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FAHB Chapter 128

It was eight o’clock in the morning, and lawyer Feng Yuan woke Gu Xiaochen with a phone call. She hadn’t even gotten up, and the whole person was in a state of pretentiousness. Hearing the man’s unhurried voice on the phone, she opened her eyes at once, grasped the phone tightly, and her heart tightened at the same time, only feeling what grabbed herself, making her so uncomfortable.

She trilled opening, husky asked, “Which Mr. Wu!”

“Sir Wuhe Lian.” Feng Yuan Chen Sheng reported a taboo, but also said, “Miss Gu, do not know the morning you do not have time?”

Burst Qi and blood quickly surged, Gu Xiaochen gritted his teeth and asked, “I have time now, please tell me where the law firm is!”

Lawyer Feng Yuan immediately told her office building, Gu Xiaochen hung up the phone violently. It only took ten minutes to wash and comb, too late to have breakfast, hurriedly changed clothes and carried a satchel, and went out. She stopped a car and hurried towards the law firm. Just along the way, the whole person was extremely calm, like the tranquility before the volcano erupted.

A business office building with a law firm on the twelfth floor.

Gu Xiaochen took the elevator and got up. When the elevator finally arrived, the moment the door was opened, he saw several characters of “Feng Yuan Law Firm”.

“Hello, I am looking for lawyer Feng Yuan.” She walked to the reception desk and looked at the reception lady.

“Miss, please wait, I’ll contact you.” The receptionist immediately picked up the phone and hung up after a few sentences. She had just brought Gu Xiaochen into the office, but the tall and thin man greeted him. Seeing Gu Xiaochen standing outside, he looked up and down and smiled. “Miss Gu?” Gu

Xiaochen nodded silently.

“Please here!” Feng Yuan’s attitude is incredible, already receiving VIPs.

Gu Xiaochen followed Feng Yuan into the office and came to the office. The secretary immediately flushed the tea and walked in, and then retreated. Feng Yuan walked towards the executive desk, reaching for a gesture, “Miss Gu, please sit down.”

“Thank you.” Gu Xiaochen responded politely, glancing around, but did not see someone.

“Miss Gu, this is a 30% share transfer agreement of Mr. Zhou. Mr. Wu has signed and agreed.” Feng Yuan said while taking the agreement out of the drawer. “After Miss Gu signed it, the agreement will take effect immediately. “

Feng Yuan took the pen, pulled the cap off, and handed the agreement and the pen to her. “If there is no problem, Miss Gu, you can sign it.”

Gu Xiaochen’s eyes swept the two things he handed. Looking up at him, “Mr. Feng, I want to see Mr. Wu.”

“Mr. Wu will not come to the firm.” Feng Yuan said slowly.

Gu Xiaochen asked, “You tell me where he is.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know very well. Mr. Wu didn’t explain the itinerary.”

“It’s okay.” Gu Xiaochen said softly, but took the agreement and put it in. In a satchel. Feng Yuangang was about to speak, and she said with a smile, “I will find Mr. Wu. I will take care of everything. Lawyer Feng does not have to worry.”

Feng Yuan was shocked by her momentum and suddenly muffled.

Gu Xiaochen strode out of the business building without knowing how to find him. After thinking about it, she called Yan Xudong, “Xudong, do you have his contact information? Or, did you tell me he is not in Hong Kong?” After

receiving her call, Yan Xudong was obviously startled. Then he said, “Xiaochen, do you

have anything to do with him?” “Something,” Gu Xiaochen said firmly.

Yan Xudong only told her that today is the day for the construction of the Wanchai Harbor Resort. Wu Helian, as the project leader, represented Wu Wu on his behalf, so he will appear there. Gu Xiaochen didn’t say anything, and hurried to Wan Chai immediately, but his heart was cold again.

With 30% of the shares, he is really generous.

But what is this? Breakup fee?

Wan Chai Harbor Resort has long been crowded.

The reporters are surrounded by countless media, colorful flags fluttering, and the sound of firecrackers filled the ears, and the red carpet went all the way. But Gu Xiaochen, who did not have an invitation letter, was blocked. She had to stand against the sun and wait outside the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The voice of the master of ceremonies was faintly heard in the air, but she felt the world seemed to be hers alone.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t know how long she had waited until the crowd suddenly came out, she was squeezed aside.

“Mr. He! I heard that you plan to leave Wu and develop your career in the United States. I don’t know if it is true?”

“Mr. He, please stay away!”

“Mr. He, would you say a few words?” The

reporters scrambled and were only tall The security guards blocked them and prevented them from approaching half a step.

The flashing light kept flashing, piercing eyes.

The man came out of the crowd calmly, surrounded by a circle of people, the hot wind blowing slowly, the black bangs fell, and a pair of eagle eyes condensed the light. The thick black hair unrestrainedly obeyed his handsome look like a ghostly axe, Leng Jiu Xie Cheng, his eyes were unbiased, looking straight ahead, his thin lips slightly pursed, without any response.

Gu Xiaochen kept looking around behind the crowd, thinking about how to approach him.

He was only a few hundred meters away from her, but how could it be so far?

The security guards stood in turn, standing in a straight line, completely blocking the reporters from continuing to follow.

Gu Xiaochen had come here to investigate, so he was very familiar with the terrain. With a flash of wit, she turned around and left the crowd, chose another path, and walked far away. When the attention of the security guards and staff was all focused on the reporters, she rushed out of the path and ran towards Wu Helian who was walking towards the RV.

“Ah…” Gu Xiaochen just shouted, but he just changed his mouth, “Mr. Wu! Please wait!”

“Why would anyone be there? Stop it!”


In a flash, the girl who rushed out suddenly reminded the staff. Someone stepped forward and grabbed Gu Xiaochen’s arm one by one.

“Mr. Wu! President He! Wu-He-Lian!” Gu Xiaochen screamed at his back, exhausted, and finally stopped him.

A familiar female voice came from the wind, Wu Helian slowed down and finally turned to look at her.

…… The

sun is really dazzling, Gu Xiaochen’s shoulder bag has long fallen to the ground while being pulled. She appeared so embarrassed that she was grabbed by two staff members. After waiting too long without breakfast, her stomach was empty and her head was empty, and he was too shining and bright in front of her, making her feel dizzy for a moment.

Wu Helian stared at her, took her steps and walked in front of her, shouting in a deep voice, “Release her.”

“Yes!” The two staff members immediately let go and stepped aside.

Only two of them are left at the NuoDa site, one meter away.

The reporters kept pressing the shutter not far behind Gu Xiaochen, it seemed that they had captured some gossip news, during which people kept shouting “Miss, please turn around”, “Miss, what is your relationship with Mr. Wu”, “This lady Is it Mr. Wu’s new love?”

Gu Xiaochen couldn’t hear the noise.

She stubbornly pursed her lips and clenched her fists, as if she was patiently restraining something, as if not letting her emotions collapse.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t even look up to see his face, but just stared at his chest and opened his mouth gently, “Why do I need to transfer 30% of Zhou’s shares to me.”

Wu Helian silently said, then Shen Sheng said , “This is what you deserve.” What

deserves? Gu Xiaochen had the urge to laugh, but how could she not laugh?

This made her think about why there was an intersection between them, it was a contract and a transaction. He never had a heart, and she shouldn’t take it seriously. But later, was it fake afterwards? Why should I treat her well? Why should she be asked to be his girlfriend? Why does she feel like the happiest person in the world?

Gu Xiaochen trembled all over, bent over to grab the satchel on the ground, his hands began to tremble, unzipped the zipper in a panic, and took out the agreement in the satchel. With too much force, the paper was clenched by the hand, and traces were drawn out, saying one by one, “The agreement is back to you! I don’t need shares!”

“What? Do you think this is humiliating you?” There was a deep lock of jealousy in the eyes.

“I don’t need it!” Gu Xiaochen frowned angrily, raising his hand suddenly to tear up the agreement in his hand.

Wu Helian’s eyes were quick and she hurriedly reached out to grab her wrist. His strength was so great that he squeaked so hard that she would shed tears in pain and he shouted, “It’s not good for you. It’s better to have money than no money. People need to learn to be smart! Your pride will only make you stupid and make you unable to survive!”

“Accepting shares will also save me peace of mind!” He said lightly, and only made Gu Xiaochen feel distracted. beggar.

He just wanted to feel at ease. Gu Xiaochen was suddenly weak, and his throat seemed to be blocked by something. He squeezed out three words. “Let me go.”

Wu Helian’s indifferent Junrong didn’t fluctuate, but his fingers slowed down. Before letting go.

Gu Xiaochen took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down, but she couldn’t. She grabbed the agreement and raised her lips. “Thank you for your kindness. Mr. Wu is right. It’s better to have money than no money. People have to learn to be smart.”

“This is a good girl.” Wu Helian said in a calm voice, plainly.

Good girl, Chenchen, he always shouted like that.

The agreement was caught in a bunch in hand, and Gu Xiaochen’s forbearance turned into a word that he didn’t know how to tell, but there was only one question buried in his heart. She finally lifted her head, her eyebrows frowned into one, her eyes were as bright as the moon, and his handsome face reflected in her eyes, like a painting that she would never want to erase.

“You say you don’t allow me to be sad, is this a lie?” Gu Xiaochen asked stubbornly, but the last word had a choked voice.

Wu Helian’s black eyes suddenly diffused their light, and their thoughts were free.

Gu Xiaochen lowered his head and walked slowly past him.

Zhengmu Wuhe Lian, Huo have to turn around, a few strides to catch up with her, moved into her path again, amused a double eagle eye, grabbing a panic, “I gave your last chance! You can go back and stay with me!”

Back What head? What head does she have to return?

Guxiao Chen smiled and continue to move forward and pass the time, her voice floated through the air, let Wuhe Lian finally stop, “you have done me the most sad thing.”

“Beep -” mobile phone Screaming, the troubled thoughts became more entangled.

Wu Helian looked sideways at her figure and took out her mobile phone to connect the call. On the other end of the phone, the housekeeper said anxiously, “Second Master! The big thing is not good! Miss Four fell off the stairs and shed a lot of blood. Now she has been sent to the hospital!” That

figure had stopped the car and walked away. Flashing in front of him, Wu Helian hurriedly entered the RV and said hardly, “I’ll be here soon!”

Those past events were actually passing clouds of wind, and the wind whistling past, Gu Xiaochen lowered the window.

The agreement in her hands had been squeezed as if she were shaking her hands, tearing it into pieces, as if her heart was torn. Reaching slowly and loosening the hand, the fragments flew out of the window along the wind, drifted in the air, and all were left behind. The man who took her to ride a bicycle, whether it was the Ocean Aquarium, the haunted house in an amusement park, ice cream cakes, fireworks, sushi like rice balls… she didn’t want to remember anymore.

Seems like a dream, this dream dreams for too long.

The person in the dream finally disappeared, but how did she not seem to have left the dream yet.

Gu Xiaochen shut himself in the apartment and no one was there. Tell the Zhou family clearly and tell Lin Fen that she will never marry Zhou Chengze.

Life is like walking dead, with eyes open and closed.

“Boom Boom Boom–” Who was knocking on the door, Gu Xiaochen curled up on the sofa and didn’t want to see it.

The phone rang later, and she did not answer it.

Suddenly, a swearing burst out of the apartment, but it was a female voice, “Gu Xiaochen! Gu Xiaochen, you are out! You dare not answer my sister’s call! I heard your cell phone ringing outside your door, and you still left me at home Open the door quickly! Who are you hiding from?”

This voice

… After

Gu Xiaochen was shut at home for three days, Yu Mei came back suddenly.

Yu Mei tilted her head slightly, standing outside the apartment and smiling at her vividly. A large wavy curly hair, casually flicked to the left neck, right side reveals beautiful skin. She wore a short rose skirt, and the narrow skirt only reached the thighs, making her sexy so irresistible.

Yu Mei smiled at her, and said

diligently , “What’s the matter? Silly girl…” She just started speaking, and she didn’t finish her words. Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but hug her immediately. The slender arm caught her neck so tightly that Yu Mei couldn’t help but gasp, while shouting “I can’t stand it” while saying, “Hey, hello, even if you miss me, you don’t have to think like this

Right ? I’m almost out of breath!” Gu Xiaochen shook his head vigorously, but couldn’t even speak half a word.

Yu Mei suddenly calmed Li Rong and stroked her spine, as if to appease an injured child. “Silly girl, I’m back. I’m so hungry, I haven’t eaten our Xiaochen cooking for a long time.”

Yu The appearance of Mei is like a ray of sunlight, illuminating Gu Xiaochen’s life.

Yu Mei also noticed that Gu Xiaochen was not right, so sad and distraught, from time to time in a daze, and secretly took the necklace and looked at it again. Yu Mei noticed that there was still a ring hanging on the necklace. The ordinary ring was not very valuable, but some fools became baby.

Yu Mei didn’t ask who sent it. She thought about it with her toes.

“Let’s say, who is the bearish man! I copied his home directly!” Yu Mei couldn’t help but questioned, but Gu Xiaochen didn’t want to mention it.

“I have forgotten.” She said so.

Yu Mei looked at Gu Xiaochen’s sour face, and she smiled so stubbornly. From the beginning, she realized that she hadn’t changed. Such a forbearing woman made Yu Mei pitiful and loving. She had to hug her and tell her the truth that has been encouraging herself-tomorrow will be better.

Always believe that tomorrow will be better, even if tomorrow is the end of the world.

Since Gu Xiaochen returned from his trip, he hasn’t gone to the training center for harmonica classes on time. Half a month after the last meeting, Lu Shiyan contacted Gu Xiaochen. He told her that he was going to study abroad soon and would not return to China in a short time.

About to eat in the restaurant, this is the first time Yu Mei met Lu Shiyan.

Yu Mei’s impression of men has always been bad, but she just smiled. However, because Lu Shiyan was Gu Xiaochen’s friend and met in high school, she relaxed her vigilance a little. During the contact, Yu Mei found that Lu Shiyan was more of a solace for Gu Xiaochen, as if looking for someone’s shadow.

The next day, Yu Mei bought a super audio and placed it in the living room.

Gu Xiaochen looked at the two staff members in confusion after installing the audio, and then asked, “Mmei, why buy the audio?”

“Singing chant!” Yu Mei immediately took the CD to play, and the MV screen jumped out of the screen, and she cleared it. The voice pulled Gu Xiaochen, and the two of them took a wheat and started singing. That was when I was in high school, the songs taught by the teachers in the school were a little rustic and funny, but they made people very happy.

The two were singing, but the door was knocked.

It was Gu Xiaochen who opened the door, but Zhou Chengze.

Zhou Chengze saw Yu Mei, and Mei Yu wrinkled immediately. He asked, “Who is she?”

“Hey, hello, this gentleman! Don’t look at your appearance, you can be so rude!” Yu Mei held the microphone and smiled at him. “I should ask you, who are you!”

Zhou Chengze was obviously unhappy with Yu Mei, who has a variety of amorous feelings. His expression was placed there so that people could see at a glance. But Zhou Chengze’s words, but Yu Mei almost missed and dropped the microphone on the ground, “I am Chen’s fiance.”

Fiance? Yu Mei never knew that Gu Xiaochen had a fiancé, which was shocking.

“Mr. Zhou, please don’t talk nonsense! I don’t have a fiance!”

“Even if there is, it won’t be you!” Hearing Gu Xiaochen say this, Yu Mei immediately sent Zhou Chengze away like a bird.

After he left, Yu Mei asked Gu Xiaochen what was going on.

Gu Xiaochen was bored for a long while before telling the secret that had accumulated in his heart for too long. She was not so sad just after saying that “secret that can’t be said”. It turns out that many things can really change over time. Yu Mei hugged Gu Xiaochen at once, and repeatedly called her “fool”.

“I have a good idea to make you completely get rid of that stinky man.” Yu Mei Lingji moved.

One month later, Zhou Chengze, the president of the Zhou family, announced that he was engaged to Miss Bai Jiaqian Baihui. For the previous statement that the fiancee’s surname “Gu” had been reported, he only claimed to protect the fiancee from harassment. Some media reporters think that it is the smoke bomb released by General Manager Zhou, and some think that there must be something wrong with it.

Another month later, Miss Bai Baiqian Bai Hui announced to cancel the marriage.

The news immediately caused an uproar.

The media of all walks of life have paid close attention to Zhou and Bai, and they have become a topic of discussion for Hong Kong people after dinner.

It is reported that Mr. Zhou couldn’t bear the swarm of media reporters, and was mad. He has left Hong Kong and settled abroad with Mrs. Zhou. The parties involved in the incident, Zhou Chengze and Bai Hui, remained silent and did not provide any explanation. This “engagement” farce only subsided after a month, and gradually disappeared.

Life began to enter the normal track, and Gu Xiaochen finally began to look for new jobs.

Yu Mei loves to sing when she’s okay, and she still pulls her together.

Is singing a vent? Maybe.

But have you really forgotten? Maybe forgot.

Just one day after three months, Hong Kong made news again-Wu Haoyang, the president of Wu’s, refused to marry and leave Hong Kong. The woman’s Lin family will withdraw 2 billion yuan of capital injection, and Wu’s company is facing a crisis!

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