much and asked in a muffled voice, “I am not an employee of Shangyin?”

“You…” Cai Hua froze. ,

Fox questioned, “Don’t you know?” Gu Xiaochen looked at Cai Hua blankly, Shen Jing thought, and whispered, “I know.”

Because of the ten days of vacation, Gu Xiaochen didn’t have any work. Plus Zhou Chengze said hello, so she was informed that she had left Shangyin on the same day. I was planning to come to work, but I didn’t expect to pack things back. Zhou Chengze’s working speed is too fast, and she did not even give her time to consider, which made her feel very unhappy.

After leaving Shangyin, Gu Xiaochen stopped a car and went to Zhou.

When I arrived at Zhou’s company, Gu Xiaochen was informed by the reception lady that an appointment was needed. She frowned, thinking about how to see him. Thinking about it, she took out her mobile phone and dialed Zhou Chengze’s number, which should be said to be the first time she took the initiative to contact him.

When the phone was connected, I could even clearly hear the men’s faint report, and Zhou Chengze’s low male voice rang, “What’s the matter.”

“I’m in the lobby of your company’s ground floor and I want to talk to you.”

Zhou Chengze didn’t say much. Hang up the phone directly.

“Miss Gu? Is Zhou always invited!” The next receptionist led Gu Xiaochen to take the elevator upstairs to the president’s office. The secretary stepped forward to greet her and knocked on the door for her. A supervisor happened to walk out of the office, and Gu Xiaochen walked in.

Zhou Chengze looked up at her, and said with

a deep voice, “Sit down.” “No need.” Gu Xiaochen walked up to him and asked directly, “Why did you go to Shangyin privately to resign for me!”

“You didn’t agree.” Zhou Chengze’s eyes were a little surprised, he said slowly.

Gu Xiaochen raised her eyebrows and raised the volume a bit, “When did I agree? Please don’t always impose your thoughts on others. Can’t you! Do you know what human rights are? Don’t always pass others’ If you agree, you will decide arbitrarily!” For the

first time, she said so much in one breath, and still rushed, even angry.

“Then do you disagree?” Zhou Chengze froze, then asked calmly.

Gu Xiaochen closed his voice and clenched his fists secretly.

“Give you time to consider, if one week is not enough, it will be two weeks.” Zhou Chengze said patiently, staring at her. “During this time, accompany Aunt Fen more.”

Zhou Chengze’s words made Gu Xiaochen unable to calm down.

Gu Xiaochen felt very at a loss when he lost his job and struggled with whether to go to Zhou’s work or thinking about how to face Lin Fen. She went to the Zhou family to see Lin Fen, but Lin Fen was sleeping. I heard that Zhou Yaru said that Lin Fen had a headache last night and only fell asleep this morning, probably because he was too tired to travel. The time difference has not been adjusted.

Gu Xiaochen learned from Shen Ruo that Yao Yongxin had returned to Australia, but did not know when she would return. The manager of the investment department has changed and he is still an assistant. Gu Xiaochen also met with Yan Xudong, and it seemed that someone was deliberately avoiding someone, and he didn’t even mention half a word.

Song Fangsheng went to the United States, he also went to the United States.

They left together.

Regarding the problems that had to be faced, whether to go to Zhou’s work, Gu Xiaochen finally summoned the courage and told Lin Fen. From small to large, she has not violated Lin Fen’s intention, nor has she refused Lin Fen. She will do whatever Lin Fen said, just want to reassure her. But this time, she held Lin Fen’s hand and said softly, “Mom, I don’t want to go to Zhou’s office.”

“Xiao Chen, do you have any plans?” Lin Fen looked at her and asked carefully, ” I remember you mentioned that you wanted to go to the United States to develop? Have friends there?”

Gu Xiaochen was stunned, and then shook his head. “If you don’t go, you won’t go anywhere. Mom, don’t worry about me. I have plans. “

In fact, what is her plan?

It is simply dazed.

Only after finally telling Lin Fen what was in his heart, Gu Xiaochen found Zhou Chengze again. Tell him so clearly that she will not go to Zhou’s office. Zhou Chengze was not particularly surprised after hearing it. It seemed that she had expected that she would say the same thing.

“If you don’t come to Zhou to be a manager, then do something else.” When Gu Xiaochen left, Zhou Chengze came abruptly.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t know what his sentence meant, and originally thought it had come to an end, but three days later, shocking news broke out at Zhou’s press conference.

“Mr. Zhou, you are young and promising, and all the ladies in Hong Kong want to marry you! I don’t know if there are any candidates in Mr. Zhou’s heart?” The

live broadcast, facing so many media reporters, Zhou Chengze said to the camera, “Yes!”

the scene suddenly in an uproar, “do not know who is the lady?”

flash constantly glaring flashes, Zhou City Ze faint opening, calmly said, “she was called Gu, we will first engagement.”

All of a sudden, Hong Kong, the wealthy daughter of ladies all surnamed Miss Gu’s all became candidates for Mrs. Zhou’s wife, which caused the media to speculate first.

At the Hong Kong International Airport, the news about Zhou’s was broadcast on a large screen for several days.

A tall figure was about to walk out of the hall, but the indifferent and evil man suddenly stopped because of this news, his eyes narrowed slightly.

The engagement news that Zhou Chengze announced suddenly not only caused a storm in Hong Kong, the Zhou family also became a mess. Gu Xiaochen has moved back to his home and no longer lives in an attic apartment. While cleaning, Lin Fen called and sounded a little anxious, and only asked her to go to Zhou’s house immediately.

When Gu Xiaochen rushed to Zhou Mansion, the father and daughter of Zhou’s family and Lin Fen were sitting in the villa’s partial hall.

The father and daughter of the Zhou family stared at her without blinking, as if looking at a monster, and their eyes were completely examined, which made Gu Xiaochen feel uneasy for a while.

“Xiaochen, sit down.” Lin Fen beckoned to her, and Gu Xiaochen walked up to her and sat down.

Zhou Mosheng sat on the leather sofa without saying a word. Instead, Zhou Yaru on the opposite side glanced disapprovingly at Gu Xiaochen. He asked arrogantly, “Gu Xiaochen! What’s the matter with you?”

“What?” The inexplicable one.

Zhou Yaru shouted unbearably. “You don’t know? You see for yourself!”

Zhou Yaru immediately took out the remote control and pressed the switch, and the TV jumped out of the image.

I saw Zhou Chengze, a handsome and medieval son in the news, being interviewed by countless reporters, and the host explained, “Half an hour ago, Mr. Zhou Chengze, the president of Zhou’s Enterprise, disclosed that he was about to get engaged, and the engagement target was a surname Miss Gu. I don’t know which Miss Gu will be Mr. Zhou’s fiancee. The Hong Kong media will continue to follow the report!”

Zhou Chengze on TV faced the reporters’ scrambling questions and never responded again, just smiled calmly and kept mysterious. sense.

Gu Xiaochen was shocked by his words, get engaged? Surname Gu? Who?

“Xiaochen, is the Miss Gu’s surname Gu you?” Lin Fen looked at Gu Xiaochen and asked.


Gu Xiaochen was about to speak, Zhou Yaru raised her eyebrows and said, “Gu Xiaochen, my brother and Sister Bai Hui are in a good relationship, and they both said that they are getting engaged, why did you kill them suddenly? What do you do with Sister Bai Hui? Absolutely not! I will never agree! Brother must be joking! Dad! You say something!”

Zhou Yaru said angrily, turning his head to ask his father Zhou Mosheng.

Zhou Mosheng was troubled, and he had no clue for a moment. In fact, the Zhou family and the Bai family had met long before, and the discussions were good. He is very satisfied with Bai Hui’s girl’s family background. He is well-written, decent, decent, and indeed a good candidate for a daughter-in-law.

“Xiaochen, did Chengze talk to you?” Lin Fen asked again.

Gu Xiaochen was completely blinded, and after a long while he recovered his voice, “I think it must not be me, but the same surname.”

“Not the same surname!” Shen Lang’s male voice suddenly sounded, accompanied by footsteps.

Everyone looked up and saw Zhou Chengze’s long figure flashing, and slowly walked into the side hall. His words made everyone stunned. Zhou Chengze’s eyes swept through Zhou Mosheng, Zhou Yaru and Lin Fen, and finally fell on that white stunned face. He said calmly, “My engagement object is you.”

“Aunt Fen , I wonder if you would like to give Xiaochen to me?” Zhou Chengze asked directly in front of everyone.

Lin Fen stayed blank and didn’t know what to say for a while.

“Brother! I strongly disagree! Why are you doing this? Sister Bai Hui is so good, you just abandoned her like that?” Zhou Yaru shouted dissatisfiedly.

Zhou Mosheng finally opened his mouth, and Shen Yanzheng said, “Chengze, I don’t agree! The Bai family has already said that your marriage with Bai Hui can’t be changed!”

“The Bai family, I’ll get it done, don’t worry.” Regarding the reprimand, Zhou Chengze was not surprised.


“Brother! You’re so crazy!”

Zhou’s father and daughter were both enemies, clearly speaking against Zhou Chengze and Gu Xiaochen’s “engagement”.

Gu Xiaochen, the heroine of the incident, did not say much from beginning to end. During the fierce debate of the Zhou family, she condensed her expression, as if she couldn’t bear it at last, got up and stood up from the sofa, her voice was very soft, But it was very powerful, the eyes black and jewel-like were clear and gleamed with light, “I’m sorry, I will not marry into the Zhou family, nor will I marry Zhou Chengze!” When the

words came out, the three of the Zhou family closed their voices, everyone’s His eyes focused on her at once.

Gu Xiaochen seemed to endure for a long time, took a deep breath, and smiled lightly, “I don’t want to participate in the matter of engagement. I have finished speaking, disturbing everyone, I will go first.”

Gu Xiaochen nodded to Lin Fen and grabbed He walked out of the side hall with a big step, without any trace of nostalgia.

“Gu Xiaochen! What attitude are you! My brother is so good, doesn’t it deserve you? Gu Xiaochen! Don’t go! You are not allowed to go!” Zhou Yaru stood up angrily, snarling at her leaving figure.

“You shut up!”

“Dad! Brother even murdered me for her!” Zhou Yaru groaned in aggrieved.

Gu Xiaochen had flashed the side hall, Zhou Chengze Jian Mei frowned, a few strides chased towards her. After finally catching up with her in the vestibule, the two

pulled and pulled , and Zhou Chengze said, “Why refused!” “Why should I agree?” Gu Xiaochen asked with a chuckle, only feeling ridiculous.

“I will get everything done, you don’t need to have any burden!” Zhou Chengze thought she was worried, Shen Sheng promised.

Gu Xiaochen just felt so tired, he shook off his hand hard and took a step back. The distance was like a ditch that could never be crossed. “Zhou Chengze, you never understand!”

Zhou Chengze stunned suddenly, his frowning brows showing. Never had a daze. Looking at her resolutely turned and walked out of the mansion, shouting at her back, “Gu Xiaochen! The one you don’t understand is you!”

His low male voice floated, and Gu Xiaochen stepped out of Zhou Mansion.

On the second day, Gu Xiaochen received a call from a law firm.

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