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FAHB Chapter 141

on the street, people come and go.

The car shuttled through it, slowly and smoothly.

Wu Helian drove the car, Yu Guang glanced at Gu Xiaochen on the side, sweeping too much by the way, it was lying lazily on Gu Xiaochen’s legs motionless, small body curled up like a white fluff ball. Turning the steering wheel to the right, he said in a deep voice, “Duo Duo’s physique may not be good, pay attention when raising.”

“Physique?” Gu Xiaochen looked down at Duo Duo, fox questioned.

“The white shepherd is an unqualified shepherd.” Wu Helian said quietly, her eyes deep.

When a picture of the puppy from Germany was sent to him for selection, countless dark brown, wolf gray little shepherd dogs in the picture were standing on the lawn or squatting or jumping or playing. But in the corner of the photo, the little white guy sagged his little head and lay alone on the side, motionless, it looked so lonely and so uncommon.

When he told the other party to choose the white shepherd dog, the other breeder told him that it was an unqualified shepherd dog, who was weak and difficult to keep, and decided internally to send it to the ranch. Knowing this, he stared at the white figure in the corner of the photo, but decided to choose it.

Not qualified? When Gu Xiaochen heard this, he touched a lot, and said softly, “In my eyes, it is the best.”

Wu Helian raised her eyebrows, seemingly asked casually, “What about me?”

Gu Xiaochen froze. He quietly turned his head and glanced at him, thinking for a long time that the sentence came out, “It’s not much better.”

Wu Helian pursed her thin lips and raised her eyebrows higher.

The car turned to a restaurant.

The wait staff took the two to the private room, and Gu Xiaochen put Duo Duo on the chair.

A lot of things did not move, still lying on his stomach.

Wu Helian ordered the meal and specifically told the waiter to prepare cooked beef and raw milk, and told the beef to be mashed. When the food came up, Gu Xiaochen took care of Duoduo and patiently fed Duoduo. Duoduo is too small, eating slowly, and not eating too much. Wu Helian watched her feeding Duoduo without saying a word, and remained silent for half an hour.

It’s just that on the plate in front of Wu Helian, the one-of-a-kind steak was unknowingly cut into diced meat.

It was difficult to feed a lot, so Gu Xiaochen had the intention to eat by himself. She picked up the knife and fork and rolled the pasta just to eat, but someone on the opposite side reached out and grabbed her by the wrist. She looked up in surprise, but saw him with a handsome face. That expression was ridiculous and childish.

“What’s wrong?” Gu Xiaochen asked, a little confused.

Wu Helian just grabbed her hand, Shen Sheng said, “Feed me.”

Uh? Gu Xiaochen was stunned, and a small face turned red. “You are not much.”

“Feed me.”

“You eat it yourself.”

“Feed me.”

His stubborn temper began to attack, Gu Xiaochen swept aside. The waiter whispered, “It’s inconvenient, someone.”

Wu Helian turned a blind eye and repeated the two words

stubbornly , “Feed me.” Gu Xiaochen frowned helplessly and had to send the rolled pasta into him In his mouth, watching him chew slowly, she

let out a sigh of relief, but he said, “Also.” The next second, Gu Xiaochen felt for the first time that the original meal could be “tortured” like this!

Coming out of the restaurant, the two went to the pet shop again.

At the suggestion of the store manager, I bought a series of things like dog litters, metal tableware, toiletries and so on. From beginning to end, Gu Xiaochen has been holding a lot, listening carefully to the daily precautions said by the store manager, while Wu Helian stood aside and remained silent. The clerk wrapped the thing and put both hands on it, “Sir, your thing.”

Wu Helian’s two large pockets with heavy hands, the clerk tapped a lot of her head, and said with a smile, “Look at Daddy Mommy, it hurts you!”

Daddy? Mommy? Gu Xiaochen and Wu Helian looked at each other at the same time, suddenly embarrassed.

Gu Xiaochen suddenly withdrew his eyes, and Wu Helian’s handsome face appeared suspicious blush.

Back at the Chunguangyuan apartment, Wu Helian took off her suit jacket and began to sort out a lot of sites. Gu Xiaochen put down a lot and immediately took the toolbox. Seeing him take off his suit, she hurriedly pleated his shirt sleeves. There was a space in the corner of the living room, the sofa was moved to the side, and the wooden nest was placed against the corner. The metal tableware is also pressed to a lot of people, and it is nailed to the edge of the small nest to facilitate it to eat.

Wu Helian took a hammer and nailed the wooden sign above the small nest. The wooden sign was engraved with the words “Duo Duo Xiao”.

Gu Xiaochen spread the soft quilt in the nest and pressed it gently. Then hug a lot, and let it sleep in its own nest. The little guy is so quiet and clever, even more indifferent, it is neither noisy nor noisy. Reaching out to reach it, it licks you with its tongue, itchy.

“Oh, itchy.” Gu Xiaochen smiled, grabbed his arm, turned his head and said, “Ahe, you see a lot, it always licks me!”

Her lovely face, filled with happy sweet fragrance, Wu Helian Watching her froze for a moment. Involuntarily, the big hand bypassed her body, supported her shoulder, and took her into her arms. Gu Xiaochen was also stunned, and his handsome face was suddenly depressed, getting closer and closer to her.

There was no warning, but it seemed that he had waited for a long time, and his kiss fell like this. Kissing her sweetly, she seemed to have tasted the sweetness that she had not experienced for a long time.

I don’t know how deep the desire is, but at the moment I touched her, the repression of so many days suddenly burst into flame. He lightly bit her lip, tongue digging into it flexibly and twistingly, hooking her tongue, kissing her so that she couldn’t breathe, and she began to grunt, “Ahe…”

“Chenchen.” Wu Helian shouted hoarsely, and when he looked up, his gaze with strong desire made Gu Xiaochen palpitate.

His big hand exerted a little force, and Gu Xiaochen’s eyes were turning around, and he was pressed against the floor, but her soft breath was engulfed by his kiss again. Wu Helian kissed her while heaving heavily, “I want you…”

… …

His dark palm unbuttoned her shirt button and began to take off the extra obstacles on her body. His tongue painted the shape of her lips, sucking it repeatedly, until it became as bright as a rose under his moisture, and then let it go, his lips pecked along her smooth and small chin. He kissed away and dropped his exclusive brand.

Just feeling that there was a burst of heat in his body, Gu Xiaochen was imprisonedly imprisoned under him, and his small face began to flush.

“Ahhh…” It’s been a long time since he kissed him so eagerly, she was a little embarrassed.

Wu Helian propped up her sturdy body, his shirt slightly spread out, and outlined perfect muscle lines. He stretched out his hand and stroked her face, palms were scorching, and her small face was the same, the entangled temperature could not tell who was who. He lowered his head, sticking out his tongue and licking the skin on her neck. She felt itchy and numb and couldn’t help pushing him.

“Itchy !” “Itchy?” he murmured, and the tip of his tongue licked her again. Sexy collarbone. The slender fingers finally unbuttoned her shirt, and her large hands slowly faded her clothes, revealing a large fair skin and round shoulders. Halfway through the clothes, her corset turned out to be black lace.

Oh, this is really a torture.

How can she wear black lace?

Wu Helian instantly crimsoned her eyes, and the jealousy came so quickly, “Chenchen, you must come to seduce me!”

“I didn’t…” Gu Xiaochen anxiously denied, but he dominated her lips. Pulling up her bra straps with her fingers, she pulled it loose and loosened it unconsciously, and said against her lips, “Black lace, you never wore it before.”

“That was bought by Meimei.” Gu Xiaochen said embarrassedly , Yu Mei threw away all her conservative bras.

Wu Helian raised her eyebrows in dissatisfaction and muttered, “I will buy it for you later.”

Gu Xiaochen was about to speak, but he seized the tongue and drilled into it, entangled her and kissed her deepest. Tearing her clothes, he was arrogant and gentle, kissing every inch of her.

Duo Duo crawled out of the den, a small man, with one ear drooping and one ear erected. It just stared at Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen, and suddenly walked towards them. The small head rubbed against Gu Xiaochen’s face and licked it curiously. As soon as Gu Xiaochen opened her eyes, she saw how much she was, and she was shy and anxious. “Ahe, so much…”

“Don’t care about it!” Wu Helian drank, and the seemingly forceful but light movement would move Dodo aside.

But a lot of enthusiasm came, and they walked up to them, and made it clear that they were going to do bad things!

Wu Helian stretched a cool face and stared at Duoduo with resentment.

Duo was so glared at him that he felt as if he was sitting on the side and no longer moved.

“Hehe, Duo Duo is still watching.” Gu Xiaochen was dizzy when he kissed him, but Duo Duo’s black eyes made her feel embarrassed and shy.

“It should be children’s physiology education.” Wu Helian held her snow-white Zuo Feng, bowing her head to cover it.

Children’s education? day! Gu Xiaochen said dumbly, “It’s a lot of dogs!” The

clothes were all dropped to the waist, and the arrow was on the string. At this time, a female voice sounded outside the apartment, and Yu Mei vaguely could be heard. She seemed to be calling. Then with the key poke into the hole, the sound of opening the door. Gu Xiaochen panicked, she immediately pushed Wu Helian away, but he was already uncomfortable and was going crazy!

“Memei is back!” Gu Xiaochen said messily.

Wu Helian said nothing, hurriedly hugged her whole person and rushed into the bathroom. As soon as the glass door closed, the apartment door was opened.

“Well? How could I have something to do, what are you doing!” Yu Mei walked in while calling. After drinking a few bottles of spirits, she also fainted and kicked high heels directly to the living room. Just seeing Duoduo, and seeing Duoduo’s nest, she laughed and continued to call while teasing Duoduo.

And the sound of water was coming from the bathroom, obviously someone was taking a bath.

Yu Mei thought that it was Gu Xiaochen, so she didn’t pay much attention, and continued to make phone porridge.

But in the bath room, Gu Xiaochen did not dare to speak loudly, but was afraid that Yu Mei outside, “What should I do, what should I do, Mei Mei is back…”

Her broken thoughts and panic made Wu Helian feel upset!

When she stood in front of the glass door and hesitated, he lifted his hands to take off his clothes, and his muscular body showed strength and beauty. He walked behind her, his arms over her neck, and pressed her hard against the bathroom wall. Gu Xiaochen shivered as the tiled wall was cold.

The situation is too chaotic, but the two are entangled like a snake.

His hands clasped her small face, and the fiery kiss blocked her lips, preventing her from having the opportunity to think about anything else! While kissing her, let go of one hand to strip her already scattered clothes, and then touched her soft body. He grabbed her small hand, pressed his own stiffness, and said heavy, “You fire, you Come to extinction!”

“I…” Gu Xiaochen was frightened and glanced down, his head blank for a moment, and he began to fear!

“Xiao Chen! I really served the man. Please ask him not to be like today again! I went to the bar, others thought I was fighting! Obviously a little thing! By the way, what are you and him? What’s going on?” Yu Mei’s voice came slowly through the glass door, and her figure was still faintly visible.

Gu Xiaochen panicked and didn’t respond, said hardly, “I, being, taking a shower…”

Wu Helian condensed Jun Rong and pulled her hand away, encircling her neck.

Big hands went down, yanked off her lace panties, and slammed into her body in one fell swoop. She groaned, withstanding his sudden entry, and then suffocated with full bracing. He bit her skin, bursts of violent sprints, the breath of breath breathed on her ears, Gu Xiaochen reached out and covered his mouth, fearing that he would cry!

But his fiery presence in the body made her unable to ignore. Although he covered his mouth, it felt really uncomfortable. His force was so frightening that he repeatedly entered and exited, completely withdrew from her body, and then pressed back against her, slamming into it again, constantly asking for her, and slamming her whole person to fall apart, making her footsteps unstable and almost falling .

His eyes were full of passion and desire, and he never faded. Just feeling the pain in the lower abdomen, a little harder, pulled her away from herself.

Gu Xiaochen gasped, her small face reddened like blood. She had a hand around his neck, and now he was pulled by him like this. She was almost helpless and was about to fall to the ground against the tile wall. Wu Helian hurriedly supported her waist, let her rely on herself, and his stiffness continued to rub her softness, making him suddenly stare.

“Ah…” Gu Xiaochen shouted weakly, leaning on his shoulder, her physical strength could not compete with him at all!

“Good morning, just a moment.” Wu Helian kissed her face and whispered against her ear. Afterwards, she was turned upside down, letting her lie on the wall, her body was as hot as a fire, and the temperature of the tiles was cold, which made Gu Xiaochen feel as if he was in the double sky of ice and fire.

“Ahe, what are you going to do.” Gu Xiaochen was suppressed by him and was unable to struggle, but there was a feeling of uneasiness in his heart.

Wu Helian supported her waist with one hand to prevent her from falling, and the other hand wrapped her around her chest to hold her. Gu Xiaochen panicked, this posture was really embarrassing. She felt his temptation to move, just about to turn her head, but he penetrated her directly from behind, making her can’t help leaning forward and groaning uncontrollably.

The image in front of him kept shaking, and Gu Xiaochen bit his lip tightly, but could not bear the surging sensory stimulation.

The white color of the tile was finally blurred in his eyes. He slammed it suddenly, causing her body to tear, and finally after a violent impact, the body seemed to be injected with a warm current, and then slowly flowed down the inside of the thigh. Gu Xiaochen no longer had strength, and his mind was blank, falling backwards.

Wu Helian hugged her hurriedly, leaning on her body to quell the remaining palpitations.

Both were breathing heavily, and the heat was scattered around them.

The huge glass mirror was covered with a layer of white mist, and their figures were submerged in the water vapor.

“Xiaochen? How did you wash for so long? Would it be dizzy?” Yu Mei rang again through a door with some drunk female voice, and she even stood outside the bathroom and knocked on the door.

“Dong Dang Dang–“

Gu Xiaochen had no strength to speak, even in a trance state.

“Gu Xiaochen? Are you really dizzy? In this winter, it’s not good to take a bath for too long!” Yu Mei was anxious and shouted again.

Seeing her as a quiet puppet doll, Wu Helian also knew that she was tired, and she picked her up straight and turned, and at the same time shouted at the people outside the bath room, “Don’t be noisy!” The

room was suddenly silent and silent. Scary.

Wu Helian took Gu Xiaochen into the bathtub, pressed the button, and immediately accumulated hot water in the bathtub, slowly surrounding the two.

Suddenly, there was another swearing outside, “Fuck!”

Yu Mei in the living room was completely stunned. She didn’t expect there was a man besides Gu Xiaochen in the bathroom! A man! Who is this man, then don’t think about it, it must be so and so! But why didn’t she find out? The clatter of the water no longer sounded, but Yu Mei wandered back and forth in the living room.

Yu Mei took out a cigarette and lit a cigarette, but only took a few sips, but choked off irritably.

Duoduo was drinking water, and little tongue licked.

Yu Mei squatted down in front of Duoduo and raised Fengmei to say, “That man was uneasy and kind enough to send you here!” After

drinking a lot of water, he ran back to the nest to sleep on his own, and ignored it. Who.

“Sister, I don’t like you anymore!” Yu Mei snorted, got up and walked back to the sofa to sit down.

Waiting for the left and waiting for the right, waiting for the right and waiting for the left, finally there was some movement in the bathroom.

Gu Xiaochen really had no face to go out to meet people, and finally put on her bathrobe, but she just didn’t dare to go out.

“What to do, don’t go out yet.” Gu Xiaochen was still in a daze, but a low male voice came from behind.

She turned her head and saw that he was bare chest, and there were water drops dripping down the skin texture. Wu Helian only wrapped her lower body with a big bath towel. Under the dim light, the black hair was wet, a few strands were attached to the cheeks, and a beautiful and sexy arc was outlined, which was just charming and dizzy.

“Why don’t you wear clothes!” Gu Xiaochen said annoyed.

Wu Helian looked at her silently and said, “wet.”

Gu Xiaochen glanced back, the shirt was wet with moisture, the trousers fell off the washing platform, and the wet area was wet. The clothes can’t be worn back, and they have to be dried. She was hesitating and entangled, but Wu Helian was surprisingly not easy to hold the door handle and pull the glass door apart. Although the heater was on, the bathroom was still a little warmer. The cool air in the living room struck, and Gu Xiaochen’s mind instantly sober .

Yu Mei did not get up immediately, sitting there with her hands around her chest, motionless.

Wu Helian grabbed Gu Xiaochen’s hand with a thorn, and pulled her out of the bathroom. Gu Xiaochen had to follow him.

When the footsteps approached, Yu Mei smiled and stood up. She turned around and slowly greeted the two. I saw Gu Xiaochen’s dripping black hair draped behind him, and his bathrobe wrapped loosely around his body. Yu Mei’s eyes swept over her, glancing at the man next to her, and scrutinized her scrutiny.

Yu Mei has seen many men, handsome, handsome, elegant, countless.

But I have to admit that if you have to describe it, then this man is indeed-the best!

“Is the bathtub good? Is the water hot?” Yu Mei asked with a smile.

“General.” Wu Helian spit out two words.

Gu Xiaochen was worried that they would quarrel, but Yu Mei said, “You are not so easy to pass!”

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