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Chapter 161 The most ruthless words

Wu Helian arrived at the exhibition hall at 3 pm.

The exhibition hall is very quiet, there are people coming in and going out one after another, and the gallery is round.

Wu Miaoke saw Wu Helian sharply and immediately greeted him, holding his wrist intimately. While Wu Helian was enjoying the oil paintings on the wall, Wu Miaoke was telling the origin of each painting, “Second Brother, look at this painting, it was a moment of inspiration in my mind when I went to Denmark. And this This is the grape manor that I saw when I went to Italy with the teacher to collect landscapes. Isn’t it beautiful? It is said that this is a big family, it seems to be called the Carden family.”

Wu Miaoke’s soft female voice is full of energy, and Wu Helian Was attracted by a painting.

It was Fang Cai’s oil painting with a pair of men’s beautiful hands.

“This picture…” Wu Miaoke’s voice choked slightly, with some confusion, and said softly, “I can’t remember when I painted it, there is no impression. Look at the time here, I marked it, It was painted two years ago.” Wu Miaoke stared at the painting, and the man he had just seen suddenly flashed before his eyes. They didn’t know why she was sad. She just shook her head and shook off that inexplicable trouble.

“These hands are very beautiful.” Wu Miaoke said with a smile.

Wu Helian turned her head indifferently, looking at Wu Miaoke beside her. At this time, he didn’t know whether his decision was wrong, and if it was wiped out from her life in that period, was it too cruel. Wu Helian hugged her, Shen Sheng said, “The girl is old, be careful not to marry, is there a boy chasing you?”

“Second brother, you hate! You and the third brother are not bachelors!” Wu Miao shame He blushed, and said strangely, “I’m still young, so I’m not in a hurry! It’s you and the third brother, be careful of my father’s forced marriage! Second brother, I ask you, don’t you have any girls you like? You never again Get married, no one wants you to be careful!”

Wu Miaoke is absolutely kidding, why wouldn’t the two men of the Wu family want anyone?

Wu Helian inadvertently raised her lips and said, “Then let your third brother get married first.”

“Ah? What?”

“I’m telling

you that I’m going to the UK.” “No, you said let the third brother get married first, who will the third brother marry?”

… The

global financial meeting will be held on time in London, England.

Wu Helian, as president of Wu’s Financial Group, was invited to attend.

Shen Ruo arranged properly, booked a flight ticket early in the morning, and also booked a five-star hotel. In the UK, because Wu had a long-term cooperation with Hengyuan Company four years ago, the other company learned that Wu Helian would go to the UK and called on condolences in advance. Shen Ruo said, “Master Lian, Mr. Louis of Hengyuan Company Will pick

you up at the airport.” “You stay.” Wu Helian walked up, Shen Sheng said.

Shen Ruo seemed to be used to it, and he opened the door and walked away. But she was still depressed, glanced at the big white dog sitting on the side, daring not to mutter, but afraid of being attacked, she hurried down and ran out. Every time she goes abroad, she will be left behind to take care of her. But she is a secretary, not a dog breeder.

Fly from Hong Kong to London, England, from the VIPs, and see the white world through the strengthened glass windows.

London is often foggy and accompanied by light rain from time to time.

Walking along the way, the subordinates followed behind.

Wu Helian suddenly remembered that year, he had assigned her to study in the UK. As soon as he walked into the classroom, at a glance, she saw her sitting in the back row. The stunned expression on his face reminded him of a little laugh at the moment. So, the corner of his mouth unconsciously evoked a smile. Then on the golf course, he asked her for the second time, how about being his woman.

Now when he thinks about it, he finds that even he is unknown.

The girl who was always quiet saw her stubbornness at a glance. That kind of stubbornness gave him the idea of conquering.

Was it really just for the test?

Or is this a desire not to be controlled by oneself?

“Mr. He, I haven’t seen you in a long time. You are welcome to come to the United Kingdom.” As soon as Yong said, someone welcomed him warmly. The man has golden brown hair and blue eyes. This authentic British man is Mr. Louis, the head of Hengyuan Company sent to Hong Kong at that time. Louis is bold and informal, and the two reach out and talk.

But among the crowds accompanied by Louis, there was a thin and shapely figure, and the bright and beautiful figure suddenly took a step forward.

The familiar female voice made him think for a moment that it was an illusion, only as auditory hallucination, “Hello, Mr. He.”

Wu Helian’s hand still held Louis’s hand, but the whole person was stunned. He looked around indifferently, and his eyes suddenly met the woman beside Louis.

She was wearing a pure white shirt with an ostrich-colored knitted cardigan on the outside, and linen women’s trousers. She looked simple and casual, yet she did not lose her style. But the long, dark hair was gone, and it was replaced by pretty, capable, and short hair, which was equally good-looking, softly covering her cheeks, and covering her ears. She still had that fair skin, but the pair of black-framed glasses was also removed and replaced with pink-purple streamlined glasses, delicate and beautiful.

“Mr. He, this is my secretary Miss Gu Xiaochen. I don’t think she would introduce me to Mr. He?” Louis said with a smile, letting go.

Wu Helian looked distracted and did not answer.

Gu Xiaochen stood in front of him like this, carrying a briefcase. She reached out to him, her small white hands, her fingers slender and slender, “He, he has gone for a long time.”

Wu Helian suddenly smiled, and could not tell whether she was the one with emotion or the other. The throbbing had long been covered up by the overwhelming. He stretched out his hand to her, carefully holding her soft little hand, so that he did not dare to force it when he held it lightly, and did not dare to nostalgic when it was loosened. After a moment of silence, he replied, “It has been a long time. “

In this foreign country of London, England, at this airport where people come and go.

One day two years later, she suddenly appeared in front of him without any signs.

She smiled at him slightly, and that smile would make him hesitate.

She seemed like nothing had happened before, just a long sentence.

It turned out that nothing happened was the most ruthless word.


RV drove all the way and slowly drove out of the airport.

“Mr. He, can you tell me which project’s development prospects have an advantage next?” Louis and Wu Helian were sitting in the rear car seat, and Louis talked eloquently, with a male voice. But Wu Helian did not hear clearly what he said. Because at this moment, his thoughts have long been trapped, unable to think about others. Can only respond intuitively, nodding with a smile or echoing casually.

From this angle, you can see her sitting in the front seat.

Forty-five degree oblique angle, Gu Xiaochen sat quietly, her side face was white and beautiful. In the afternoon when there is no sunshine, there is a light rain. But she was more dazzling than the sun, let him squint to look directly. Suddenly, she moved, and he hurriedly turned her eyes away, afraid that she would find out that he was secretly paying attention.

“Mr. He, how many days do you intend to stay this time?” Louis asked with a smile.

Wu Helian remained silent for a while, and said quietly, “One week.”

“Then I have to send Mr. He a guide to take Mr. He to London!” Louis counted on the time, and the financial meeting lasted one day, starting at ten o’clock tomorrow morning, until It ends at three in the afternoon. I asked Wu Helian’s secretary earlier. The secretary said that he would stay in the UK for three days. He arrived there that day and returned to Hong Kong the day after the meeting.

“Okay.” Wu Helian smiled calmly, and Louis Wang said to the front, “Secretary Gu, you will give General

Manager He the day after tomorrow to accompany General Manager He to visit London.” In fact, every major city in the United Kingdom, Wu Helian is certainly no stranger. But now he heard him agree, Louis took the opportunity to take the call. As the host, Louis should also do his friendship with the landlord. This is a reasonable thing. In addition, Gu Xiaochen was an employee of Wu Shi and Wu Helian’s assistant, and it is considered to be near the water platform.

Gu Xiaochen looked at them with a smile and said, “I will be the guide for President He the day after tomorrow.” After

arriving at the hotel where he stayed, Wu Helian and Louis and his party were separated.

“Mr. He, see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.”

Both sides greeted each other, and Wu Helian walked slowly towards the elevator. The moment he turned around, he saw the slender figure following behind the man, and left quietly. The elevator door was closed, the revolving door turned, and Gu Xiaochen’s smiling face only had a trace of stunnedness, and Louis’s dings were heard in front of him, “Secretary Gu, you have to entertain Mr. He well and can’t go wrong.”

“I will, Mr. Louis, please be assured.” Gu Xiaochen whispered back, the fog was in front of him.

The foggy days in London cast a heavy fog on her heart.

The financial meeting was very smooth the next day, a whole day, from morning to afternoon.

Wu Helian did not see Gu Xiaochen because Hengyuan was the president of Smith at the meeting. After the meeting, people kept coming to invite people to have dinner with Wu Helian. CEOs of various companies, don’t forget to draw close at this excellent time, and President Smith also greeted, “Mr. He, there was no chance to invite you to dinner before, this time it should be done for me.”

Under everyone’s attention , Wu Helian went with Smith.

The restaurant for dinner was selected by Louis early in the morning. Louis thought that Gu Xiaochen would also guide Wu Helian tomorrow, so he took her to dinner together. During the meal, the men touched their glasses and Louis said, “Secretary Gu, you used to work in Wu’s

house . Now you see President He, and now I ‘d like to congratulate him .” Wu Helian Mo Mo looked up and sat across from her, only to see She pours herself a glass of wine skillfully, and then stands up quickly, and the glass in her hand comes towards him. She has a lot of experience, so she is so calm.

Gu Xiaochen’s smile was very weak, and he didn’t see much emotion. “Here, Mr. He, I have a cup for you.”

Wu Helian leaned the cup toward her mouth and touched it gently. He slowed down, but saw that she looked up and drank up the wine in the glass. After drinking, she blushed and gasped. It seems that during the past two years, her alcohol has been working out. He just bowed his head and drank the glass of wine, but he didn’t know whether it was comfort or regret.

After the dinner, the group changed places and moved to a nightclub for entertainment.

The nightclub’s high-end bag, complete with facilities, a few beautiful and sexy blondes. Then, the figure was really hot, and the man would feel very irritable after watching it. Gu Xiaochen sat quietly on the side, and there was Miss Cheey, Secretary of the President Smith, and the two talked and laughed, as if they had adapted to such a scene, which was commonplace.

The blonde was sitting next to Wu Helian, whispering around his wrist.

Wu Helian whispered, the woman’s smile was a little stiff, and then her expression was slightly unpleasant, she moved a little to the side and became calm. Only this scene, no one saw. President Smith was in high spirits, intimately embracing the beautiful girl next to him and drinking one after another. He chatted with Wu Helian from time to time, and was on the line.

Cheey got up in the bathroom, and Gu Xiaochen looked around boredly with a glass of wine. Here, President Smith and the girl are playing indoor bowling, and over there, Mr. Louis is singing with the girl. After looking at the two of them, he turned his head and bumped into the other person, only to find that he was looking at her too, not knowing what happened or what.

“Your wine has improved.” Wu Helian said suddenly after a stalemate.

In fact, she drank a few glasses of champagne, but it was indeed much better than before. Gu Xiaochen said lightly, “Well, every day I drink and exercise.”

Wu Helian’s heart tightened, and she thought of the past in a simple sentence. That was her first dinner at a dinner party. At that time, Louis King respected her wine, and she did not know how to refuse. Driving her home, he told her that he would go home and drink a glass of red wine every day, and he would gradually exercise.

Gu Xiaochen held the glass handle of the wine glass in both hands and asked, “How are you

doing recently?” Wu Helian just looked back at her, staring at her fair and beautiful face, but did not answer her question. After a long silence, she asked, “You Say?”

Gu Xiaochen smiled, knowing that he had a good life.

“How about you?” Wu Helian then asked, smiling equally.

This time it was Gu Xiaochen’s turn to be silent. After a moment, he looked up and said quietly, “I’m married.” For a

moment, something stuck in his throat, and her image was broken and patched up in the bottom of her eyes. Wu Helian stared closely at her eyes, trying to find a hint of joke, but couldn’t find it all over. I have imagined the situation of meeting thousands of times, and I have imagined the words to be spoken after thousands of meetings. If she asked him if he had a good or bad life, he could not answer, he would not answer.

But he guessed the beginning, but did not guess the result.

Wu Helian never thought that she would say that.

How is it going.

I’m married.

Wu Helian recovered, but picked up a glass of wine and drank it in one sip.

After drinking a glass, the blonde next to him hurriedly filled him. He smiled indifferently, but he began to talk to the girl next to him. There was nothing. It’s just that the distance between the two of them is still maintained, and there is no half-point close. I do not know whether it was inadvertently or uncontrolled, and his eyes occasionally glanced at her who was sitting not far away.

Wu Helian’s eyes swept her face, but she glanced at her right hand, and then looked at her left hand, still there is no, she did not wear a ring.

The light and wine color became extremely long this night.

The night was already deep, the light rain stopped, but the mist did not dissipate. When we walked out of the nightclub in the early morning, the wind came with a little coolness, and it was clear. Several of the bosses drank alcohol, and some subordinates drove them, and the subordinates picked up the car. Several cars were parked along the street in front of the nightclub.

“Secretary Gu, shall I send you?” Louis said with a smile.

Gu Xiaochen was about to speak, but when a black sports car came around the corner, she said softly, “No, Mr. Louis, someone will pick me up.”

Louis smiled, apparently knowing who she meant by “someone”.

And the black sports car stopped slowly across the street, the window fell, the man’s handsome face was exposed to everyone’s eyes, he also looked at the crowd opposite. His blond hair shone under the street light. He had a pair of green eyes. The emerald green color was like the most expensive emerald gemstone. When he laughed, the light shone brightly.

“Then I will go first.” Gu Xiaochen said with a smile, nodded toward the crowd, and walked across the street.

When she walked in the middle of the street, Wu Helian looked up. His eyes passed through the crowd, sweeping towards her walking figure, and the blonde man staying in the car. The car is a famous car, and it seems to be quite valuable depending on the man’s appearance. He watched her bypass the body, watched her sit in the car, watched the foreign man carry her away.

The car drove through the long street. Gu Xiaochen looked at the scenery outside the window and asked back, “How are you free today?”

William laughed and laughed. “Why? Don’t you want me to pick you up?”

“No.” Gu Xiaochen also Smiled, “I’m just afraid to trouble you.”

“Just happened to have a party nearby, and it’s almost the same time, so it’s here.” William said unhurriedly, glancing through the front car mirror and looking away. A group of people.

“Dr. William is really good.” Secretary Cheey couldn’t hide his envy.

Smith drank too much and was a little

enchanted . “Here, President He, come here today, and you should go back to the hotel to have a rest.”

The window was lowered by half, the wind was roaring past, but Wu Helian’s ear kept circling those words, the sentence “How are you doing recently”, the sentence “I am married”, the sentence “Dr. William is really good husband” Tell yourself that maybe she is getting married soon, maybe she is joking. But even she knew that she would never lie. When she didn’t want to answer, she could only be silent, even if it was said, she would only be silent.

But how could she really get married.


As the command of Mr. Louis the day before yesterday, Gu Xiaochen reported to the hotel where Wu Helian stayed early in the morning. She was waiting in the coffee lounge in the lobby, and after a while, Wu Helian appeared. No longer a handsome shirt suit, a thin black V-neck sweater jacket, with dark casual trousers. The long figure is like a unique landscape.

“Mr. He, I have already arranged for your journey today.” Gu Xiaochen stood in front of him and said softly.

London is the capital of the United Kingdom, the largest city and the largest port in the United Kingdom. It is also one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe and one of the four world-class cities in the world. It is also tied with New York, Paris and Tokyo. The prosperity of nature naturally uses no words. After sightseeing at the Palace of Westminster, at twelve noon, listening to the Big Ben punctual time, strolling on the Millennium Bridge, the Thames flows quietly at the foot of the river.

Standing on the Millennium Bridge, Wu Helian was just about to fetch cigarettes, and Gu Xiaochen just started to persuade him with extremely professional theoretical knowledge, “Nicotine in a cigarette can poison a mouse, and nicotine in 20 cigarettes can Poisoning a cow. Smoking is harmful to health,

let’s smoke less.” Wu Helian only put the smoke back and stared at her eyes. “There are some things that can’t be quit.”

His voice is far away, Gu Xiaochen don’t look away To the cafe not far away, “Go sit there.”

Passing the book kiosk along the way, Gu Xiaochen bought a magazine. Street people come and go, the outdoor cafe, order a cup of aromatic coffee, and add a sweet snack, this is really the most pleasant thing.

Wu Helian looked down and saw that magazine was about astronomy. “When were you interested in this kind of book?”

Gu Xiaochen took a spoon and a piece of cake and whispered, “I just felt very magical. I once looked up at the night sky. I was wondering what those glittering things were? I started buying books later.”

“What did you research?”

“I only knew that some of the glittering things are planets, but most of them are stars, and some are huge galaxies. Each galaxy has hundreds of billions of stars…” Listening to her soft female voice As for the knowledge of astronomy, Wu Helian knew how to write the word “distance”.

The Thames at dusk was the most beautiful. After leaving the cafe, Wu Helian remained silent for a long time, and finally asked, “Aren’t you married? Why don’t you wear a ring?

” Gu Xiaochen smiled shyly.

Wu Helian said dumbly, “No need to accompany me tomorrow, I will go back to Hong Kong tonight’s plane.

Get off work and go home.” Gu Xiaochen stared at him staring blankly, and then he said, “Goodbye.” “

Goodbye.” I don’t know who turned first, just walked away, and there was a lot of traffic ahead.

The tall figure of the man drowned in the crowd, and a silver necklace was faintly visible in his neck.

The plane crossed twelve time zones and flew for twelve hours. It turned out, just to say a word-goodbye.

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