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Chapter 151 The Prince of Piano

“Gu Xiaochen, did you see that? The piano prince Lu Shiyan is going to perform in Hong Kong, and he will confess to his beloved girl!” Zhou Yaru pointed at the headline of the newspaper and looked down at her.

Zhou Yaru knew the situation at that time. Zhou Chengze had disregarded their opposition and insisted on marrying Gu Xiaochen.

However, Gu Xiaochen appeared with a man afterwards, and that man was also from the beginning. He was Lu Shiyan, Chairman Lu’s son. Although Zhou Yaru does not do business, but also knows Lu Zhen’s name, he is also very prestigious in Hong Kong. It is said that he is such a son, and he loves him more.

Facing the pressure from both sides, Zhou Chengze was forced to resign, and had to leave the engagement.

Zhou Yaru remembered the grievances of his older brother Zhou Chengze, and then thought that his father was also angry at the country for this treatment, plus Sister Bai Hui was sad and canceled the marriage contract. The Zhou family was once more aggravated by the pressure of public opinion. She was also mocked and ridiculed in the circle, and became the object of others’ pointing. Zhou Yaru was even more dissatisfied with the thought of all these.

“Gu Xiaochen!” Zhou Yaru said angrily, “Aunt Fen! You don’t know her…”

“Yaru! What are you talking about!” The door was not closed. Zhou Chengze walked in the corridor and heard her yelling, hurriedly speeding up her pace Run into the room and shout loudly.

Zhou Yaru was so roared by him that he suddenly stopped his voice and blushed.

Zhou Chengze’s eyebrows were awe-inspiring, striding next to Zhou Yaru, Shen Sheng said, “I told me a few days ago to take an exam, and I’m not going to read now?”

“Brother!” Zhou Yaru stomped his feet, biting his lip under Zhou Chengze’s anger Leave.

As soon as Zhou Yaru left, Lin Fen recovered, “What’s going on?”

Gu Xiaochen still had the newspaper in her hand, but she couldn’t answer it, and it was difficult to answer. Zhou Chengze sat calmly on the sofa opposite, and said quietly, “Aunt Fen, don’t

pay attention to her, she is a crazy man ! Like this piano prince!” Gu Xiaochen said hurriedly, “Mom, it’s not early, I’ll go back first.”

“Aunt Fen, I send Xiaochen.” Zhou Chengze immediately answered

, Lin Fen said with a smile, “Be careful on the road, go.” The car drove out of the villa, and Gu Xiaochen said, “Thank you for helping me get out.”

Zhou Chengze held the steering wheel, Without saying a word, it’s just who is making the clearance for whom? Silent along the way, until it arrived at the Chunguang Garden, Gu Xiaochen just got out of the car, he said, “Do I really make you feel so bad?”

Gu Xiaochen’s hand had touched the handle of the car, and suddenly she let go of her Body stiff.

The atmosphere was dull. Zhou Chengze was looking straight ahead. Gu Xiaochen thought about it and said, “You are not bad at all, very good and capable!”

Zhou can have the achievements of today, and he is really unique.

Suddenly Zhou Chengze smiled, and finally turned to look at her, “So why am I such an excellent and capable person so annoying you?”

Gu Xiaochen stunned and gritted his teeth, “I don’t hate you either.”

“Just not like it, I understand you Meaning.” Zhou Chengze said indifferently, his smile somewhat self-deprecating.

“Thank you for sending me, and goodbye.” Gu Xiaochen finished talking softly, and got off the car when he opened the door. But Zhou Chengze grabbed her, Huo Di hugged her into her arms, and wouldn’t let her leave. Gu Xiaochen struggled to resist, “Can you do this! Let go!”

“Gu Xiaochen.” Zhou Chengze sighed and shouted at her The name, “Actually, later, I won’t let you recognize Aunt Fen, which has nothing to do with that misunderstanding.”

Gu Xiaochen tranced, but he let go of his hand.

“Go up,” said Zhou Chengze, and Gu Xiaochen hurriedly got out of the car with his lips.

The apartment was empty, and Gu Xiaochen walked into the living room and finally understood what Zhou Chengze said. She sat down quietly, upset. She took out the camera in her bag, which was newly bought a few days ago. Pressing the button, the image displayed on the screen was herself.

There was a female voice in the camera, but Gu Xiaochen didn’t look like himself, “Ahe…”

Lin Fen asked Gu Xiaochen to resign. Gu Xiaochen hesitated again and again, and the company’s resignation was delayed. I heard from Yao Yongxin that he has gradually recovered, and her heart is stable. Going to work is always fascinating. Gu Xiaochen was severely criticized by the manager, which made her even more sullen.

One afternoon, Gu Xiaochen received a call.

It was a long absence, and his voice was pure and clear. “Sister

Xiaochen , I’m back in Hong Kong. Let’s meet in the evening.” Gu Xiaochen had learned in the newspaper that Lu Shiyan had returned to China, and of course he knew he won the prize. The two met each other, separated by a distance, and it has been half a year. Lu Shiyan was more handsome and more artistic than when he left. Soft dark brown hair, fresh and natural, calm like water.

He sat in front of her and greeted softly, “Sister

Xiaochen, I have n’t seen you in a long time.” “I haven’t seen you in a long time. Xiaoyan, congratulations on winning your prize.” Gu Xiaochen smiled and blessed, “I invite you to dinner today.”

“Then you invite me to dinner.” , I invite you to watch the show.” Lu Shiyan smiled brightly and took out two first-class tickets in the VIP area. “You come with sister Yu Mei.”

Gu Xiaochen took the show ticket and promised, “We will go.” The

two As he said, a petite figure suddenly entered the entrance of the restaurant.

The girl was very young, but she was ridiculously thin, and her long black hair covered her cheeks, making her look weaker. She was dressed very thinly, wearing only a bat shirt jacket, but also elegant, wearing a black cashmere cap, blue straight jeans wrapped two slender legs. Beautiful eyes shuttle through the restaurant, looking for something.

Suddenly glanced at a certain location, she walked towards it ignoring the waiter’s reception.

The girl walked to Lu Shiyan and shouted hoarsely, “Xiaoyan…”

Gu Xiaochen only noticed her, and it was too late to think about what was going on. Lu Shiyan said coldly, “I already understood what I said to you! I have a girlfriend! My girlfriend is Gu Xiaochen! I am eating with her now , Can you stop looking for me again? Well, if you don’t go, let’s go!” The

girl cried with her lips bitten.

Outside the restaurant suddenly rushed to a man, shouted toward the girl, “Miss can be wonderful!”


“wonderful lady can, you go with subordinate!” The man said with concern.

The girl was crying so sad that she ignored the man who came to persuade. The stubborn expression came into Gu Xiaochen’s eyes and could not help but pity for her. She was about to speak, but Lu Shiyan got up on her own, and the calm water-like calmness appeared hazy. He took out a few colorful bills from his wallet and threw them away At the dining table.

Lu Shiyan glanced at the crying girl, her voice still cold, “Don’t appear in front of me again in the future.”

“Xiaoyan, don’t you like this…” the girl choked with a sore voice , reaching for his sleeve . So careful, extremely afraid of being thrown away.

Lu Shiyan lowered her eyes as if to abandon something, and waved her hand cruelly. Taking a step forward, he helped Gu Xiaochen stand up, “Let’s go!”

Gu Xiaochen was stunned and had to be pulled out of the restaurant by Lu Shiyan.

And the girl was still standing in the same place, letting the guests around her be curious. She was crying heartbroken, and no one was around. A faint sob came from behind, intermittently, but so clear, and I didn’t know if it was really disgusting, or I wanted to escape, Lu Shiyan’s pace was faster.

In a blink of an eye, Lu Shiyan had already pulled Gu Xiaochen away.

The man hurriedly took out the handkerchief and handed it to the girl, “Miss Miao Ke, please go with your subordinates!”

Wu Miao Ke did not pick it up. Looking back, his figure was long gone.

At half past six o’clock in the evening, restaurants and restaurants along the street are booming.

Suddenly interrupted halfway through the meal, such a crying girl appeared in the middle, which surprised Gu Xiaochen. The interest in eating was gone, and the two walked around and went to a small noodle shop at random. After ordering two bowls of noodles, Lu Shiyan sullenly said nothing but bowed his head to eat noodles, but his expression was solemn.

“Xiaoyan, is that girl your girlfriend?” Gu Xiaochen asked, picking up the chopsticks.

Lu Shiyan was eating noodles, his movements stopped slightly, and Shen Sheng said, “We have broken up for a long time.”

“She still likes you very much.” Gu Xiaochen’s stubborn face appeared before her eyes, and he saw that he was no longer open-minded and emotional Depressed and depressed, softly persuaded, “If there is any misunderstanding, you should tell her well, don’t think what is what you think, maybe things are not like that at all?”

“A lot of times, in fact, we should pay attention to it.” Gu Xiaochen stared

Holding him, he asked again, ” Xiaoyan , do you still like her?” Lu Shiyan has been silent for a long time, and has not responded for a long time. When Gu Xiaochen thought he would not talk back, he said lightly, “I and her… …Never possible.”

Even on the same plane, the distance between them cannot be crossed.

“Noodles.” Lu Shiyan replied and continued to eat noodles.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t expect him to say so, but he also remembered his expression, so painful and troubled for a moment.

… The

headlights were shining, driving towards the five-star hotel in front.

The man walked into the hotel with Wu Miaoke.

In the hotel suite, Wu Helian wore a dark silver shirt and sat on a leather sofa. Italian hand-made coats draped over her shoulders. A black coat converged his proud air, faintly cold. There was a cigarette in his hand, and he smoked without a sip. It was just that his forehead was still wrapped in gauze, and there was a trace of blood. A pair of eagle eyes grew colder and burst out with a hint of coldness.

“Master Lian.” The subordinate walked into the suite, respectfully applauded the title, and left.

Wu Miaoke walked in front of Wu Helian and said nothing with her head down.

Wu Helian smothered the smoke, got up and walked to her without asking anything, Shen Sheng said, “Isn’t it cold to wear so little?”

Wu Miaoke suddenly shivered .

She didn’t even dare to raise her head to face him. She had promised him before that she would never go to see him again, but she couldn’t help thinking of him thinking of him, even if he knew he didn’t love himself, even if he knew He already has a beloved girl, and that person is not her. Knowing the news of his winning in France, she couldn’t restrain herself and eventually followed him.

He was in first class on the same flight. She was in economy class, but she hadn’t figured out what to say in the first sentence.

When he got off the plane, he was stopped by the person sent by Wu Helian.

But she still followed desperately, who knew that the first thing he returned to China was to see his beloved girl.

This is really sad.

Wu Helian took off her coat and draped it over her shoulders, stretched her hands to gather the collar, and Shen Sheng said, “Take a bath and go to sleep tomorrow.”

“Second brother…” The warmth made Wu Miao choked and muttered. He said, “I’m sorry, second brother, I lied to you, I didn’t do it, I still didn’t do it. I also lied to my third brother, I told him that I would go to Poland with the teacher to participate in the exhibition, actually because he was participating in Piano competition!”

Wu Miao Keqi kept crying, but his voice became more and more hoarse, “He had said so clearly before, he said that it was impossible for me and him, he said he didn’t want to see me again! But, how do I Still not guilty, I just want to see him, I feel like I have failed.”

Wu Helian hugged her and stroked her head, “You will forget it over time .” ” Second

brother, do you know? He really likes the girl, he met her for dinner as soon as he came back, and he didn’t even return home first.” Wu Miaoke leaned his head on his chest, leaning on his heart and said enviously, “I’m the first time When she saw the girl, she was very white and well-behaved, wearing glasses, as she saw in the photo.”

“I finally know her name, which is also three words.”

“Second brother, her name is also very nice.”

Wu Miaoke’s voice was soft, Wu Helian’s eyes glanced over a gloomy, fleeting, unable to Catch. She packed her emotions and finally raised her head, only to see that his head was still wrapped in gauze, the sadness that had just calmed up again, and she burst into tears and said in distress, “Second brother, how did you get hurt?” Why don’t I know?”


Lu Shiyan’s performance is on Friday.

It starts at 7 o’clock on Friday night and lasts two hours until it ends at 9 o’clock.

In the past few days, TV news or magazines and newspapers have been able to see relevant reports of the performance. This is Lu Shiyan’s first performance, but everyone’s attention to the piano prince itself is more intense than this performance. I don’t know who released the news, the piano prince will confess to his beloved girl!

This is probably the most talked about topic!

Around five o’clock that day, there was already a crowd outside the concert hall of the Cultural Center.

The young girl was holding Lu Shiyan’s poster with a look of excitement, already a star chase.

In the blink of an eye, it was almost time for admission, and the crowds crowded into the concert hall.

In an RV by the road, the man swept through the car window to the crowd of black crows.

“Second brother, I went.” the girl said softly.

The man Leng Jun’s face showed a touch of warmth, and Shen Sheng said, “Miao Ke, this is the last time! I don’t want you to have any connection with him again! After watching the show, don’t stay any longer! Let you cry, you know his end! I will not be softhearted because of your pleading!” The

girl nodded, the man screamed, “Kong Wu! Take the lady in!”

“Yes, Master Lian.” The man immediately got out of the car and opened the door for her.

The girl silently got off the train and walked towards the concert hall. She was wearing an ostrich coat, black pencil trousers, and her legs were so thin that the wind blew. Kong Wu followed her, and the two figures flooded the crowd. The man in the car paid attention to the direction of her departure, until the figure disappeared, and then looked away.

Suddenly, two women came in front.

Gu Xiaochen and Yu Mei came to see Lu Shiyan’s performance.

“Xiaochen, let’s hurry up, time is coming!” Yu Mei urged.

Gu Xiaochen said, “En”, accelerated the pace. The moment I looked up, I saw a tall figure standing in front of me. The street lamp was covered with a yellowish luster, making him look unreal, like a dream. Gu Xiaochen stunned, blinked, and saw that he was still standing in front of him, only to be sure that this was not a dream.

Yu Mei also saw him, stopped, and released Gu Xiaochen’s hand.

Just suspicious, how could he be here?

Wu Helian walked slowly with them and stood in front of Gu Xiaochen. Gu Xiaochen looked up at him and found that the gauze on his head had been removed and his hair was cut short. Without thick black hair, his cold features are more prominent. In fact, if you take a closer look, you will also find the scars on his forehead, very weak traces, and the scars left in that fight.

“I’m going in first.” Yu Mei said with interest, and turned to leave.

Gu Xiaochen hasn’t seen him for a long time, and all the things about him are learned from other people’s mouths. Now that I saw him, I was really relieved. But she didn’t know what to say for a moment, she stared at him staring at him.

“Come to the show?” Wu Helian spoke, his voice extremely low.

“Well, a friend’s performance.”

“Friend.” Wu Helian murmured and raised a smile, “My sister also came to the performance.”

Gu Xiaochen heard him saying this, and looked around quickly, “What about her?”

“She has already entered.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice, staring at her white face, her eyes tightened, grabbed her hand, and walked towards the parked car.

Gu Xiaochen was shocked, “Ah?”

Wu Helian ignored her cry and just tucked her into the car.

The clock in the concert hall happened to point at seven.

The show started.

“Where did you take me? Don’t you watch the show?” Gu Xiaochen asked confusedly as the car drove all the way.

Wu Helian drank, “Airport.”

Arriving at the Hong Kong International Airport, Wu Helian dragged her bag arbitrarily, took her ID and handed it to her subordinates. But how long did the subordinate change the boarding pass and return. Gu Xiaochen originally thought he was going abroad and asked her to send him away, but now, she is a little ignorant. Wu Helian walked her to the waiting hall. Gu Xiaochen shouted, “Ah?”

Wu Helian took her to find a seat and threw her boarding pass to her.

Gu Xiaochen hurried to catch it and looked down at the boarding pass. An hour later the plane flew to Japan.

“Why suddenly go to Japan?”

Wu Helian looked straight ahead, thinking for a moment, half joking and half serious, “Elope.”

Elope? Gu Xiaochen was shocked by these two words. She brought nothing. Except for what she wore, she only had a satchel, and he had fewer things. He even said to elope?

“Hehe, don’t joke.” Gu Xiaochen frowned.

Wu Helian closed her eyes and stopped responding.

Gu Xiaochen was anxious, thinking that it was not good to go so suddenly, at least he had to call Yu Mei and tell her. Just took out the phone, but was robbed by Wu Helian. He grabbed her cell phone and said coldly, “What are you going to do?”

“I…” Gu Xiaochen became more embarrassed, why is he strange?

“I will call Meimei.”

“The show has already started, and the phone must be turned off.” Wu Helian said with a deep voice, holding the phone button, “I will send a message for you to tell her that you are with me.”

Gu Xiaochen stared at him stunnedly, pressing his phone and sending the message. He even turned off the phone and put it in his coat pocket, so that she would not touch it. His behavior was too strange. Gu Xiaochen took his hand. “Ah, what’s wrong with you?”

The giant screen in the hall suddenly jumped out of the image. It was the music performance in the Cultural Center Concert Hall tonight.

Almost without a seat, the camera is fixed on the man sitting on the piano chair on the stage.

There was darkness around him, and a beam of light hit him. He wore a white suit, such a perfect gesture.

Suddenly, he spoke to the microphone quietly, “Today is my first performance, I am very happy, but also very sorry, because my beloved girl did not come. However, I still want to give this song to her, hope No matter where she is, she knows that I have always loved her and have always missed her.”

Slender fingers fell on the keyboard, and he began to play the song “Dream Wedding”.

Gu Xiaochen looked at Lu Shiyan on the screen, and vaguely heard him beside him, “Where you start, you end where you start.”

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