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Chapter 156 For whom this time

this moment, Wu Helian’s arrogant expression has a trace of expectation, and it seems to be waiting for something, eager to hear something. Gu Xiaochen’s eyes were empty and there was no focal length. He said softly, “For the sake of shares, for the 30% of Zhou’s shares! I remember Mr. He said that these shares are for me! I don’t know if it

counts now!” Wu Helian Cold eyes were right,

shouting at the two people beside him, “Give me all!” “Actually…” Zhou Yaru just started to speak, Wu Helian shouted again, “Get out!”

Zhou Yaru bit his lip and dared not speak again. , And Shen Ruo exited the office in tandem.

Wu Helian put the train model in her hand back and stared at it for a long while before glancing at her sideways. The anxious and angry mood seemed to have calmed down and glanced at her sideways, only to see that she was as quiet as air, as if there was no air at all, even though the breathing stopped, making him unable to catch. And her thin face made him even more upset.

Wu Helian strained her face tightly, Shen Sheng said, “Before you pleaded for the Zhou family, it was for your mother! What about this time? Why did you come to plead for this time?”

For what? Gu Xiaochen thought quietly.

Under Wu Helian’s deep eyes, her eyes slowly became focused, and she finally looked back at him. The light voice was so determined, “For yourself.”

“Accept the shares, so that you can worry, also Let my future life not be so hard and tired.” Gu Xiaochen said quietly, the soft female voice echoed.

“How? You want to marry someone?” Wu Helian gritted her teeth and asked.

Gu Xiaochen’s bright eyes are like Wang Qingquan, and when he thinks of a beautiful scene, there is a smile in the corner of his mouth.

Wu Helian thought of Lin Fen’s words, and outlined possible pictures in her mind. What a dazzling picture of the man holding her happiness: Mr. Wu, I suddenly asked you out to disturb you. But I hope that you will not continue with Xiaochen, because I don’t approve of your continued contact with Xiaochen! You have a fiancee, you have your own family to face, marriage is not a matter for two people! You can’t give what Xiaochen wants, let it go! Moreover, Xiaochen will marry Chengze, you will not see each other again!

“Hehe.” Wu Helian chuckled and stared at her, “I gave you the shares at that time, you don’t want it, now you come to take it, I have the conditions.”

Gu Xiaochen said “en”, he seemed to expect that he would be like this Say, “What?”

“It is not allowed to marry Zhou Chengze.” Wu Helian said slowly.

Gu Xiaochen whispered, “Okay! Can I sign the agreement now?”

She answered too readily, making him unable to tell the truth, he picked up the phone angrily, “Lawyer Feng! Come in!”

Feng Yuan is next door Waiting in the rest room, he rushed immediately when he heard the summons. The agreement has been prepared for a long time, Wu Helian hastily signed and left the document to Gu Xiaochen. And she took the fountain pen from Feng Yuan, stared at the black and white manuscript, signed her name one stroke at a time, and finally shook her hand, but her hands were shaking.

She is not as simple as signing, but is saying goodbye to the past.

After finally signing the name, Feng Yuan picked up two documents and said, “Mr. Wu, then I will go first!”

Gu Xiaochen scanned the train model, but there were too many memories in her heart, and she also took a step.

Her thin figure hurried past and headed towards the gate. Wu Helian was still on her back, letting her pass by, but she turned around involuntarily, strode out, grabbed her wrist, and stopped her Leaving and pulling her hard at the same time, “Don’t get married, don’t have children, stay and be with me.”

Gu Xiaochen was already exhausted, and too many things accumulated on her, causing her to collapse.

She has never lost her temper, but at this moment, she finally couldn’t help shouting, “No marriage? Don’t have children? You said I’m a woman you don’t want, keep me now? Don’t you think this is ridiculous? In this world, No one can live without anyone! Me, without you Wu Helian, I can live well, even better than before!”

Wu Helian held her hand, “I will not let you go to other men By your side!”

Gu Xiaochen thought he meant Xudong and promised, “You can rest assured that I will not be in contact with Xudong again! Let me not disagree with your brothers! I have finished speaking, goodbye!”

“Chen “Chen!” Wu Helian blurted out the call and made Gu Xiaochen sour. She didn’t want to listen. “You let it go!”

“I’m not the one you must, do you know?” Gu Xiaochen waved his hand hard and waved away together. The last obsession.

And this sentence touched Wu Helian’s heart, she let go of her hand at once, and she strode towards the door with a stride. The office door was pushed open at this time, and someone broke in. The person coming was Wu Miaoke, who was still following Kong Wu. Wu Miaoke was exhausted and said, “Second brother, I am not a prisoner. Can you not let Kong Wu follow me! I don’t want to Go to the hospital! I’m not sick at all!”

“Miss Wu!” came from Shen Ruo’s cries and went to the door to say sorry, “Master Lian, Miss Wu…” Wu

Helian gave her a cold glance, Shen Ruo Quickly flash people.

Gu Xiaochen was stunned, and looked at the person in surprise, Wu Miaoke also looked at Gu Xiaochen in a fool. This was their second meeting. The first meeting was at that restaurant, with Lu Shiyan also present. Gu Xiaochen has always remembered her, the girl who was crying in the restaurant, who was very sad.

“You…” Wu Miaoke also recognized Gu Xiaochen and muttered, “Aren’t you Xiaoyan’s girlfriend? I want to know how Xiaoyan has been doing recently?” Wu Miaoke walked in front of Gu Xiaochen and pleaded softly. “You tell me okay?”

Gu Xiaochen was shocked. She hadn’t sorted out her thoughts yet, but someone pulled her away from the front.

Wu Helian hugged Wu Miaoke and ordered to Kong Wu hardly, “Take her away!”

“Miss, please leave immediately!” Kong Wu stopped in front of Gu Xiaochen and made a gesture of asking.

Gu Xiaochen’s mind was blank for a moment. She didn’t understand all of this. What’s going on? And, what did she call him? Gu Xiaochen thought about it quietly, but was stunned by the title, and the memory was like a kite off the line, flying far and far. She called him “second brother”, he once mentioned “Miss Wu”, she did know that he had a sister, but she never thought that his sister turned out to be Lu Shiyan’s ex-girlfriend?

Gu Xiaochen panicked his thoughts, it was an unreasonable mess.

And there was a terrible thought in his mind, and Gu Xiaochen stepped back instinctively.

A tall man in front of him blocked his sight, and Gu Xiaochen could vaguely see the two figures.

“Second brother, why are you holding me? I have to ask her if Xiaoyan has been good lately!” Wu Miaoke shouted, very wronged.

Wu Helian twisted her sword eyebrows and glanced at the shocked Gu Xiaochen. She just withdrew her gaze and held Wu Miaoke to turn right, shouting coldly, “I’m not taking her away!”

“Yes!” Kong Wuying With a cry, Gu Xiaochen didn’t wait for him to start, but turned back and stunned and ran out of the office.

“All for me!” Wu Helian shouted again.

Kong Wu and Shen Ruo left immediately, and only Wu Miaoke muttered in the office, “Second brother, why

is Xiaoyan ‘s girlfriend here?” “You admit the wrong person, she is an employee of the company.” Wu Helian pulled She walked to the sofa and sat down, comforting her, taking out her phone and pressing the number, “Wilson, are you here?”

“Master Lian, I’ve arrived in the United States!” The man responded with a hippie smile on the phone.

Wu Helian left the phone without saying a word. He turned his head to look at Wu Miaoke. She only curled herself up in the corner of the sofa, her thin and slender arms wrapped around her body, so helpless.

Wu Helian reached out and gently embraced her in her arms.

Wu Miaoke said absently, “Second brother, Xiaoyan, he hates my temper most. He said that my paintings are very good-looking. He always treats me badly for a while, good for a while, and he says he likes me very much.” She talked and choked up again, “But why did he suddenly dislike me later, I haven’t told him that I have our baby…”

“Second brother, I really want to sleep, I’m so sleepy. “Wu Miaoke closed his eyes and fell to his chest.”

Wu Helian gently stroked her head and said with a deep voice, “Miao Ke, good boy, it will be fine soon.”

Wu Miao Ke was already asleep, her long eyelashes covering the deep shadows under her eyelids.

From the Wu family, Gu Xiaochen still didn’t look back. She walked forward blankly, stepping on the ground as if stepping on cotton, without center of gravity. Zhou Yaru was about to hit the phone out of the case back to the company to ask, but it came in a phone call, the number displayed so she started and quickly turned, “Miss, you come back! Lady seemed to die!”

Speeding all the way back to Week At home, Gu Xiaochen was annoyed and had to let the driver accelerate again. She suddenly thought that when Gu Qing was leaving, there was a traffic jam on the road, and she didn’t even see the last one. She was so scared that she didn’t see it again this time. Fortunately, when they arrived at Zhou’s house, Lin Fen still held his breath, as if waiting for her.

The doctor and nurse withdrew their heads and retreated. Zhou Mosheng and Zhou Chengze were in the room.

Gu Xiaochen flew to the bedside and grabbed Lin Fen’s hand.

“Mom, how are you mom?”

Lin Fen saw Gu Xiaochen and murmured, “Mo Sheng, Cheng Ze, you promised me to take good care of Xiao Chen.”

“Aunt Fen, we will.” Zhou Mosheng already choked with a throat. Zhou Chengze responded immediately.

Lin Fen said again, “Mo Sheng, I beg you one thing.”

“You say.”

“Will I be buried next to Gu Qing after I die?” Lin Fen begged, “He has been alone for too long. I’m going to accompany him.”


Mosheng nodded, “Okay!” Lin Fen felt extremely tired, his eyelids were getting heavier, and there was a chaos in front of him. Gu Xiaochen’s face was a little blurry, as if closing his eyes in the next second, he could no longer open, ” Xiaochen… Mom asked you… before you said…want to go to the United States…for whom?”

Gu Xiaochen stunned and shook his head. “I will not go, I will never go again.”

“Yes For him?”

Lin Fen gasped, his voice lightened , and asked again, “Do you really like him?” Gu Xiaochen’s eyes were red, she had never told her feelings in front of Lin Fen. At this moment, it is not necessary anymore, and said hardly, “I don’t like it anymore, I don’t like it anymore.”

“I’m sorry, my mother is too selfish, I didn’t take good care of you, and made you suffer and be wronged. He was right, my mother was not qualified “Lin Fen still remembers the day. When she said that, he only said: I apologize to you for that day. I’m sorry.

“Mum has visited him before and told him to oppose you together. If you really like him, it is absolutely necessary, as long as he loves you as well as you, my mother does not object…” Lin Fen was a little weak and his voice was intermittent , Gu Xiaochen in front of her suddenly overlapped with another face. She could hardly resist the fatigue, and her consciousness was empty. She closed her eyes and whispered hard, “After Mom

leaves , you put on your glasses…” Lin Fen has not yet After speaking the last sentence, there was no breath. The last expression, but it is extremely regrettable, as if he has not yet fulfilled his wish.

“Mom? Mom! Mom, don’t go!” Gu Xiaochen fell on Lin Fen and cried out loud.

“Aunt Fen!” On the

bedside table, a corner of the lamp was pressed. On the page that the newspaper turned over, there were photos of Lin’s father and daughter. Men only have sides, while women only have backs, not even sides. There was a small gap in the window, and the cry of someone was faintly heard. The sky outside the window is not so gloomy, and this cold winter seems to be gone.

When the white orchid blooms in June, the woman who has meticulously cared for the flowers has long disappeared.

This life is just over.

Lin Fen told her before she died that she should walk quietly, not ostentatiously.

As a result, the Zhou family only notified some relatives and friends who are more familiar with each other.

Three days later, Lin Fen was cremated, and the ashes were buried in Gu Qing’s cemetery according to Lin Fen’s will.

The two tombstones were sitting next to each other, and they seemed to be reunited.

The temperature rose that day, and the weather was also rare and beautiful for a few days. It was just a breeze blowing, with a little coolness, which made people feel slightly sad. Everyone was dressed in black uniforms to mourn the dead. After the ceremony, the people left one after another. And Gu Xiaochen stood in front of the two tombstones, staring at the photos of Gu Qing and Lin Fen, and had no action for a long time.

Everything in that dream still emerged clearly.

Gu Qing’s appearance is young and simple, he just asked her: Chenchen, is our family gone?

Is this home gone? Gu Xiaochen was only slightly sour, but he could not cry.

Zhou Mosheng didn’t sleep well for a few days and was much older. Zhou Yaru helped him to walk slowly.

Zhou Chengze stood behind her, standing with her for a long time, always silent.

After a long while, Gu Xiaochen turned around suddenly and bowed his head to leave.

Zhou Chengze was a little anxious. She took a big step to catch up with her and worriedly said, “Where are you going? What are your plans? You…want to live with us?”

Gu Xiaochen shook her head, said nothing, and walked out. Cemetery. Seeing that she was leaving, Zhou Chengze’s quiet and handsome appearance showed a hint of slackness, looking down at her peaceful profile, and said quietly, “Move to live with us, I promised Aunt Fen, take good care of you…”

Gu Xiaochen looked up Looking at the bright sky, the sun shines brightly through the lens, making her squint slightly. At the end, she said lightly, “Don’t worry, when I am alone, I take good care of myself. I will not be okay, I will live well.”

“You let me think about it! Give me some time!” Zhou Chengze annoyed his teeth.

“Not to mention…” Gu Xiaochen paused and turned his head to smile lightly at him. The smile was not resisted, there was no resistance, she seemed to put it down completely, and said softly, “I am not alone now.”

Zhou Chengze was startled, and her The figure flashed in front of him in a trance, he seemed to be entangled in what hesitated, but he was not determined.

In the blink of an eye, the figure had already gone far, step by step out of the cemetery, and disappeared in front of him.

With the bright sunshine shining down, Zhou Chengze felt only as dark as never before.

“Boss, are you here? Mr. Yan has already arrived, eager to find you!” As soon as Yu Mei entered the bar, the waiter hurried to her and said anxiously. Yu Mei nodded and saw Yan Xudong rushing towards her, “Yu Mei, where have you been? Xiaochen? Why are you not at home? How can the phone not be reached?”

Yu Mei said casually, “just now When I went out, my cell phone was dead!”

“What about Xiaochen? Did she go home? I went to find her!” Yan Xudong was about to leave, but Yu Mei pulled her away. She looked up at him and said softly, “She went out to relax, not at home! So don’t go!”

“Distracted? Alone? Where does she go to relax?” Yan Xudong asked again.

“She…” Yu Mei shoved, thinking of Gu Xiaochen’s request: Mei Mei, don’t tell anyone, I have children, and don’t tell others, where I am now, let alone Xu Dong. I don’t want to see them again, I just want to be alone.

Yan Xudong’s persistent gaze upset Yu Mei, deliberately avoiding his attention. She smiled and said, “She went to stay with relatives and wanted to be alone, and she would come back in a few days.”

” That is convenient to tell me, where does her relative live?” Yan Xudong gave up.

“It’s not convenient, please let her be quiet. She needs to be quiet.” Yu Mei shook her head and glanced at the look he expected to lose. Yan Xudong thought of Gu Xiaochen’s pleading that day, and also planned to give her a little time, he said in a deep voice, “Then I will wait, when will I come back, when will you tell me! You tell her for me, what she wants, I give “

Yu Mei silently said, “Okay, I know!”

Yu Mei still smiled faintly, she looked at the back of Yan Xudong turning away, but nothing but sigh. Yu Mei took her gaze back into the office and made a phone call. The number dialed is not a mobile phone, but a fixed-line number. The phone rings a few times and is connected. “Hello?”

“Grandma, you let Xiaochen answer the phone.”

“It turned out to be Xiaomei, you Wait a minute.” Grandma shouted immediately, Gu Xiaochen answered the phone, and Yu Mei said, “Xiao Chen, I just arrived at the bar, Xu Dong came back. I didn’t tell her where you were, I just told him, go Relatives lived there with relatives. But he had something to tell me.”

Yu Meiyou said silently on the other end of the phone. “He said, what you want, he gave it.”


Yan Xudong is back On the fourth day after arriving in Hong Kong, Wu Helian was seen.

It seems that he has also gone abroad, just returned today.

Yan Xudong pushed open the door of the office and walked in. He sat down in front of Wu Helian and looked at him and said, “Previously the board of directors said that it intends to develop Wu’s group into a group, don’t know what you think?”

“This is good Of course, I have no opinion.” Wu Helian said indifferently.

“I just came back from Canada, and a company wants to cooperate with us. I have seen good prospects and great benefits. This is the cooperation document of the other company, you can take a look first.” Yan Xudong said, will The file was handed to him. Wu Helian didn’t pick it up, Shen Sheng said, “You are always responsible for overseas affairs.”

“The investment in this cooperation case is not small, you should take a look.” Yan Xudong said.

Wu Helian lit a cigarette, “I believe in you.”

Yan Xudong stared at Wu Helian, his hands squeezing the document, but he was stunned for a moment. The brothers of the two have been in a hurry for so many years, even for decades. Sometimes I feel that time passes too fast, and sometimes I feel that it may take decades to look back and find that I have never seen someone clearly, “Then I’m out.”

“Du Du Du -“

Wu Helian took over On the phone, the subordinate replied, “Master Lian, Ms. Gu’s mother, Mrs. Lin Fen, died of illness a week ago and has been buried. Miss Gu’s whereabouts are unknown. The only certainty is that she did not leave Hong Kong. And, Mrs. Zhou During her hospitalization, Miss Gu had fainted, and the doctor confirmed that she was pregnant.”

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