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Chapter 134 No Exchange

everyone was surprised, Wu Helian grabbed Gu Xiaochen’s hand, and the two stood up.

However, Gu Xiaochen only felt that someone had dropped a bomb beside her, which caused her to lose her sensory functions and become chaotic.

“You use it slowly. There is something else in the company. Let’s go first.” Wu Helian finished his voice and led Gu Xiaochen from Mu Ne away. When the door of the private room was pushed open, it happened to hit Lin Lan who had returned from the bathroom.

Lin Lan blinked her eyes and asked casually, “Are you going away? Don’t you go to play golf this afternoon?”

“The company is in trouble.” Wu Helian responded briefly, and Gu Xiaochen only felt at a loss.

Lin Lan wiped the two of them into the private room, and the three passed by.

Wu Jizong was so angry that the blue muscles on his head jumped up. If it were not for the presence of Lin’s father and daughter, he would be furious. Ji Yuehua gently held Wu Jizong’s hand, as if to make him feel relieved. Lin Zhengfeng laughed awkwardly, but Lin Lan thought with concern, “Dad, aren’t your throat uncomfortable? Don’t always laugh!”

Lin Zhengfeng looked at Lin Lan and stopped smiling.

This baby girl is his most beloved person in this world, because she is not there, because of the good times that can never go back, he gave her all the love. Whatever she wants, he will give her. As long as she is happy, as long as she is happy, even if you want to use means, you will not hesitate.

“Xiao Lan, what do you think of Wu Er?” Lin Zhengfeng suddenly asked.

“The ball is playing well, and it looks like a star.” Lin Lan answered truthfully, her big eyes clear and clear.

Lin Zhengfeng touched Lin Lan’s small head and said, “Do you like him?”

“Oh, okay. But…” Lin Zhengfeng interrupted himself halfway, “As long as you like, Nothing is a problem.”

Lin Zhengfeng turned his head to look at Wu Jizong and said with a smile, “Brother Wu, I have been in friendship with your brothers for so many years. In the financial crisis that year, I took 2 billion without saying anything. I just wanted to help Wu brother. Wu is How can I come over step by step and become the first place in Hong Kong’s financial industry, I can see it all. In fact, I did not intend to really divest, I just want my family Xiaolan to have a good rely. From childhood I looked at Wu Er, Wu Third, I am really optimistic about these two young people. But Wu San’s child went out to fight by himself, Xiaolan stopped to like Wu Er, Wu brother, can you see if you can change the engagement to Wu Er? Anyway, always “

Family !” Lin Zhengfeng’s remarks are very true. No matter whether it is the 2 billion capital injection, the family history of the Lin family and the friendship with the Wu family, this marriage matter whether the engagement person is Wu Helian or Wu Haoyang, Wu Jizong is willing to facilitate. Even if it was Wu Miaoke, it was originally necessary to choose the right husband and wife to get married, but… Wu Jizong thought of this and stopped immediately, just saying, “Well, no matter what, Xiaolan will definitely enter our house!”

“Father, Wu Uncle, what do you say?” Lin Lan finally asked.

“Dad is discussing with your uncle Wu and let Wu Er marry you, do you think it’s good?” Lin Zhengfeng got Wu Jizong’s approval and finally began to consult Lin Lan’s opinion.

“Not good!” Lin Lan frowned sharply.

“Don’t you think he plays well and looks like a star?” Lin Zhengfeng asked.

“But he has a girlfriend!” Lin Lan protested dissatisfiedly, “And am I not engaged to Wu Haoyang? I want to see him! I want to see Wu Haoyang!”

Lin Lan’s refusal made the two parents discuss for a long time. Living!

“Whee–” There was a

wind blowing from my ear, and the car was driving fast.

Wu Helian took Gu Xiaochen out of the hotel, and Gu Xiaochen was taken into the car by him, even if she wanted to go and wanted to escape, but he was so arrogant that he had no mercy on the jade, and her wrists were blue and purple. , Strongly tucked her into the back seat of the car, and even hugged her tightly with both hands to prevent her from running.

“I want to get off!” Gu Xiaochen struggled and shouted.

“Drive back to the company!” Wu Helian drank, the driver Xiao Chen was startled, and immediately stepped on the accelerator.

“You let me go!” Gu Xiaochen said, clenching his teeth, but he didn’t dare to be too loud, just to let Xiao Chen hear it.

Wu Helian hugged her tightly, her voice lowered a bit, but it was more gloomy and scary. “Shut up!” The

car drove all the way and drove back to Wu Shi. Wu Helian grabbed Gu Xiaochen and got out of the car, dragging her from the hall on the ground floor into the elevator, and finally returned to the president’s office on the top floor. The two assistants in the assistant’s office saw the two pulling into the office and couldn’t help but curiously talk about it in private.

“Bang–” The door was pushed open and slammed.

“Mr. He!” Gu Xiaochen didn’t even know what to call him, and said

annoyedly , “Please let go!” Wu Helian’s eyes tightened suddenly, holding her harder and walking towards the sofa, pressing her suddenly, and she also perched Go up. Gu Xiaochen was trapped between the sofa and the chest by him. When he was struggling, he squeezed her jaw, and the strength between his fingers was so strong that she almost crushed her, and rudely asked her to face herself!

“Say! Did you go to Zhou Chengze!” Wu Helian asked coldly.

Gu Xiaochen was stunned, but he couldn’t answer.

Her silence seemed to represent some kind of answer. His knuckles began to turn green. Wu Helian’s sword was awe-inspiring, but the words spit out word by word, but the words made her sad. “You go to plead? Like you came to me in those days. Is it the same! What exchange did he make with you! Is it for you to be his lover?”

Oh! Really ridiculous Feng Shui turns!

“Gu Xiaochen! Did you agree!” Wu Helian gritted her teeth, male voice became louder and louder, filled Gu Xiaochen’s ear.

“I went to Zhou Chengze! But I didn’t agree! There was no exchange!” Gu Xiaochen stubbornly retorted his lips.

“No exchange?” He was unbelieving!

“No! No! No!” Gu Xiaochen roared three times, angry in his heart.

“Without exchanging, he would not depress the price, with no additional conditions, use billions to recycle shares, and even raise funds when he stopped the ongoing engineering project? He was really hard-working on you! Desperation!” Wu Helian growled, suddenly Another sentence, “Gu Xiaochen, how can you torture people so much!”

torture people? Gu Xiaochen was originally angry, and suddenly turned into trouble.

She is so sleepy, who is torturing who?

“Are you begging him like I was begging me? Use your body as an exchange? Or use your face?” Wu Helian said quietly, reaching for her eyeglasses on the bridge of her nose, her fingers loose, and the glasses fell from midair on the ground. The strength is not strong, and because of the carpet floor, the glasses did not make a broken sound.

Gu Xiaochen’s vision blurred, and vaguely saw his arrogant handsome face, unruly eyebrows.

“I said it! No! You go away!” She pushed him away hard, but he remained motionless until she had no strength to resist, he whispered unintentional words, “This is your own choice , You can only be responsible for yourself.”

Gu Xiaochen was in a trance for a moment . He didn’t understand what he was saying, and he seemed to be pressed down by the kiss. The thin lips touched her all at once, and the tongue pricked her lips roughly, and slammed into it, like a sharp arrow tumbling and sweeping, filling her mouth, making her sad and unable to breathe , Can’t even make a sound.

Well– ” Wu Helian pressed her arbitrarily down the sofa, stretched her legs with her left knee, and grabbed her two hands over the top of her head with a big palm, so that she would not have the opportunity to refuse. Kissing her ravagedly, biting desperately, her lips were red and swollen, even bitten to bleed, he was completely forgetful and was attracted by this bloody sweetness!

This pure and safe little face, without those gouache fragrances, seems to be invincible, and looks as bright as the sun, without any warning shining into his world, making his heart beat vigorously. But this sunshine, but it is not just to him, why did he make him so crazy?

Wu Helian gnawed at her face, his kiss was urgent and fierce, making her uncomfortable twisting her body to get rid of. He dived his hands directly under her skirt and pressed her sensitive parts with her fingers, making her shy and annoyed.

“Don’t do this! I don’t want it! Please!” She kept begging, and finally couldn’t help shouting, “Ah!”

“Obviously reacted to me, didn’t he?” Wu Helian was confused by her fingers. People, head down close to her, sighing close to her ears, “Chenchen, your body is much more honest than you.”

Gu Xiaochen closed his eyes, don’t know how to face, let alone see him, whispered softly, “We don’t have Do any exchange, believe it or not!”

“Hehe.” Wu Helian laughed, not to mention self-deprecating or ridicule, “really generous! really infatuated! You open his mouth, he will be so willing! You came to me at that time, It’s really

correct !” He is willing to marry her, which is the best proof!

“Do you have to mention that?” Gu Xiaochen asked fiercely, trembling.

“He didn’t want to marry you, why didn’t he agree? Such a good opportunity and such a good condition, didn’t you think for a long time, Mrs. Zhou’s? Why didn’t you agree? You said! Do you empathize? Which one is better? Climbing with Takachi? Who is that man?” Wu Helian saw her with a sad expression on her face, and her fierce question struck again.

Gu Xiaochen opened his eyes and looked at him, but he just looked at him, saying nothing.

The boy Gai finally spoke the words, but she had no courage to speak.

“Tell me! Why go to him! Why!” Wu Helian growled like thunder.

“What about you? Why do you question me now? I went to Zhou Chengze. This is my business! It is his business if he does not return his shares! As for you, it is your business to sell or not to sell! What tells others that I am your girlfriend? Why don’t you let me go? Why do you say things that make people misunderstand…” Gu Xiaochen spit clearly and asked rhetorically.

“I just want someone to misunderstand!” Wu Helian was stunned for a moment, interrupted hard, “I just want others to know that you are my woman!”

“I’m not!”

“Is that you can’t help you!” The

two people blushed their eyes, that The stubborn and proud look was exactly the same.

“Dong Dang Dang–” The door of the office was knocked at this time, waiting for someone to answer, and the outside walkway entered through the door.

Yan Xudong had just returned from England, and he held a document in his hand. As soon as he opened the door, the whole person froze, standing still. I saw a man and a woman entangled on the sofa, the atmosphere of chaos filled the surroundings, and the shirt was messed up, and he pressed her hard. The man is Wu Helian, and the woman under him knows who it is without having to make more guesses!

Yan Xudong’s head was hot, and he took a step forward, closing the office door.

Wu Helian got up like no one else and walked to the executive chair.

And Gu Xiaochen gritted his teeth and climbed up from the sofa, trying to stand up, his feet became soft, and he rested on the ground. She had to pretend that she was going to pick up her glasses, groping for the carpet, and she really grabbed the black frame glasses. Putting it back on the bridge of his nose again, he hurriedly organized himself. She reached out and stroked her hair so she didn’t look too embarrassed.

Gu Xiaochen did not have the courage to face Yan Xudong at this time, did not say hello, did not look up, he planned to walk out of the office.

“Stop!” Wu Helian saw her clothes messy, grabbed the coat she just took off and drank.

Gu Xiaochen only wanted to leave here when he hadn’t heard it, and his pace was more urgent.

Yan Xudong grabbed her wrist and tossed the document aside. The document hit the wall and threw down. He took off his suit jacket and put it on Gu Xiaochen’s body. He looked down at her and said with a deep voice, “I’ll teach him for you!”

Yan Xudong finished, several strides rushed to Wu Helian, slammed his fist in turn, “Are you crazy! Are you all!” What have you done!”

Wu Helian could obviously avoid it, but he didn’t move, he just got a punch, and the corners of his mouth were beaten and bleeding!

Gu Xiaochen wanted to leave, but did not expect them to fight. Wu Helian took a punch, Yan Xudong attacked him again, and he also started to fight back.

The two played in the office all at once, unexpectedly!

Gu Xiaochen rushed forward to stop, “Don’t fight the two of you!”

“Get off!”

“No roar to her!”

Wu Helian and Yan Xudong both spoke at the same time!

Gu Xiaochen was so shouted by the two that he was stunned for a while, and then he came back to grin and said, “Don’t fight!”

“Xiaochen, you let go! Stay away! I must teach him for you today!” Yan Xudong shouted angrily. He had just returned from England and did not expect to see such a scene. She sorted out the embarrassed herself so quietly, and the helpless look made him feel tight. He was reluctant to feel sorry for her, did not want her to be wronged, and dared not to act. He was afraid that he wouldn’t do anything even if his friends broke it. When hesitated, he missed the best opportunity.

But such a kind and innocent girl, why should he make her sad again and again!

From small to large, they only have to fight side by side with others, how can they interact with each other?

But now he can’t help it anymore.

For the first time, I had the idea of doing a fight with Wu Helian!

Wu Helian sneered, “Okay! If you want to hit me, I will accompany you!”

“Don’t hit it! Xu Dong! Don’t hit it!” Gu Xiaochen was so anxious that she didn’t know what to do. She knew Wu Helian wouldn’t persuade, and she simply stretched her hand to pull Yan Xudong, hope he can calm down.

“I’ll let you get away!” Wu Helian saw her go to Xu Dong, suddenly red eyes, and shouted again.

“Xiaochen! Don’t come over!” Yan Xudong urged Gu Xiaochen and turned his head to meet Wu Helian, saying one by one, “I can’t tell you how to shout at her!” The

words fell and Yan Xudong waved Left fist hit him, Wu Helian stared, her tall figure leaned aside, and easily escaped.

The two started a fierce battle!

Gu Xiaochen is so big, and he has never seen scenes of fighting and fighting. Those scenes will only be seen in TV movies. But now, a live scene is staged in front of her! And they were fighting for her! Wu Helian’s fist is very fierce, the expression is evil and trembling makes people tremble, Yan Xudong reluctantly returns, and the elegant and elegant appearance shows a paranoia never seen before!

The contents of the office were messed up in the fight between the two and “banged”.

It didn’t take long for them to hit their respective faces.

“Xudong! Don’t fight!” Gu Xiaochen shouted hoarse throat, but failed to stop them!

Seeing the two of them punching each other back, Gu Xiaochen rushed into the middle of the two again in this gap, and just blocked them, shouting hoarsely, “I tell you not to fight!”

Wu Helian only thought she was protecting others Man, it’s very unsightly! Proudly spit out a “roll” word, suddenly reached out to grab her wrist, and flung her aside. His strength was terrible. Gu Xiaochen was dumped by him like this, his feet were unstable, he staggered back a few steps, the whole person’s center of gravity was unstable, and he fell directly to the ground after losing his balance.

Gu Xiaochen’s forehead hit the corner of the cabinet, knocked his forehead, and made a mumble.

Wu Helian was shocked, just about to step forward, but Yan Xudong first ran towards her, “Xiao Chen! How are you! Is there anything!”

“I’m fine.” Gu Xiaochen felt a little dizzy and said softly.

Yan Xudong immediately looked at her forehead, but saw a large piece of blood, and some blood was still there. There was a trace of blood. He said nervously, “No! I will take you to the hospital to see!”

“I really…” Gu Xiaochen said in general, the cold male voice overshadowed her, “Do you want a concussion! Go to the hospital!”

Gu Xiaochen slowly looked up and saw Wu Helian standing in front of her, one step away The place, looked down upon her condescendingly. She was supported by Yan Xudong to stand up, biting her lips stubbornly.


The door of the office was knocked again, and someone pushed the door into it very uninterestingly.

So coincidentally, Yao Yongxin also returned from Australia!

“Lian, Xudong? What are you doing?” Yao Yongxin rushed back to Hong Kong yesterday. After a day’s sleep, he came to Wu Shi to see what happened. I just asked the secretary and knew that Yan Xudong was also in the office. She thought that the three of them had always been intimate, so she didn’t care so much, thinking of giving them a surprise to startle them, so she came in without a response. .

But what is the situation now?

There was a wolf in the office, the hanger fell, the cup was broken, and the pen was dropped. The documents were all stamped on the footsteps, which seemed to have experienced a big storm. Look at the two men again. The handsome faces are all bruised and the corners of the mouth are torn. Although this is not detrimental to the handsomeness of the two, but the play is too bad.

“Did you fight?” Yao Yong almost bit his tongue. God, Lian and Xudong will also fight?

No one answered, and the two men fought very well.

Yao Yong was unclear, so she looked at Gu Xiaochen again and saw that her clothes were a little messy, and her forehead was still hitting a piece of blue, whispering, and hurried to the past, “Xiao Chen! What’s the matter with you? They fight, shouldn’t they Did you beat you too? That’s too

tasteless !” “No, I accidentally bumped myself.” Gu Xiaochen said with a smile.

“Let’s go to the hospital? It’s such a big piece, and it’s still bleeding!” Yao Yongxin said, sweeping towards the two men. “You two also go together! If the two handsome faces are destroyed, don’t the girls in Hong Kong cry? “

“Don’t go!” Wu Helian said hard, turned around and lost her back.

“I send Xiaochen!” Yan Xudong helped Gu Xiaochen. The two nodded at Yao Yongxin and left the office.

This “dry frame” finally subsided, but some people were depressed.

Yao Yongxin raised his hands around his chest, looking at Wu Helian’s back and asked, “Lian, you really don’t want to see?”

“No!” He spit out two words stubbornly, smoking a cigarette, but the corner of his mouth hurt.

“Xiao Chen seems to be striking, and his forehead is red and swollen.” Yao Yongxin added.

Wu Helian turned around suddenly, and the expression was so overbearing as a child that he couldn’t be angry. It was obviously a handsome and handsome face. At this moment, Yao Yongxin was beaten and made Yao Yongxin laugh out loud, “Oh, it’s really rare, I should take a picture!”

“Lian, people like Xiaochen, not only you.” Yao Yongxin suddenly Positive colors, as if to remind him.

Wu Helian raised her lips, and his smile was a little bit cruel, “I will not let her have the opportunity to be with other men!”

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