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Chapter 152 The Meaning of Travel

from Hong Kong to Japan, more than four hours of flight.

After boarding the plane, Gu Xiaochen turned around and asked, “Ahe, why…”

Wu Helian didn’t let her speak. As soon as she spoke, he hugged her face and kissed her lips. Her heart tightened, how long hasn’t he been kissed by him like this, his breath, his temperature, and the miss of every day began to entangle, so that she could not think clearly, and suddenly she couldn’t help but sink, he looked at her

His eyes, “Chenchen, don’t think about anything, will you?” There was no warning, and his smile was so tender that she couldn’t resist.

Gu Xiaochen seemed to be standing on a cliff, knowing that it was impossible to cross over and could not pick that flower, but she still approached the cliff step by step. She rested her head on his shoulder, their hands clasped together, and with her eyes closed, she saw the plane taking off on the runway and rushing up to a height of nine kilometers.

When we arrived in Japan, it was almost one in the morning.

In the deserted airport, the two were like lovers traveling, holding hands out.

At 1 a.m. in Tokyo, the mist shrouded.

The car shuttled through the neon and finally arrived at the hotel. I saw countless cherry trees along the road, with buds waiting to be laid, playing with flowers and bones. The driver was overseas Chinese, enthusiastically said, “Miss Mr traveling here, right? You came a little early ah, cherry blossoms open next month, and that time can be beautiful! But that’s okay, we can also come back next month!”

Day , They collapsed in the hotel in Tokyo.

This night, he was extraordinarily tender and tender, and when he kissed her, it seemed to be pampering.

Unfamiliar suite, Gu Xiaochen always wakes up very early. Just turned his head and saw him sleeping next to her. That handsome face was so childish, and Jianmei frowned. She has always admitted that this man must be favored by God, so she can look so beautiful. Just suddenly thought, they never seem to have taken pictures together.

Wu Helian frowned in her sleep, and Gu Xiaochen hurried into the bathroom in shock. When she finished washing, as soon as she opened the glass door, he saw his bare chest, leaning on the door and looking at her. He walked up to her, hugged her and walked into the bathroom again, “Why don’t you call me

when you wake up?” “See how you sleep so sweetly, how can I be patient.” Gu Xiaochen said softly, squeezing toothpaste and glass for him Poured water.

But Wu Helian was stunned, how familiar with this sentence.

“Brush your teeth.” She had handed the toothbrush cup to him, and Wu Helian took it in a muffled voice.

After having breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant, head to Tokyo’s lively markets for a stroll. Gu Xiaochen can only speak a few simple Japanese, but Wu Helian is all-round, and can speak English, French, and Japanese. The complicated shop is dazzling, especially those cute little things, especially the pendant of HELLOKITTY cat, which is most liked by Gu Xiaochen.

Gu Xiaochen specially chose a pink and blue kitty cat, one for himself and one for him, but someone was

unwilling to ask, Shen Sheng said, “That is what your girls like.” Gu Xiaochen was right about it. It’s really not like a big man hanging such small things.

In front of the photo shoot, a few girls are waiting in line.

Gu Xiaochen took Wu Helian’s hand and said, “Ah, let’s

go take pictures too?” “No.” Wu Helian spit out these two words coldly, and the smile on Gu Xiaochen’s face faded instantly. When he saw that she was unhappy, he narrowed his eyes and said nothing, just grabbed her hand and walked behind the queue.

“If you don’t like taking pictures, you can leave them alone.” Gu Xiaochen said softly, but he ignored them.

The two took a big picture together, Gu Xiaochen smiled extraordinarily brightly, but Wu Helian still stretched a cool face, he did not seem to like to look at the camera. After taking the picture, Gu Xiaochen went to buy ice cream, Wu Helian took the things in her hands and waited in situ, watching her go away, he looked down at the group of headshots.

“Ahe, would you like to share a few of you?”


“Oh, then give it to me.” Gu Xiaochen was also not angry, and only took care of his head.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, they turned around to the private hotel in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Gu Xiaochen still remembers that hotel very well, and it was also the first time she watched Mount Fuji so close. At this moment, sitting in this tea room again, there was a feeling of being alienated, it seemed too far away.

The top of Mount Fuji is still covered with snow, standing in front of the eyes, sacred and magnificent.

“This is Mt. Fuji, a sleeping volcano across Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures, located southwest of Tokyo…” The commentator still said the same words, and went to pick snacks after the explanation. Last time, Gu Xiaochen did not go, this time she went in person. I selected a few exquisite snacks and turned it back, tasted a piece, but only took a bite.

Wu Helian pushed the dim sum in front of her, Shen Sheng said, “How to eat so little.”

“Well, there is no appetite recently.” Gu Xiaochen said with a smile, Wu Helian picked up a piece of cake and put it to her mouth. For a moment, she opened her mouth and bite.

Wu Helian put down her fork and suddenly stood up and leaned towards her. Gu Xiaochen looked up at him, he stared down at her, reached out to touch her face, she looked at him openly, only felt a tingling in her ear, something was snapped up. Although she has pierced ears, she never wears earrings and earrings, but she also knows what he wears to her.

Gu Xiaochen touched it with his hands, and the round hard object was buckled on his ear.

Forehead was warm, he kissed her, Gu Xiaochen looked up in a trance, saw his deep eyes, and screamed, “Morning morning, don’t take it off.”

Gu Xiaochen nodded, Wu Helian rubbed her hair, “Good girl, Let’s go to the hot springs.” The

hot spring baths for men and women are far apart, so follow the old rules and gather the hot springs in the pavilion.

The warm spring water infiltrated the body, and Gu Xiaochen took out his mobile phone and patted his ear. As soon as the flash came on, she saw a black gem reflected on the screen. It was a black gem, even though it was vaguely vague, it knew the preciousness of this black gem. Indistinctly, you can see what pattern is in the middle of the black gem.

Gu Xiaochen caressed the ear ring, and suddenly thought of his sentence at the airport, “Where to start, where to end.” As

if something was afraid, or what was expected, she suddenly stood up and put on her bathrobe Run out of the bath.

No one was waiting in the pavilion, and Gu Xiaochen strode forward.

She sat in the pavilion and waited.

Someone kept coming and going, but that person never appeared again.

Gu Xiaochen has been standing in the pavilion and waiting, fearing that he will appear suddenly.

But after waiting for a long time without waiting for him, Gu Xiaochen finally couldn’t help but went back to the hotel reception desk and asked, “Boss, did you see the gentleman who came with me?” The

boss is a middle-aged uncle, an authentic Japanese, can’t hear Understand Chinese. I just saw her, and I understood something at once. He immediately opened the drawer and took out a letter and handed it over. Suddenly suspicious, Gu Xiaochen immediately opened the envelope and saw that there was a ticket inside, which turned out to be a ticket back to Hong Kong.

And the time of the ticket is ten o’clock tomorrow morning.

Gu Xiaochen was in a trance, his ears were burning, and suddenly he felt pain.

But how could he just leave her like this in this strange country, this strange city. She was so pampered to her the previous second, and even her temperature remained on her lips, and he kissed her when the hot spring pool was apart. However, in this way, he left in a blink of an eye, and did not even leave a word.

Gu Xiaochen palpitated for a while, holding the ticket in his hand and walked back to the hotel room in a trance.

The room was empty and empty. He didn’t bring anything with him, and he took nothing with him when he left. The bag on the ground was filled with small and scattered things, all of which she had bought in a small shop.

Gu Xiaochen stared at the room for a long while, and suddenly no energy to sigh.

She seems to be used to her farewell.

The next day, Gu Xiao woke up at five in the morning. After tidying up her luggage and going downstairs, the boss enthusiastically called her a car. She couldn’t help but thank her. He got into the car, the driver stepped on the accelerator, and the taxi took her away. She looked sideways, the hot spring hotel slowly flashed in front of her eyes, after all, she was left behind.

When the car drove away and drove around the corner, a long figure suddenly appeared in the hotel.

The man stood in the wind, and the ghostly and sculpted facial features were silent in the fog, which was faintly visible.

From Hong Kong to Japan, and back to Hong Kong from Japan, these two days and nights are as long as Gu Xiaochen for a century. Dragging back home with heavy steps, Yu Mei is taking a shower in the apartment. Duoduo has grown up a lot, and it seems that it will not be long before it will grow into a healthy English dog.

As soon as Gu Xiaochen opened the door, he heard Yu Mei’s voice, “Small sample, don’t give me skin! Be careful I shave your hair!”

“Wang!” cried a lot in protest.

Yu Mei smiled, “Yo? I still express my attitude to my sister? Great!”

Yu Mei’s loud female voice and a lot of calls made Gu Xiaochen suddenly warm, she closed the door, Yu Mei heard that someone closed the door, immediately Running out to see what happened, she saw Gu Xiaochen changing shoes at the entrance. She ran into the bathroom again and continued to bathe Duoduo, shouting while washing, “Xiaochen, come back!”


“You Mom is back, see you still making trouble!” Yu Mei rinsed the foam for Duoduo and wrapped it in a big bath towel to hug it out of the bathtub.

Yu Mei walked to the living room with Duoduo, Gu Xiaochen put down something and took the hair dryer.

“Come on, you take over.” Yu Mei immediately let go and walked to the sofa to lie down and watch TV freely.

The hair dryer made a buzzing sound, and Gu Xiaochen combed a lot of hair with a comb.

An interview with Lu Shiyan suddenly appeared on the TV, and Yu Mei said, “Shi Yan was busy rehearsing during the day and performing again at night, so I did not contact him for these two days. Today I heard that it was a tour in the mainland, probably. I will be back in a few days.”

Before the show started, in order to avoid the impact, the staff reminded the audience to shut down all. Of course, she had no choice but to adjust the phone to the off state. After the performance was over, she received the message and knew that they were together. After watching Lu Shiyan’s performance, just a few words with him, the piano prince was swarmed by media reporters. She nodded with a smile, he glanced back apologetically and gathered again.

Gu Xiaochen once again said “en”, dried the hair for Duoduo and turned off the hair dryer.

Yu Mei was originally watching TV, but her so cold reaction finally made her realize that something was wrong and suddenly turned her head to look at her, “Xiao Chen, what’s wrong with you?”

“It’s okay.” Gu Xiaochen was startled and said softly .

Seeing her indifferent and quiet appearance, Yu Mei got up and walked in front of her to hug her. “What’s wrong, silly girl?”

Gu Xiaochen leaned on her shoulder and murmured, “I’m just a little sleepy and want to sleep.”

” Then go to sleep.” Yu Mei helped her into the bedroom and covered her quilt.

Just Gu Xiaochen slept all night.

On Monday, Gu Xiaochen went to the company to report. After being called into the office by the manager, he was criticized again. In addition to the previously late relationship, the manager was a little bit whispered to her and was already dissatisfied.

The strange thing is how to let the manager blame her, but how can she not feel it?

“If you don’t work for no reason this month, I will fire you!” the manager shouted angrily.

Gu Xiaochen stood silently at the desk for a long time, just a faint sentence, “Just do it.” The

manager was stunned for a moment, apparently not expecting that she would always work hard and would say so, and nothing happened . And after listening to the training, she smiled slightly and turned to leave, leaving the manager with a stunned face. He shouted like hell, “Gu Xiaochen! You will run the business for me now! “” As

soon as the manager spoke, Gu Xiaochen had to take over the list and went to several companies to contact the business.

There was another slightly older woman who was also very enthusiastic. Colleagues in the department called her “Sister Li”.

Gu Xiaochen and Sister Li went out to work and bought lunch at noon to solve the problem of food and clothing.

Sister Li opened her lunch box and said with concern, “Xiaochen, hurry up and eat, girls are too thin is not a good thing! Come! This fish steak will add you food! Don’t be polite to me!”

“Thank you, sister Li, don’t use it I can’t finish it anymore.” Gu Xiaochen refused with a smile, but Sister Li just clipped it to her.

“I bought an extra piece, it’s okay, you eat hard! I’ll get some ketchup!” Sister Li said, got up and walked to the waiter, “Is there ketchup?”

Gu Xiaochen picked up the chopsticks and chopped rice, just The fishy smell of the fish steak made her feel uncomfortable. Something in her stomach rushed up. When the meal stopped, she gently covered her chest.

“Master Lian!”

Wu Helian entered the company, and people began to respect him from the lobby.

Of course, company employees don’t know what happened. It was just strange that the three young Wu Haoyang, who had previously left, suddenly returned to China to take over the company. Although Wu Haoyang is the temporary acting president, there are still speculations about whether the company is “changing ownership” again. Now that Wu Helian returned to the company, everyone calmed the confusion.

However, it is unclear who is inside the company. After all, it is not something that their subordinates can speculate too much.

“Master Lian, good afternoon!” Shen Ruo saw the figure swaying through the blinds and immediately shouted.

Wu Helian glanced at her and said nothing.

In the president’s office, Wu Haoyang is dealing with a series of documents. In fact, his company has been established in France, and the new company that has just developed has a pressing momentum, but he can’t go back to manage, and now it’s all remote conference operations. Wu’s side is the most important, he naturally can’t let go. But why did he return to Hong Kong, even he was inexplicable.

The door was pushed open, Wu Haoyang looked up at the coming person.

“The doctor didn’t allow you to leave the hospital early, and the old man was very angry.” Wu Haoyang put down the official document and said Shen Sheng. In fact, he disappeared for two days, and he didn’t even know where he was. Although he knew he wouldn’t be in trouble, the atmosphere of the Wu family was gloomy and terrible these days. The old man’s anger was indeed not small.

Wu Haoyang played around with the fountain pen and ridiculed, “I thought you eloped with her.”

In fact, the sudden disappearance of the past few days really meant something.

Wu Helian did not answer him, walked to the sofa in the rest area and sat down.

“Since you are back, I don’t care.” Wu Haoyang immediately let go, letting a pile of documents deposit on the desk. He picked up his suit jacket and left.

Wu Helian said indifferently, “You left like this?”

“Is there anything else?” Wu Haoyang asked back.

Wu Helian took a cigarette without any trouble, and while taking out the lighter, she said, “Then I will marry Yongxin.”

Wu Haoyang was about to leave, but was stabbed at the center string with a sentence, “You What does that mean? Are you going to marry her? What about Gu Xiaochen?”

“She has nothing to do with me.” Wu Helian said coldly, clearing out everything before.

Wu Haoyang was so shocked that he couldn’t even understand it, but he didn’t know which sentence was indignant. He stared at him and asked, “What the hell is going on with you? What does it matter? You shouldn’t tell me, you started from Gu Xiaochen Is it fun to the end? You are not serious? Are you going to marry Yongxin now?”

Wu Helian breathed out a white smoke. His silence was a default for Wu Haoyang.

“Are you crazy?” Wu Haoyang raised his eyebrows, and the unruly Junrong became more vivid and striking because of his anger. In the past, for her, you could not even have life, but now it’s okay, it’s okay, so clean?

Wu Haoyang has never understood Wu Helian. He didn’t understand it before, but he doesn’t understand it now. Such a woman can remember her name when she is in a coma, but now she is clean and says she has nothing to do with him. Wu Helian, this person is really elusive.

Wu Haoyang knew that he would not respond again, and suddenly flung away.

“General Yang…” Shen Ruo just rushed to the coffee and was about to knock on the door, but he saw Wu Haoyang appearing with a handsome face, unknown.

The car was driving on the road, Wu Haoyang pursed his lips, suddenly hit the steering wheel, and headed towards the building where Yao Yongxin lived.

It’s just not a coincidence that there is another person in the apartment besides Yao Yongxin. Yao Yongxin opened the door and saw Wu Haoyang, somewhat stunned. It seemed that he did not expect to appear at this time. “How did you come?”

“Why? I can’t come?” Wu Haoyang glanced at her unpleasantly, when she was not paying attention. Just squeezed in.

“You…” Yao Yong was too late to stop. Wu Haoyang swept sideways and swept across the spacious and bright living room, but saw a tall figure coming out of the bathroom. And the man, Yingmei staring at him, was wearing a loose bathrobe, showing his sturdy chest. He was originally a model-like figure, and now his dress is really a beautiful male figure. At this moment, you can even hear the sound of the whirling water in the bathroom. It seems to be predictable that he is just going to take a bath.

Wu Haoyang’s eyes tightened, and she glanced at Yao Yongxin again, but she was well-dressed, a thin cashmere flower skirt, black socks, the neckline of the skirt was not low, but it also showed a beautiful collarbone, he just felt glaring, like When deliberately tempting anyone, he sarcastically said, “It seems that it is a good thing that disturbs you, and it is not the right time for me to come.”

“What are you saying?” Yao Yongxin asked inexplicably.

Wu Haoyang raised his mouth and sarcastically said, “Inspectors used to be so free. They can also console women here during the day.”

“What nonsense you are!” Yao Yongxin finally understood what he meant. The rage made her a little unbearable.

“I bullshit? You guys have to do it, what am I bullshit?” Wu Haoyang burst into blue and said with a smile.

Yao Yong heart gritted his teeth, and Jingxin finally said, “Mr. Yang, since you have disturbed you, don’t you leave now? Wu’s should be very busy!”

Jingxin’s words are undoubtedly worse, Wu Haoyang sneered and hurried away. .

Yao Yongxin was powerless and closed the door with his backhand.

Scenery Xin did not mention the matter just now, Shen Sheng said, “I have repaired the faucet in the bathroom.” It was

a long time before Yao Yongxin looked up at scenery Xin. He seemed to be like no one and smiled, “Jingxin, please trouble you, I’ll iron your clothes right away.” Jingxin

put on her clothes and said, “Take care of yourself.” When she left

, Yao Yongxin received a call from Mrs. Wu at dinner time and hurried to Wu’s house for dinner. The Wu family is all here, and it hasn’t been this way for a long time. Yao Yongxin’s eyes did not meet Wu Haoyang, while Wu Helian and Wu Miaoke sat side by side. Wu Jizong’s mood was obviously good, and he had more than half a bowl of rice.

After dinner, the group moved to the side hall.

“Yong Xin, the matter between you and Lian…” Wu Jizong reiterated old things, Yao Yongxin interrupted, “Uncle Wu, I’m sorry, I can’t marry Lian.”

“Do you have someone you like?” Wu Jizong asked.

Yao Yongxin nodded, Wu Haoyang smiled, “More than, maybe all of them are pregnant with children!”

Yao Yongxin stunned , clenching his fists without saying anything.

“Hao Yang!” Ji Yuehua shouted in surprise, this kind of thing can not be nonsense!

“I’m sorry, Uncle Wu, Aunt Wu, I’m going first.” Yao Yongxin finished and got up and left.

As soon as Yao Yongxin left, Wu Haoyang also went upstairs.

“Even if Yongxin doesn’t enter the door, that girl can’t enter our Wu family!” Wu Jizong shouted, Ji Yuehua hurriedly changed the topic, “Miao Ke, isn’t the teacher urging you to hand over the painting?”

“Well.” Wu Miao Ke cleverly Pick up Wu Helian and go to the studio.

The light was turned on, and the strong oil color in the studio was very pungent.

Wu Miaoke turned and asked, “Second brother, who is the girl my father said? Do you like it?”

Wu Miaoke actually knows very little about Wu Helian.

Wu Helian caressed her hair and said quietly, “I only like our family Miao Ke.”

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