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Chapter 136 Digging the Storm

Gu Xiaochen didn’t have time to speak, she was preempted by Wu Helian, she was embarrassed and said softly, “I’m fine!”

“Are you going to the hospital?” Zhou Chengze asked.

“It’s always a lot of trouble to work hard!” Gu Xiaochen spoke again, Wu Helian interrupted again.

“He Zong also painted on his face. Is it that Mr. He suffered pond fish when he was fighting with others and accidentally hurt Secretary Gu?” Zhou Chengze’s eyes hurriedly glanced at Wu Helian and directed Gu Xiaochen again, Xu Xu said, “If you work in Wu If you want to worry about security, you might as well not do it. Zhou’s door is open to you, and the managers of various departments are free to choose.”

Zhou Chengze’s remark made Wu Helian narrow her eyes, and the whole person became more evil.

“Zhou always come to dig corners?” Wu Helian said indifferently, unable to see the waves.

Zhou Chengze said calmly and calmly, “How is it?”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t expect how to talk about the topic, and blinked about her. And what is the situation now? Zhou Chengze wants to dig a corner in front of Wu Helian? Gu Xiaochen felt a little dizzy, but Zhou Chengze smiled and asked, “Secretary Gu, I don’t know if you are interested in coming to Zhou’s? Staying in this company that may collapse at any time is really unsafe! And, this is also A waste of human resources!”

Wu Helian was not aroused by him, calmly, “Will Wu’s collapse, this is not Mr. Zhou’s final say!”

“Then I will wait and see!” Zhou Chengze rebutted, Looking at Gu Xiaochen, he asked, “Miss Gu, you can think about it.”

Wu Helian swallowed a white smoke ring, and said indifferently, “Secretary Gu, President Zhou is so important to you, you don’t hurry to express your gratitude!”

Gu Xiaochen was stunned. Said politely, “Thank you Mr. Zhou for your appreciation.”

“You are answering Mr. Zhou now, how are you thinking about it?” Wu Helian turned her back and went back to the previous topic. He made it clear whether she was asked to make a choice, whether to choose Wu’s or Zhou’s, or who she was choosing.

Zhou Chengze was also a clear man. He originally thought Wu Helian agreed to sell the shares. Unexpectedly, after meeting, he refused again, and he specifically asked her to stay and refused in front of her. He knew what the intention was. Now, he threw the problem to her and asked her to make a choice.

In fact, is he not waiting for a result?

Zhou Chengze was calm, glanced deeply at Gu Xiaochen, and glanced at Wu Helian.

Wu Helian moved her finger slightly, flicked a piece of soot, and looked back at Zhou Chengze indifferently.

The two men did not give in to each other, their expressions were arrogant, and the atmosphere was instantly embarrassed and stalemate. Gu Xiaochen, who was caught between these two men, only felt that he had no choice but to ask her to make a choice suddenly? My brain was a little confused, and my thoughts were like knotted twine, unable to sort it out, Zhiwu said, “I…” The

two men turned their eyes to her at the same time, and she became the target of all!

Gu Xiaochen took a deep breath, and just kept himself calm. Under the attention of Wu Helian and Zhou Chengze, Gu Xiaochen spoke softly, “Mr. Zhou, I’m sorry, I can’t go to Zhou’s, thank you for your appreciation.”

Zhou Chengze’s tight expression was relaxed, and there was a trace of loss in his eyes.

Wu Helian flicked her lips, which was the winner’s gesture.

However, Gu Xiaochen said, “General He, I am not an official employee of Wu

Family . I am just an employee seconded to Wu Family by Guangsha Bank.” The arc of Wu Helian’s mouth dispersed instantly, and Zhou Chengze laughed.

“Secretary Gu, if you want to change places, you can contact me at any time.” Zhou Chengze did not forget to remind, and finally stood up, “General

Manager , leave!” “Slow walk!” Wu Heliansensen spit out two words.

Gu Xiaochen hurriedly opened the door for him and sent Zhou Chengze away.

Outside the building, Gu Xiaochen stopped.

“You get in the car first!” Zhou Chengze told the secretary, and the secretary turned to the car parked on the roadside. He looked at Gu Xiaochen, and Junrong shone in the sun. “The business didn’t

succeed . I don’t know if that thing counts ?” Gu Xiaochen looked at him curiously. Zhou Chengze said again, “

Be with me for a day.” I didn’t know how to answer, just remembered the words that Zhou Yaru suddenly appeared that day, and then thought of his unconditional buyback of shares this time, but those blunt rejections words could not be spoken. When facing him, there was a strange feeling that made her uncomfortable.


Shi was embarrassed to see her, and Zhou Chengze said uninhibited, “If not, you will accompany me for a meal?” Gu Xiaochen hardened his heart and whispered, “Not very convenient.”

Zhou Chengze smiled shallowly , as if expected. It was not once or twice that she was rejected, and he was used to it. Staring at her eyes, Zhou Chengze whispered, “Gu Xiaochen, I will bet with you again. This time I still bet you will definitely lose. Do you dare to bet with me?”

“I never bet.” Gu Xiaochen is still the same Still the same words, but said with a smile, “However, I am not afraid of losing.”

Seeing her smile, Zhou Chengze trance, do not know what it is like. At the end, he turned around and hurried away. “Remember to go to the hospital for a forehead injury.”

“Goodbye.” His breath whistled across his shoulder and Gu Xiaochen smiled goodbye.

Upon returning to the top floor, Gu Xiaochen was summoned into the office by Wu Helian.

He stood back to the floor-to-ceiling windows, the sun surrounded him, a golden light radiated around him, and the whole person was bathed in the sea of light. He didn’t turn around, the magnetic male voice suddenly sounded, so shocked, “Why should I ask him to plead.”

Gu Xiaochen froze, staring at him staring blankly.

Wu Helian looked back at her slowly. Junmei’s profile was hidden in the darkness, but half of it was a

dazzling light and shadow. “Answer me.” Gu Xiaochen silently said, and said, “If President He is upset, then I’m sorry. There won’t be another time.”

Wu Helian approached her step by step and solemnly warned, “From now on, I will not allow you to go to him for anything!”

“Freedom of life, President He has no right to interfere.”

“Gu Xiaochen! Are you annoying me?”

“I It doesn’t mean that.”

“Tell me why I asked him to plead!” Wu Helian pinched her jaw and lifted up, forcing an answer!


Guxiao Chen waving his hand away, finally I found a reason, a faint smile, “If He put the total shares sold to someone else, it is better to sell him, what they want.”

What they need?

This is really a good answer! But how to listen is harsh!

Wu Helian narrowed her eyes and asked sharply, “You will leave as soon as Wu’s crisis is lifted?”

“Yes!” Gu Xiaochen replied firmly without hesitation.

Wu Helian stared closely at her eyes, saying one by one, “Then I will tell you that after an hour, the crisis will be lifted!”

What? Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but open his eyes in surprise, while the office door was knocked.

Yao Yongxin’s smart and casual dress flashed abruptly, pushing the door open. She looked at the two, not surprised, and said with a smile, “Lian, can you go?”

Gu Xiaochen was stunned, not knowing what was going on.

“Follow me!” Wu Helian whispered and walked towards Yao Yongxin.

“Xiaochen!” Yao Yongxin shouted, and Gu Xiaochen only followed him.

Until the three came to the five-star hotel, Gu Xiaochen was still thinking about it. The waitress led the three people to the hall. Gu Xiaochen walked at the end. She heard Yao Yongxin whisper, “There will be no problems. He is already coming, but there is a traffic jam on the road, and he will arrive in five minutes.”

“Mr. Miss The waiter stopped and made a “please” gesture.

The vision gradually widened. Wu Jizong and Lin Zhengfeng were sitting in the hall. Now Wu Helian, Yao Yongxin and Gu Xiaochen are all here. It seems that there are only two people left. That is the protagonist of the incident, Wu Haoyang who refused to get married and whose whereabouts are missing, and Miss Lin Lan who is not present.

Wu Jizong’s eyes swept Wu Helian and Yao Yongxin and glanced at the last Gu Xiaochen, which was obviously unpleasant.

Lin Zhengfeng didn’t see the waiting person appearing, Shen Sheng asked, “Don’t you say that Wu San is back? Why haven’t you seen him yet?”

“Uncle Lin, he will be here soon.” Yao Yongxin said with a smile.

The voice just fell, and the hall door was pushed open again.

Sure enough, the first man to be in sight was Wu Haoyang who had been missing for more than ten days. He has a straight suit and rarely looks so formal. The shirt buttons are not loosened. The suit jacket is elegantly lined with a white handkerchief. In an unpretentious tone, he appears calmly and smilingly, sassy and confident. Return perfectly.

But besides seeing Wu Haoyang, everyone also saw another person.

It was a tall foreigner, followed by two assistants, one of whom was of Chinese descent. The man spoke French and talked intensely with Wu Haoyang. The other party has a great leadership temperament and full of aura. At first glance, it is known that it is not a small person, and it is obviously very promising. Although Wu Haoyang was much younger than him, he did not lose his momentum to the other side.

Yao Yongxin doesn’t have much research on French, he only understands it a little bit.

In addition to Wu Haoyang, only Wu Helian was able to talk smoothly without translating.

Wu Jizong and Lin Zhengfeng were suspicious, secretly speculating about the relationship between Wu Haoyang and the foreign man, and also curious about the man’s identity.

Wu Haoyang looked to everyone and introduced, “This is Mr. Kulles, the largest shareholder of the Swiss bank’s board of directors.”

Swiss bank?

Wu Jizong and others were stunned!

It is the world’s largest asset management company and the largest investment guarantee bank, and it is also a leader in private services, serving more than 4 million individuals and businesses. It is reported that the Swiss subsidiary is composed of three branches: UBS Warburg, UBS Institutional Asset Management and UBS Swiss Private Bank. UBS Institutional Asset Management currently has more than one trillion US dollars in client assets. The latest report shows that Swiss Bank At the end of the year, total assets were 118 trillion Swiss francs.

And this man turned out to be the largest shareholder of the Swiss bank, Kures?

Wu Haoyang again said, “I have reached a consensus with Mr. Coles, and Wu will become a partner with Swiss Bank to develop financial services in East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia within two years. Tomorrow morning at ten o’clock, here Home Hotel held a press conference.”

Shocked again!

Unexpectedly, Wu Haoyang’s return brought such an unexpected cooperation!

The two sides chatted for a while, and the assistant sent Mr. Cooles out of the lobby to the hotel’s presidential suite for a rest.

Just before Kuros left, everyone shook hands with them and greeted each other. His gaze glanced at Wu Helian, but he seemed to recognize who, his eyes were solemn, and he suddenly looked right, not slacking off. He took the initiative to reach out and shook hands with Wu Helian respectfully. Everyone was full of surprise, and did not find the strangeness of Culles.

Kures had just left his forefoot, and the Miss Lins had arrived at the back.

Lin Lan wore a royal blue lady’s silk dress, but she broke in with a pair of high heels and a skirt.

“Xiao Lan!” Lin Zhengfeng immediately approached her. “Why don’t you wear shoes?”

“Dad! I don’t like wearing high heels! I don’t like wearing them like this!” Lin Lan complained dissatisfiedly.

“Hurry to wear shoes for Miss!” Lin Zhengfeng drank towards the assistant. Lin Lan hurriedly stopped and put on his own shoes. “I will come by myself!”

“From now on, you don’t have to deal with him anymore for financial problems! “The voice of the man’s muffled vulture made Gu Xiaochen tremble.

Keeping silent from beginning to end, Gu Xiaochen in a state of consternation suddenly recovered.

Now with Swiss banks as a strong backing, even if the Lin family wants to divest, then there will be no more worries! Gu Xiaochen finally understood what Wu Helian meant by lifting the crisis! But he always knew that he didn’t say a word! This man… so scary!

Gu Xiaochen opened his eyes, Wu Helian smiled so softly, bent over slightly, whispered against her ear.

“The crisis has been lifted, and I won’t let you go!”

His eyes were full of plunder, and he did not hesitate to destroy all the arrogance!

His arrogant words echoed in his ears, and those trembling eyes seemed to penetrate her! Gu Xiaochen had the urge to escape, but he grabbed her hand quietly and grabbed her to sit on the seat. There were so many people in the hall. Gu Xiaochen refused to speak out and had to gritt his teeth to sit down.

“Sit me well, please.” Wu Helian whispered, Gu Xiaochen frowned helplessly.

Yao Yongxin stood quietly on the side, and it was also ignorant!

Wu Haoyang’s sudden return also brought back such a big deal, and directly invited Mr. Kures, the largest shareholder of the Swiss Bank’s board of directors, which really surprised Wu Jizong and Lin Zhengfeng.

Even Yao Yongxin does not know the details!

Before Yao Yongxin resigned and left Wu, he flew back to Australia from Hong Kong. For the next three months, she has been accompanied by her mother, which is considered a long vacation for herself. But more than ten days ago, someone suddenly jumped over the wall into the villa in the middle of the night, boldly climbed up to the balcony on the second floor of the villa, and directly attacked her.

She was taking a bath at the time, and as soon as she stepped out of the bathroom, she found a man lying on the bed!

It is Wu Haoyang!

This guy is still the same as when he was a kid.

Wu Haoyang directly occupied her room and occupied her favorite bed, and asked him why he came suddenly, but he fell asleep and let her push him to make trouble. The next day, Mother Yao finally found a man in her daughter’s room and screamed in shock.

Yao Yongxin even thought he was here on vacation, who made him so leisurely.

But a few days later, she restlessly called Aunt Wu, only to know the whole story.

Wu Haoyang actually escaped marriage!

After learning the truth, Yao Yongxin asked him to go back to Hong Kong to clean up the mess. But this guy couldn’t help but leave, and he vomited blood to tell her that he had his own arrangements and he didn’t need to worry at all. After some bombardment, he swept him out of the house. She thought he had returned to Hong Kong.

But she was relieved and had to rush to Hong Kong first.

Yesterday she finally got in touch with him, so he followed his words and arranged Uncle Wu and Uncle Lin to meet here.

Only at this moment, Yao Yong looked at Wu Haoyang, only to realize that he really grew up. He is no longer the reckless boy of that year, and has grown into a calm and assertive man. I don’t know when, so I grew up quietly. Yao Yongxin couldn’t help but trance, and Wu Haoyang glanced at Wu Jizong and smiled proudly at her.

This guy… Yao Yong frowned, and the corner of his mouth flew up unconsciously.

“Wu San, you are really capable, and really did not let Uncle Lin disappointed!” Lin Zhengfeng patted Wu Haoyang’s shoulder, which also appreciated him. He looked to Wu Jizong, and said, “Brother Wu! Your sons are all excellent! What a blessing!”

“Where is it!” Wu Jizong said with a smile, but also proud between the eyebrows.

“Wu San, haven’t you seen Xiaolan in our family yet?” Lin Zhengfeng said, turning his head to shout, “Xiaolan! Come! Come and see Haoyang! Are you arguing to see him?”

The female assistant is combing Lin Lan’s hair and long skirt. Lin Lan finally puts on those annoying high heels and lifts the skirt to Lin Zhengfeng. She looked to Wu Haoyang, this man is her fiance? Can’t help but look at him, but he was extraordinary, handsome and handsome, exuding a unique charm, hot like the sun. Compared to Wu Helian’s evil charm, he wants to have a lot of sunshine, and his sword eyebrows stretch uncontrollably, it seems that he will not compromise for anyone.

Lin Lan looked at him and said, “Are you Mr. Wu San?”

“Oh.” Wu Haoyang responded lazily, Shen Sheng replied, “You are Lin Lan?”

He called her name directly, and he didn’t care about any etiquette at all, as if Those are pedantic politeness, he never puts it in his eyes.

Wu Jizong shouted, “You stinky boy, talk to Xiao Lan well!”

“It’s okay, Wu San’s temper is straight, Xiao Lan won’t mind.” Lin Zhengfeng immediately rounded the field and didn’t want to stand still.

“I said Miss Lin Lan, I am here to tell you very clearly, I am not interested in marrying you, and I do not want to marry you. You are beautiful and cute, I think you will find someone more suitable for you. Don’t waste your youth The cost is not worth it to people like me, because I will definitely not give you happiness. If you marry me, it is equivalent to marrying a grave.” Wu Haoyang said Xu Xu, and said amazingly again.

Lin Zhengfeng glanced, and Wu Jizong was so angry that his old face was blushing, “You give me a mouth!”

“My words are finished, whatever you want. Goodbye.” Wu Haoyang turned off and took off his suit and shook his shoulders. return. When passing by Yao Yongxin, he did not forget to urge, “What are you standing silly?

Waiting for dinner? Not following me?” Yao Yongxin stunned. Zhao Wuzong and others nodded before leaving.

Wu Helian watched a scene, and then stood around Gu Xiaochen.

“Stop it all for me!” Wu Jizong shouted, but they had already left the hall.

“Xiao Lan! You listen to my father…” Lin Zhengfeng Yu Guang glanced at Lin Lan’s stretched face, thinking she was so angry that she would cry.

Lin Lan watched them go, but instead was not angry, but suddenly laughed, “Oh, he is so funny! Marrying him is equal to marrying a grave? I want to marry the grave to see! Dad, I will marry him Now!”

Lin Zhengfeng burst into tears and laughter.

The four people walked out of the hotel one after another. Wu Haoyang looked back at Yao Yongxin behind him, and Shen Sheng asked, “

I’m so hungry, you cook.” “Why should I cook?” Yao Yongxin refuted angrily.

“I won’t, of course you cook.” Wu Haoyang’s reasons were so grand, he swept to the other two, and said to himself, “Gu Secretary, your cooking skills seem to be good. By the way, teach a surname Yao!”

Yao Yong ignoring the heart of Dengmu, Wuhao Yang finally found someone’s face bloodied, suspiciously and asked, “By the way, how your face is it? this will not be the middle of the night when the thief, whom hit it?”

“talkative People have no food to eat.” Wu Helian said indifferently, Gu Xiaochen was still shaking his hand, but he was clenched!

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