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Chapter 139 Actually like you

Gu Xiaochen, would you like that person because of his love?

Zhou Chengze’s words were still in his ears, and Gu Xiaochen chose silence.

The answer is clear to me.

Zhou Chengze looked at her, and suddenly softened her expression, but it seemed to be unwilling, mixed with a trace of annoyance. He didn’t know how to release his emotions, so he could only squeeze the photo, but it was too hard, the photos were cut out, and his eyes narrowed, and finally he said, Youyou said, “In fact, that typhoon night, he had I called to find you. But I picked it up, and I deleted the call log.”

“Gu Xiaochen, I don’t want you to be with him. So I did this.” Zhou Chengze’s smile was a bit bitter, but it seemed to be loose. Breathless.

Gu Xiaochen was stunned again, this wave of “truth” hit her, as if the tide would drown her.

“You tell me this now, I would rather not know.” Gu Xiaochen said softly, his voice trembling.

“My words are over, goodbye.” Zhou Chengze said with a deep voice, staring at her deeply, and finally turned away. When he stepped out of the rest room, he screamed, “Aunt Fen flew back to Hong Kong at 7 o’clock this Friday night. If you have time, I will pick you up.”

Zhou Chengze just left.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t have any thoughts to continue to work, so he hurried to ask for leave. The manager saw that she had lost her soul and thought she had something wrong. Gu Xiaochen walked out of the company, went to the street alone and blew his hair, trying to calm himself.

But why is there a continuous scene passing by.

Suddenly stopped, Gu Xiaochen stood on the street, and looked helplessly at the endless stream of vehicles. I saw a taxi coming towards her, and the ghostly messenger reached out and stopped.

The driver asked, “Miss, where are you going?”

Gu Xiaochen sat in the car, and said in a daze, “Wu Shi Company.”


Under the blue sky, a tall building stands.

In a city with steel jungles, you will feel suffocated and depressed even when you breathe.

On the roadside outside the Wu’s Building, an unremarkable figure stood. She is wearing a professional suit, maybe a company employee. Carrying a satchel in both hands, but staring down at the shoes on his feet. Every time someone walked out of the building, she would look up. But it seemed to see someone who wasn’t her to wait and lowered her head again.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t know how long he had waited, but felt that his feet were numb.

Finally, hearing the shout of the security guard looming, “Master Lian!”

raised his head almost reflectively. Gu Xiaochen grabbed the handle of the satchel and turned his head to look at the revolving door.

The next second, as expected, several men walked out of the building slowly.

Surrounded by assistants and subordinates, Wu Helian walked side by side with another man. Obviously they are going out. Gu Xiaochen’s eyes swept across the crowd and finally stopped on Wu Helian. The handsome, indifferent side face flashed slowly in front of her eyes, making her feel farther and farther away. I always feel that I haven’t said anything. If I don’t say it, I’m afraid I will regret it forever.

Gu Xiaochen took a step forward, and then ran towards the few people.

“Mr. He, I believe that the future development prospects are good. This starting point is really high…” The other party talked openly and was a middle-aged man.

Behind the crowd, a figure ran violently. Everyone didn’t pay attention, and she rushed into the crowd and grabbed Wu Helian’s wrist at once, making everyone surprised and whispered, “Who

is she !” Wu Helian saw her, and said nothing.

Gu Xiaochen clutched his wrist tightly and said, “I have something to say to you.”

“I have no time.” Wu Helian spit out three words, causing her to sink into the valley abyss instantly.

Gu Xiaochen released his hand and gritted his teeth, saying, “It doesn’t take five minutes.”

Wu Helian stared at her for a long while, and looked solemn, like a compromise, Shen Sheng said, “I’m busy, I’m not free now. You go to the office and wait.”

“I just said a word and left after I finished.” Gu Xiaochen also Holding his breath, he was so stubborn.

“Oh.” Wu Helian sneered, Junrong suddenly showed a trace of evil spirits, his anger suddenly condensed, he seemed to be restraining, “Just say it! I don’t have so much time to spend with you!”

“He, you Let’s talk first.” Realizing that the girl and Wu Helian knew each other, the person in charge of the other person got on the train in a fun way.

Wu Helian nodded at the other party and took out her cigarette case.

Everyone took their steps and headed for the car waiting on the roadside.

After passing by, Wu Helian was opening a cigarette lighter with a cigarette in her mouth. Gu Xiaochen took a deep breath, then spoke suddenly, almost to no time to respond. The soft female voice dissipated from the wind, and Wu Helian’s smoke was just about to ignite. She said softly, “Actually…I like you.”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t know where she came from courage. After she said this, she panicked. . No longer had the courage to stay face to face, turned around and ran away.

He was still holding a lighter in his hand, the lid was opened, but the flame was blown out by the wind.

There was still a cigarette in the corner of his mouth, and Huo Di took it off and sandwiched it between his fingers.

Wu Helian looked at her leaving and saw her get into the car and go away. At this moment, his heart suddenly throbbed, his thoughts cluttered.

How could this damn woman torture people like this?

The cold wind of winter blew his ears, and Gu Xiaochen shrank himself in the corner. Leaning against the car window and letting the cold wind roar, it seems that this will make you awake.

The two named Ahe and Chenchen Xiaoyu died.

The ring was recovered.

Ahe, she finally had no last ties with him.

Gu Xiaochen suddenly felt like she was going to die, just like that sensational poem, she and Yu Mei were moved by the fictional TV series-

I love you,

but I dare not say it.

I’m afraid I said,

I will die immediately.

I am not afraid of death,

but I am afraid that after I die, no one will love you like me.

At 7pm on Friday night, Lin Fen’s plane flew back to Hong Kong, and Gu Xiaochen was going to pick up the plane. After get off work close to five o’clock, the time is almost the same. I don’t go home to put things and go directly to the airport. Said Yu Mei in advance, I was afraid she would worry. Yu Mei asked her if she wanted to go with her. Gu Xiaochen shook his head, thinking that he was just picking up.

In the apartment of Chunguang Park, Yu Mei was about to go out.

At six o’clock every night, that is when the bar opens on time.

Just about to go downstairs, Yu Mei bumped into a man at the stairs.

Yu Mei ignored the man’s existence and went downstairs. But the man blocked her way, and asked coldly, “Where is she!”

“Who?” Yu Mei asked with a smile, Feng Mei raised her head , obviously intentionally.

Wu Helian stared and spit out the three words, “Gu Xiaochen!”

Yu Mei took a step back and opened her long hair, her graceful figure leaned against the wall. He looked at him and said, “Mr. He, what are you doing with her?”

“Say !Where is she!” Wu Helian shouted impatiently.

“President He has so much ability to find her by herself!” Yu Mei sneered, but said mockingly.

Wu Helian stretched a cool face, he drove to Guangsha Bank after the meeting, but he didn’t wait for her. On her phone, she hung up. How dare she hang up his phone? Really good! At the moment Wu Helian suffocated her stomach with fierce eyes, “Say!”

“Do you want to know? Then I will tell you that she has gone to the airport!” Yu Mei was stunned by his fierceness and said instantly.

“What did she do at the airport!” Wu Helian felt anxious in her anxiety.

“Pick up.”

“Who pick up?” Wu Helian asked with a sigh of relief.

“Who knows.” Yu Mei just made it clear that she didn’t tell him, her eyes mixed with complex emotions.

Wu Helian’s sword frowned, and turned away.


Gu Xiaochen stood quietly at the end of the exit of Hong Kong Airport’s Ningbo Road. Her gaze glanced forward from time to time, expecting someone who would come out of the corridor in a while. Just holding the phone in her hand, she looked down and pressed her finger, and a series of numbers appeared on the screen. That number also stores the name-Ahe.

He called suddenly, and she didn’t know how to face it, she was too flustered.

Gu Xiaochen stared at the screen of the phone and looked at it, and suddenly an unpleasant female voice sounded in his ear, “What are you doing here!”

Gu Xiaochen held the phone at once and turned his head to see Zhou Yaru rushing forward.

Zhou Yaru was very angry and was restrained by Zhou Chengze. “Yaru!”

“Brother!” Zhou Yaru stomped on his feet and couldn’t swallow in one breath, he was about to be killed. She grabbed Zhou Chengze’s arm and shouted anxiously, “Brother! What else do you ask her to do! She is so angry with her father!”

Zhou Chengze gently patted Zhou Yaru, Shen Sheng said, “No noise!” “

Zhouya Ru gas red eyes, Yao Zhaochun snorted, on the side turned to bloom, no longer be ignored.

The flight arrived on time, and the passengers slowly walked out of the corridor. Some people held a sign high, some people cheered when they received their loved ones, and the quiet Yongdaokou suddenly became lively. Zhou Yaru suddenly shouted “Daddy” and “Aunt Fen” and ran forward. Zhou Chengze didn’t move, and Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but take a step and stopped.

Zhou Mosheng and Lin Fen joined hands, and the subordinates pushed luggage.

Zhou Mosheng looks good, his face is ruddy, and he recuperates well. On the contrary, Lin Fen’s face was pale and weak, like tired travel. Zhou Yaru ran to Zhou Mosheng and hugged him intimately, “Dad, Aunt Fen, are you tired? The car is waiting outside. I have told the cook to cook the food and go home to eat.”

Zhou Mosheng nodded with relief. And chatted with her.

Lin Fen saw Gu Xiaochen, let go of Zhou Mosheng’s hand, and quickly walked up to her.

“Aunt Fen.” Zhou Chengze shouted in a deep voice.

Lin Fen looked at him and said with a smile, “Chengze,

how are you doing recently?” “It’s okay.” Zhou Chengze didn’t say much, but that’s how it is.

Gu Xiaochen hurriedly grabbed Lin Fen’s hand and asked softly, “Mom, your face is not good, is it uncomfortable.”

“It’s okay, it’s just that the plane is sitting for too long.” Lin Fen shook his head.

Zhou Yaru and Zhou Mosheng also approached, Gu Xiaochen shouted “Uncle Zhou”, Zhou Mosheng’s face was not too good, but he didn’t lose his temper, “Well, let’s go.”

A group of people were about to walk out of the pick-up hall, but the hall But there was a person outside.

Wu Helian came rushing all the way, and her original panic look calmed down because she saw five people not far away. The suit jackets were loosened and the tie was loose. Black hair covered his eyes, and his handsome, indifferent and emotional face flashed a bit of surprise and suspicion. Stop the pace, sweep over those people, and stay on her.

Gu Xiaochen was already in a panic, and he was so helpless when he looked at him so much.

Wu Helian walked towards them, Zhou Chengze did not get upset, Xu Sheng asked, “He Zong also came to pick up people?”

“It is indeed to pick up people.” Wu Helian glanced at Zhou Chengze, his eyes fixed on Mrs. Zhou straight Gu Xiaochen by his side. Suddenly a smile broke out, and he said to her, “Chen Chen, follow me.”

Suddenly, everyone looked at Gu Xiaochen in unison.

Zhou Yaru Yu Guang saw Zhou Chengze’s sad expression and shouted angrily, “Gu Xiaochen! You really are with him again! How many boats are you pedaling on? You know, brother…

” Yaru! I shut up!” Zhou Chengze drank and interrupted.

“Xiaochen?” Lin Fen shouted in surprise.

Before Gu Xiaochen opened his mouth, Wu Helian hurriedly walked past Zhou Chengze and rushed in front of Gu Xiaochen, grabbing her by the wrist and taking her away. Lin Fen couldn’t resist his strength. Gu Xiaochen was dragged away by him. She gritted her teeth and said, “I won’t go with you! You let go!”

Zhou Chengze made a sudden move and reached out and grabbed Gu Xiaochen’s other hand. Mr. He, Chen said not to follow you!”

“Gu Xiaochen! Will you follow me?” Wu Helian asked coldly, clenching her wrist!

…… The

stalemate can’t be stopped, and everyone’s eyes are gathered on Gu Xiaochen.

Gu Xiaochen was held by Wu Helian and Zhou Chengze, each holding a hand like a puppet, and they wanted to fight for the puppet’s children. Gu Xiaochen’s thoughts were messy, Lin Fen hurried forward, hugged Gu Xiaochen, looked at them and said, “Let’s let go first, don’t hurt Xiaochen!”

Zhou Chengze really let go, just afraid of hurting her. He took a step forward

and stood in front of Lin Fen . “President He, Chen had made it very clear just now. She didn’t want to go with you.” Thanks to Lin Fen’s intervention, Wu Helian was silent for a while, and she still let go. .

Gu Xiaochen was held in his arms by Lin Fen, and Zhou Chengze was in front of them. And Zhou Mosheng and Zhou Yaru are standing on the side, such a scene makes Wu Helian feel extremely dazzling. How do they look like a family? And he turned out to be the outlier?

But how could she say something like this to him and return to Zhou’s house again?

Wu Helian gazed at the haze, her loose hand clenched into a fist.

The bewitching handsome face was unprecedented depression, suppressing the tyranny, saying one by one, “Gu Xiaochen, this is your choice!” The words

fell, Wu Helian withdrew her gaze and turned away.

Seeing that he was leaving, Gu Xiaochen was anxious, broke away from Lin Fen, ran past Zhou Chengze and caught up. She was so anxious that she blurted out, “Ah!”

Wu Helian’s footsteps stopped, her small hand grabbed his big hand, carefully grasped gently, and then clenched hard, said softly, “I have something to do, for a while It’s okay to find you.”

“I want you to follow me now!” Wu Helian turned her head to look at Gu Xiaochen, and Yu Guang glanced at the Zhou family behind her. There was never such a longing, longing for her to choose him! There is a voice in my heart crying urgently: Gu Xiaochen, saying you will follow me!

Zhou Yaru wholeheartedly helped Zhou Chengze, and was angry that she was entangled with so many men, making Zhou Chengze sad and upset, shouting angrily, “Gu Xiaochen! Are you here to pick up the plane! Do you want to go with him now? You want to be angry Dad and Aunt Fen? You are so ridiculous!”

“Xiao Chen?” Lin Fen shouted again.

Gu Xiaochen retreated a little,

letting his hands loose , muttering and repeating, “Ahe, I have something to do with you later.” But Wu Helian did not let go, instinctively displeased others to count her, on the contrary, “she and you The Zhou family has nothing to do with it! Miss Zhou has any qualifications to accuse her!”

“Mr. Wu, please listen to me…” Lin Fen wanted to persuade, Wu Helian shouted sharply, “Ms. Zhou! You are also not qualified! What are you? !”

Not eligible? Lin Fen seemed to be hit hard, suddenly dizzy.

“Aunt Fen!” Zhou Chengze hurriedly stepped up to support Lin Fen. “How are you?”

“I’m fine!” Lin Fen shook his head and pinched his temple.

Gu Xiaochen was shocked and shook Wu Helian’s hand firmly. He was stubbornly attached to her. She always showed her calm face with unprecedented anger, reflected in his eyes, and ordered to him, “Apologize! You Immediately apologize to me!”

“Apologize? Why should I apologize!” Wu Helian asked coldly, confused and annoyed.

“She is my most important person! You apologize to her! Apologize to her immediately!” Gu Xiaochen growled and roared.

“Oh!” Wu Helian sneered with a sigh of relief, Gu Xiaochen also immediately flicked his hand away and ran to Lin Fen to help her.

But in Wu Helian’s eyes, Gu Xiaochen and Zhou Chengze seemed to be a pair, standing in such a fitting way around Mrs. Zhou, like a golden boy and a girl.

But what is the most important person?

Gu Xiaochen, if she is your important person. What about him? What is he?

Suddenly he was shocked by the question, when did he start, who would he want to be, and the most important existence in his life? Surprised by this thought, Wu Helian wanted to say nothing, but in the end, she said nothing.

Zhou Chengze noticed, however, that her eyes were flushed and she tried hard to suppress something.

High-rise buildings, dark clouds shrouded in darkness, a burst of sparks in the office, burning smoke.

“Beep—” came from the end of the phone, and then was connected.

Yao Yongxin’s hoarse female voice sounded, and was still a bit sleepy. “Lian?”

Wu Helian smoked a cigarette, but Shen Sheng asked, “Ying Xin, for you, who is the most important person in this world.”

Yao Yongxin Obviously, his sleepy eyes were dim, still in a state of pretentiousness, and he didn’t look back. After a long silence, Yao Yongxin said

quietly , “Mom.” “Sleep.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice, and hung up the phone.

The door of the office was knocked, and subordinates came in.

“Master Lian, this is the information you ordered to check.” The subordinate put the file bag down and bowed his head respectfully and retreated.

The surroundings were so quiet, Wu Helian stared at the file in front of her, and she didn’t open it for a long time. She seemed to have an answer in her heart. After a cigarette was smoked, the cigarette butt was extinguished, and he finally picked up the document and read it. The document was only a thin piece of paper, black and white, but recorded all of her.

Her name, her birth, her birthday.

In which kindergarten, elementary school and high school she has always been among the best in her grades.

Her father, Gu Qing, died of illness.

But the name and remarks in the mother column made Wu Helian stare.

Mother: Lin Fen, married to Zhou’s family five years ago, Zhou Mosheng’s wife.

Wu Helian gently put down the documents in her hand, but before her eyes appeared sporadic memories and words, intermittently passing by. He has asked many times that the debate about college is late.

The first time she asked, she answered lightly and overslept.

The second time, she burst into tears, but asked him to save Zhou.

The third time she asked, it was a very sad thing.

It turned out that the day was Lin Fen’s remarry day.

Wu Helian closed her eyes, and her inexplicable sourness blocked her chest.

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