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Chapter 147 Rooting

dim street lights are surrounded by noisy cheers from the crowd. The snow for whom this makes the atmosphere beautiful. Gu Xiaochen stood in front of Wu Helian, so strong and stubborn, she stared at him staring blankly, her eyes blinking, always serious and quiet, like a grass that would not be defeated by anything, facing Xue proudly To grow.

Wu Helian looked at her, but the scene of that day suddenly appeared in her mind.

That was after the press conference, she made a siege for her friend. She raised her head in a hurry, and said that to him, explaining it in a humble manner. He noticed her, wearing black-rimmed glasses, wearing a rigid suit, with a shriveled body, little flesh, and a pale and terrible face, as if he had been chronically malnourished.

However, there was a sense of arrogance and perseverance.

When did this little grass grow slowly, suddenly became a big tree.

Wu Helian moved her lips, her sexy thin lips lightened up, but she never knew what to say. Wanting to hug her, she found that her hands were bound and unable to move.

Behind them, a few drunken men came slowly, cursing something vaguely.

“Why, who’s doing this stuff here! What’s the matter with Lao Tzu! Really he is disappointed!”

“Is he disappointed! Lost a vote, are they cheating?”

“Who knows! I copied the guy tomorrow to get to the bottom!” The

two rumblings walked up and down, swearing all the way. I saw two people standing under the street lamp in front of me. The man was too tall, and he was standing on his back, so he didn’t have a clear look. The woman is petite and petite, although not very eye-catching and outstanding, but also makes those two have the urge to ridicule.

I don’t know who whistled, and the unclean words spit out, “Chick, stand on the street?”

Gu Xiaochen tranced, but it was unknown. Stand on the street?

“How much is it for one night?” The man came closer and continued to spit.

Wu Helian ice turned his head with a cool face, and the movement was so scary that in the blink of an eye, he picked up the talking ruffian. Without saying a word, he punched him with a fist. Suddenly, Gu Xiaochen was shocked. Yu Mei also rushed out of the crowd, shouting anxiously, “What’s going on!”

Another diligent saw that his brother was beaten, and he was energetic. “Here, where are you from?” the

man said. , Rushing fiercely towards Wu Helian, the attitude will be against.

“Ahe!” Gu Xiaochen shouted in fear, fearing he might get injured.

The man’s fist was swiftly swayed towards Wu Helian, but he was not nervous at all, leaned back, and easily escaped. Then he grabbed the man’s hand with one hand and put a force on his wrist to directly cut off the opponent’s wrist. The man wailed, and the sharp cry made people startle. “Let go! Let go!”

The barman in the bar also rushed out, thinking that someone was making trouble.

Yu Mei guarded Gu Xiaochen, afraid she would be affected.

Wu Helian grabbed one person’s head with one hand, and slammed into each other. The two were dizzy by the violent impact, and their eyes became dark. He threw away one of them, threw it coldly onto the ground, and ignored it. While the other person was still squeezed by him, Sen said coldly, “Apologize to me!” The

man half closed his eyes, unable to tell the difference between southeast and northwest, and said vaguely, “I’m sorry…”

“Don’t talk!” Wu Helian drank.

“I’m sorry…”

“No sincerity!” He squinted, slamming his gritty head against the wall like a squint.

The man was hit like this, blood

flowed , begging for mercy, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry… Let me go…” The snowflakes were still flying, Wu Helian’s hazy, handsome face made Hanmao stand upright, and retreated three feet. Such fierceness is like venting and hatred. His eyes were deep, condensing the icy wind and snow, and the mist was dispersed, leaving only the inextricably intertwined lines, which touched Gu Xiaochen’s heart.

“He’s it!” The ruffian who was knocked to the ground climbed up hard, grabbed a small bottle of wine on the side of the ground while not paying attention, and rushed towards Wu Helian again.

“Ahe! Be careful!” Gu Xiaochen shouted in horror, dragged by Yu Mei.

Wu Helian turned around, and the wine bottle was already hitting his head. He immediately raised his other hand to stop it, the wine bottle directly hit his hand, the glass fragments cut his skin, cut a wound, plunged into his skin, and the wine splashed on his body, His face, his black hair. He lifted his leg directly, kicked towards the man, kicked him.

“Poof!” The man was kicked to the ground and spit out blood.

“Don’t fight! Be careful about things!” Yu Mei shouted and turned back to call the bartender.

The bartenders rushed up and rescued the local ruffian from Wu Helian.

“Go! Don’t show up again!” The two were beaten up with blood and hugged and walked away together.

“Ahe! Ahe!” Gu Xiaochen panicked, Yu Mei saw that there would be no accident, and then let go.

Gu Xiaochen ran to Wu Helian, staring anxiously at him to see if he was injured. His right hand was pierced with small fragments of glass, and blood mixed with wine, which looked terrible. The shards of glass seemed to penetrate into her heart, making her red eyes sad.

“Does it hurt? Shall I take you to the hospital? Or disinfect first?” Gu Xiaochen panicked, her little face in the snow could not hide her anxiety.

Wu Helian hugged her, and said with a deep voice, “Small injuries, it doesn’t hurt at all. Don’t worry.”

“Ahe, you deceived! Deceived! Deceived!”

“I deceived you, worth it! Wu Helian smiled deeply and said with a ruff.

Snow fell one by one, as if there would be no end.

It was so sudden that he suddenly realized that the grass had grown into a big tree, but he slowly planted it in his heart.

Grounded and rooted.

Wu Helian suddenly fought with two ruffians and beat each other to flee . She was also calculated . Her right hand had broken glass, and the liquid and blood mixed together, making the wound sticky. And he held Gu Xiaochen tightly and staged sensational drama in front of everyone. The white snowflakes fall and fall one after another, and this moment freezes into a beautiful picture.

The excitement is gone, and the snow is still going underground.

The bartenders all walked into the bar, and some guests walked in one after another. There are only a few girls looking forward to romance, enjoying the snow scene with their boyfriends or companions.

“Okay, don’t be numb! Go to the hospital to deal with the wound, the inflammation will not be good!” Yu Mei smoked a cigarette with her hand on her chest, her long curly hair pulled softly to the side, and the delicate and enchanting face blurred the rhythm under the light. Raised the corners of lips slightly.

Yu Mei looked away and walked back to the bar, leaving only the two of them.

Gu Xiaochen suddenly recovered, supported Wu Helian, looked up at him and said anxiously, “Ahe, let’s go to the hospital.”

Wu Helian did not refuse, just let her help him. Because of his right hand injury, Gu Xiaochen refused to continue driving and simply drove to the nearby hospital. She still remembers that he took her to the hospital for the first time to see her foot injury. Obviously took her to see it, but awkwardly found a reason for her to take out her ID card, even under the pretext of job needs.

At this moment, Gu Xiaochen stood in the surgery room and looked at him silently, and suddenly there was a feeling of time passing by.

It seems that he has never been to the hospital, even minor problems, and his health is really good.

The only time I said it was toothache and long wisdom teeth, but I refused to come to the hospital.

“It’s no big deal. I’ll prescribe some medicine for the nurse to treat the wound.” The old doctor checked the wound, immediately opened the bill, and then transferred to the next office.

“You must have been fighting someone with this injury? Don’t young people always use force to solve problems. Sit down and say something, what can’t be solved? A few days ago, two young people were fighting because of a little thing. It’s not worth the blood in my head!” The nurse is a middle-aged woman. While sterilizing him, he eagerly urged and urged.

Wu Helian rarely sat on the chair obediently, but did not refute.

“Little girl, you are his girlfriend. Your boyfriend looks so good, it’s not good to fight all day long.” The nurse said funny, Gu Xiaochen blushed.

“Well, I know. He won’t let him fight in the future.” Gu Xiaochen said softly while holding his coat jacket.

After finishing the wound in the hospital, Gu Xiaochen sent Wu Helian back to Yinshen’s apartment.

In fact, Gu Xiaochen’s apartment has not been here for a long time. Wu Helian goes to her report every day, she doesn’t use it. As soon as the door opened, icy air hit. She pressed the switch, and the apartment was transparent and bright. On the shoe rack of the porch, the two pairs of slippers are still displayed, the checkered pattern, or the slippers she bought earlier.

Gu Xiaochen was slightly startled, and then changed his shoes to the living room.

Wu Helian walked down on the sofa and said with a deep voice, “Morning, I will take a bath.”

“I will give you bath water.” Gu Xiaochen responded and began to stretch out for him.

It’s just the checkered pillows on the sofa, the bed sheets, quilt covers, pillows in the bedroom, the towels, shampoo, shower gel in the bathroom. It was all the way she left when she left, and it hasn’t changed. Gu Xiaochen even affirmed that the apartment next door was still filled with the endless suit, the ring he had bought when he was mad, and the pair of Paris crystal shoes.

Gu Xiaochen walked out of the bathroom, but saw his right hand still wrapped in gauze.

How should he wash his hair? It seems inconvenient.

Gu Xiaochen simply put a chair into the bathroom, and then shouted at him, “Ahe, the water is

drained , you come.” Wu Helian stood up and walked outside the bathroom leaning on the door and asked interestfully, ” Will you wash it for me?”

Gu Xiaochen touched the head of the shower with water in one hand to try the water temperature, while holding the towel in the other, “Sit down quickly.”

“Sit?” Wu Helian raised her eyebrows and suddenly didn’t understand.

Trying to keep the water temperature close, Gu Xiaochen turned his head to look at him, like he was treating a child, “Come and sit!”

Wu Helian took a step towards her, she patted him on the shoulder, and he sat down reluctantly. Suspiciously, she asked him to bow his head and leaned towards the bathtub. The next second, her soft little hand touched his hair. The shower head was caught in one hand. The warm water wetted the hair. He stunned and heard the sound of flowing water.

Gu Xiaochen pressed the shampoo in his palm and tried to squeeze Li Dao and asked, “Is it too heavy?”

Wu Helian said in a muffled voice, “No. ” Rubbing

into a rich foam, Gu Xiao Chen shampooed him with a moderate strength Kneading his head, it was like Lin Fen shampooing her hair when she was a child, chatting casually, “When I was a child, my hair was very long, and my hair was always knotted and combed, and my mother would wash it for me. Ahe , Has anyone washed your head?” The

warm water slowly rinsed the foam, but Wu Helian’s thoughts began to wander.

He hadn’t spoken all the time, and his lips seemed to be unwilling to remember. But the memory is the wind that cannot be swayed, and he is engulfed in all directions. Who is that Li Rong, vaguely but clearly emerged, dangling in front of his eyes, has been entangled in him and refused to let him go. Even if you close your eyes, you will never forget.

She said with a smile: Lian’s hair is so dark, as beautiful as her mother’s.

She always laughed, even when she left.

But how could she smile and say that kind of words, turned around and walked away without looking back.

Gu Xiaochen saw that he was not responding, and said, “Is there no one? Then I am the first one!”

Turning off the shower head, Gu Xiaochen took a dry towel to dry his hair and wiped his hair, she He smiled and said, “Ahe, your hair is so dark and beautiful.”

“Stop talking!” Wu Helian suddenly said.

Gu Xiaochen was so stunned by him that the whole person was stunned and murmured, “Ahhh…”

“I told you to stop talking!” He shouted sharply, and Gu Xiaochen looked blank. And he realized his abnormality and calmed down instantly. I saw that she was still holding a towel and stood staring at herself staring. He reached out and stroked her face, and touched her face with his finger, “Chen Chen, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have blamed you…”

And in Gu Xiaochen’s eyes, his cold, indifferent handsome face felt a little helpless. His words fell into his ears, and those three words touched her heart, making her frown. From the beginning to the present, when did he say the three words “I’m sorry”? But now he said it, why did he say it, why let her stop talking?

Gu Xiaochen stretched out his hand and overlaid his hand, his big hand was always so warm, let her nostalgia, and murmured, “Ah, what’s the matter with you?”

Wu Helian stared at her staring blankly, and lost her mind for a moment, reminding him of what . He lowered his hand gently, but her cold temperature remained on the back of his hand and said nothing.

Wu Helian turned and walked out of the bathroom, Gu Xiaochen looked at him in surprise, then chased. She watched him walk to the living room and sit down. Her steps stopped, and she walked slowly towards him. With a towel in her hand, she squatted in front of him, continued to wipe his hair for him, and looked at him silently, but she didn’t say a word.

Surrounded by loneliness, Wu Helian suddenly said, “She washed my head for me.”

The motion of wiping her hair stopped slightly, Gu Xiaochen thought carefully and asked carefully, “Your…Mom?”

About his mother, Gu Xiaochen was almost nothing. All I know is that she has passed away. He was standing in the elevator that day, and she was standing outside the elevator, holding her tight at once and telling her not to move. Gu Xiaochen’s memory was so fresh that he couldn’t forget it. Only later did I know the truth, and I guess that day might be the day of his mother’s death.

“She must love you very much.” Gu Xiaochen softened his expression and gently wiped his semi-wet black hair.

“I don’t know.” Wu Helian lowered her head and said quietly for a while. His eyes were a little loose, and the sporadic memory suddenly appeared, and her appearance was blurred and vivid again. She has long black hair and slightly curled her eyes when she smiled. She likes to hold his hand. The fragrance on her body has the smell of sunlight.

She proudly said: Lian, it seems to grow taller again today, and will definitely be taller than her mother in the future.

She said angrily: Wu Helian! Why fight with others? Didn’t mom say no fights?

She said happily: Lian is awesome, the teacher praised you to mother again today!

She said a lot, so much, so much.

But the last sentence has only three words-sorry.

He hated these three words, and he always hated them. Why didn’t she say something else, she had to say those three words.

Wu Helian’s eyes fell blankly on the floor, Gu Xiaochen put down the towel, stretched out his hands to hold his handsome face, and let him look at himself. She smiled calmly and made people feel at ease. She looked straight into his heart with clear eyes, and told him so seriously, “Ahe, without a mother, you will not love your child.”

Wu Helian sounded low and hoarse, ” Too late, stay and sleep.”

Gu Xiaochen did not refuse, nodded.

Embracing a good night’s sleep, it is rare for him to be so peaceful. But when he woke up in the morning, Gu Xiaochen was awakened by someone’s hot kiss. Wu Helian pecked and kissed her neck, intentionally waking her up. She opened her eyes in contempt, and his eyes reflected his handsome look. Glancing at the time, thinking about going to work, she pushed him, but he continued, mumbling, “Let’s be late together.”

“Oh!” Gu Xiaochen whispered, and itchy.


Go to work at nine, but Gu Xiaochen didn’t arrive at the company at ten thirty.

Being late was a rare thing for her. And the reason for being late today is really difficult for her to speak, even if it is sweet blushing heartbeat. Colleagues jokingly said it was time for lunch, she nodded embarrassedly. Going to the manager’s office to apologize, the manager didn’t say much. According to the old rules, this month’s full attendance award is gone.

On ICQ, Gu Xiaochen complained casually: The result of being late is that there is no full attendance award.

Meat bones replied: Oh.

She also said: Go to the hospital at night.

The bones returned another word: um.

Although Wu Jizong’s condition is steadily controlled, I am afraid that due to his state of mind, he has not recovered much. They also eat less and don’t talk much. Ji Yuehua was there to accompany and take care of him. He knew his temper and would not speak when he refused to speak. She was holding a fruit knife and sharpening apples, glancing at the door from time to time.

Finally, the door of the room was gently knocked and opened.

Ji Yuehua looked at the coming person, and really saw Wu Helian’s figure flashing, she seemed relieved. Just looking at his right hand, he asked in surprise, “Lian, what’s wrong with your hand?”

Wu Helian nodded slightly at her, “It’s okay.”

Wu Jizong lying on the hospital bed with a narrow squint, glanced at him, but nothing. Say.

“Master, let’s eat apples.” Ji Yuehua approached him and cut the apples into small pieces to feed him. It’s just that the apple was completely eaten for the first time, and there was no bite left.

Lin Zhengfeng also came to visit with Lin Lan, “Brother Wu! Is your body better? Wu Sister, you have worked hard these days!”

“Uncle Wu, Aunt Wu.” Lin Lan shouted obediently.

“Xiao Lan, sit down.”

Wu Jizong and Lin Zhengfeng talked for a while. Lin Zhengfeng was about the time, so he left, and said before leaving, “Brother Wu, I will go back to the plane tomorrow and come and tell you. You just Take good care of your body, and don’t worry too much about the company’s affairs. It’s all young people now.”

“Wu Er, come and play when you have time.” Lin Zhengfeng laughed, Wu Helian said “en”.

As soon as Lin Zhengfeng and Lin Lan stepped out of the ward, the phone rang.

Lin Zhengfeng took out his mobile phone and picked it up. He heard the subordinate Shen Sheng from the phone report, “Master, my wife has come to Hong Kong.”

“When did you arrive?” The

subordinate replied, “Half an hour ago.”

“Do you know she went? Where?” Lin Zhengfeng asked with a frown.

“Master, my lady didn’t say. She only asked her subordinate to tell the master to go to you after a while.” The subordinate said respectfully, and Lin Zhengfeng hung up the phone.

“Dad? What’s wrong?” Lin Lan asked him with a dignified look.

Lin Zhengfeng smiled and patted her on the shoulder, “Dad has something to do, you take the car back to the hotel to rest.”

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