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Chapter 160 All heard


phone rings and breaks the silent office.

Wu Helian answered the phone and heard Shen Ruo’s reply on the other end of the phone, “Master Lian, the director of the Hong Kong University office called.”

“Transfer in.” Wu Helian drank and the phone was then transferred in, and the director smiled bluntly there. Dao, “General President, the university hall you invested a year ago is about to be completed and implemented. The teachers and students of the school are very grateful to you. You see, the hall hasn’t been given a name,

why would you give one?” Wu Helian Holding the microphone for a moment, he said, “The sixth hall.”

“Yes, yes, this hall is indeed the sixth hall in the school.” The director quickly echoed.

Wu Helian said indifferently, “It’s called the sixth hall.” The

director was stunned over the phone, and then he recovered. “That’s called this, the sixth hall. President He, the day the hall was completed, I don’t know Mr. He “

Do you have time to come?” Wu Helian said lightly, “I ‘ll say it later.”

“I hope Mr. He can come, and it won’t disturb you, you are busy. Goodbye.” The director said with a smile and hung up the phone.

After a while, Yan Xudong knocked on the door and entered.

Yan Xudong is wearing a silver-grey suit and a suit of the same color. Ruya is like him. Even in such a color, it will not make people feel depressed and dull. He was still the man who made people feel like spring breeze. When he smiled, he gently raised the corner of his mouth, “This is the fourth phase of the cooperation plan of Canada

Haishen Company, you have a look.” Wu Helian took the document and opened the symbolically. One page, staring at the first line of the document, still holding a carbon pen in his hand,

Shen Sheng asked, “Do you have any news about her?” Yan Xudong’s calm smile, calmly smiling, his eyes tight Locked in a deep meaning, it is impossible to tell what kind of entanglement. He put his hand flat on the arm of the chair and said lightly, “No.”

Wu Helian said nothing more and signed her name.

Yan Xudong picked up the document and left when he got up. He took a step, but stopped again, turned his back, Shen Sheng said, “I heard that she had done very well.”

Wu Helian just “en”, and said Xu Dong strode away.

Wu Helian held the mouse and clicked on the birthday email again. In the past two years, he did not know how many times he had watched the video and how many times he had listened to it repeatedly, and only she in the video would move and laugh. She who speaks is no longer the frozen image, nor the smiley face in the photo.

In this long time, Wu Helian had not visited her, wanted to find a reason, but did not know what reason to take. He seemed to be ineligible. He just remembered what she said last, and he waited patiently. Day after day, month after year, in a blink of an eye, two years passed.

I heard, yes, I heard.

I heard she had a good life.

I heard where she went.

I heard how she is.

Everything is heard. From his, her, and others’ mouths, I heard everything about her.

She didn’t know how many times she had heard before she appeared.

Until a month later, the director of the University of Hong Kong called again and invited him to attend the completion ceremony of the hall.

“Master Lian, the time is almost up and the car is ready.” Shen Ruo reminded on time and said with a smile.

Wu Helian nodded slightly, got up and took a suit jacket on.

On the lacquered floor, there was a white fluffy object lying still with black eyes, but no longer the cute look of a small ball. This German Shepherd has grown into an adult dog. Nor will he bark, just watch the opponent’s actions with caution, as if he will counterattack at any time.

This shepherd dog is in the Wu family, that can also be known to everyone, because this is Master Lian’s most beloved baby.

Its name is Duoduo.

No matter who approached Duoduo, it would take precautions as if everyone were enemies with it.

Shen Ruo couldn’t help but was afraid, and took a step away. He obviously hugged the puppy when he was a child, but now he is afraid when he sees it. Her eyes shifted from Duoduo and back to Wu Helian, her eyes fascinated for a moment. From the beginning to the present, this man’s charm has not diminished, but as the years hardened, he became more and more charming.

Wu Helian put on a suit and walked too much to walk around, but instructed, “You don’t have to follow.” The

Hong Kong University originally had only five auditoriums . He invested six years ago to build the sixth.

Walking along the road to the new synagogue, passing the cafeteria, the aunt of the cafeteria changed people, and I don’t know who it was. It’s just that the tree-lined trail that passed by did not change. When I walked through the trail, that hall was the debate hall where they first met. Not far from the library, Wu Helian still remembers the beautiful fireworks that night, that beautiful she.

The crowd was so turbulent that almost all the students who came to attend the completion ceremony of the hall came to Wu Helian.

This business magnate in the financial world was praised by all the teachers and students in the school as a godlike figure.

The scene was very lively, full of people, and the seats were not absent. The students were all crowded at the entrance. On the stage, the host and the charismatic man are asking questions. His deep male voice was mellow, full of magnetism, and it was fascinating. After the free question and answer time, the students began to get excited.

The male student stood up and asked, “Mr. Wu, what do you think is success?”

Wu Helian said calmly, “A feeling.”

“What kind of feeling?”

“Can only tell if it can be said.” The question was thrown back.

Suddenly laughed, and the female student stood up again. “Mr. Wu, I want to ask you a personal question. Why are you building this hall? Does it have any special significance?”

“If I say I just want to return Alma mater, do you believe it or not?”

The girl student smiled, “This may ask everyone, do you believe it or

not ?” “Do not believe it!” everyone answered in unison.

Wu Helian also smiled. His smile was very gentle, and he looked out at the sky, blue sky and white clouds, and it was beautiful and dazzling. “If someone asks next time, is there a sixth hall in the school, you tell her-yes.”

… …

“Wow—” When this word came out, people suddenly surprised and screamed. The students scrambled and asked anxiously, “Mr. Wu, who is that person? She in your mouth must be her next to the female character. Isn’t it your girlfriend? Is she also from the University of Hong Kong? She and you are the same term? Are you still together now?” The

gossip news naturally arouses daydreams, and the girls are getting more intense.

Wu Helian was still laughing, but she took back her gaze steadily and spit out two words humorously, “Guess.” The

students were also amused by him and still insistently questioned there.

“Tell us?”

“We must have guessed it! She must also be in our school! Which one is it? What is the name?”

“Should she be our school sister? Ah, I guess it’s from the Department of Finance sister school! ” “

Oh, no, no, maybe she is our sister school Department of Chinese. ” “

Who said that? probably our science and engineering it? “

for a time different opinions, but it is consistently departments for their location speak.

The host saw the situation was out of control, and saw that the time was running out. He hurriedly played the round and dissuaded him, “Students! Please be quiet! Mr. Wu’s time is very precious. Today’s lecture ends here! Mr. Wu applauded for taking the time in his busy schedule to come! “

crackling, crashing sounds of applause.

In the attention of everyone, Wu Helian got up and left. As soon as he walked into the background, someone greeted him. The woman is dressed in a white dress and has a good temperament. She pulls her hair up and is a nice lady. The once youthful madness has slowly faded away, accumulating precipitation in the passing years, developing a restrained and quiet gentle child, she has also become a beautiful woman, fragrant and beautiful.

“Hi, Senior Lian.” Bai Hui shouted softly.

Wu Helian’s memory is a little vague, and the memory is not clear. She has to look at her and smile.

Bai Hui seemed to have expected that he would react like this, smiling at her like that. It was just that she was not disappointed anymore. It was a reminder like that, saying lightly, “Last time, Senior Lian came to the school to give a lecture. I and another school girl came to see Senior Lian. Senior Lian should always remember her, Gu Xiaochen. “

Wuhe Lian thought of that day, thought of the words white Hui year: she is Guxiao Chen ah. Did Senior Lotus forget? Gu Xiaochen’s freshman year, representing the freshman finance department, participated in the debate PK competition. But in the final round, she was late, causing the Finance Department to lose. Senior Lian also educated her.

Wu Helian’s smile grew deeper and her tone was flat. “Remember, you are the daughter of the school manager.”

“Hey.” Bai Hui sighed and quipped, “Senior Lotus, can’t you frame this title on me?” , I am now a teaching assistant at this university.” After studying, Bai Hui became a father, and served as a teaching assistant in this university. When you have more practical experience, you will be able to take over officially. His father’s education.

“The gardener, worked hard.” Wu Helian said indifferently.

Bai Hui chuckled, “Senior Lian, you have become funny.”

Wu Helian said nothing, but she didn’t notice her own changes. Bai Huining looked at him and suddenly smiled, and asked cautiously, “Senior Lian, do you know where Gu Xiaochen is?”

Wu Helian was silent for a moment, and Youyou said, “I heard she had done well.”

Bai Hui froze, Wu Helian nodded slightly towards her, walked past her and walked out of the background. Bai Hui looked back sharply, his tall figure had been submerged by the sun, and disappeared after blinking. She just thought of another man. In the past two years, she never gave up looking for another man.

Wu Helian first went back to the company and took away a lot, and then drove to the Wujia villa himself.

During this year, he went home more and more times. It used to be half a month, even one month without going home, or even longer. Today, he only stays at home for a few minutes and walks away. He can sit for a few hours slowly. He usually returns home for dinner before dinner, and he leaves after dinner.

Although there are still not many words, it is much better than before.

Gradually, Mrs. Ji Yuehua got acquainted with him. Before dinner time, Wu Jizong practiced calligraphy in the study, Wu Helian went to the back garden with Ji Yuehua. In fact, when he was a child, Ji Yuehua was very affectionate towards Wu Helian, but it was only after the accident that the two became estranged.

Toto walked alone to the corner of the garden, sat down, no longer standing his ears alertly, and finally relaxed his vigilance.

“If the company is busy, then move back to live. There are people in the family, and you can take care of it. Your dad is alone and bored. You will play chess with him when you are free. He will be very happy.” Ji Yuehua looked at the hair A lot of snow, said softly. Ji Yuehua not only mentioned it about moving home, but he always shouldn’t, as if waiting for something. Ji Yuehua thought, and finally couldn’t help saying, “Is it because of that girl? Are you waiting for her?”

Wu Helian just silently.

“She’s gone?” Ji Yuehua asked tentatively.

Wu Helian finally nodded.

“Where did she go?”


replied dumbly , “I don’t know.” Ji Yuehua said “Oh”, she and Gu Xiaochen had only met a few times and didn’t know much. Just to see his handsome face, Shen Ning, talking about his love life for the first time, asked softly, “That girl, what is she like?”

Wu Helian was suddenly at a loss. He had never thought of describing her in words. It took a long time before he spit out a few words, “She, very good.”

If no one mentioned her, Wu Helian would never mention it by herself.

If it were not Bai Hui, he would soon forget how to pronounce her name. The three words of her name seemed to be taboo. In the past two years, he had stroked thousands of times in his heart, but he did not say anything. He hadn’t thought about it yet. If she came back suddenly, if they suddenly met, what should the first sentence say.

After dinner at the Wu family, Wu Helian took Duoduo away. Instead of going directly to Yinshen’s apartment, he took Duoduo to take a walk outside, and went to the pet shop to buy something. The pet shop, or the one I went to initially, hasn’t changed in the past two years, but just changed the store address and moved from this street to another street.

The clerk in the shop came and went, and changed a batch, but only a little girl never changed.

She is the boss’s niece.

Every time Wu Helian comes to the store to buy things, the little girl will entertain with a smile, “Sir, you come to buy more things! Our store has the latest shepherd dog food, shepherd’s favorite.” Little girl side Say, while looking at the snow-white big dog sitting on the side, “A lot of people are really obedient and good-looking.” Is

it just obedient, it is indifferent. A lot of people are ignorant of each other. If you get closer, you will be hostile and treat everyone who wants to be close. The ears are straight, and the dark eyes are bright. If you stare at it for a longer time, you will be a little afraid of hair, and it will show through the deep heart.

Wu Helian took a cookie from the clerk and put it in front of Duoduo.

Smell a lot, still motionless.

Wu Helian put the biscuits back on the plate, and Shen Sheng said, “Let me get the old one.”

“Okay, it seems a lot of nostalgia.” The girl responded with a smile and fetched it with a smile.

“Ding Dong–” The wind chimes of the shop door made a clear sound as the door opened, and Wu Helian took Duoduo away.

As the night grew darker, neon twinkled in front of my eyes.

Everywhere on the street, who sings joyous songs in a low voice, accompanied by a melodious guitar sound.

Wu Helian walked along the road and followed him quietly. When walking, he habitually wants to smoke. I just took one, and the moment I took out the lighter, I was stunned. He glanced too much, and he looked up at him as if he was watching. He silently put the cigarette back in the cigarette case and put the lighter back in his pocket.

On the way, I received a call.

The call comes from Wu Miaoke.

In the past two years, Wu Miaoke has settled in France and lived with Wu Haoyang. Wu Haoyang’s company is getting bigger and bigger in France, and its reputation is getting more and more popular. It is reported that the sales volume in the French apparel industry last month has already ranked first. Several shows have done very well. The supermodel effect plus the star effect, plus Shang Wu Haoyang’s own sake.

Wu Miaoke shouted excitedly in his ear, Wu Helian held the phone and listened silently.

Wu Miaoke smiled over the phone and said, “Second Brother, I secretly tell you that Miss Lin is coming to France! Also, the third brother didn’t know who to call today, and suddenly noisy! Then the third brother Throw the door away! I have finished my gossip news, and then I will tell you a very important news-I am going back to Hong Kong to open an art exhibition!”

One day a week later, Wu Miaoke returned home with his teacher.

Wu Miaoke did not let anyone pick up the airport because he still had to handle the art exhibition. The second old Wu family saw Wu Miaoke’s energetic appearance, and no longer opposed her continuing her painting career. The man who once betrayed her fiercely, the child who once lost, the past, no one mentioned it again.

Wu Miaoke sent a ticket for the exhibition to his family. Wu Jizong said no, but went with Ji Yuehua. The two admired her daughter’s paintings and watched her surrounded by young people who admired painting. Wu Helian arrived a little late. In the afternoon, she met with a company manager and greeted him in advance.

“Sister Miao Ke, do you plan to enroll students in China after returning home this time?”

“Sister Miao Ke, congratulations, and won the prize again!”

“Why can’t I adjust this color?”

That was the school where Wu Miao Ke had previously studied, and several school girls came to join in the study. Standing in front of an oil painting, Wu Miaoke reached out to a certain color in the painting and patiently described the technique of color grading. “Some colors are indeed more difficult to adjust. It seems that it is not the kind of thinking that you want to adjust. Try a few more times.”

“Sister Miao Ke, the hands in this painting are so beautiful!” someone exclaimed.

Wu Miaoke walked to the painting and stared at the slender, slender hands in the painting, but he didn’t have a taste, but he couldn’t tell what it was. The hands in the painting are obviously the hands of men, and the fingers fall on the keys. The posture is really beautiful.

“You are free, I will leave for a while.” Wu Miaoke said with a smile, and turned to another place in the exhibition hall. Turning around the corridor, he met a man head-on. The man has dark brown hair, thick and soft, lazy look, looks quiet and distant, he wears glasses, the refined temperament adds a bit of book atmosphere, very elegant.

The man also saw her, his eyes narrowed.

Wu Miaoke’s eyes met the man for a long time, and her heart tingled for a moment.

“Miao Ke, you come here.” Wu Miao Ke responded with a shout, “Come.”

Wu Miao Ke looked at the man in front of him again, and the other smiled slightly, “Hello, please feel free. “The

man was stunned, watching her take steps, walking slowly by her side, wiping her breath, she had gone away. Junrong couldn’t hide his surprise. He took off his glasses and looked back at her slender and graceful figure, as if to see her clearly, she smiled and talked to others, youthful and beautiful, his feet seemed to take root, unable to Half a step forward.

Suddenly, there was another cry in the exhibition hall, “Is he… Lu Shiyan? Piano Prince Lu Shiyan!”

“Senior Master Lu was also from our academy before, and later studied abroad! Did Master Lu and Sister Wu know each other! Sister Wu, Sister Lu came to see you!” Someone secretly guessed and immediately shouted.

The man turned away and appeared in a hurry.

Hearing the shout, Wu Miao was suspicious. She walked towards the female student and looked in the direction pointed by the female student. It was the man who had just looked into the corridor.

“Hey? What’s the matter? Isn’t he the piano prince Lu Shiyan?”

“Did we admit the wrong person?”

Lu Shiyan.

Wu Miaoke meditated on the strange name in his heart, and the pain in his heart was even worse.

The man bowed his head and walked out of the exhibition hall, strode towards the car parked on the side of the road and drilled into it. Lu Shiyan took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Yu Mei’s words circled quietly.

“Shi Yan, Xiao Chen let me bring you a sentence: Let yourself go.”

“Sister Xiao Chen… where is she?”


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