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Chapter 159 I am not good

The day before New Year’s Eve, Lu Shiyan returned to Hong Kong and accompanied his family to eat for the New Year. In fact, he did not want to return here. Every time I return to Hong Kong, I think of those unpleasant things that make him think of the person who wants to love but can’t love, and the person he loves most, but never meets again.

Since winning the prize, Lu Shiyan’s invitation to perform has been constant.

In the room on the third floor, Lu Shiyan was packing up, and tomorrow’s plane flew to Spain.

Mrs. Lu knocked on the door and walked in.

Lu Shiyan stopped and turned to look at her and smiled, “Mother.”

Mrs. Lu walked to him, took his hand and said with a smile, “This time I left, I don’t know how long you will come back. It’s so messy outside, you one People should be careful. Others praise their mother’s son, the prince of the piano, and those aunts and aunts ask their mother if Xiaoyan has a girlfriend and would like to introduce you. Actually, both my father and I want to hug a grandson and have a child at home, It’s a lot of fun. Don’t just look at the performance, and think about your

lifelong event.” Lu Shiyan was a little trance, just nodded, but didn’t answer.

“Mom, I’m going out to meet a friend.”

“Hey, you go. Come back to dinner at night?”

“I don’t know yet. If you don’t come back, I will call you.”

Lu Shiyan left the Lu family and drove to the car. Apartment in the Spring Garden. Around the Spring Festival, there are too many relatives and friends of the Lu family. Lu Shiyan accompanies his parents every day. Later, the family went abroad for a few days, but came back the day before yesterday. After a two-day break, Lu Shiyan received a call and was invited to perform in Spain.

Before leaving Hong Kong, Lu Shiyan wanted to see Gu Xiaochen and Yu Mei.

When Lu Shiyan arrived at the Spring Garden, Yu Mei was sorting things in her apartment. Seeing it was Lu Shiyan, she was a little surprised and hurriedly let him in to sit. And he saw that she was busy tidying up the house, but he didn’t see Gu Xiaochen’s figure, and asked curiously, “Sister Yu Mei, is Sister Xiaochen not here?”

“She…” Yu Mei froze for a while, and said

heartily , “She has something to go far.” Yu Mei didn’t forget Gu Xiaochen’s advice, so she didn’t tell the truth. She packed up some small things, which Gu Xiaochen confessed to returning to a man, “I will pour you a glass of juice.”

“Sister Yu Mei, don’t mention it.” Lu Shiyan said, but Yu Mei had already walked to the kitchen, “It’s okay, you Sit casually.”

Lu Shiyan walked casually to the living room sofa, inadvertently lowering his head, but saw many small things scattered in the storage box, HELLOKITTY pendants, a pure white cotton dress, a pair of pink-blue sneakers, and a Set of British style student attire. In the corner of the box, there is a set of small photos in a transparent plastic bag.

It was a big shot, which was once very popular in school, especially for girls.

Lu Shiyan looked around curiously and saw a man and a woman in the headshot. The girl was Gu Xiaochen, who took off his glasses, beautiful and pure, and smiled brilliantly. And that man… Lu Shiyan’s calm expression suddenly turned into amazement, as if he had lost his soul. He grabbed the group of headshots and stared at him, watching and watching.

Isn’t the man in the photo exactly Wu Helian?

Lu Shiyan was frightened and asked anxiously, “What is the relationship between Sister Xiaochen and Wu Helian?”

Yu Mei poured a glass of juice and walked out of the kitchen, seeing him uneasy, and suspiciously said, “What’s the matter?”

“What is their relationship!” Lu Shiyan was vaguely aware of what he was not sure about.

Yu Mei didn’t want to mention it, but the situation has changed, and the people have left. It

doesn’t matter if they mention, “They… were lovers before, and then they broke up.” “Lovers? That man and Sister Xiaochen? You said Sister Xiaochen left Is it because of him?” Lu Shiyan’s handsome face appeared annoyed and even more guilty. “He didn’t have good intentions! The man was deliberate! He was attentive!”

Yu Mei is unknown, and Lu Shiyan is already out of control, “Because I dumped his sister Wu Miaoke, I lied to them, the person I like is Sister Xiao Chen, I want to be with Sister Xiao Chen. The man was deliberately close Yes, he did it on purpose. He came to take revenge on

Xiaochen, my revenge…” Lu Shiyan said, no longer able to make self-control, and ran out of the apartment, leaving only Yu Mei who was stupefied.

“What…” The juice cup in Yu Mei’s hand suddenly fell to the ground, shattered the glass of the ground, and the liquid splashed the ground.

Lu Shiyan flew to Wu Family, and this elegant and elegant piano prince showed a haze look like never before. The lady at the reception recognized him, and simply passed on to her superior. The lady hadn’t had time to ask for a contact number. Lu Shiyan strode away without looking back. “Mr. Lu…”

This was Lu Shiyan’s first meeting with Wu Helian.

On the top floor of the company, the two men finally met in the president’s office.

The hatred blinded Lu Shiyan’s eyes, and he stared at each other fiercely. And Wu Helian sat on the executive chair, calmly, seeing Lu Shiyan came to see him, he was not surprised, even more surprised, it seemed to be optional, and it seemed indifferent. Lu Shiyan approached him step by step, the restlessness had calmed down.

And along the way, he no longer feels annoyed and regretful all the time.

He, who never believed in karma, finally tasted it.

Lu Shiyan actually wanted to ask a word, holding it for a long time, “Wu Helian! Do you still remember Irene?”

“She is your sister.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice.

“So you already know! Investigate me? Then why didn’t you investigate again?” Lu Shiyan gritted her teeth and asked, “My sister called you that day, why didn’t you answer! Why didn’t you answer her phone!”

If that day, he If you answer the phone, your sister will not be in trouble!

Wu Helian was silent for a long while, and said indifferently, “Miao Ke once conceived your child, but later disappeared.”

Lu Shiyan was stunned, his ears hummed, as if unacceptable, and he suddenly laughed. Then he staggered madly, took a few steps backwards, and ran out of the office.

In a hurry, the office door thundered.

Lu Shiyan’s question still hovered in the ear: My sister called you that day, why didn’t you answer it! Why not answer her call!

Wu Helian quietly recalled what he was doing at that time.

He suddenly remembered that he was not in Hong Kong in those days, but also thought of her hug, the bowl of tomato and egg noodles, the taste of childhood, and the night of embracing each other.

Wu Helian took out her mobile phone and pressed the message inbox to save countless messages.

The one at the top.

There are only three words of information-how are you?

Wu Helian stared at the message, knowing that she would not receive it again, but still replying to the message: I am not good.

Lu Shiyan had just left her forefoot, and Yu Mei had arrived on her back. The two were tandem, only ten minutes away. Yu Mei ran into Yan Xudong who had returned from the lobby of the building. She was originally arguing with the receptionist at the reception desk. Yan Xudong, who happened to be rushed back, persuaded her to break up. “In the future, you can call me directly!”

Yu Mei rushed angrily to the closed president’s office without even knocking on the door.

Shen Ruo was startled and hurried out of the office, wondering if something had happened. Yan Xudong gave her a wink, meaning that it was okay, let her continue to work, here he is responsible, there will be no problem. Although Yan Xudong reassured her, Shen Ruo was still suspicious. Back in the office and sat down, he couldn’t help but glance at the direction of the president’s office, secretly speculating what happened.

In the office, Wu Helian was holding her phone and staring at the information on the screen.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open, followed by a chaotic footsteps.

Wu Helian calmly put the phone into the pocket of her clothes, and then looked up at the coming person.

Yu Mei strode towards him, and Yan Xudong followed her.

Yu Mei was disturbed by Lu Shiyan’s remarks, but only felt terrible. She wanted to smash the storage box into his face, but also told herself to be calm, because Gu Xiaochen told her to let them give them all back he. He had already lifted the storage box and was about to smash him. He raised his hand halfway and stiffened in the air.

Yu Mei took a deep breath and threw the storage box at the desk.

But at this moment, many thoughts flashed in my mind.

In the end, Yu Mei just raised her mouth and smiled at him, “Wu Helian, I never thought you were such a person, you can treat Xiao Chen so hard, can you hurt her so cruelly? She hasn’t provoke you, never No, it’s you who provokes her! Now that your goal is achieved, you should be satisfied now! If you still have a little conscience, then don’t disturb her! I tell you, no matter where she goes, she will I can live well! Oh, it should be said that without you Wu Helian, she will be better than before!”

“This is something that I will give you before Xiaochen left! I will say the last sentence to you, You, Wu Helian, don’t deserve her love! I have finished speaking, and I don’t want to talk to you more than half a word in the future.” Yu Mei finished the speech in one breath, maintained a perfect smile, and turned away.

Yan Xudong was stunned. He didn’t even understand what she said.

It wasn’t until Yu Mei walked past him that Yan Xudong reacted, and her eyes shifted from Wu Helian’s body and took steps to follow her.

Yu Mei bowed her head into the elevator, and Yan Xudong also chased in.

“What happened? Xiaochen left? Where did she go? Why did she leave?” Yan Xudong asked anxiously.

“It’s my fault…” As

soon as the elevator door closed, Yu Mei couldn’t conceal her sorrow, blaming herself and annoyed like a vortex swallowed her. If at that time, she did not propose to let Lu Shiyan pretend to be her boyfriend to reject Zhou Chengze’s forced marriage, wouldn’t it be all that? So Xiaochen, she will not lose her child and go far away.

It turned out that she was also the initiator.

Seeing the elevator descend slowly, Shen Ruo approached the office carefully. The door was not closed, and a small gap was revealed. Looking at it from this angle, one cannot see who it is. She dared, knocked gently on the door, and said with a light smile, “Master Lian, let me change your cup of coffee for you.”

Wu Helian looked quietly at the storage box in front of her, and didn’t say anything.

Shen Ruo also glanced at the storage box, pointedly pointed at the large picture sealed in a transparent pocket, and quietly left the office. When she returned with a cup of coffee, Wu Helian had buried her head to review the document, and the storage The box, I don’t know where it was put, and I didn’t see it.

Working all day long is actually the same as every day, no difference.

Before leaving get off work, all the documents have been reviewed and there is no need to work overtime. But Wu Helian was sitting in the office, and she didn’t leave. Shen Ruo sent a copy of the document, and by the way, took away the signed document and distributed it to the managers and supervisors of various departments tomorrow morning.

Shen Ruo took the file and said softly, “Master Lian, you are off work, don’t you go back?”

Wu Helian said indifferently, “You can get off work.”

Shen Ruo is also commonplace in the usual coldness. She said “Oh” and said “Goodbye” before leaving. But just turned around, but heard his low male voice ringing from behind, let her stop, “If she calls you, tell me.”

Shen Ruo looked back at Wu Helian, his hands were slightly tight, ” Okay, I will.” It was

dark, and time came to eight o’clock in the evening.

The night when the lantern was first lit up, like every night in the past, the neon in Hong Kong is still so beautiful and eye-catching.

Wu Helian finally got up, opened the cabinet, and picked up the storage box to leave after get off work.

Driving back to Yinshen, as soon as the door opened, a lot of noise came running, two front paws squeezing his pants tightly. Then he turned around and ran back to his den. His plate was empty, and there was no water or food. Wu Helian put down the storage box, filled a lot of water, and gave it food.

Duduo immediately ate it, shaking his tail.

Wu Helian walked to the sofa and sat down, which opened the storage box. HELLOKITTY’s small pendant, pure white cotton long skirt… is not only so simple, but it is all memories, which will make him unable to extricate himself. In his ears, it seemed that she could hear her soft female voice shouting his name.

Wu Helian smoked a cigarette and picked up a book in the storage box.

That is a picture book.

Read it casually and see on the page that it reads: The other side of the flower blooms for a thousand years and falls for a thousand years. The flowers and leaves never meet.

Wu Helian stared at this line of words for a long time, until Duoduo ran to his feet again to make trouble with him. He put the book down and picked up a lot on the coffee table.

Duoduo squatted cautiously, he looked at Duoduo and said, “I want to be obedient, you know.”

Recently, the front pages of newspapers and magazines all reported news about Wu’s expansion from company to group.

Wu’s Financial Group is engaged in international project financing, organizing special funds, developing investment banking business, investment consultants, and project planning. It is a diversified professional international financial institution, which includes banking, securities, insurance and other business projects, and is active in Hong Kong’s financial capital market. Banking, securities, fund investment management, insurance and other industries, the service direction is mainly Asian financial investment, bill transactions, equity transactions, project financing, the cooperation direction is mainly the United States, Australia, Canada and other countries, the main holding institutions are China’s mining, The energy industry and environmental protection industry currently have their own investment fields in mining, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and biotechnology.

The Woods Financial Group has aroused widespread and eager attention with its outstanding performance.

The board meeting is being held in the senior conference hall of Wu’s Hong Kong headquarters.

“Wu Er, we have not misunderstood you, you are indeed capable! Several of our uncles are very pleased! This year is hard!” Li Lao, who holds the largest share, laughed.

Several directors were very satisfied with Wu’s performance in recent years and praised them affirmatively.

The conference table was centered and the man in a black suit smiled calmly.

After leaving, Shen Ruo sorted out the documents.

Wu Helian stood up silently and walked out of the conference hall beside her.

Turning from the conference hall back to the quiet office, Wu Helian walked to the executive chair and sat down.

Shen Ruo came in with a cup of coffee and left when he put it down. Wu Helian drank “Wait”. The deep eyes could not afford the waves. He looked up at her slowly, but asked, “Have she contacted you? “

Well, she said she was fine.” Shen Ruo’s smile stiffened and replied softly.

Wu Helian lowered her eyes and Shen Ruo retreated.

There was silent silence again.

It’s winter and February. In February this year, it was much warmer than last year, not so cold.

Suddenly, the computer suddenly sounded Didi.

Wu Helian glanced casually, only to see a box pop out of the corner of the screen, the system reminded of the mail.

Wu Helian wouldn’t have read that kind of mail originally. Generally speaking, it’s not system mail or it’s related to the company. But the reminder box of the email surprised him. Because of the line of words, he couldn’t help gazing, feeling that his breathing was also slow, the air became so thin that he couldn’t breathe, and it was almost itching.

That line of words-Ahe, happy birthday.

Wu Helian immediately grabbed the mouse and clicked into the mail.

The background envelope of the email is a blue sky, a thin grid, that is her favorite pattern, he remembers clearly, and even remembered to ask her how she likes the grid so much, she smiles and smiles, still the shy expression, Said very embarrassedly: Dad said that the rules of the grid should be the same as that of being a man.

Wu Helian’s thoughts were slightly chaotic, but the piano song of “Ode to Joy” sounded in his ear again, and his scattered eyes had a focus.

Flash video is inserted in the email, and it starts playing after buffering.

And as soon as the lens flashed, the beautiful white face came into view, as if she was right in front of him, nowhere to go.

In the video, Gu Xiaochen was wearing a sweater, and it can be seen that it was recorded during winter shooting. The camera suddenly shook and switched to each frame, and her voice was so soft, touching the deepest part of his heart, making him feel the silence of the world. She can’t listen to other voices, but she really exists.

“Ahe, do you remember? This is the first Western restaurant we ate. You took me there, but it’s so good. I even asked for egg fried rice. In fact, I have only been to one Western restaurant before. It’s the one near the school. Now tell you, would you laugh at me?”

“Now, you should remember here? The first restaurant I invited you to eat for the first time ?I like to come here the most. You were sitting next to me for dinner that day. I was so happy.”

“I went to Japan for a business trip for the first time. You told me that it was all right, and I was really not afraid.”

“Later, you bring When I went to Paris, I was thinking when I lived in that castle, if I could live with you forever. Oh, I’m dreaming, you’re so busy, how is it possible.”

“This university, our first time When I met, I failed again. I was late and I was wrong. Did you know that you said goodbye? I searched for a long time that night. I asked a lot of people if there was a sixth hall, but there were only five in the university. Didn’t find you, when did you leave? Are you tired of waiting?”

She said bit by bit, the shackles of memory opened, and the past calendar made his heart sore.

“Ahe, you didn’t see me when you woke up, were you upset? Would you not be angry with me? Look at us together, always this and that, as if people all over the world are opposed, It’s really bad. I just haven’t thought about it, and I still haven’t figured out how to stand by you.”

“Ahe, mom must love you very much, I don’t lie to you. Also, talk to your father. There are some things that you don’t say, he never knows, you might understand it when you say it? Brother, don’t be sad anymore, if they know it, they will be very sad to see you. If you survive, you should be grateful, because you have a second life, right? Remember to go home from work early and take care of yourself. Although you are given a lighter, you should not smoke all the time. Okay.”

“Hehe, I have known you for so long, you have a birthday for me, but I haven’t.”

“But I still want to say to you, Hehe, happy birthday.”

“I don’t know a year later, Where are we going to be, are we still together?”

“Ahe, if we are still together, Duoduo and I will definitely be waiting for you at home now, come home early.”

“We are waiting for you.”

Gu Xiaochen’s shy smile So warm, Wu Helian suddenly got up and ran out of the office like crazy.

Along the way, he went back to Yinshen Apartment like crazy. When I opened the door, I sat on the floor of the living room motionless. Lonely apartment without her figure. Not here, not there, there is nothing, no more of her breath, nothing at all.

Wu Helian stood at the door and suddenly blurred her vision.

When I lowered my head, something fell out of my eyes and the floor was wet.

At this moment, his heart was like a knife.

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