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Zaru Soba (The Cute One)


Summer day. Kotaro Sasaoka, who ordered the delivery of Zaru Soba, receives a magical girl, Himenomiya Zaru Soba (cute), who is close to self-proclaimed noodles. When Kotaro is stunned, suddenly Zaru Soba (cute) is canceled from the noodle sponsorship contract (poor). And Kotaro, who was deprived of his sanity by the superhuman cuteness of Zaru Soba (cute), will throw himself into searching for a sponsor. The mysterious MIB (Men in Black) awaits you.

A mysterious secret society (ABOS). Mysterious soy sauce ramen (delicious). Mysterious summer Koshien (demon). And-a mysterious magical girl (Tsukimi Soba). Can humans and noodles love each other? A legend will be engraved in the history of light novels (planned) The ultimate romantic comedy of noodles is born here!

Zaru Soba (The Cute One)
Associated Names: Zarusoba (kawaii), Zaru Soba (The Cute One), Zarusoba [cute], ざるそば(かわいい)
Yasohachi Tsuchise
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance
Year: 2015
Status: N/A

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