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Chapter 143 Pink Lace

“I…I just went to buy cotton candy.” Gu Xiaochen was so stunned by him that he was a little embarrassed. In her memory, she had never seen Wu Helian. She was so anxious that her indifferent Junrong finally had an angry look. This anger was deeply disturbed, as if she was afraid of losing something, she could feel it.

Wu Helian didn’t even listen to what she said, but she shouted again, “Who wants you to buy it? I agreed? I agreed? What do you do so fast? There are so many people on the road, so many people. What if it hits? You want to eat cotton candy, won’t you tell me? Will I let you buy it

alone ?” Gu Xiaochen listened to his roar, but his heart was inexplicably warm. She listened quietly to his anger, but said nothing. He doesn’t even know if he is crazy, even if he is angry, he will feel a kind of happiness. The low male voice hovered in his ears, and his eyes were full of his handsome face, but he suddenly laughed, “Hehe.”

Her laughter made Wu Helian stare, gritted her teeth and asked, “What’s laughing!”

Gu Xiaochen bowed his head slightly and smiled. Yang was in the corner of his mouth, calming him generally, and said softly, “Ahe, I’m fine. The car didn’t hit me.”

“Isn’t that what happened when it was hit?” Wu Helian raised her eyebrows, still unhappy.

Gu Xiaochen stretched out his hand to pull his sleeve, it was rare to be coquettish, and mumbled, “Must not run around in the future!”

She opened a pair of clear and watery eyes, so pure that he was right, Wu Helian was still playing with temper, stretched Zhu Junyan said nothing. Gu Xiaochen suddenly perched towards him, and the turbulent crowd took the initiative to hug him, his chin leaned against his shoulder and said softly, “Ah, don’t be angry, okay?”

Wu Helian sniffed her fragrance, silent for a while, and finally Can’t help but reach out and hug her.

There is only one of her in this world, and he suddenly realizes.

The road just before the accident happened had returned to normal order long ago, and the crowd gradually dispersed and stopped watching. But across the road, a beautiful figure still stopped to watch. Yu Mei looked at the two embracing not far away, laughing so brightly, a dangling heart seemed to fall down, leaving only a touch of sadness.

Yu Mei took out her mobile phone and sent a message, then turned around and walked into the crowd, disappeared in a blink of an eye.

“Buzz–” The phone in the pocket was shaking.

Gu Xiaochen took out his phone and looked at it, the message was sent by Yu Mei: Sister has an appointment, you play slowly.

Yu Mei suddenly left, so only Gu Xiaochen and Wu Helian were left. After buying three marshmallows, Wu Helian did not eat sweet ones, and Gu Xiaochen ate all of them alone. The marshmallow melts in the mouth and has only a slight sweet taste. Wu Helian took her hand to go shopping, and when she saw her eating so happy, she couldn’t help but ask, “Is it delicious?”

“It’s delicious, it’s very sweet, you try it.” Gu Xiaochen put cotton candy in his mouth side.

“You feed me.” Wu Helian swept the cotton candy and stared at her red lips.

Gu Xiaochen was looked at by him so naturally he knew what he meant. But with so many people on the street, she was really embarrassed. But his temper was coming, if he didn’t feed, he would stay where he was. Gu Xiaochen blushed and had to take a bite of marshmallow and kissed him on tiptoe.

Unclear whether it was her sweetness or the sweetness of cotton candy, Wu Helian miraculously tasted the sweet taste.

He hugged her tightly and kissed him on the street.

On romantic Christmas Eve, they are just ordinary to no longer ordinary couples. Wandering together holding hands, listening to Christmas songs on the street together, personally bought a rose and delivered it to her. The two walked one after another along the street, Wu Helian’s eyes glanced at the window in front, suddenly thought of something, grabbed Gu Xiaochen’s hand and walked in.

Gu Xiaochen took a closer look and found that this turned out to be a boutique lingerie shop!

This is a famous area, and the underwear store is also a first-class product. This one is even more expensive. Just look at the decoration of this store can also see the price difference, all eyes are lace, feminine. Just to buy underwear, Gu Xiaochen always came by himself. When Yu Mei is here, come with Yu Mei. From small to large, she has not been with men.

“Hehe.” Gu Xiaochen yelled softly, but the lady clerk greeted him diligently.

Several shop assistants said enthusiastically, “Sir, miss, what do you need.”

“Let’s go!” Gu Xiaochen whispered in Wu Helian’s ear, and he didn’t glance at the store’s various bras, said coldly, ” According to her size, this year’s newest models are all brought!” The

transparent and bright store, the dressing rooms are independent and fully heated. Soft sofa seats, mahogany hangers, and huge floor mirrors on the outside allow customers to see themselves completely. Gu Xiaochen was just taken into the locker room by the clerk. She hadn’t been bold enough to change her bra before others. “I can do it myself. You can go out first.”

“Okay, miss, if you have any questions, please feel free to call me . I’m just outside.” The clerk left with a smile.

Gu Xiaochen sat on the sofa stiffly, holding a set of pink lace bra in his hand, which was somewhat correct. I had to take off my coat slowly and try on the bra. She hung the clothes on the hanger, took off her shoes and put on a pair of slippers. She was on her back, ready to unbutton. But the door of the dressing room was suddenly opened, and Gu Xiaochen hurriedly took care of his chest and turned his head back, only to remember that he forgot to lock the door.

Wu Helian’s tall body suddenly squeezed into the locker room that was not spacious. Gu Xiaochen blushed and reached out to cover with his clothes. But he stopped her with his body and would not let her take it.

Gu Xiaochen only wore a cool bra, and his fair skin was enough to drive men crazy! He circled her in his arms, Gu Xiaochen bit his lip, and Zhiwu spoke, “I’m trying on, you go out!”

“You change yours, don’t care about me!” Wu Helian murmured in her ears with a deep smile.

“But you are here, how can I try.” He really said it!

“Anyway, show me!” Wu Helian went to one of the couches and dragged her to sit on her lap. “I help you!”

Hearing his words, Gu Xiaochen felt a little dizzy, and suddenly he was strong. Dragging into his arms, he even sat on his lap. A strong arm hugged her, but the other hand began to untie the metal button behind her bra. With a light touch of the finger, the button was released, and the snow-white Shuangfeng

lacked protection. She was ashamed and anxious. “Ahe!” “Don’t move!” Wu Helian shouted in silence, holding her hand to prevent her Unrest.

“I wear it myself!” Gu Xiaochen really wanted to dig a hole and drill in, anxiously said.

Wu Helian gently stroked her shoulder strap and took off her bra. Her skin is smooth and delicate, as soft as a newborn child. When she took off her bra, she deliberately brushed her buds between her fingers, causing her to take a breath of air, and a small face was bloodied until she fainted.

“I don’t want you to help me wear it! I wear it myself!” Gu Xiaochen said, biting his lip, trying to get up.

Wu Helian stubbornly refused, but took the pink lace bra on one side and began to change her bra. In such a small space, his breath was hot, blowing slowly to her, “Well? The button is in front?”

Gu Xiaochen looked down, and the button of the bra was indeed in front.

Wu Helian hugged her and sat with her hands around her to buckle the silver metal button for her, and her double peaks were full. The pink lace looks cute and pure, with her white skin, it is more attractive. He couldn’t help but kissed her neck, licking her with the tip of his tongue, making her tremble.

“Ahe…don’t be here…” Gu Xiaochen was short of breath, afraid that someone would be outside.

The chin rested on her round shoulders. Wu Helian’s male voice was husky and magnetic. She had to force her to ask at this time, “Do you want me?”


“Do you want me?” Wu Helian asked repeatedly, in her ear. Anger, “Good girl, answer me honestly, I will let you go.”

Gu Xiaochen was driven crazy by him, and said with a blush, “I want you.”

“I want you so much, and I will satisfy you in a moment.” Wu Helian said after her words, it sounded like she was ridiculous, and the topic changed again. Going to the bra, “Buy it, you wear it beautifully.”

This crazy man actually bought the latest model of the entire season, and each color needs a set. Swipe the card and write down the address for the clerk to deliver it tomorrow. If you let them take so many underwear shopping, others still think they are abnormal! Who would buy so much underwear! Out of the underwear store, the night was already deep.

In front of him, an uncle stopped the young lover and said something passionately.

It was a pair of young lovers, it can be said to be early love. Because they look at their clothes and dresses, they are high school students.

Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen approached each other, only to realize that the uncle had originally recommended a student couple’s hotel. The uncle gave away the “monument”, with which he could go to the hotel to stay, and discounted. And the token is actually a set printed with the words lovers hotel. Gu Xiaochen heard it for a while, and now the students are like this? They are still high school students!

The pair of young lovers took the set and looked for a place.

Wu Helian whispered, “Let’s go too.”

Uh? Gu Xiaochen opened his eyes wide, but he took her to the uncle.

Uncle looked at them and was stunned by the cool face of Wu Helian. He held out his hand to him, and the uncle handed out a copy of the token, whispered again, “Our hotel only accepts students.”

“We are college students.” Wu Helian said indifferently, grabbed the sleeve, and took Gu Xiaochen’s hand Just go.

But they don’t look like students in their clothes, what should they do?

Wu Helian thought for a moment, then suddenly grabbed her and ran to the mall.

About half an hour later, the two came out, but the suit and sweater were replaced.

Wu Helian wore a black and blue British school uniform. The kind of blue, as deep as ink, matched with his handsome face, but did not have the charm of a campus prince. He even changed his leather shoes to lace-up sneakers. And Gu Xiaochen put his long hair into a ponytail, a cute strawberry headdress. She is also a British skirt-like school uniform, and he is definitely a couple version.

Gu Xiaochen looked at himself and then at him.

God! Are they going to dress like this?

Wu Helian took her hand and looked for the student couple’s hotel. The hotel is not far away, just three roads away, but it is hidden in the alley quite remotely. Finally found the hotel, but Gu Xiaochen dared not go in, pretending to be a college student to open a room in the student hotel, this is probably the most incredible thing she has done in her life!

Wu Helian ignored her and walked in with her arms around her.

The proprietress of the hotel looked at both of them and asked for ID card registration. She took a look at the two people’s documents and opened the room according to normal procedures without saying anything. However, Gu Xiaochen only felt that he was treated as alien and kept his head down. Silently following him upstairs, she didn’t look up until she opened the room with the room card.

The room is not big, but it is very clean and tidy.

Compared to the hotel he used to stay in, it was definitely incomparable.

Wu Helian closed the door and released her hand. He sat down on the carpeted floor and looked at the night view outside the window. “Morning morning, I want to drink water.”

Gu Xiaochen yelled and turned to get it. I just saw apple juice, so I chose the drink. She unscrewed the bottle cap, walked over to him, sat down and handed it over, “Here.”

Wu Helian took the juice and took a sip of her head.

However, Gu Xiaochen felt something out of his pocket quietly, grabbed it in his palm, and put his hands on it, “Christmas gift.”

Wu Helian held the juice bottle and suddenly glanced at her. Her hands spread out slowly, it was a lighter.

No extra patterns, pure black color, black to shiny.

In fact, I bought this lighter for a long time, but I never had a chance to give it to him.

Wu Helian put down the juice bottle and looked away from the lighter to her small face with her head down. Slowly approaching her, arms around her neck, took her around her arms, kissed her with her head down, and the juice in her mouth was sweet to her.

“Your Christmas gift-me!”

spend Christmas Eve, the next day is Christmas.

The bar is open until three o’clock in the morning and waits for business again in the afternoon.

The revelers wave after wave, unstoppable. Although he will go to work tomorrow, the lively atmosphere will not diminish. On Christmas night, Yan Xudong suddenly appeared in the bar. Whenever there is a festival, Yan Xudong must return to Canada to accompany his family. Once back, the shortest time is one week, but this time it seems to be an exception. He only left for a few days, but came back on Christmas Day.

“Mr. Yan, the two bosses are in the bag.” The waitress saw him and said immediately.

Yan Xudong smiled at her, Jun Rong shone her unique charm under the lights, and made several waitresses blush.

Looking at his long figure walking towards the corridor, they could not help nagging, “Is Mr. Yan a boyfriend of the boss?”

“Maybe it is!” Someone twitched aside.

Yan Xudong is not only a frequent visitor to the bar, but also a friend of the two bosses. Moreover, he looks handsome and outstanding, excels, drives a famous car, has an elegant temperament, is gentle and polite, and knows that his family is very good at a glance. The most important thing is that he treats people very well, there is no difference between them, the girls in the bar are very kind to him.

Originally they also guessed whether he came to pursue which boss, but they have never been sure.

Now that the second boss has a boyfriend, according to the method of elimination, it must be someone who pursues boss Yu.

Yan Xudong walked to the small bag and knocked on the door. Yu Mei’s charming female voice suddenly came from the private room. “Come in!” As

soon as the door opened, I finally saw several people in the private room.

Yu Mei was singing K to the screen with the microphone. Yu Guang glanced at him, and then he stopped. Only the accompaniment continued. On the other side of the sofa, a man and a woman sat intimately together. The man is Wu Helian, the woman is Gu Xiaochen. Gu Xiaochen held a lot in his arms, and the two were teasing and playing.

Yan Xudong’s original gentle smile, Jun Rong, froze for a moment when he met them. The bottom of my eyes was locked with loneliness and surprise, but blinking was also expected.

Yan Xudong greeted the three and walked to the empty seat to sit down.

Yu Mei got up and walked out of the private room and gave a command. But as long as the waiter brought hot drinks. The rich hot cocoa slowly diffuses the fragrance in the air. Duoduo lay lazily on Gu Xiaochen’s lap and stopped moving. Yan Xudong glanced at the white puppy, raised his eyes to her, and asked

indifferently , “When did he raise the dog.” “Just raised.” Gu Xiaochen whispered back, smiling with a smile, “How much is it?” “

Yan Xudong looked at the puppy again, but suddenly felt that the white was really dazzling.

Wu Helian sat beside Gu Xiaochen and said nothing. Just picked up that cup of hot cocoa and leaned towards Yan Xudong. Yan Xudong froze, picked up his cup and touched him.

“Hey.” Yu Mei saw the two of them, and seemed to be relieved and yelled.

Yan Xudong turned back, Yu Mei reached out to him and said, “What about the present? Is there a gift?”

Yan Xudong smiled stunnedly, and said quietly, “Forgot. Please have a meal. I will please at night.”

“Well, I am now Just choose a place. Be sure to choose the most expensive place.” Yu Mei’s interest came, and took out her mobile phone to check all hotel restaurants.

Who’s mobile phone was turning on the coffee table, Gu Xiaochen reached for it. Yan Xudong glanced inadvertently, but saw a lighter on the coffee table. The pure black lighter, without any traces, lies flat on the table and blends with the black glass surface. While the lighter was picked up, Wu Helian lit a cigarette.

Yan Xudong is silent, it turns out that this is Lotus.

Gu Xiaochen answered the news and said, “Will Xu Dong and Shen Ruo be together too?”

“No problem.” Yan Xudong answered and smiled faintly.

There are two lighters in his suit pocket. One is usually used, but the other lighter is silver gray.

He has never used it, but has always been with him.

Shen Ruo arrived at the bar immediately after receiving the call. She was not surprised to see a few of them. But Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen sitting together did make her slightly trance. When the people arrived, they turned to the restaurant. The two men went to pick up the car. Yu Mei ordered the bartender to take care of the bar. Shen Ruo asked curiously where the puppy came from. Gu Xiaochen told her that it was bought by Wu Helian. Shen Ruo again said, “Xiao Chen, Master Lian’s secretary has been vacant for a long time, will you come back?”

Gu Xiaochen shook his head, “not much thought.”

“Then do you think I am competent? I want to exercise and exercise myself.” Shen If expected, Gu Xiaochen said with a smile, “Of course I can.” The

restaurant was selected by Yu Mei, but not the most expensive, and a small private room was reserved. Small grade, very warm.

Several people sat around the table for dinner, and most of them lay on the ground and walked around at will. Yu Mei ordered many dishes, delicious. During the dinner, he talked about the company and went to talk about it. Gu Xiaochen said in time, “Ahe, I won’t be your secretary anymore. Who is your secretary now?”

“Vacancy.” Wu Helian clipped for her A piece of meat said indifferently.

“Are you coming back?” Yan Xudong asked, Yu Mei was dissatisfied with the protest. “Xiao Chen is doing a good job now and is not tired. When he returns to Wu’s in a while, he is exhausted and half-lived. Secretary, He You solve it yourself.”

Wu Helian glanced at Gu Xiaochen, her appearance was much better than before, ruddy and lovely, he said coldly, “Internal selection.”

Gu Xiaochen heard him say this, looking at Shen Ruo’s suggestion, “Ahe, you How about Shen Ruo? She used to work as an assistant under Sister Yong Xin. Sister Yong Xin has always praised her for her intelligence and ability, as well as her strong ability. I think Shen Ruo must be very competent.”

Wu Helian was silent for a moment, glanced at Shen Ruo, and finally nodded.

“Thank you, Mr. He, I will do my best to finish the work.” Shen Ruo hard to hide his excitement, said.

Wu Helian only said four words “work well”, no more.

“Cough—” Duoduo suddenly vomited, and his tiny body curled up.

Gu Xiaochen was shocked, and got up and ran to see it trembling, shouting anxiously, “A lot! What’s wrong!”

“Let’s go to the hospital!” Wu Helian said quietly, but to everyone present.

Halfway through the meal, the two left in a hurry, leaving only three.Q

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