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Chapter 162 Returning to China

October, the weather is getting colder.

In this coming winter season, the white orchids also bloomed to the last wave, the flowers are beautiful white or slightly yellowish. From June to October, the flowers bloom continuously, but the fragrance is not as strong as the summer flowers. In the blue sky, large white clouds in the distance are connected into a thick cloud layer, just like a blooming white orchid.

“Miss, the plane is about to land. Don’t be afraid if the airflow is bumpy.” The beautiful flight attendant reminded with a smile, checking for her seat belts.

Gu Xiaochen smiled back and nodded gently.

When the plane landed at Hong Kong International Airport, Gu Xiaochen felt a tingling eardrum. She chewed chewing gum to ease the discomfort. After a successful landing, the passengers began to disembark. Gu Xiaochen raised the shoulder bag and came out with the crowd. The moment I stepped out of the plane, I really felt that I was home.

In the long aisle corridor, Gu Xiaochen walked out of the corridor.

The luggage was taken at the exit. As she had left when she left, there was only a simple small suitcase and nothing else. Returning to Hong Kong again, breathing the air of Hong Kong, Gu Xiaochen realized that time passed quickly, but it seemed to be slow. Suddenly turning back, he has left for so long.

At the exit of Yongdao, I saw a pretty woman standing there and looking up.

Gu Xiaochen saw her first, and slowly walked towards her, dragging the trolley case. The other party didn’t recover until standing next to her. After being surprised, she hugged her excitedly. Yu Mei is still the same, beautiful, still holding Gu Xiaochen shouting, “What’s the matter with you? How did you cut your hair? I almost couldn’t recognize you?”

Gu Xiaochen hugged her and smiled Then he said, “Isn’t it good-looking?”

“Good-looking, who said it’s not good-looking?” Yu Mei let go of her hand and stared at her quiet and moving face. “No way, people are beautiful, no matter how they are, they are beautiful. You finally have I’m smart, I know that I picked up those black-framed glasses. Now that these glasses are more fashionable, pink purple is especially popular this year.”

Yu Mei looked at her up and down, and she was relieved when she saw her spirit shine.

The two first went to the cemetery to worship Gu Qing and Lin Fen.

Before returning to China, Gu Xiaochen notified Yu Mei alone and told her not to tell others. In fact, in the past two years or so, she has not contacted anyone except Yu Mei. Just want to be quiet, and then be quiet, until she comes back here again, you don’t have to be so emotional. When she stood in front of the tombstone, she really felt very calm.

Leaving the cemetery, Yu Mei drove the car and said, “I’ll cook for you when I get home! Is it better than before to try my craft! I said to you, I came back so suddenly, it made me nervous. A few days! I won’t go back this time? It’s not good to stay abroad all the time. Look at Hong Kong. How fast have you been in the past two years? Just come back and don’t leave!”

“Yes, for a while Let’s call Xudong together for dinner?” Yu Mei turned to the steering wheel and looked at her sideways.

Gu Xiaochen said “en” with no objection.

It is normal for old friends to meet for a meal.

“Then I will call him.” Yu Mei said, picked up the earplugs and put them in her ears, and pressed the quick key to dial.

The clouds floated leisurely across the sky, with a touch of blue in the eyes.

Yan Xudong was holding a meeting at the headquarters of the Wushi Group. The meeting happened to be halfway through, and the mobile phone started to vibrate, but it was not convenient to connect. Yan Xudong pressed the hang up button, returned the news, and told her that he was in a meeting. Then Yu Mei quickly returned a message-she came back.

Yan Xudong looked at the short four words on the screen, and he was full of blood, and the excitement went straight to his head.

“Regarding the business directions of several subsidiaries, the heads of the companies have reported and submitted plans…” A supervisor was still talking continuously, but some people stood up suddenly, and the sound of the chair interrupted the speech, letting People can’t help but look back.

Yan Xudong looked at the crowd, and finally set his sights on Wu Helian, who was headed by the center, maintaining a calm tone. Shen Sheng said, “President He, suddenly something urgent, must leave, I am very sorry.”

Wu Helian didn’t say much and nodded her head.

Yan Xudong took a big step away, but the look was happy and bright, and the joy was revealed from his heart, and his eyebrows were instantly stained, and his eyes were also smiling. Shen Ruo doubted that Yan Xudong had rarely seen such a situation. At least for the past two years, she had never seen it.

At the end of the meeting, everyone withdrew in turn.

Shen Ruo was packing up the documents, and suddenly heard a low cough. She was startled and turned to look at Wu Helian. His handsome and indifferent face had a trace of fatigue, but he was more firm and steady. Since returning from England six months ago, he has become more enthusiastic about his work and his work, and he has been very busy. The weather turned cold, and he was always an ordinary man no matter how strong he was, and he might get sick.

“Master Lian, are you okay?”

“It’s okay.” Wu Helian spit out two words and got up and left.

Shen Ruo looked at the figure he left, and always felt strange.

Yan Xudong drove all the way to the Spring Garden, and did not forget to call. Yu Mei was cooking, and the call was answered by Gu Xiaochen. Yan Xudong smiled warmly, and the long-lost male voice was still like that, “I won’t tell you in advance when I come back, I can pick you up.”

Gu Xiaochen smiled faintly when he heard him say, ” I heard Meimei saying you are busy, so I I don’t want to disturb you anymore.”

“I’ll be here soon, chatting for a while.”


Putting the phone back on, Gu Xiaochen glanced at the notebook open and walked past it boringly. Usually busy with work, she rarely surfs the Internet. I just suddenly remembered the regular mail that year, I don’t know what happened. She immediately hit the keyboard and opened the mailbox.

Suddenly, the sound of Dididi blasted the pot, noisy.

Gu Xiaochen was surprised, Yu Mei probe asked, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s okay, just mail.” Gu Xiaochen responded with a trance.

The mailboxes that I haven’t used for two years are full of mail.

The title of the email was so consistent that it was all “Chenchen”.

Gu Xiaochen’s hand holding the mouse trembles slightly, and when he meets again, he can calmly smile and face it. After saying goodbye, he thought it was the best ending. She turned off the mailbox, leaving all the emails in memory, she could not touch them, or she dared not touch them again.

Facts have proved that even though the distance between the two stars is only one millimeter, it is actually a few light years apart.

Gu Xiaochen got up and said, “I’m going to take a bath.”

When Gu Xiaochen came out after taking a bath, Yu Mei had already prepared meals, four dishes and one soup.

The original chicken stew, shrimp and pork ribs were cooked before, except for the two vegetarian dishes which are now fried.

Yu Mei carried the tableware in the living room, and placed it while saying, “Xudong just called, he said that he was a little urgent, maybe later, let us stop waiting for him and eat first.” I have not forgotten to add a sentence, “He was really busy these two years, and usually the bar didn’t come much, so he was busy with work and career.”

In Gu Xiaochen’s impression, Yu Mei didn’t like men very much, but it seemed It’s different now. This seems to be the first time that Yu Mei heard her speak for the man. Gu Xiaochen walked to the table and sat down, holding his chin with one hand, spit out two words suspiciously, “Is it?”

“Yes, I can testify.” Yu Mei handed her chopsticks, Gu Xiaochen reached out and took a smile, said, ” Meimei, are you saying good things for him?”

Yu Mei sat down opposite her, his expression unharmed, “I’m just telling the truth.”

Gu Xiaochen said, “Oh,” and didn’t say anything more. She grabbed a piece of ribs, took a bite, and said with a smile, “It tastes so good.”

“Of course, I haven’t been in vain for two years. I practiced every day. Xu Dong was miserable and I was caught and tried. What about the vegetable crew?” Yu Mei blurted out, and after she finished talking, she realized something was wrong. She hurriedly changed her mind and said again, “The bar’s business is good. I wonder if I can open a branch. Do you want to run it for me?”

Gu Xiaochen thought for a while and shook his head. “I really don’t know anything about running a bar.” The

two laughed after dinner and Gu Xiaochen was a little sleepy. More than ten hours of planes really made her feel tired. I sat and waited for a while, but I didn’t wait for Yan Xudong, thinking that he was busy, Yu Mei didn’t call to urge me, and I couldn’t sleep. Gu Xiaochen fell asleep directly.

When Yan Xudong first came, it was almost eight o’clock in the evening.

Yu Mei held the pillow and lay on the sofa watching TV. When she heard the knock on the door, she immediately went to open the door, not even wearing slippers. As soon as the door opened, Yan Xudong’s smiling face flashed. Yu Mei murmured, “Come in,” and then went to wear slippers, “Have you eaten yet?”

Yan Xudong’s eyes hurried across the apartment, but anxious because she didn’t see another person, “What about her?”

Yu Mei glanced at the bedroom, “sleeping.”

Yan Xudong changed his slippers and walked to the bedroom with the door closed. He stood at the door, did not open the door, and did not eagerly want to see her, although the thought was very strong, “She just returned, she must be very tired.”

“Hey, have you eaten yet?” Yu Mei asked again.

“Eat.” Yan Xudong only answered her words.

Gu Xiaochen met Yan Xudong the next day, he bought it and brought it in early. Early in the morning, Yu Mei was still sleeping, but Gu Xiaochen was used to getting up early. The two met again without any embarrassment. Yan Xudong asked Wenxu, “How have you been in the past two years?”

“Very good.”

“I thought you forgot me and didn’t walk for so long Will give me a call, not even send me a famous letter.” Yan Xudong said heartily, suddenly, “Where did you go?”

Gu Xiaochen smiled and answered briefly, “Britain.”

“How could Thinking of going to the UK?”

Her reason is equally simple, but it is also true. “My English is not bad.”

For a while, Yan Xudong looked at her, and she still had a lot of words to tell, but at this moment, she couldn’t even say it. Trying to find all possible topics, but found changes. She is still the quiet she, has not changed, but is so rusty.

“It’s almost time, I’ll go to the company.”

“Okay.” The

door was closed, and Yan Xudong’s smiling face appeared in front of him. He was at a loss.

Driving to Wu Shi, about to walk into the company building, the phone suddenly rang. Connected to the mobile phone, heard the subordinate report there, “Master Yan, Mr. Zhao has agreed.”

“Let him sign the agreement.” Yan Xudong said in a deep voice, and hung up the phone.

“Mr. Yan!” Shen Ruo saw him not far away, and immediately shouted, greeted him.

Yan Xudong closed his cell phone and stopped to look back. Shen Ruo had already ran beside him. The two entered the company together, and Shen Ruo asked with a smile, “Mr. Yan, you suddenly left during the meeting yesterday, which is abnormal. I think you are very happy, is there any happy event?”

Yan Xudong He smiled and said, “Are you there?”

Is there a happy event ? The answer is naturally clear.

Shen Ruo secretly guessed, and asked cautiously, “They have agreed?”

Yan Xudong smiled back, “Be prepared.”

Shen Ruo suddenly realized that Xiu Mei frowned slightly.

In the president’s office on the top floor, Wu Helian arrived early in the morning. Whether it is windy or rainy, he will arrive early, and such days have lasted for half a year. Shen Ruo will go to the staff restaurant and let the chef make a breakfast, coffee with a sandwich, and then report with breakfast, “Master Lian, please use breakfast.”

Squat on the floor, staring at Shen Ruo, as if tracking .

Wu Helian silently reached for the sandwich and took a bite with a blank expression.

“I’m going to work first.” Shen Ruo was about to leave, but suddenly thought of something, and turned around and said, “Master Lian,

Xiaochen , she’s back home.” Wu Helian’s chewing motion slightly choked, and there was no answer. When he left, he just put down the sandwich that took a bite.

“Cough–” The chest felt uncomfortable for a while, and he could not help coughing.

A lot of vigilance got up and walked to him and looked at him.

“Look at what I do?” Wu Helian glanced at it and said indifferently, “You can’t go back if you are obedient.”

Hong Kong has indeed changed a lot in the past two years, and its development is fast. Gu Xiaochen walking on the street always has a kind of The emotion of time hurry. After returning home for a few days, I met Yan Xudong and Shen Ruo. Shen Ruo has become more mature and capable, and has become more beautiful, and growth can be seen between the conversations, but the two have a tacit understanding, not talking about someone.

These days Yu Mei intends to ask for a second bar and is looking for a lot of shops.

It was originally said that I wanted to go together, but Yu Mei suddenly received a phone call, and just said that she left.

At this time, Gu Xiaochen had to go out alone.

In the afternoon of leisure, the sun is still beautiful, and it is warm on the body.

On the street, there are men who distribute advertisements, wear staff uniforms of a training center, and distribute school advertisement papers. Gu Xiaochen walked past her, the man quickly reached out and handed a copy, she reached out and took it. While walking, look at the various training courses on the advertising paper.

Gu Xiaochen suddenly thought that he once reported to the harmonica class.

It’s a pity that the harmonica only learned a little fur, and didn’t learn anymore. Don’t know if Mr. Li is still there? Don’t know if the school has moved? Gu Xiaochen stopped his car and went to the IELTS training center.

The simply building is still there and has not been relocated.

With his memory, Gu Xiaochen walked up to the third floor. Turn left to the fourth classroom, which was the classroom where the class was held. There were students coming and going by her side. She stood in the corridor and looked at the closed door. The door of the classroom was opened by someone. The woman was plainly dressed, wearing heavy glasses. She was in her fifties and looked very gentle.

Gu Xiaochen recognized her at a glance, it was Teacher Li who taught her harmonica.

“Li…” Gu Xiaochen was about to speak, but behind him another clear shout sounded, overshadowing her, “Mr. Li!”

Gu Xiaochen was too late to respond, and the woman walked and ran to Teacher Li, “Li Teacher, you have finished the class.”

“Bai Hui, why are you here?” Teacher Li looked at the person and asked with a smile. She used to be a music teacher at the University of Hong Kong, but later resigned and left with her husband. After returning for a few years, I will teach at this training center. She had some friendship with Bai Hui’s father, and naturally knew Bai Hui.

Hearing those two words, Gu Xiaochen was startled. She looked back slowly, and she really saw her.

“I’m here to ask you to do a favor. You see the school is approaching the cultural festival. I haven’t done it yet. Listening to my father saying that the cultural festival that Mr. Li planned was particularly successful, I wanted to come and learn from it… “Bai Hui whispered the intention, her eyes inadvertently glanced aside, but she stopped because she saw the familiar and unfamiliar face, “I don’t know when you are free…”

This short-haired and beautiful woman Child… Gu Xiaochen? Bai Hui giggled.

Teacher Li replied, “Okay, I’ll tell you in detail after class.”

“Thank you Teacher Li.” Bai Hui murmured.

Teacher Li noticed Bai Hui’s strange appearance and looked in her eyes, finally saw the fair and beautiful girl. Gu Xiaochen smiled slightly and shouted softly, “Mr. Li, Sister Bai Hui.”

I am afraid this is something that even Bai Hui did not expect. This one has made people who have been missing for more than two years and looking for more than two years suddenly appear. Too.

Teacher Li has forgotten Gu Xiaochen, and with Gu Xiaochen’s changes now, she hasn’t remembered it for a long time. Gu Xiaochen was not persistent, but just reported to the harmonica class to continue the last unfinished course. Bai Hui didn’t speak until she was separated from Teacher Li. She said, “You finally came back.”

Gu Xiaochen thought for a moment, and said lightly, “Lost leaves should return to the roots.”

“When did you come back?”

“A few days ago. “

Bai Hui looked at her and said

quietly , “He has been looking for you for the past two years.” Of course , Gu Xiaochen knew who she was referring to. She just smiled but couldn’t say anything.

“Give me your mobile number, and it’s convenient for you to contact.” The two exchanged their numbers, and Bai Hui smiled. “That won’t disturb you, and you have time to get together.”

“Good. Bye.”

Gu Xiaochen turned and left, Bai Hui shouted at her again, “

Xiaochen .” Gu Xiaochen turned around and Bai Huimo said quietly, “If you have time, go back to the school and see.”

After leaving the training center, Gu Xiaochen called Yu Mei, but just called There was no one to pick it up. She sent a message asking her to eat together for dinner? After a long time, Yu Mei came back with a message: no need to wait for me.

Gu Xiaochen thought that Yu Mei wouldn’t go home for dinner, and he was not happy to cook alone.

So what should I do for dinner?

Gu Xiaochen thought of where to go.

The shop deep in that alley was Gu Xiaochen’s favorite shop.

After not coming for more than two years, Granny didn’t recognize her. It was not until Gu Xiaochen self-reported her name that her grandma woke up and said in surprise, “Old man, come here quickly, and see who is coming? Xiaochen is here! She is Xiaochen! You sit down fast, Xiaochen, today we are the two of us Please! Don’t be polite to us! Old man, go

ahead and prepare the dishes!” Facing the enthusiasm of grandma and grandpa, Gu Xiaochen’s sentiment is difficult.

The business of the shop is good, it is still the same as that of the year, the display is the same, and the recipe has not changed much. The food came, and Granny went to greet others. The table that Gu Xiaochen sat on happened to be the same one that year. There is a guest book on the table, and she reads it bored while waiting for dishes.

Two years ago, this guestbook was still missing.

There weren’t many comments, she read them one by one.

On the middle page of the guestbook, Gu Xiaochen was stunned by one of the messages, unable to recover.

“The dish is coming! Please use it slowly!” The man served the dish, or the few special dishes, and nothing changed.

Gu Xiaochen slammed the guest book, took back his hand and picked up the bowl, ate quietly, chewed the food in his mouth, again and again. The ghost made a difference. She put down the bowl and panicked and took the message book to open it again.

That page of yellowed and stale paper, vigorous handwriting.

Just one sentence-Chenchen, when will you go home?

But suddenly, it was so easy, her heart hurt like this.

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