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Chapter 144 Anniversary Celebration

lot of sick.

Because it is an unqualified little dog in German animal husbandry, his constitution is also much weaker.

In the pet hospital, Gu Xiaochen and Wu Helian have been with them. Gu Xiaochen was very uneasy, staying beside Duoduo motionless. A lot of lying on the cart, the little body was pitiful. Gu Xiaochen suddenly thought of the two fishes called Ahe and Chenchen. She was afraid of death, afraid of leaving, afraid of all this.

Duoduo is more than just a dog, it is a tie between them.

After the water was simply hung up, the doctor told them that there was no big deal, but just be extra careful when taking care of it.

Gu Xiaochen was relieved and thanked again, picked up Duoduo and Wu Helian and left the hospital.

When the car drove back to the Spring Garden, Wu Helian glanced at her from time to time. Gu Xiaochen cautiously hugged Duoduo, his nervous expression seemed to be afraid of what he did not want to lose. Jian Mei frowned, he calmed

down calmly , “Duo Duo will be fine .” Gu Xiaochen turned to look at him and nodded solemnly.

Gu Xiaochen had to go to work during the day, and Wu Helian also had to go to work with Wu Shi, and naturally took care of a lot of things to Yu Mei. Yu Mei said unhappy, but she took care of it carefully. When Yu Mei went to the bar at night, Gu Xiaochen and Wu Helian would come to take care of Duoduo, as if the nurses were taking turns.

Seeing a lot of healthy growth every day, no longer need to hang water and injection, Gu Xiaochen’s mood is gradually brighter.

Duoduo was originally lazy, even indifferent, and ignored everyone. After a long time, many of them began to get acquainted with the three of them. Especially Gu Xiaochen. As long as I saw Gu Xiaochen, and smelled her smell, I ran up to her, and rubbed her legs, whining, and shaking her tail flatteringly.

Even Yu Mei and Wu Helian are not as good as Gu Xiaochen. A lot of people love Gu Xiaochen.

“It knows that you will give it to it, and of course I like you the most.” According to Yu Mei’s words, she thinks so.

Oh, yes, Gu Xiaochen is so good for Duo Dao it doesn’t look like a dog. Many times, she regards Duoduo as a baby and always gives it the best. The weak little guy thrived slowly, started jumping and jumping, and began to bite the sofa and grind his teeth. Yu Mei’s shoes were always taken away by it, so she changed her shoes four times a week.

No, Yu Mei just went out and took her shoes and put them in the entrance. Suddenly thought that something was not taken, he ran into the bedroom to get it again. Duoduo ran out at this time, and Fangdian Fangdian picked up a pair of high-heeled shoes and bite into the small nest for collection. When Yu Mei turned back, there was only one shoe left.

Yu Mei was going crazy and shouted helplessly, “Xiao Chen! I really want to strangle the dog! This is already the fifth pair of shoes this week! I don’t want to buy any more shoes!”

Gu Xiaochen wore an apron from the kitchen Li Duo shouted, “Duo Duo!”

Duo Duo heard the familiar shout and drilled out of the small nest cleverly with high heels. As if asking for merit, he walked to the kitchen and sat down.

Gu Xiaochen wiped his hands, squatted in front of Duoduo, and taught, “DuoDuo! Aunt Diamei’s shoes are not allowed in the future! Why are you so disobedient?” Duoduo opened her

eyes and shook her tail.

Gu Xiaochen took off the shoes and walked to Yu Mei. “Duo Duo said that it won’t be in the future!”

“It’s not strange!” Yu Mei said angrily, putting on her shoes. As soon as she opened the door, a tall figure stood outside the apartment, it was Wu Helian. Wu Helian took a step back and let her debut, Yu Mei went out. For Wu Helian’s daily report, Yu Mei also seems to be used to it.

“Wang!” Duo Duo yelled at Wu Helian and stuck to Gu Xiaochen’s feet.

“Ahe, you watch TV for a while.” Although Gu Xiaochen was talking to Wu Helian, his attention was focused on Duoduo. Pick up a lot, turn around and walk into the kitchen. She is cooking a lot, right next to it.

Wu Helian was somehow uncomfortable. Why did the dog suddenly become obscured?

Duoduo got out of the gap in the kitchen door and ran to drink water.

Wu Helian took the dog food on the coffee table and took a biscuit and shouted, “Duo Duo!”

Duo Duo turned his head and smelled the delicious food, and ran over. When it ran to his feet, he threw the cookies far away at once, and chased as many times as he could.

“Duo Duo!” he continued to take a cookie and Duo Duo ran to his feet again.

The biscuits were thrown far away again, and after a lot of turning around, they chased.

“Duo Duo!”

“Duo Duo!”

“Duo Duo!” After

so many times , it never stopped.

Gu Xiaochen finished cooking and opened the kitchen door. I only saw Wu Helian calling a lot, and throwing the cookies far away. She looked at this repeated scene with surprise, and said in surprise, “Ahe, what are you doing?”

“Doing exercise.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice, putting down the dog food.

Without the temptation of dog food, Duoduo stopped ignoring him and ran back to Xiaochen to stick to her.

Wu Helian took a cookie coldly and shouted again, “Duo Duo!”

But, Duo Duo ignored him.

Wu Helian stood up and hugged Gu Xiaochen, who was serving soup in the kitchen. Shen Sheng said, “Tomorrow evening, I will pick you up.”

Gu Xiaochen thought he would pick her up from work, and did not think much.

The next day after get off work, Wu Helian really came to pick her up. But who knows, he did not take her home, but took her to the dress shop. He stuffed her to the clerk in the dress shop. Gu Xiaochen was manipulated like a rag doll, and someone made her hair for her makeup. It took only an hour for Gu Xiaochen to appear in Wu Helian’s sight.

Wu Helian stared at the low-cut dress and said unpleasantly, “Change a dress! Also, you don’t need to remove your glasses!”

“Yes! Master Lian!”

So Gu Xiaochen changed the dress again, with a black fur gown. Perfect makeup, perfect dress, everything is perfect. It’s just that the glasses are really bad, completely covering up the beauty, and it’s a little funny. But Wu Helian didn’t care and took her out of the dress shop with satisfaction.

Gu Xiaochen shouted inexplicably, “Ah?”

Wu Helian still did not speak.

Until the car arrived at a five-star hotel, until Wu Helian took her on the red carpet, until the surrounding projected surprise. Gu Xiaochen awakened suddenly, so nervous that he could not.

God! Today turned out to be Wu’s 30th anniversary celebration!

Wu Shi’s 30th anniversary celebration, in addition to the participation of Wu’s internal managerial staff, Wu Wu’s four major shareholders were also present. Naturally, Wu Jizong and Ji Yuehua, the chairman of course, also have to attend. At the same time, it also invited celebrities from all walks of life in Hong Kong, and guests from both political and business circles, which can be described as a gorgeous feast. Since the founding of Wu Jizong, Wu’s company has been developing rapidly for thirty years. From a small company to a large company with a complete system, the process is not easy.

Today’s Wood Company is already a leader in Hong Kong’s financial industry.

The banquet for the celebration covered the entire lobby and was magnificently decorated. The men and women who were invited to attend were all dressed brightly. Especially for women, this is more than just a banquet, it is more like a beautiful competition. Champagne and wine, beautiful women in Chinese costumes, chatting and laughing together in twos and threes.

At the corner of the banquet, Wu Jizong led his wife Ji Yuehua with Wu’s four shareholders.

At the entrance of the lobby, a touch of mellow figure enters.

Yao Yong’s heart flashed in a burgundy dress, her hair curled up high, and her ears were ruby, showing her noble temperament. I took a glass of champagne from the waiter’s tray and slowly walked towards the Wus.

“Uncle Wu, Aunt Wu, Uncle Li, Uncle Zhao, Uncle He, Uncle Qian.” Yao Yongxin shouted politely, respectfully.

“When did Yongxin return?” Ji Yuehua asked Yao Yongxin’s hand intimately.

Yao Yongxin replied with a smile, “I just came back today.”

“What does Yongxin do now?”

“Uncle He, I haven’t done anything recently to accompany mommy.”

“Your mommy is in good health ?” “Very


Yes .” Several people chatted homely, chatting and laughing.

Wu Jizong’s eyes glanced out of the lobby from time to time, as if he was looking around. Suddenly he looked up at the Swiss watch on his wrist, and his expression was slightly unpleasant.

“Uncle Wu, Lian will be here soon. Don’t worry.” Yao Yong glanced at his watch, placating.

Although Wu Helian has never liked attending such banquets, he will not be absent on important occasions, so Yao Yongxin is 100% confident in him. Yao Yongxin swept towards the banquet hall, and finally saw Yan Xudong, who was standing at another place and talking with several beautiful women.

Yao Yongxin walked over, “Hi.”

Yan Xudong turned his head and saw Yao Yongxin smiled at him, immediately perfuncing the beauties who were talking, “lost.”

Yan Xudong left a few beauties without attachment, and Yao Yongxin stepped aside.

“Alone? No female companion?” Yao Yongxin asked curiously, thinking that there was one of those beautiful women.

Yan Xudong raised his lips, but instead teased, “Aren’t you alone, without the police?”

“I wanted to bring it, but Jing Xin was busy.” Yao Yongxin pretended to sigh with his teasing.

“Mr. Lin came with Miss Lin.” Yan Xudong looked at the two people who were walking slowly from outside the hall, Shen Sheng said.

Lin Zhengfeng wanted to bring his daughter Lin Lan back to the UK, but because Wu’s 30th anniversary celebration was imminent, he did not return immediately. Lin Wu didn’t care about Wu Haoyang’s departure again. She only said that men should focus on career. She was not in a hurry to get married immediately. It was not too late to get married at the age of 26 or 7.

Yan Xudong whispered, “That Miss Lin is very fond of Haoyang.”

Yao Yongxin smiled, but just touched a glass with him and took a sip of champagne.

“Some things, you haven’t said it, be careful late.” Yan Xudong shook the glass lightly, and the liquid rolled in the glass.

Yao Yong was bored for a long while, and said softly, “Reluctantly not to come.”

But behind Lin’s father and daughter, they followed another couple. The man is handsome and calm, and has a bit of charm. The silver-rimmed glasses obscure the sharpness, and his unsmiling handsome face is a bit cold. The man came slowly with the glamorous woman, it was the Zhou Zhouze, the president of Zhou, and his female companion.

“Mr. Zhou!” As soon as Zhou Chengze arrived, someone slammed into it.

I want to come too, Zhou is now in full swing, of course, many people want to be close. Zhou Chengze and a few people laughed a few words, and went to the banquet owner Wu and his wife to have a face-to-face meeting. Yan Xudong and Yao Yongxin had no relationship with Zhou Chengze, only knowing that Wu had previously had business dealings with Zhou, that’s all.

The lively banquet, the guests are almost here.

But some people are still late.

Wu Jizong was a little anxious, and unpleasant emotions gradually appeared. Ji Yuehua comforted him, persuaded him to be patient and so on. It’s just that the ceremonial stand was right in front of the synagogue, and the ceremony was about to be held soon.

It was at this time that the two outside the hall were late.

Wu Helian, Wu’s current president, has finally arrived!

For a time, everyone’s eyes were focused on the two. The female companions around Wu Helian are mostly unknown to the guests. Just such a female companion, a little strange. Which woman would wear such big black-framed glasses at the banquet? Although her skin is Xue Xue, petite and meticulous, but this is too beautiful!

Gu Xiaochen took a deep breath, facing the attention of so many eyes, she tried to keep calm.

“Relax.” A low male voice rang in her ears, which made her more at ease.

Yan Xudong and Yao Yong looked at the two of them, and Zhou Chengze, with her female companion, also looked at the two. Gu Xiaochen was too late to pay attention to the others, and just wanted to walk meditation. Wu Helian led her to Wu Jizong and Ji Yuehua. Wu Jizong’s old face sank. He was originally displeased because of his late arrival, which made him even more angry.

Wu Jizong simply took the seat and ignored it.

Wu Helian ignored them and sat in the front row with Gu Xiaochen.

The ceremony officially began, and the hall suddenly dimmed. Only when the picture appeared on the screen, the master of ceremonies eloquently talked about the development of Wu Shi in the past 30 years. After nearly 20 minutes of speech, the master of ceremonies invited Chairman Wu Jizong to take the stage to give a speech.

Wu Jizong was invited to the stage by Miss Master of Ceremony. Facing the guests, he said quietly, “It is a great honor for you to be present during your busy schedule. Today, in addition to celebrating the 30th anniversary of Wu’s, I also want to announce one thing-mine The second son, Wu Helian and Miss Yao Yongxin will be engaged!”


“My second son, Wu Helian and Miss Yao Yongxin will be engaged!”

This statement made all the people present surprised and opened their eyes .

He wants to get engaged? with who? Which lady? The spotlight in the dark hall lit up two lights at the same time, illuminating Wu Helian and Yao Yongxin sitting next to Wu Helian in the front seat. The location arrangement is just right, originally the juniors sat on the side. It’s just the current situation, and I don’t know if it was intentional or coincidental.

Everyone looked away, and really saw the Miss Yao Yongxin.

Yao Yongxin, dressed in a burgundy dress, is noble and feminine, and has a style of everyone. She only needs one glance to know that she is from a famous family. Ruby is shining brightly under the light. And her dress and ruby earrings were selected by Mrs. Wu and sent by someone. Yao Yongxin kept a faint smile, but his heart was full of ups and downs, and his thoughts were confused.

Yan Xudong sat beside Yao Yong’s mind, and Yu Guang glanced at Gu Xiaochen, who was separated by two positions. There was too much darkness around him, and there was some distance. He couldn’t see clearly, but glanced at her side face vaguely, and there was a paleness in the darkness.

And Zhou Chengze in the back seat looked at this scene coldly, his condensed eyes suddenly narrowed a glare of light, his eyes fixed on a petite figure in front, as if there was hope. But the frantic thoughts that came around him made him frown, and who he intuitively defended.

“What does President He bring that woman to do?”

“Who knows, what a shame!”

Zhou Chengze heard the words, and turned back coldly to the two gossip women, spit out two words, “Shut up!”

Two The woman was stunned for a moment, stunned by his intimidation, and stopped talking.

Gu Xiaochen was stunned, and the whole person was very nervous since he just walked into the hotel. Hearing Chairman Wu announced that Wu Helian and Yao Yongxin were about to get engaged, now she can be said to be blank. When he was wandering, he felt that her hand was holding her hard, and she suddenly recovered.

Gu Xiaochen slowly turned his head to look, Wu Helian’s faint Junrong showed no emotion, and his eyes looked straight ahead.

It’s just that the two protagonists of the marriage didn’t mean to get up. Wu Helian and Yao Yong sat on the seat motionless.

Wu Jizong’s male voice was full of breath, and he talked eloquently, “We will tell you when the engagement date is fixed! I hope you will join us by then!”

Suddenly, the applause thundered.

After Chairman Wu’s speech was finished, Master of Ceremony also invited Wu Helian, President of Wu’s, to give a speech.

Gu Xiaochen looked at Wu Helian, who shone like a sun on the stage, and suddenly thought of what he had said before. It was more than a year ago. He said that he could give everything but the name. But she never imagined that his engagement object turned out to be Yao Yongxin! It happened so suddenly that people could not react.

The speech was over, the seat was withdrawn, and the banquet began again.

“Master Lian, please invite you to go alone.” The subordinate walked to Wu Helian and returned.

Wu Helian let go of Gu Xiaochen’s hand and whispered, “I’ll go when I go.”

Gu Xiaochen nodded his promise, standing alone in the corner looking at his leaving figure. But the gaze projected from time to time around her gave her the urge to leave again. There was a feeling of loneliness and helplessness. She didn’t even know what she was doing.

“Should it be Lian Ershao’s lover?

Not very good looking !” “I think so, I don’t know how to charm Lian Ershao!”

“Probably just for fun.” After

a ridicule, After a ridicule, Gu Xiaochen stepped back awkwardly with his lips pursed. Several women seem to be deliberately kept in front of Gu Xiaochen and made it clear that she was embarrassed.

And the next second, the displeased male voice shouted, “Spark off!”

The women were stunned, looking back to see Yan Xudong’s awe-inspiring, avoiding with interest. Zhou Chengze, who was just about to move forward, stopped, holding the glass tightly.

Yan Xudong looked down at Gu Xiaochen, and Shen Sheng asked, “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.” Gu Xiaochen shook his head, his voice still calm.

Yan Xudong tried to say something to appease, but found that he could not find it. At the end, I can only say a little, “Things may not be what you think.”

“Miss, the old man invites you to come.” Another subordinate walked back and forth.

Gu Xiaochen looked at the coming person and did not know what to do, but Yan Xudong said, “I will go with you.”

Yan Xudong accompanied Gu Xiaochen through the banquet hall and left under the curiosity of everyone. Zhou Chengze’s eyes followed.

Just out of the hall, but a middle-aged man came face to face, “Master Yan.”

Yan Xudong’s handsome face

lightly darkened , and his footsteps stopped, “Xiao Chen, you go first, I will be here soon.” Nothing else, but under the leadership of the subordinate, he finally came to a suite on a floor of the hotel. The subordinate knocked on the door and opened the door of the suite. A good carpet, high heels stepped on it to draw down the gravure. Gu Xiaochen walked in. As soon as his vision widened, he saw the two of them in the suite.

Wu Jizong and Wu Helian sat face to face, the atmosphere was very stalemate, mixed with a strong smell of gunpowder.

“The ceremony is over, I’ll go first.” Wu Helian frowned and walked up to Gu Xiaochen, pulling her hand and leaving.

Wu Jizong said, “You stop me! I will tell you now! This woman will never enter the door of the Wu family! Unless I die!”

“If you don’t enter, you won’t enter.” Wu Helian responded, still indifferent. Muzzle.

Wu Jizong was so anxious that he stood up and stomped his crutches hard. “You son! If Xiang Cheng is still there, I won’t care about you! Yongxin is the in-law Wu’s daughter-in-law! It’s not up to you!”

“I No plan to get married at all!” Wu Helian suddenly stood still and said back.

But this word entered Gu Xiaochen’s ear, but it had another meaning.

However, Wu Jizong seemed to recall something. Too many messy pictures flashed in front of him. The family’s happy and harmonious situation made him feel suffocated and could not disperse. The blood all over his body seemed to rush to his head. The sudden dizziness made his eyes dark and fell.

Gu Xiaochen was shocked, “Chairman!”

Wu Helian flew to Wu Jizong, Gu Xiaochen heard him shouting for the first time, “Dad!”

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