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Chapter 140 Just distressed

When Chaoyang rises, a new day will bring the glory and beauty of the beginning.

A tea house sits on a pedestrian street.

The small room on the third floor is fresh and elegant, with landscape paintings hanging on the walls. The ink is fragrant and has a unique taste. Someone was playing the guzheng outside the cloister outside the cubicle, and the sound of the piano was ding dong. A white porcelain tea set is placed on the table, a good Longjing, and a sip can make people calm down. In such a noisy city, it is commendable.

“Sir, please here!” the waiter shouted with a smile, leading the man to the private room.

The door opened slowly, Zhou Chengze saw the man in the private room, and Wu Helian also looked up at him at the same time. Zhou Chengze sat down opposite him, which can also be said to be the first time the two men confronted each other, except for those few company meetings. The waitress immediately made a cup of tea for Zhou Chengze and quietly exited the private room.

“I don’t know what happened when President He asked me to come here today.” Zhou Chengze took a teacup and took a sip, so he asked slowly.

Wu Helian said bluntly, “I want to see Mrs. Zhou.”

“Aunt Fen does not want to see you.” Zhou Chengze Shen Sheng refused.

“Thirty percent of Zhou’s shares in exchange, I want to see Mrs. Zhou!” said Wu Helian Shen Jing, Zhou Chengze’s hand trembling, tea in the cup rippled.

Zhou Chengze chuckled and dismissed the shares.

“In the next seven days, I will sell Zhou’s shares to the outside world, if Mr. Zhou does not refer to the unexpected flow.” Wu Helian smiled calmly.

Zhou Chengze pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and narrowed his eyes. “Even if it’s an outflow, it won’t let you see.”

“Are you afraid?”

“What am I afraid of.”

“Mrs. Zhou can marry the Zhou family, and it is forbidden to disclose her relationship with Gu Xiaochen.” Wu Helian flicked the ash, and then said, “You Zhou Chengze has been waiting for so many years, she is my woman, you don’t Be willing. If I meet Mrs. Zhou, then you may not even have the last chance, so you are afraid.”

Zhou Chengze suddenly gloomed, struck back, “I don’t know until the end! The shares sell not sell with Mr. He!”

Zhou Chengze hurriedly talked a few words and got up to leave. When he turned to open the door, Wu Helian said abruptly, “Actually, I should thank Mr. Zhou.”

“What does Mr. He mean?” Zhou Chengze turned back and asked.

Wu Helian said, “Thank you, President Zhou, for pushing her to me.”

Zhou Chengze was stunned and didn’t know what it was like. After all, he left.

Lin Fen asked about Wu Helian and the relationship between them.

Gu Xiaochen shook his head. All adjectives could not describe the relationship between them, so he chose to be silent.

Lovers? It’s past time.

friend? Never mind.

boss? She has changed company.

Gu Xiaochen stared blankly at the details on the document, but he didn’t read anything.

The manager approached her and said, “Gu Xiaochen, you come with me.”

Following the manager’s instructions, Gu Xiaochen put down the documents in his hand and got up to follow the manager. In the blink of an eye, she had followed the manager to the meeting room on the fourth floor. The manager pushed the door open, and Gu Xiaochen looked up, only to see a tall figure standing back to the floor-to-ceiling window, a huge light shadow enveloped him, outlined a figure curve, slender and upright, Wei shore as loose.

But just this figure, Gu Xiaochen knew who he was.

“Mr. He, people have arrived.” The manager smiled flatteringly and immediately retreated.

Gu Xiaochen frowned and hurriedly shouted, “Manager!”

Wu Helian turned around slowly, and looked at her deeply. His tone was no longer the previous arrogance, and the discussion seemed to say, “We talk.” The

manager is also interesting. People, waiting for Gu Xiaochen to react, hurriedly left.

All of a sudden, only two of them were left in the conference room. Tick Tick

Gu Xiaochen habitually lowered his head and stared at his shoes. She pursed her lips and said nothing.

Wu Helian put her hands in her trousers pockets, Jian Mei sighed, Shen Sheng asked, “What is your relationship with the Zhou family?”

Gu Xiaochen was silent for a long while, and then said softly, “It doesn’t matter.”

“Then why did you pick up the airport?” Wu Helian continued to ask.

Gu Xiaochen bit his lip and was silent again.

“Okay, I’ll change the question.” Wu Helian’s voice was extremely low, even with a touch of husky. “Tell me, why was that debate late?”

Gu Xiaochen’s tears suddenly condensed, his eyes narrowed.

“Because the Zhou family was holding a wedding the night before, and Zhou Mosheng was getting married.” Some self-answers, Wu Helian said quietly, Gu Xiaochen’s heart tightened, but he was intertwined with countless emotions, like the tide flooded him, and his voice was getting more and more The louder, the last word yelled out completely, “Why don’t you tell me! Why don’t you tell me that Zhou

Mosheng ‘s wife Lin Fen is your mother!” Gu Xiaochen gritted his teeth tightly, not letting tears fall.

Wu Helian walked slowly towards her, but stretched out her hand but didn’t know how to hug her. His hands finally touched her body, and he couldn’t restrain her pain anymore, as if she would rub her into her body, and there was no more. A little temper, said weakly, “Gu Xiaochen! You should tell me, you can tell me!”

God knows how long he hated.

I always thought that Zhou Chengze was the person she liked, but I never thought of all this, just for her mother.

Gu Xiaochen shed tears desperately, not allowing herself to cry, but her trembling body and choked voice revealed her sadness and sadness, and her humble self-esteem and pride. She didn’t hug him, even pushed him, stubbornly like the little fox waiting for love in fairy tales.

“I don’t want you to pity me! I don’t want you to sympathize with me!” Gu Xiaochen murmured painfully, stepping back step by step.

Pushing her big hand on her little head and letting her rely on herself, Wu Helian said with ears, “Listen! I have no pity for you and no sympathy for you!”

He kissed her forehead, and she said softly as he heard him in a trance. I just love you.”

Finally, I couldn’t help it anymore.

Gu Xiaochen burst into tears.

Wu Helian had never seen Gu Xiaochen cry like this, crying heart-to-heart, and tightening his clothes, no longer crying silently, nor crying with reluctance, she was like a child He was injured and grieved, and when he found his dependence, he would all vent. He could only hold her like this, caressing her thin back until the weeping turned to weeping faintly.

After crying, Gu Xiaochen finally calmed down slowly.

The glasses had long been blurred by tears. Wu Helian took off her glasses and picked up her tie to dry the tears on her lenses.

“Why didn’t you realize that you can cry so much, crying ghosts before?” Wu Helian said while wiping.

Gu Xiaochen cried with red eyes, so choked that he could not speak.

Wu Helian suddenly looked up, and saw her always white face, but she blushed because of crying, cute as an apple. Her red lips are moving, her eyes are covered with water, and her black eyes are like black gemstones. He never found out that when he cried alone, he could cry so beautifully.

Wu Helian unconsciously raised her lips and took her to the side of the sofa to sit down, not forgetting the overbearing instructions, “If you want to cry, you can only cry in front of me. Do you know.”

“I…not… Crybaby…” Gu Xiaochen said intermittently, raising his hand to wipe his tears.

“Crybaby.” Wu Helian was just like her, and she just wanted to call her that.

“I’m not.”


“I’m not.”

“I just love crybaby.” He smiled charmingly, his eyes bright.

like? Gu Xiaochen’s already red face turned red now, and after a long while, she panicked and hurriedly took the glasses from his hands and put them back on again. Actually, I didn’t know how to face it. I

mumbled , “I’m going to work.” Wu Helian looked at her and stood up wholeheartedly. He stretched out his hand and held her small hand, just pulled her like this, didn’t drag her down or let her go. He shook her little hand and shouted her name hoarsely, “Chenchen.” It

sounded like she was acting like a baby.

Gu Xiaochen dizzy for a moment, turned his head and glanced at him, biting his lip without saying a word.

Wu Helian looked at her with a smile and said, “Dine together at night.”

“Call your aunt together.” Wu Helian said again, Gu Xiaochen’s eyes widened in surprise, but he calmly calmed down.

Gu Xiaochen almost bit his tongue, and Zhiwu said, “You… what do you see her doing?”

“Aren’t you going to apologize?” Wu Helian’s reason was sounding, very good.

“I accept your apology for her.” Gu Xiaochen was so upset that he wanted to see her mother?

“Apologize for this kind of thing, and say it is more sincere.” Wu Helian stood up, approached her, opened her hair with her big hand, “And as a boyfriend, I should see my aunt.”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t even listen to his second half of the sentence, thinking about his meeting with Lin Fen, “I don’t know if I have

time.” “Which day is free, which day will tell me.” Wu Helian said patiently. She straightened the neckline of her shirt and

cried, ” Put on more clothes, you are so cold. I’ll pick you up after work.” Gu Xiaochen nodded cleverly, he bowed his head and kissed her on the cheek, “Go.”

Gu Xiaochen After leaving the meeting room and walking back to the department office, he digested his words and froze.


Before work, Gu Xiaochen called Lin Fen to ask if she was free. But Lin Fen’s cell phone turned off, and she just thought she was just resting after returning from abroad. Don’t worry about the apology for dinner this day. But Gu Xiaochen didn’t want to understand why he suddenly became her boyfriend again?

Is this compound?

Finally until the end of get off work hours, Gu Xiaochen walked out of the company with colleagues.

In the lobby on the ground floor, two bright and beautiful figures are the most striking scenery.

Wu Helian stood aside, Jun Rong was indifferent, ignoring the surroundings. And about two or three meters away, it was a beauty that made the men’s eyes straight. Yu Mei brought a shoulder bag. In the cold weather, she also wore an ultra-short leopard-print leather skirt with a black short gown outside, and a pair of Danfeng eyes swept like this.

The crowd bypassed the three of them and walked by while watching.

“Dear drops!” Yu Mei glanced sharply at Gu Xiaochen behind the crowd, stepped on high heels and rushed over, hugging Gu Xiaochen intimately, but lowered his voice, “Why is he here too?”

Wu Helian greeted him, Yu Mei said, “Mr. He, what a coincidence, I can see you everywhere.”

“I and Chenchen have an appointment to eat together.” Wu Helian said indifferently.

Yu Mei spurred his title, “President He doesn’t shout so intimately, it will make others misunderstand.”

“What did

you misunderstand?” “Misunderstanding your relationship with our family Xiaochen. Who doesn’t know what Mr. He’s face is all over Hong Kong and even the whole world. What if one accidentally Xiaochen became the target of siege. Besides, Xiaochen…” Halfway through Yu Mei’s words, Wu Helian interrupted hard, “I don’t think it will make people misunderstand, she is my girlfriend.”

“You confessed to me the other day, I accepted it.” Wu Helian looked at Gu Xiaochen Zheng’er said in a serious manner, but the expression looked flattered with pride.

Take the initiative to confess? Yu Mei was stunned.

Gu Xiaochen only remembered the four words that rushed to that day and told him!

“What’s the matter? We said’I like you’ and’I love you’ all day long, and I said hello to you when you met, “Are you eating?” Yu Mei hugged her hands on her chest and said, “He

Shouldn’t it be taken seriously?” Wu Helian didn’t speak, but just snapped her fingers in the air.

Ten men in black suits walked into the gate, as if they were bodyguards. But they still wear sunglasses, but they hold a large bouquet of roses in their arms. The staff were frightened by the scene and stopped to hide halfway to watch. Suddenly, a toy car flew from the feet of a female employee, and the car passed through the crowd one after another, causing people to scream and scream.

“Oh! How the car has a puppy ah!”

Toy car parked in Wuhe Lian feet, he picked up the cute white puppy, Pengdao Guxiao Chen, “It is our lot!”


That is a A pure white puppy with pure coat color, you can see at a glance that it is absolutely excellent in blood. A pair of dark eyes, revealing innocence and cuteness, makes people like it. And it’s still so small, held in the hand by Wu Helian, it’s like a toy. It just made a whine, as if complaining something.

The puppy looked at the two women in front of her, her small head rubbing hard against them.

Gu Xiaochen couldn’t restrain the joy that came from the bottom of his heart, and took a lot of hands from Wu Helian with open hands.

“Wang woo.” A lot of screaming, but a little defensively against her, small claws crawling on her clothes.

Gu Xiaochen carefully cuddles Duoduo and whispered, “Duoduobei!”

“So cute, Duoduo, my sister likes you too! What do you like to eat? Sister buys it for you?” Yu Mei’s eyes were loving, and she was just right. A man was very resistant, and his attention focused on the puppy in the blink of an eye. She touched its soft and soft body, and a lotus face was tender.

Gu Xiaochen looked up at Wu Helian and asked in surprise, “Where did it come from?”

“Germany.” Wu Helian replied in a deep voice.

“Germany?” Gu Xiaochen was puzzled.

Wu Helian explained briefly, spit out the two words, “air transport.”

Gu Xiaochen had the luck. If it was air transport, the arrangement began yesterday.

“What breed is it?” Yu Mei then asked, stroking Duoduo constantly, and she couldn’t put it down.

“Shepherd dog.” Wu Helian said slowly, his eyes always stayed on Gu Xiaochen’s face, seeing her smile so happy, the otherwise indifferent Junrong unconsciously infected with joy, his mouth slightly raised.

“No matter what dog it is, my sister likes you anyway!” Yu Mei nodded, but she still

knew nothing. She turned around and said, “Shall we go buy something for Duoduo ?” “Okay.” Gu Xiaochen agreed.

Wu Helian followed behind silently, watching the two women talking happily. Gu Xiaochen held a lot and smiled like a child, so clear and beautiful, she and Yu Mei talked and laughed, and discussed what to buy for a while. But he suddenly frowned, staring at Gu Xiaochen’s arms rubbing her chest, and inexplicably made him a bit jealous.

But would he be jealous of a dog?

damn it!

On the side of the hall, the ten bodyguards in black also stood there holding roses, opening a strong aura and making people dare not move. The staff looked at this scene with diligence, only to be amazed and surprised, what kind of person is this, such a big and exaggerated show, but even more romantic than the TV series!

The bodyguards saw Wu Helian leave, and immediately followed them, one by one, expressing their expressions with sternness.

“Wow–” When I left the company, there was an exclamation immediately again, and the people around me were frightened by the ten men!

Gu Xiaochen and Yu Mei originally chatted and walked on their own, but the scream made them finally recover. The two looked back at the same time, Wu Helian walked calmly behind. His eyes skipped him, and finally he saw the mighty battle behind him. God, god, why did those ten men follow them like King Kong and still hold a large bouquet of roses?

Even Yu Mei, who had seen the big scene, could not

bear such a situation. She hurriedly said, “Xiao Chen, go and tell him!” Gu Xiaochen froze, Yu Mei immediately hugged too much, and urged again, “Go quickly “

Yu Mei finished speaking, don’t forget to retreat backwards, so as to avoid being onlookers.

With so many people still watching, Gu Xiaochen was very embarrassed. In fact, she always hates being the focal point, but why is she always attracted attention after being with him, blaming him is so dazzling. Reluctantly, Gu Xiaochen walked in front of him in a hurry, and whispered, “You let them go.”

Wu Helian said, “Oh,” but said, “Don’t you like roses?”

Gu Xiaochen lowered his head, his face flushed, his voice Lighter, “like it.”

“Then send it to your house?”


“Spring Garden?”


“Are you on the twelfth floor.”


” Will we get together again.”

” Yep.”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t listen very carefully at all. He asked a bunch of messes and messes, she just kept “en” “en” “en”. But waiting for the last question, she suddenly heard clearly and couldn’t help staring. Looking up at him, he stood in front of her, smiling so cunningly, but so gentle.

Wu Helian reached out and waved, then the ten bodyguards finally turned around.

The crowd gave way, and they left in a row, like a policeman on patrol.

Yu Mei held Duoduo not far away and raised her eyebrows. But when she saw Gu Xiaochen’s happy smile, she just sighed.

The phone rings and the phone vibrates.

Yu Mei took out her cell phone from the bag, listened to the staff’s urgent report, and appeased, “I know!

Come soon!” Yu Mei originally planned to go shopping with Du Xiaochen together with Gu Xiaochen, but the bar staff communicated The phone call only said that someone was making trouble, so she had to rush to deal with it. Yu Mei held back a lot to Gu Xiaochen, and said in a hurry, “Xiao Chen, there is something wrong with the bar. I’ll go first.”

” Mei Mei, did something happen?” Gu Xiaochen couldn’t rest assured, “I’ll go with you.”

” No need.” Yu Mei refused and didn’t want to involve Gu Xiaochen. But Gu Xiaochen held her hand and said firmly, “I’ll go with you.”

Wu Helian Jian frowned and shouted hard, “Kong Wu!”

The “troop”, who had walked 100 meters away, stopped suddenly. The next step. The man who walked at the forefront turned around and led back the other nine.

Yu Mei couldn’t help it, “What do you do?”

“Kong Wu! You follow this Miss Yu until she goes home safely!” Wu Helian said in a deep voice, holding Gu Xiaochen’s hand at once, under her eyes, and pulling her Walking towards the road across the road, “We’ll buy a lot of things!”

What? Yu Mei stomped her feet in embarrassment, shouting at his back, “Hey! Hey! You tell them not to follow me!”

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