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Chapter 150 How to love him

Wu Helian in a coma was transferred to the intensive care unit.

Wu Jizong was originally in the recovery stage, so this night was thrilling and unavoidable. Simply transferred to this hospital and continued to stay. Ji Yuehua, accompanied by Yao Yongxin, went home to rest. While Wu Haoyang stayed in care, he bought some food and put it down, only to see Gu Xiaochen sitting in a chair, motionless.

After crying, Gu Xiaochen became more and more quiet. She usually didn’t talk much, and now she was more lonely.

Gu Xiaochen has been looking at Wu Helian, her hand has been holding his hand tightly.

Wu Haoyang glanced at her and quietly exited the ward, leaving the space for both of them.

Wu Helian seemed to be at ease, even if she was restless in a lethargy. Wearing an oxygen mask, he exhaled a large amount of white gas when breathing. His handsome face is also full of scars left after the fight. The head is wrapped with gauze, but the two swordsbrows are not weakened, and they are arrogantly wrinkled together, giving people the urge to heal.

Gu Xiaochen reached out and touched his eyebrow.

After the effectiveness of the anesthetic, Wu Helian woke up with pain in her body. Long eyelashes twitched, but he didn’t have the strength to open his eyes. There was a faint dim light flashing in front of him. Who else’s hand, cold hand, caressed his brow. Wu Helian opened her eyes hard and closed again, but glanced at the quiet beauty in an instant.

“Ahe.” The female voice that sounded in the ear was also somewhat unreal. “Is it sad?” It

felt that her hand was holding his big hand, Wu Helian gave it a light shake and shook her head slightly.

“How could it not be sad? It must be sad…” Gu Xiaochen was so painful that his heart was breaking away, but he seemed to have no pain nerves, and he trancely heard that his low male voice sounded as if there was no faint sound, but he had never been depressed. And annoyed, abrupt words, “The most sad thing is… three lives…”

Gu Xiaochen was startled, but confused.

What three lives?

Wu Helian closed her eyes tightly and slept tiredly, but the confusion in Gu Xiaochen’s heart was unsolved.

The nurse knocked on the door and checked the patient’s condition every hour as usual. Gu Xiaochen had to retreat. Wu Haoyang was sitting on a bench outside the cloister, closing his eyes and raising his mind. Only the sound of footsteps sounded, feeling someone approaching, he opened his eyes and looked at the coming person, but saw Gu Xiaochen standing in front of him.

“Can I ask you something?” Gu Xiaochen thought and thought, and after all he could not help speaking.

Wu Haoyang moved a seat, and Shen Sheng said, “

Look up at the neck to see people sad.” Gu Xiaochen knew his temper and was grateful for his kindness. She sat down next to him, looking at the ward and asked softly, “I want to know about three lives.”

This was the first time Gu Xiaochen asked about Wu Helian and asked his relatives. Just because he heard him say the three most sad words, she found that she was so blind to him. Urgently want to know, want to understand his past, his sadness, he never tells people things.

Wu Haoyang stunned, and didn’t seem to expect that she would ask this, his expression was slightly irritable. He took out the cigarette to smoke, but glanced at the no-smoking sign on the wall and stopped. After shaking hands silently for a long time, he said, “That was a few years ago. In fact, I can’t blame him, because he was also the victim of the car accident and lay in the hospital for three months. The doctors said He may not be able to walk down the ground in his life, but he still stood up.”

“But some people just walked away.” Wu Haoyang’s voice was leisurely, as if coming from a distant time and space, “Brother, sister-in-law, still There were children, and they all left in a car accident. They went to travel by car that day, because the company had a very important meeting the next day, so the eldest brother rushed back overnight.”

Wu Haoyang said in a very plain tone, but the tremor leaked Sadness.

“It was the car he drove that night.” Gu Xiaochen said in his words, suddenly thinking of everything before, why he would take over Wu Shi a few years ago, why he said Wu Shi will never collapse, even why his taste is almost None. But why should he bear it? He is not a god!

Wu Haoyang nodded and turned his head to see that the subordinates at the end of the corridor helped Wu Jizong walk slowly.

Wu Jizong only slept for a while, stubbornly came to look at the situation, and from afar saw what the two were sitting on and talking about. When he came closer, he said to Gu Xiaochen, “You can go now! Remember what you said!”

“Dad!” Wu Haoyang shouted, Wu Jizong overshadowed him, “You shut me up!”

Gu Xiaochen’s His body stiffened and he stood up for a long while.

She turned to Xiang Wu Jizong and looked at him softly, “I’m sorry…I know I shouldn’t say this, and I also know that I’m not qualified to say this. But, he didn’t want that accident.”

“I don’t need you Preach!” Wu Jizong listened to her words, suddenly excited.

“Is he dead, is this an atonement?” Gu Xiaochen said quietly, and Wu Jizong was stunned.

Xu Shi touched her heart, Xu was annoyed, Wu Jizong took a cane and would hit her, but what he thought of, his hand stopped in the air, Wu Haoyang strode forward to dissuade, “Gu Xiaochen! You go back first! Let’s take care of it!”

“He doesn’t take care of himself very much. He usually works, eats very little, and likes to drink black coffee. Someone is accompanied, although sometimes it is too noisy, to live in an apartment, but there is no So free and cheerful. He always does not bring the key every time he returns home. In fact, he doesn’t like no one to open the door for him. He doesn’t like to talk, but you just say whatever you want, and he remembers it at once. Especially he thinks Very important person, like you, he must remember very well what you say. So don’t always say what makes him sad, he is just a child in front of you.” Gu Xiaochen said incoherently, he didn’t even know what he was saying. Something said, so messy.

After finishing his words, Gu Xiaochen looked deeply at Wu Helian in the eye ward and took a hard step away.

He left the hospital at five o’clock in the morning, and the oncoming wind was so cold.

Gu Xiaochen stood on the streets of Cheshui Malong, and suddenly there was a grief, but he didn’t know how to love him.

RVs traversed in the dark, with wide highways on both sides.

There is no moon this night, the stars are dimmed.

Embracing a man and a woman, they were sleeping in the back seat.

The man is very handsome, with a pair of glasses on the nose bridge, the facial features are three-dimensional and straight, looks gentle and restrained, even in sleep, the corners of the mouth are slightly raised, looking very happy. And in his arms, a woman with medium and long hair, she has a standard face of melon seeds, beautiful looks, slender hands, held tightly by the man’s big hand.

The lights outside the car window skipped at once, and the light and shadow projected hit the two people’s faces, but it was a warm picture.

The child sleeping on the seat opposite the man and woman suddenly rubbed his eyes and woke up.

The blanket fell to the ground, and the little boy looked at the man and the woman with big eyes. He is completely a copy of a man and a woman, wondering if it is their son. The little boy woke up and crawled up cleverly. He looked at the man who was driving in the driver’s seat mischievously.

“Uncle Lian,” the little boy shouted coquettishly.

The man glanced up at the mirror, his charming face showing affection.

“Uncle Lian, is it fun to drive? When will we get home, Uncle Lian? Grandpa and grandma must miss me! Isn’t dad going to work tomorrow? But aren’t we traveling? Why go back so quickly?” The rear seat climbed to the front seat, and a small mouth kept asking questions.

The man glanced sideways at him, “You are going to elementary school as soon as the summer vacation is over.”

“Ah? I don’t want to go to elementary school! My mother said, when you go to school, you have to listen to the teacher and study! Although there are many children , But it’s boring to sit in the classroom all day!” said the little boy, annoyed, sitting on the chair with his legs crossed, looking sideways at him, seeing that he was driving in a chic posture, he was eager to try, and he was up for fun , Stretched out his little hand and started to make trouble, “Uncle Lian, I want to drive too!”

“Siyuan! Don’t make trouble!”

“Not good, I have to drive too!” The little boy shouted unwillingly, stood up naughtily, and walked towards him.

The man was shocked, just afraid he would bump and fall, paying attention to the front and protecting him again. Suddenly, a car came around the corner and forced him to hit the steering wheel. The little boy screamed and fell back. The man hurriedly reached out and grabbed him, not letting him hit the window. But the steering wheel took off, and as soon as he looked up, a large container truck was ahead, and the lights were dazzling.

In an instant, only heard the violent impact sound resounding through the sky.


next day, a headline was published in the corner of the newspaper-

at 1 am today, a traffic accident occurred on the A5 highway, and a large container truck collided with a private RV. The truck driver died on the spot. There were four people in the private RV. After being sent to the hospital for rescue, three were killed and one injured.


“Drip-drop -” The infusion tube is infusion.

The shocking blood, the whole world is blood, the blood is entangled with him, and the blood in his mind continues to appear, and Wu Helian, who has been sleeping on the hospital bed for two days and two nights, finally wakes up in wonder. The sunlight was a bit harsh, making him narrow his eyes, and his consciousness was a little unclear. He muttered silently, as if sorting his thoughts.

The Wu family waited for two days in turn to see him awake, finally relieved.

“Doctor! Call the doctor!” Wu Haoyang shouted immediately.

The doctor and nurse rushed to the examination immediately. The doctor told everyone that Wu Helian’s body was still very weak, with excessive blood loss, and many soft tissue contusions and fractures in the whole body were beaten by iron bars, and the brain was also beaten, so it was necessary to do Further observation, so as not to leave any sequelae. But he has a good foundation and I believe there is no problem.

After the doctor left, Ji Yuehua stepped forward and said, “Lian, what do you want to eat? I’ll do it for you!”

“Don’t worry about the company’s affairs, leave it to me for the time being. But wait for you, I want to give it back to you! Don’t think about letting go! You should get better soon! I’m busy in France too!” Wu Haoyang urged A few words, even if he was urging him to take over the company, it was hard to conceal his concerns.

“Lian, are you uncomfortable?” Yao Yongxin stepped forward and asked him when he saw him silently.

Although Wu Helian usually didn’t talk much, but she lay down for two days before waking up. Everyone really thought he was unwell. After all, he was not injured before. Wu Jizong sat on the sofa with crutches on his side and looked up at him, only to see that he was pale and expressionless. He stretched his face and wanted to say something, but he just didn’t hold his breath.


Wu Helian finally recovered, his eyes glanced at everyone, tense faces, but felt lost because he didn’t see anyone. His voice was hoarse and asked, “What about her?”

“Xiaochen is fine, don’t worry!” Yao Yongxin said softly.

When he heard him, he asked the woman, and Wu Jizong got up and yelled, “I tell you, that woman has gone! She said, she will never see you again! You and her are impossible! You will give me this time Stay in the hospital and get sick, don’t give me

anywhere !” Wu Helian was silent, and there was a chirping sound in his ear. He didn’t seem to hear anything. Xu Shi learned that she was safe, and he was finally relieved.

“Master, let Lian rest first, and you have a good rest too. Haoyang, you go to the company. Yongxin, you and me go back to make some food and deliver it.”

A group of people retreated, but they ran into Yan Xudong. He was wearing a blue striped medical gown and his arms were fixed around gauze, and he was also injured. When Yan Xudong learned that Wu Helian was awake, he immediately rushed to visit him and met with the Wu family and others. He entered the ward. The two brothers and brothers meet, just smile.

Yan Xudong lit a cigarette for Wu Helian and smoked one.

“It’s hurt, go find her.” Yan Xudong said indifferently, “good to her, she is worth it.”

Wu Helian’s indifferent handsome face is very indifferent and spit out two words, “More.”

Yan Xudong’s injury was not as serious as Wu Helian’s, and she was discharged after a few days.

Yu Mei saw him, and hurriedly got up, “I said that you are not hurt, what are you doing here?”

“I stay at home all day, and I will rust.” Yan Xudong smiled and sat down beside her .

“Rusty? Are you a robot?” Yu Mei asked with raised eyebrow.

“Cup of brandy.” Yan Xudong just started and was immediately stopped by Yu Mei. “What kind of wine do you drink?”

Yu Mei ordered someone to buy the good tea and moved to the office to make tea. Yan Xudong can’t help but laugh at her, but she is the owner of the bar. Yu Mei ignored him and handed him tea for him. The two nagged for a long time, but Yu Mei found that he didn’t mention Gu Xiaochen in words, and he couldn’t help wondering.

Yu Mei thought, and said, “Xiao Chen has something to do today. She doesn’t come to the bar.”

Yan Xudong’s hand holding the tea cup froze slightly, but Jun Rong didn’t change a bit. “I didn’t come to Xiao Chen. “

Yu Mei shifted her gaze and didn’t look at him. Her fingers lightly touched the remote control and pressed them key by key.” Suddenly he couldn’t hold back and said lightly, “Maybe there is still a chance, if you speak now.”

“No need. As long as she is happy, he can treat her well, I don’t need any chance.” Yan Xudong said with a low voice Looking at the brown liquid in the teacup. Actually, it’s ridiculous to think about it. He has any chance and position. If, if you did not care about everything at the time, there was no such hesitation, then is it… unfortunately there is no more.

Yu Mei turned on the TV and tuned the program channel boringly.

Yan Xudong’s mobile phone suddenly rang, and Yu Mei turned down the volume without any trace. Yan Xudong took out her mobile phone and looked at a series of strange numbers. He did not deliberately avoid anything, and connected the phone. Just the female voice that rang over the phone surprised him, “Xudong, where are you now?”

Yan Xudong was dumbfounded, and then shouted, “Mom? Why are you here?”

“Mom knows what happened to you and you don’t have to hide it anymore. Your father is very angry, I secretly concealed him If you come to Hong Kong, you will return to Canada tomorrow morning by plane. You come to my mother’s hotel, yes, and bring the girl you like to my mother to see, the hotel is…” The woman reported the name of the hotel, Before he responded, he said, “Mom is running out of time, hurry up.” The

phone was hung up suddenly, and Yan Xudong’s eyes widened in amazement.

Yu Mei asked confusedly, “What’s wrong?”

Yan Xudong frowned, and he knew his mother’s temper. I’m afraid she won’t see anyone, maybe what will happen. Yan Xudong was a little bit wrong, holding his phone and looking up at Yu Mei, Shen Sheng said, “Are you free? Come with me to see someone, and make a cameo.”

Yu Mei said in surprise, “Wouldn’t let me go see Your mother?”

“Really smart.” Yan Xudong smiled.

Yu Mei never thought that she would meet other people’s parents one day. She hadn’t even seen Gu Xiaochen’s mother. After Yan Xudong’s repeated pleading, she went on a guest show. Just before going, she deliberately went home and changed her head. When Yan Xudong did not go upstairs, she sat in the car and waited.

But for how long, a slim figure came out of the community.

Yan Xudong looked sideways. The girl was wearing a pink coat and looked obediently. Her long curly hair spread softly over her shoulders. She had a delicate and refined face, no makeup, a pretty nose, bright eyes and a slight red lips smile, but the smile made him feel inexplicably familiar.

Even more miraculously, the girl came straight toward him.

Open the door and drill in.

Yan Xudong suspiciously, the girl turned her head and smiled, “Let’s go!”

This voice… Yan Xudong was shocked, murmured the name, “Yu Mei?”


The city in the night is full of lights.

On the third floor of the Zhou Family Villa, Lin Fen and Gu Xiaochen sat side by side in the room.

Lin Fen’s complexion looks very bad, even if she wears light makeup, she can’t hide her haggard. The heating was very high, and a humidifier was provided. Lin Fen was wearing thick clothes. She seemed to be afraid of the cold. Gu Xiaochen held her hand, stared at her face and looked at it again and again, “Mom, why is your face so bad? Is it uncomfortable?”

“Mom is fine.” Lin Fen patted her hand and looked at The well-behaved Gu Xiaochen whispered, “What about you?”

Regarding Wu Helian’s fiancee, although there was no exposure in the outside media, the wind spread throughout the circle.

Zhou Yaru told her about it.

Gu Xiaochen listened to her saying that she naturally understood what she meant, and she shook her head, “I’m fine.”

“Wu’s 30th anniversary celebration, Chairman Wu announced his marriage, he will get married sooner or later, you won’t have As a result, my mother doesn’t want you to have any involvement with him again. Don’t see him again or have any contact with him in the future! Recently, you don’t have to go to work anymore. The company will resign.”

“In fact, my mother didn’t agree with you before . Chengze, because my mother thinks that your uncle Zhou can’t pass it. But now, your uncle Zhou has passed the pass here, and he doesn’t object. Mom always thinks that Chengze’s child is good, do you think about it? Mom will go one day Yes, I hope to see you have a home earlier.”

Lin Fen persuaded softly, “You listen to my mother, OK?” Gu Xiaochen has been silent. In fact, she knows about the kidnapping, Zhou Chengze must have concealed.

The door of the room was suddenly pushed open, and Zhou Yaru broke in.

Zhou Yaru grabbed a special edition newspaper in her hand, she shouted at Gu Xiaochen, “Gu Xiaochen! You are so terrible! You look at this newspaper!”

Zhou Yaru threw that newspaper to Gu Xiaochen, the two looked down, only See the large report on the newspaper page-

Piano Prince Lu Shiyan won the twelfth Warsaw Chopin Piano Competition, and will perform the premiere in the Hong Kong Cultural Center Concert Hall in collaboration with Ante Watts of the Mexican Symphony Orchestra.

It is reported that the piano prince will confess to his beloved girl!

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