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Chapter 135 But I hurt

Gu Xiaochen was sitting in a chair in the emergency room of the hospital, and the doctor was watching her forehead injury. Yan Xudong sang under Gu Xiaochen’s determination, and then the nurse took him away to get some medicine wine. After taking the medicine, he immediately turned back again, just afraid that she would have something unexpected. After all, it is injured on the forehead, this part should pay special attention.

“Doctor, how is it?” Yan Xudong asked with condensed eyes.

“It’s no big deal, it’s good to diminish inflammation and stasis.” The doctor said while opening the list.

Yan Xudong let out a sigh of relief and turned to look at Gu Xiaochen, but saw her sitting there quietly. Long hair spread over her shoulders, and she couldn’t see much emotion in her profile, always so soft and quiet. But at this moment, she made Yan Xudong feel sad. He reached out and patted her shoulder gently, trying to warm her.

Gu Xiaochen was motionless and silent.

The doctor opened the list, and the nurse hurried in. “Doctor, go to Ward 403!”

“You can get the medicine and take the medicine on time according to the instructions!” The doctor immediately followed the nurse.

Yan Xudong took the list and crouched down in front of Gu Xiaochen. He looked up at her with a small face very safe. His gaze glanced at her forehead, which had been disinfected and filled with medicine, and now he had bandaged gauze. The wound is not big, but the gauze is really a bit obtrusive.

“Does it still hurt?” Yan Xudong asked in a deep voice.

Gu Xiaochen shook his head and said softly, “Xudong, will you

take me home?” The two took the medicine out of the hospital, and Yan Xudong drove Gu Xiaochen back to the apartment in Chunguangyuan.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t even take the shoulder bag, just had to knock on the door without the key. Fortunately, Yu Mei was at home and opened the door for them. Gu Xiaochen’s forehead was covered with gauze, and Yan Xudong’s handsome face was beaten with blue and purple. Yu Mei was surprised. “You were robbed? Come in quickly!”

Yu Mei hurriedly asked about the injury, but for two people. I warmed my body with a hot drink.

Just about the reason for the injury, the two kept silent, and no one said.

Yu Mei saw this and stopped asking.

Yan Xudong sat for a while and got up and said, “I still have something to do. Let’s go first. Xiaochen, remember to change the

medicine on your forehead.” When Yan Xudong left, Yu Mei asked Gu Xiaochen’s hand and asked, “Yes Don’t eat something? Or take a shower first?”

“Memei, I want to take a shower.” Gu Xiaochen said in a muffled voice, and Yu Mei immediately put the bath water for her intimately. Put the hot water, Gu Xiaochen walked into the bathroom. She took off her clothes and touched the necklace in her neck with her fingers. The cold temperature made her awake. Carefully remove the necklace and place it in the storage box.

In the kitchen, Yu Mei plans to cook noodles.

Just about to start a fire, someone knocked on the door of the apartment. Yu Mei thought it was Yan Xudong halfway back, so she didn’t look at the person in the cat’s eyes, and opened the door directly, “Xudong, did you forget…” Halfway through the words, the tall figure standing outside the door Let Yu Mei suddenly receive the sound, and the reflective action will cover the door.

The man moves faster than her, and the door is opened with only one hand!

“Mr. He! Come here, what’s your job?” Yu Mei asked with a smile, Ding Qing looked at it, only to find that the man’s face was also bluish and purple, and it was associated with Yan Xudong and Gu Xiaochen’s “injury”, she seemed a little bit understand.

Wu Helian said indifferently, “I’m looking for her.”

“What do you want to do with her?”

Return the bag.” Yu Mei looked down and saw that the bag he was carrying was Gu Xiaochen’s. She reached out and wanted to get it. He She

refused to touch her sideways and said stiffly, “I will give it to her.” “You…” Yu Mei just started to speak, Wu Helian walked in, “Robber?”

“Robber?” Gu Xiaochen hurriedly took a shower, even She was still wearing a yukata and heard Yu Mei’s cry as soon as she opened the glass door. She was startled and ran out to see what happened. But this look made her stunned.

Wu Helian stood at the entrance, holding a bag in his hand. The tall body just invaded the space, the feeling of standing upright. Suddenly glanced sideways at her, a pair of eagle eyes was as cold as the sea water, flooding her. His eyes glanced at her, and she glanced at her bare feet. He squinted in dissatisfaction, glanced at her slightly open shirt, and frowned unpleasantly. The sight was finally fixed on her forehead, and the wet hair split, and the scar became clearer.

“He came to pay!” Yu Mei stood at the door and said against the wall.

Wu Helian put the bag on the side cabinet and took the pair of light blue checked slippers to her in the shoe cabinet of the entrance. Gu Xiaochen was stunned, but he bent down in front of her and placed his slippers in front of her feet. He even started to wear slippers for her. The temperature of the palm came instantly, and Gu Xiaochen hurriedly said, “I will come by myself!”

Wu Helian straight Standing up again is a predominant posture.

Yu Mei shouted, “He, President, the bag is also returned in person. It’s not too early, and we won’t leave you anymore.”

Wu Helian ignored Yu Mei directly and reached for her to gather the yukata’s placket, her eyes staring at Gu Xiaochen’s forehead. After watching and watching, she suddenly took her little hand and took her to the sofa to sit down.

“What are you doing!” Gu Xiaochen wanted to get up, but was held down by him, “Don’t move!”

Wu Helian ordered to the air, “Bring the medicine!”

Who is he talking to? Yu Mei realized that this man was really overbearing, “Isn’t it on the coffee table? You have no eyes?”

Wu Helian glanced at the coffee table, as she had a medical pocket. He took the potion and pinched cotton with tweezers to give her medicine.

“I can manage on drugs! Do not bother you!” Guxiao Chen got up to escape, he grabbed her hand and pulled off again, Chen Sheng said, “to complete a drug I left!”

“He can stop talking total does not count !” Yu Mei smiled and said.

Wu Helian ignored her again, and his attention was focused on Gu Xiaochen’s forehead. The medicine was applied to the wound, and there was a trace of tingling, which made her frown. His movements were more relaxed, so gentle that she was afraid of pain. After taking the medicine, she wrapped the wound with gauze for her, and asked

quietly , “Does it hurt?” Gu Xiaochen whispered, “It doesn’t hurt.”

Wu Helian hugged her at once and whispered in her ear, “But I hurt.”

… …

In fact, the wound didn’t hurt much, or her heart was numb to the point of no pain. But at this moment, Gu Xiaochen even felt the pain all over his body. Why did she bother her, and why did she disturb her tranquility when she decided to retreat into her own world, and pushed her to the point of the storm, regardless of her situation and her wishes, whatever he said. In the first second, they talked badly, and in the second, they took care of her again.

Such tenderness made Gu Xiaochen feel terrible, and said with a tremble, “Let me go…”

“Hey! How can you be a man! How do you treat our family Xiaochen? Hold it if you want to hug me? “” Yu Mei saw Wu Helian hugged Gu Xiaochen and was shocked. She didn’t know what to say. Finally, she shouted when she heard Gu Xiaochen’s resistance.

Yu Mei rushed to the two, Wu Helian also let go at the same time, Yu Mei gently put Gu Xiaochen behind her, and dissatisfiedly shouted, “He Zong! Please leave!”

Wu Helian stood up, relaxed and relaxed. The handsome face is dazzling, but he politely reaches out to Yu Mei, “I haven’t introduced myself yet, I am Wu Helian.”

“No need to introduce myself! Neither Xiaochen nor I want to have a deep friendship with a big person like you! Come on!” Yu Mei showed her attitude.

Wu Helian did not mind, just withdrew his hand. His eyes glanced at Yu Mei, staring at Gu Xiaochen with her head down behind her. He didn’t say much, he said lightly, “Pay attention to rest, and don’t use it for work tomorrow.”

“Goodbye, we won’t send it anymore, Mr. He, please close it by the way.” Yu Mei smiled extraordinarily brightly, as if she was sent away The same as “The God of Plague”.

After Wu Helian left, Yu Mei helped Gu Xiaochen sit down, “It’s miserable! This is really miserable! The big bad wolf is looking for you again! Xiaochen, don’t go to work! Resignation is too dangerous! I But tell you, a good horse doesn’t eat the grass! Isn’t he going with that one? Now he is so ambiguous to you, this man’s means are too high!”

“Did you hear me talking? Gu Xiaochen “

” I heard.”

“Then tell me, what are you going to do now?”

“I’m thinking about going to work tomorrow.”

“What! Are you crazy


“I have a beginning and a end!” “I See you are worried about that surname Wu! Forget it! Anyway, you promised me, as long as the contract expires, you have to resign me!”

“I know.”

Gu Xiaochen has always known, She will definitely leave. But for whatever reason, still staying beside him like a fool. When Wu arrived, she first went to visit Yan Xudong outside the country. In the office, Yan Xudong was answering the phone, and he could not conceal his indignant suffocation between words. “I am very busy recently, I am not free!” The

phone hung up, and he heard a knock on the door. He drank, “Come in!”

outside the door Gu Xiaochen was stunned. He heard his displeasure. When he pushed the door in, Yan Xudong saw her, and she was still bored, and smiled. “Xiaochen! Didn’t you let you rest? Why?” Came back to work today?

Anyway, I would take a day off and work again!” “I’m not a big deal!” Gu Xiaochen walked into the office and took a sandwich in his hand. In fact, she was grateful that Xu Dong maintained her, but she didn’t know how to express her gratitude. “I don’t know if you have breakfast. I just made it and made a copy for you.”

Yan Xudong took the sandwich. Ignored that the sandwich was cold and took a bite.

“Don’t eat it first! Put it in the microwave to heat it!” Gu Xiaochen was too late to stop, Yan Xudong said heartily, “You can just make a cup of coffee for me!”

“Good!” Gu Xiaochen nodded and went to the pantry to make coffee for him .

Just after Gu Xiaochen finished his coffee and returned, the office was not just Yan Xudong alone, there was another person. Just looking at the back, Gu Xiaochen knew who he was, but she didn’t know when Wu Helian came. The atmosphere is a bit dull, should the two quarrel again?

Gu Xiaochen was a little suspicious and brought the coffee to Yan Xudong.

Yan Xudong took the coffee and took a sip, exclaiming, “The coffee you brewed still tastes so good.”

“Secretary Gu, what are you doing here? I haven’t told you to submit any documents or do anything here. Things!” Wu Helian’s eyes swept over Yan Xudong’s half-eaten sandwich, smelling the rich aroma of coffee in the air, and said quietly.

“I think President He also knows that my relationship with Secretary Gu is good.” Yan Xudong also changed his name.

“Public and private must be distinct! It is time to work!” Wu Helian refuted coldly.

“Mr. He, it’s one minute away from work time!” Yan Xudong reminded you quietly.

Someone glanced at the clock resentfully, and it was just a minute away!

Damn it! Wu Helian was expressionless and secretly cursed in her heart.

Gu Xiaochen saw the two of them saying a word, getting along as bad as expected, and finally relieved. Wu Helian got up and said sternly, “Secretary Gu, it’s time for work!”

Gu Xiaochen nodded, and nodded towards Yanyan Xudong, and followed Wu Helian.

As the elevator ascended to the top floor, Wu Helian said in a deep voice, “Make a cup of coffee for me.”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t dare to neglect and took a cup for him and sent it to the office.

Wu Helian looked at the coffee on the table, but she was still unhappy. “Why is there only coffee?”

“Uh?” Gu Xiaochen was stunned.

“I didn’t eat breakfast.” Wu Helian came awkwardly.

“Then I’ll buy one for you.”

“No need!” Wu Helian drank and grabbed her wrist and dragged her into her arms. “I hurt.”

“If you hurt, go to the hospital yourself .” “Gu Xiaochen was imprisoned by him, unable to move, only when he was in pain after the fight, said subconsciously.

“Don’t go.” His childishness began.

“I’m not a painkiller! He He! It’s time for work! Public and private should be clear!” She moved his words out directly.

Wu Helian said in a deep voice, “Hug you, I won’t hurt.”

His sudden childishness made Gu Xiaochen at a loss, but he was so used to it. He was always like this, and suddenly he became another one, like a child who hadn’t grown up, thinking unreasonably about all the ways he could play. But why did she make no mistake about it? It was a vortex that would overwhelm her.

“Mr. He! Please let go!” Gu Xiaochen said, calmly resisting throbbing, so as not to hug him.

Instead, Wu Helian hugged her more tightly, as if she would rub her into her body and would never be able to pull it off.

“If you don’t go to the hospital, then I will give you medicine!” Gu Xiaochen said anxiously, pushing his hands against him.

Wu Helian sniffed her light and refreshing hair scent and lowered her eyes, “Okay!”

Gu Xiaochen finally relieved, patted him and shouted “let go”, he really let go, she sorted out her clothes and asked again

Said , “Where is the medicine cabinet?” Wu Helian glanced in the direction, Gu Xiaochen found the medicine cabinet from the cabinet and turned back to him, opened the medicine cabinet and wiped the wound with medicinal wine for him. Yesterday, when he was taking medicine for her, she also had some pain, so she did not dare to use force, and the cotton ball gently touched the bluish skin of his forehead, cheeks, and corners of his mouth. It has been clearly distinguished in this respect, but why is he still so beautiful?

The clear face was so close, and his pink lips lightened up, disturbing him.

Wu Helian frowned violently. Instead, Gu Xiaochen thought he was hurting him, and anxiously asked, “Is it painful?”

“Pain!” He spit hard, his eyes condensed.

“Then I’m a little lighter,” Gu Xiaochen mumbled, lighter. In fact, yesterday was the first time she witnessed him fight, and also the first time she witnessed Yan Xudong fight. Both of them were badly hurt, and Jun Rong was a bit miserable. Just thinking that he and Yan Xudong have been brothers for so many years, and hurt the brothers. The friendship is not good, and they can’t help but

ding . “Don’t fight with Xudong in the future.” Wu Helian Jianmei raised her eyes and looked at her, “What? He hurt him, do you feel bad?”

“I just don’t think it’s a good fight. You are not teenage boys. You can fight if you can’t.” Gu Xiaochen analyzed indifferently, and it was just a matter of fact.

“Oh!” Wu Helian chuckled, and the words were sour when I heard them, “Did you also take the medicine for him?”

“The hospital nurse took the medicine for Xu Dong.” Gu Xiaochen said truthfully.

Then he closed his voice, as if to calm down the unwillingness of the turbulence, and closed his eyes.

Gu Xiaochen finished the medicine for him, threw the cotton ball into the trash can, and began to pack things. While organizing the medicine cabinet, he reported, “He, President, there is a department meeting at 10 am. At lunch time, I arranged a meal with the Governor of the Bank of East Asia. At 2 pm, Mr. Zhou called Zhou to make an appointment to meet and discuss. I don’t know. Accept it?”

Wu Helian nodded her head in approval.

“At four o’clock…” Gu Xiaochen continued to report. A special piano ringtone suddenly rang at this time. A phone call came in from her cell phone, interrupting her report.

Wu Helian opened her eyes suddenly, took a look at her cell phone, and shouted, “The schedule is arranged like this, you go out to work!”


Gu Xiaochen put the medicine cabinet in the cabinet, and when he heard the intermittent male voice, she found His voice was exceptionally gentle. The moment he closed the door, he faintly heard him ask with concern, “Have you eaten well?”

That was…

Did Song Fangsheng call me?

Lu Xiaochen accompanied Wu Helian and the Governor of the Bank of East Asia for lunch. After dinner, Gu Xiaochen reminded Zhou’s appointment according to the schedule. Wu Helian didn’t say much and went straight into the president’s office. After two o’clock in the afternoon, Zhou Chengze really came with the secretary.

Zhou Chengze had a dark silver suit and his pair of silver-rimmed glasses. The whole person stood upright, and he had an immortal spirit. He was received by the lady at the front desk, and as soon as the elevator door opened, Gu Xiaochen greeted him unhurriedly, “Mr. Zhou! Please come here!”

Zhou Chengze’s eyes looked straight ahead, and even Yu Guang did not sweep towards her and took a step. Go to the office.

In the president’s office, Wu Helian saw Zhou Chengze coming and got up and walked to the sofa lounge area.

“Mr. He.”

“Mr. Zhou.” The

two men greeted each other, and seemed to be competing when shaking hands.

Zhou Chengze noticed that Wu Helian’s face should be a fierce fight with people.

“Secretary Gu, you stay.” Gu Xiaochen immediately served tea and poured water. She was about to leave, but Wu Helian said with a deep voice. Gu Xiaochen had to stop and sit quietly on the side sofa.

Zhou Chengze glanced at the secretary. The secretary took out the contract document. “He, Mr. He, this is the share sale agreement I drafted by a lawyer. If there is no problem, we can sign an

appointment .” Wu Helian turned a blind eye to the contract. Youyou said, “The shares are not for sale!”

Gu Xiaochen was shocked in his heart. He didn’t expect that he would refuse so bluntly. You need to know that this amount of funds is enough for Wu to overcome the difficulties, even if the Lins have to withdraw their capital injection!

Zhou Chengze’s quiet and calm Jun Rong suddenly froze, and said with condensed eyes, “He, Mr. He, nothing is more than three.”

“Mr. Zhou, let you run once in vain.” Wu Helian sandwiched the cigarette between her fingers and raised the arc of her mouth.

Zhou Chengze was also quiet, and Shen Sheng said, “Since this is the case, I don’t want to stay too much.”

“Secretary Gu, send Mr. Zhou!” Wu Helian shouted indifferently, without any meaning of redemption.

“Mr. Zhou, I will send you!” Gu Xiaochen responded.

Zhou Chengze did not get up in a hurry, and finally looked up at her. His gaze was fixed on Gu Xiaochen’s body, so she looked at her in such a thorny manner, ignoring the cold and cold light from someone opposite. She is still the same, always silent, quiet and indifferent, regular.

It’s just…

“What’s wrong with your forehead!” Zhou Chengze captured the bruises on her forehead sharply, her tone anxious.

“She’s fine!” Wu Helian blackened her face.

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