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Chapter 158 Do you hate me?

Wu Helian was standing outside the bath room, he was so dazed for the first time, holding his heart, if there was a certain idea that the purpose of the initial approach was indeed there, then everything next, but Is involuntarily fallen. He tried to resist struggling, trying to push her away, but he couldn’t help himself, as if stuck in a swamp.

She is a redemption like sunshine, but he is too dark, can she still accept him like this?

Hearing her cry, his thoughts cluttered, Wu Helian finally opened the glass door quietly, “Chenchen, I want you, and…”

But in the bath room, Gu Xiaochen’s hoarse hoarse cry for help, “Save me! Save me!”

Halfway through the words, Wu Helian was startled, and her cry made him feel very anxious. He yanked open the glass door and saw Gu Xiaochen fall to the ground against the tile wall. Her face became paler and paler, without any trace of blood, and all faded away. Only then did she still dye a little red rhythm because of her anger, but at this moment it was already like a piece of paper submerged under water, and the void disappeared.

“Chenchen! What’s wrong with you, Chenchen?” Wu Helian ran towards her in one stride and hugged her across her.

“Save my child!” Gu Xiaochen’s voice was very soft, and he spit out these words with difficulty. The pain in her lower abdomen made her unable to support her. She was so scared that something was slowly losing. That was their last bondage. Their only bondage could prove that she had loved him that way, and that the past, she had no regrets. She has only a little regret.

Wu Helian hurriedly took her out of the bathroom and rushed out of the house.

Bumping all the way, Gu Xiaochen tightened his sleeves, strongly supporting consciousness, without fainting. She squeezed him to death, the stubborn look was like a priest who had waited for thousands of years, she begged bitterly, “Ahe, he is our child, he is our child…” Tears have long blurred his sight, his Junrong is also vague, “Ahe, I want him, I want him, you just leave him… leave him good, I beg you…”

Wu Helian’s suffocated face at this time unloaded his indifference and intricate entanglement, everything was left behind, and he did not have such a moment of hope as now. Every step was extremely urgent, he rushed out of the front yard holding her, the silver moonlight was bright, and the dark gray night sky seemed to cry.

“Where is the car!” Wu Helian shouted, and the subordinate hurried to the car.

Wu Helian couldn’t wait any longer, while holding Gu Xiaochen towards the direction of the car’s parking, he spoke heavily. His breathing was also fast and his voice was intermittent, but it was so shocking, “Chenchen, I didn’t say I don’t want this child.”

“Ahhh…” Gu Xiaochen fell to his chest, and his tears wet his shirt. The hot temperature seemed to penetrate the skin, burning his heart together, and then caught him, heavy. The pain trembled her consciousness. She was afraid that she was auditory. She murmured and asked, “What do you say… what do you say…”

“I said I want this child!” Wu Helian hugged her tightly and gave She was

calm , “I want it!” Gu Xiaochen felt a bloody tear in her mouth, tears in her eyes, she said painfully, “Ahe, save this child, save this child…” In

front of the RV, in the narrow alley, The street lamp shone dimly.

The man hugged the woman and ran towards the RV.

The footsteps were chaotic, but there was blood dripping along the road, which fell to the ground and printed a blood lotus.

“Xiaochen? How are you Xiaochen?” Who’s cry rang in the ear.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t know how long she slept, but when she woke up, she found herself lying in the ward. The whitewash on the ceiling was so dazzling, she opened her eyes in empty eyes. Then Yu Mei dragged her smiling face into her eyes, Gu Xiaochen snapped back, covered her belly, and asked anxiously, “What about my child? My child?”

Yu Mei hugged her gently, Softly appease, “Xiaochen, don’t do this, you lie down first!”

“You tell me!” Gu Xiaochen shouted like crazy, “You tell me,

Mei Mei , what about my child? Are you still here?” “Xiao Chen, don’t do this, the body is the most important!” Yu Mei gritted her teeth and said, Already weeping.

“I want you to tell me! Is it gone!” Gu Xiaochen struggled to get up, emotionally unable to.

Yu Mei stared at her

stunnedly, and finally nodded arduously , “Don’t think too much, the child is gone, there can be in the future, there can be in the future! You are still young! No problem!” Gu Xiaochen widened in horror. Eyes, the momentary light dissipated, and there was no longer the spirit of the past. He was still lying on his back, and suddenly fell down suddenly, like a butterfly wet by rain, and no longer able to counterattack. She lay quietly, motionless, and tears could no longer flow out, but her eyes were red, and the whole person was awkward.

The heart seems to have been hollowed out.

Yu Mei didn’t look over her face, she couldn’t help being sad, and the tears shed. She did not want Gu Xiaochen to see herself crying, fearing that she would be more sad and sad, but the tears could not stop. She stood up and ran out of the ward with her mouth covered. Outside the ward, Wu Helian stood for the whole night, and this posture has been maintained without change.

Yu Mei raised her lips and could not tell whether she was crying or laughing. “Are you satisfied? Are you finally satisfied?”

Wu Helian remained silent for a long time before stepping into the ward.

“You are not qualified to enter! You are not qualified to see Xiaochen!” Yu Mei just stopped, but was pulled away by the man on the side. The nurse hurried to persuade, “Miss, please don’t make noise, the patient needs to be quiet!”

Yu Mei shouted, too, sullen and sullen, biting her lip tightly, her face wet with tears.

Wu Helian held the door handle, and even when she opened the door, her hands were shaking.

The ward was very quiet, and the door was closed with no noise. Gu Xiaochen was lying on the bed, she became very quiet, without crying or making trouble, just looking at the ceiling quietly. Wu Helian stood at the head of the bed, but she didn’t continue to connect anymore, like retreating in fear. He stared at her face and was silent for a long while before he said

heavyly , “Do you hate me.” Gu Xiaochen closed his eyes and she said lightly in his gaze, and he seemed to be shot into hell, never again Unable to turn over, “I’m tired.”


This year’s New Year’s Eve, spent in hospital for the first time.

The hospital seemed extremely cold, but the sound of firecrackers and fireworks could be heard faintly outside the window.

Due to miscarriage and the reason of being too weak, the doctor asked Gu Xiaochen to rest in the hospital for at least a week to see if his health improved, and then decide when he can be discharged.

Gu Xiaochen eats and sleeps on time every day. As if nothing happened, everything is normal, and life continues as usual. But she was too quiet, quieter than before, at this moment she was a little more silent, she did not like to talk. Occasionally speaking, the voice is hoarse.

Even when she laughed, she was not as happy as before.

Yu Mei has always been with Gu Xiaochen and has not left.

Gu Xiaochen did not tell Yan Xudong about the miscarriage, only that they went to the relatives’ house for the New Year.

Yan Xudong just told her over the phone to let them have a good time and have fun. After a few words, Ding asked again at the end, “If I told you to tell me, did you tell her? What did she say?”

Yu Mei remained silent for a long time, Xu couldn’t bear it, and didn’t know how to answer it, so she had to. He gritted his teeth and said, “This kind of talk is meaningful only when you say it yourself. When she comes back, you will tell her yourself.”

Yan Xudong smiled, only saying “OK”, and the two hung up.

Yu Mei has learned to cook porridge, and also learns to make wontons. She even specifically asked Grandma how to praise the soup. I remember in the past, Gu Xiaochen always gave her a big bone soup, the warm and delicious taste, so that every time she returned to Hong Kong, she seemed to feel a sense of home, no longer so lonely. Under the guidance of Grandma, Yu Mei finally learned to praise the soup.

The road from home to hospital is actually not very far, and it only takes ten minutes to ride a bicycle.

Every time Yu Mei came to the hospital with a thermos, doctors and nurses would say hello, “Miss Yu, come to see your friend again?”

Yu Mei said with a smile, “She is my sister.”

Yu Mei kept silent about Wu Helian, more Never asked Gu Xiaochen. She said nothing about the accidental miscarriage that day and the entanglement between them that made outsiders unknown. It’s just these days that Wu Helian stands in the corridor outside the ward and waits every day. From the morning station to noon, and from noon station to the evening. It was really a long time before he sat down to rest, said nothing, and did not enter the ward to visit.

Wu Helian’s posture can be maintained for a long time, standing like that all the time.

This is the corridor corridor. No smoking is allowed. He can also not smoke all day.

Yu Mei did not know whether he had eaten or not. In short, she hardly ever saw it, and she did not care. Sure enough, she carried the thermos back and saw him standing there again, leaning against the wall. His eyes were fixed on the door, his eyes seemed to penetrate the back of the door, and he saw everything in the ward.

Yu Mei wanted to ask him why he didn’t go in, but he still didn’t ask.

People like him are really not qualified.

Yu Mei walked past him and opened the door.

In the ward, Gu Xiaochen had got out of bed. She put on her own clothes and put a thick cotton jacket on the outside, which was the one Yu Mei bought. She stood at the window looking at the blue sky, quiet and beautiful. The heating is turned on in the room and it won’t be cold. As soon as the door opened, she could see her thin and thin figure, but it made people sore and pity.

Gu Xiaochen was thinner, but his hair was longer.

Wu Helian was standing in the corridor, but her original stiff movement and empty eyes were deep at the moment the door opened. He stared at her back in a daze, but Gu Xiaochen did not look back, looking quietly out the window. Yu Mei closed the door with her backhand, and when she turned back, she saw Wu Helian’s expression, which turned from longing to loss, and finally recovered her original indifference.

“Xiao Chen, please come and see, my sister and I have learned to cook soup! Come and taste what it tastes! Come!” Yu Mei relieved her breath, immediately raised her smile, and shouted broadly. As she spoke, she unscrewed the cap and poured a bowl of soup for her.

Gu Xiaochen turned around and walked to her. The flavor of the bone soup is very positive, and the soup is also full-bodied. It takes time and thought to see. Yu Mei held the bowl to her, and Gu Xiaojie reached out and took a sip. Yu Mei asked nervously, “How is it?”

“Well, it’s delicious.” Gu Xiaochen smiled faintly and said softly.

Yu Mei suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. “I’ll say it. Of course I cook it deliciously. You can drink more. Don’t just drink soup, but also eat some meat. This dish is grandma’s kind, but it’s fresh.”

Gu Xiaochen watched Yu Mei busy serving her soup with vegetables, she covered her hands and clenched gently. Yu Mei was startled, but continued to move. Gu Xiaochen said quietly, “

Mei Mei , I’m going.” Yu Mei was sour that she didn’t hear what she said, she said to herself, “The village head’s grandson Xiaohu still has today Ask me, where did Aunt Chen go? I told Xiaohu that Aunt Chen was busy outside and went back in a few days. He said he would memorize the multiplication table, and it was smooth, I heard him carrying it today , Really…”

“Memei, I just want to go out and look at the outside world, I will come back, and I won’t go back.” Gu Xiaochen said with a smile, but Yu Mei cried, tears All fell into the soup. When she didn’t see it, she

took the bowl and continued to drink. “This soup tastes so good.” “I will go with you.” Yu Mei wiped her tears and choked.

Gu Xiaochen turned to look at her, and said softly, “You are a bar owner, it’s not good to leave, and nobody’s home is empty. It was a dream that day when I dreamed of my dad. He asked me, Chen Chen, our family is scattered Is that right? I told my father that our family is not scattered. If I

leave, but the family can’t be vacant, you can take care of the family for me, okay?” Yu Mei hugged Gu Xiaochen for a thousand words, only There is one sentence left, “Remember to call me, don’t worry me, go home early.”

Gu Xiaochen said “en”, and Yu Mei started to pack up.

Gu Xiaochen walked to the door and opened the door.

Wu Helian was condensed and looked at her eyes, and heard her say, “Go back, I haven’t slept for a few days, go back to sleep.”


“The child is gone, don’t be sad, maybe you have no chance with this child You see that you have been out for so many days, the company’s business is unattended, which is not good. Your sister Miao Ke, in fact, I have nothing with Shi Yan, but now it seems that these do not make much sense, you say hello to Miao Ke on my behalf , When I saw her last time, she seemed to be very thin, eat more, the body is the most important. There are many more, you will take care of it in the future.”

She stood in front of him, the soft and soft female voice came through the air .

Her eyes, as bright and clear as before, were mixed with a little sadness.

Her smile made him feel as if he was hurt by acupuncture, because he didn’t know when to see him again.

Gu Xiaochen’s last image was fixed in Wu Helian’s mind. Her hair was black and long. She was wearing a plaid shirt, cotton, loose blue velvet pants, and the cotton jacket with a hat and a hat. On the turned edge, the white fluff feels warm. She wrapped her smiley face as if she would never see it again.

There were people coming and going in the corridor, Wu Helian stared at her for a long time.

“Go back, let the driver take you back. If you drive yourself, if you doze off, it’s not good to have an accident.” Yu Mei had packed her luggage, pushed open the door and walked out, Gu Xiaochen looked at him calmly and calmly, Finally he spoke again and saw him still. At the end, he choked on two words, “obedient.”

Wu Helian, who was petrified, reacted. The tall body shook slightly. He didn’t say a word, no. Retain, without asking for forgiveness, without saying a word. Just turned silently and walked towards the end of the corridor alone. In the silent corridor, his footsteps were particularly heavy, and he left obediently.

In the lobby of the inpatient building, the driver Xiao Chen saw Wu Helian going downstairs, and he hurried to pick up the car.

Outside the hospital, Xiao Chen handed the car key in both hands, Wu Helian said in a deep voice, “You drive.”

Xiao Chen drove the car, stepped on the accelerator and slowly drove away from the hospital. Wu Helian was sitting in the rear car seat, Yu Guang glanced at the inpatient building, until the car turned the corner, until the building could no longer be seen, he closed his eyes. Black hair covered his eyes, and Jun Rong couldn’t cover the empty, bewildered, exhausted.

Go back to Yinshen Apartment and open the door with the key.

There was no one in the apartment, only a lot of alert running towards him.

Wu Helianmu looked down, saw Duoduo was shaking his tail towards him, a lovely look. He bent over and reached out gently to touch Duo Duo’s small head. “In the future, you will live here and can’t go back.”

Duo Duo’s round black eyes were very innocent.

“Master Lian, your black coffee.”

“Master Lian, today’s schedule is like this. At 9 o’clock in the morning, a regular weekly meeting. At lunch time, Mr. Guo of Huayu Company invited you to dine together. Two o’clock in the afternoon , Managers of various departments report the year-end settlement and a series of development projects after the year…”Shen Ruo stood at the desk and smiled with documents.

It was just a long list of itinerary arrangements, but Wu Helian was not interrupted. Shen Ruo couldn’t help but was confused. This was really strange. Please shout, “Master Lian?”

Wu Helian silently said,

Shen Sheng said, “Have she ever contacted you?” Shen Ruo suspiciously, thinking of Gu Xiaochen, thinking about it, Zhiwu said, “Well,

yes.” “Oh.” Wu Helian responded, Again, he stopped talking abruptly, “Go out to work.”

Shen Ruo felt a little strange, but he didn’t ask much and left with a smile. After returning to the secretary’s room, she immediately took out her mobile phone and called Gu Xiaochen, but her mobile phone was turned off. She did not make much speculations, thinking about contacting after get off work.

In the office, Wu Helian stared at the cup of coffee for a while.

The steaming coffee lacked the aroma of maltose.

This world’s unique coffee, no one can taste.

Wu Helian took the cup and took a sip. The taste buds were numb, but the liquid was flowing into the body, and a bit of bitter taste was felt like an illusion. Before leaving for several days, Cheng Shan’s documents piled up on the table and no one handled them. He glanced at the pile of hills, his eyes suddenly swept over the broken train model.

The line of sight was a little blurred, and the train model began to blur.

Suddenly the phone rang, and he answered the phone, just a few words, and hung up again.

Wu Helian just reached for the document, but noticed a certain document placed aside. This was a temporary document sent by the subordinate before leaving the office that day. Because it was too urgent to go, I did not read it. “Master Lian, this is the information about Lu Shiyan from the previous order of the subordinate. The previous information is missing and is now complete. “”

Missing information?

Wu Helian’s hand turned around and took the document to the front. He opened slowly and saw a series of materials. Black and white, written so clearly, including his identity, including his origins. If it wasn’t Wu Miaoke who was crying for pleading, the man might have died dead.

But Wu Helian never imagined that Lu Zhenyan, the only son of Lu Zhen, was…

he suddenly remembered the past.

It was as though the tide was violently coming in, making him suddenly suffocated and unable to breathe. He was stunned, and even more shocked and panicked, everything was so ridiculous, so ironic. He didn’t know how to face him. He turned himself into a cocoon. He turned himself into blame. He deserved it.

If it is not the missing information, Wu Helian will not associate Lu Shiyan with another person.

There were so many women around him, and he didn’t even remember the name.

But that woman, he was also impressed.

He could even remember the last time she met, she knelt on his knees and sat on the floor, crying and begging. Tears, tears, and makeup, she broke his rules, there is only one in the end, that is to never see again.

Wu Helian got up and squeezed the document.

As soon as the hand was released, the document fell to the ground in this way, and there were lots of them.

The sky outside the window was beautiful and clear, Wu Helian turned her head and saw an airplane flying slowly, leaving a white trace.

The sun was shining down, and the documents were vividly reflected.

Lu Shiyan, formerly known as Yi Xu, adopted son Lu Zhen.

Irene, the half-sister of Yixu, committed suicide and died.

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