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Chapter 163 For whom

re-reporting the harmonica class in the IELTS training center, Gu Xiaochen started to go to class on time.

During this period, he met with Bai Hui again. Bai Hui came to ask Mr. Li about the campus culture festival. Teacher Li specially looked at the list of students two years ago and finally remembered Gu Xiaochen. It was never late at first, but then suddenly did not come to class and could not reach the disappeared student, it turned out to be her.

“Teacher Li, you must come tomorrow when the Cultural Festival opens!” The night before the opening of the Cultural Festival, Bai Hui personally invited.

Teacher Li promised, “Okay, I will definitely come!”

Bai Hui turned his head to look at Gu Xiaochen, and said, “Xiao Chen, his alma mater is hosting a cultural festival. You also come.” The

University of Hong Kong is Gu Xiao Chen’s alma mater, plus This cultural festival was planned by Bai Hui for the first time. Gu Xiaochen had no reason and was embarrassed to refuse. The cultural festival opens at 1 pm and lasts for three days. After lunch, it was quite early, and Gu Xiaochen packed up and prepared to leave.

Yu Mei was blowing her hair and asked casually, “Xiao Chen, where are you going?”

“There is a cultural festival in the school, I’ll go and see.” Gu Xiaochen carried his shoulder bag to the entrance and changed his slippers.

“Then do you come back for dinner?”

“Come back.”

Fifteen minutes before the opening of the Cultural Festival, Gu Xiaochen arrived at the University of Hong Kong.

Because of the cultural festival, the school is very lively on and off campus. The energetic students come in and out, and the yelling voice can be seen in the past, which is a figure of youth. Gu Xiaochen wore a beige sweater, a pair of jeans, and shoes were short boots, making it easy to walk. She reached into her sweater pocket and carried her backpack in silence.

On the verdant campus, the cheers of the boys playing basketball on the basketball court.

On the tree-lined road, the girls’ flying smiles made people immersed in all this beautiful things.

As she walked through the cafeteria, Gu Xiaochen glanced at her, and something faintly appeared in her mind. She lowered her head, but her pace was a little faster. Bypassing the cafeteria and coming to the library, more and more students gathered. I said yes to Bai Hui before, and I gathered in front of the school library, but now I haven’t seen the two people waiting.

Gu Xiaochen made a call to Bai Hui, and the noise was not good, Bai Hui’s voice was mixed in it, “Xiao Chen, Teacher Li and I are in the sixth hall, you come and find us.”

Gu Xiaochen was bored, too late In response, Bai Hui hung up the phone busy.

But what did she say?

The sixth hall?

Gu Xiaochen only remembers that the school has five halls, where is the sixth? She was surprised, so she asked the passing students, “Classmates, how many halls does the university have?”


seats .” Gu Xiaochen was stunned for a moment, and then he caught one and asked, “Classmates, how many halls does the university have?”

” Six.”

She didn’t know what she was clinging to, but like she did then, she stopped three people in a row and asked, “Classmates, how many halls do universities have?”

“Six seats.”

Six seats, six halls? When was the sixth seat? Gu Xiaochen hurriedly asked, and ran to the sixth hall in the direction indicated by the students. From afar, I saw the oval roof, and the ivory building was the sixth hall. Gu Xiaochen suddenly slowed down again and walked to the hall.

The characters “Sixth Hall” were engraved on the standing stone pillars.

Gu Xiaochen was stunned. Is this the name of the synagogue?

“Xiao Chen, why stand here?” Teacher Li came out to pick her up and dragged her into the hall.

The opening ceremony of the cultural festival is about to begin, and Bai Hui deliberately reserved an excellent location in the middle. Teacher Li took Gu Xiaochen to the table. When he looked back, Gu Xiaochen saw the middle of the seat, and the man standing like a flock was sitting indifferently. With short black hair and strong heroism, he stared straight ahead, unbiased. Silver-rimmed glasses framed the straight bridge of the nose, reflecting the bright lights.

Gu Xiaochen walked quietly to the seat beside him and sat down quietly.

On the other hand, he was too focused, or turned a blind eye to everything around him. He didn’t find out who the woman sitting beside him was.

The lights suddenly dimmed, the red curtain rose, and a new stage set flashed in front of everyone.

“Good afternoon, distinguished guests, teachers, and students! The 63rd Campus Culture Festival of the University of Hong Kong has opened!” The host is two student announcers of the school and the leader of the media department. In the warm applause, the two presenters sang one by one, and they cooperated seamlessly.

It’s just that after the leaders of the school gave speeches one by one, they went around for a long time and did not enter the subject.

There was a boo, and he wondered what was going on.

“I heard that the President of the Wood Group will be here today!”


“Really, I have an inside story! That day I went to the director’s office to hear it in person!”

“Why haven’t you come yet?”

“Who Know!”

Gu Xiaochen heard the host silently, “Guests, teachers and classmates, please invite Mr. Wu Helian to come on stage to give a speech for the opening of this cultural festival!”

Suddenly, there was a cheer.

The man walked up from the aisle and walked onto the stage calmly. Qi Chang’s tall and straight posture, he stood in the spotlight, more dazzling than the light, he held the microphone and spoke relentlessly blessing. This handsome and indifferent man has funny words from time to time, “I’m late, I hope you haven’t waited long.”

“Mr. Wu! It’s okay if you come late, just answer one of our questions!” Some students cheered, “We are particularly particularly interested in knowing why you built this hall and for whom! Do you want to know? Ah?” The

school’s BBS has been arguing so far, about the origin of this sixth hall!

“Think!” The answer was so consistent and the atmosphere was lively.

“Is this a forced confession?” Wu Helian asked humorously.

“Answer! Answer! Answer!” Everyone shouted a slogan.

Facing everyone’s “forced confession”, Wu Helian slightly raised the corner of his lips, his eyes looked at the seat, and his eyes swept the crowd of black ravens, spit out a word concisely, ambiguous, “She.”

“Which she?”

” Guess.” Wu Helian said deviously again, turning the question back.

Gu Xiaochen in the audience suddenly heard the words she once said.

“This university, we met for the first time, and I failed so badly. I was late and I was wrong. Did you know that you said goodbye? I have been searching for a long time that night. I asked a lot of people. Is there a sixth hall? But there are only five in the university. I didn’t find you. When did you leave? Are you tired of waiting?”


Why was this sixth hall built?

She clearly said to forget, why did she want to remind her, who is torturing who?

Gu Xiaochen’s eyes flickered for a moment, and Wu Helian had passed the microphone and walked down gracefully. The clear voices of the two presenters sounded again, but everyone’s eyes followed Wu Helian’s figure. He did not leave directly, but attended the opening performance of the cultural festival in the center of the row of guests on the left.

In this row, they are separated by eight seats.

“Dear viewers, here is the chorus “This Winter Is Not Very Cold” brought by students from the Department of Science and Technology.

In the warm applause, the neatly dressed choir came to the stage from the left and right to sing. The song is melodious and full of vitality, enough to let the thought fly away. From chorus to dance to funny sketches, there are so many kinds of programs that people are overwhelmed. The show lasted for two hours and ended at three o’clock in the afternoon.

The lights at the top of the hall suddenly turned on, and the light was instantly dazzling.

Gu Xiaochen instinctively squinted his eyes, a little hazy in front of him, the light spot refracted, circle by circle. Yu Guang glanced at the guest position at the end of the left side, not knowing when it was vacant.

The students got up and left.

“Xiaochen, I’m going to the bathroom, are you going?” Teacher Li turned and asked.

Gu Xiaochen was about to speak, but was suddenly grabbed his wrist.

Hearing the shout, the man next to him froze violently, and looked back incredulously at the woman sitting in the side position. Pretty short black hair, covering ears, and softly cling to cheeks. Her face was white, pink and shiny. Her beautiful curved face profile and pink-purple glasses set her quiet and soft.

Vaguely, whose shadow can be seen, but afraid of illusion.

Zhou Chengze was momentarily distracted. Suddenly he had movements. Under the guidance of consciousness, she grabbed her wrist at once, fearing that she would disappear. The woman looked back at him at the same time. Those eyes were clear and moist in her memory. There was nothing wrong with her. She was…he moved his lips and silently called out her name, “Gu Xiaochen.”

Zhou Chengze I didn’t expect it anyway. She even sat beside him and even watched the show together.

They sat quietly side by side for two hours, but he didn’t know? Zhou Chengze opened his eyes, entangled with annoyance and annoyance, and blocked his throat so that he could no longer speak. She could only hold her wrist, not dare to loosen it, and couldn’t loosen it. Until Gu Xiaochen glanced at his hand and whispered, “It hurts a little.”

Zhou Chengze’s eyes tightened, Huo Di loosed his hand and swallowed three words, “Sorry.”

Teacher Li saw that they seemed to know each other, and no longer disturbed them

sensibly , “You are here waiting for me, I will go as soon as I go.” “Okay.” Gu Xiaochen responded.

Zhou Chengze’s eyes never moved away from her face for half a minute. After holding back for a long time, she asked in a deep voice, “Why are you leaving?”

Since coming back, whenever she met an acquaintance, she would always ask when she came back, but no one was there. Ask her why she left. Gu Xiaochen looked at him quietly, and the passage slowly faded away. She said softly, “Relax.”

“It takes so long to distract yourself ?” Zhou Chengze gritted his teeth and asked.

In fact, after Aunt Fen died, he hesitated for a time, but when he made up his mind, she had nowhere to go.

Later, he used to go to Chunguangyuan’s apartment to find her, but there was only her friend, the girl named Yu Mei. Zhou Chengze still remembers that the girl’s expression was so calm to him for the first time, without ridicule or thorns, but said lightly: She left, and don’t come to see her in the future.

This is the last news Zhou Chengze knew about her.

“You…” Zhou Chengze paused and asked again, “How about your child?”

Gu Xiaochen lightly grasped the shoulder strap of the backpack, “No.”

No? Zhou Chengze’s heart quivered slightly, and only then did she know the reason for her departure. Not wanting to relax, but there is no longer anything she misses.

“Chengze, Xiaochen, how is the performance?” Bai Hui came out from the background and walked towards the two.

Gu Xiaochen stood up and said with a smile, “Very successful.” Mr.

Li came back to the bathroom. The three of them made a few remarks, and Mr. Li left first. Gu Xiaochen carried a backpack and smiled, “Then I will go first.”

“Let’s eat together?” Bai Hui said quickly.

Gu Xiaochen shook his head. “No, I said yes to my friend. I will have a chance in the future.”

Bai Hui had no choice but to hear her say this.

Gu Xiaochen smiled at the two of them, said “bye bye”, and turned towards the gate. Bai Hui withdrew his eyes and looked down at the man who was still sitting on the seat. Zhou Chengze seemed to be lost, not responding. Jun Rong flashed a daze, he didn’t look like he always did, Bai Hui walked over to his shoulder, caressed his shoulder, asked with concern, “Chengze, what’s wrong with you?”

Zhou Chengze tightened his handsome face, and suddenly stood up , Running towards the outside of the hall without a word.

“Chengze?” Bai Hui shouted and chased.

Zhou Chengze strode out of the hall and ran a few hundred meters forward. Bai Hui trot all the way and finally caught up with him. Zhou Chengze stood on the campus full of students and looked around, unable to find her figure everywhere. Bai Hui held his arm, and Zhou Chengze looked at the front. Bai Hui heard him muttering, “How can time not go back in time.” In

October autumn, the bleak wind blew down the leaves.

Gu Xiaochen strolled and came to the library unconsciously. As soon as the steps stopped, he turned and walked in. Rows of bookshelves, she wanted to find that favorite book.

On the sixth floor of the library, the students’ roar sounded.

Gu Xiaochen stood at the stairs and saw the students crowded together.

The man surrounded by students was Wu Helian who was halfway away. The students discussed the questions enthusiastically, and he was clearly loved. Think about it too. The ace student who graduated from the finance department is now proud of the business giants in the financial world. Professors are proud. Students are naturally welcome as role models.

Gu Xiaochen turned around and wanted to leave. He took a step and stopped involuntarily.

She walked quietly toward the bookshelf aisle and listened to his low laugh like an ordinary student.


students have changed the respectful title, from “Mr. Wu” to “Senior Lotus,” and they have gotten closer. At first, it also discussed academic issues related to the Department of Finance and the related prospects in the next few years, but later it was not known who started the topic first, and the girls started to ask questions about personal feelings.

The most worthy of attention is the first love.

“Senior lotus, I heard that when you were still studying at school, the girls who liked you went on and succeeded, one wave after another. And I also heard that the lotus lotus did not accept it and remained single until the lotus head went abroad to study. One person alone. Senior Lian, who is your first love?” the girl asked curiously, but everyone agreed.

In fact, Wu Helian’s “honorable deeds” have been chanted in the school’s BBS.

Regarding his girlfriend, the list is from celebrities, models, and thousands of gold… It can be said that everything is exhausted.

However, the first love is the purest emotion, I am afraid no one will forget.

Even if he is famous.

Everyone watched Wu Helian at the same time, and his black hair was dyed with the afterglow of the setting sun. Those black, jewel-like eyes were deep, his tight, sexy lips, and the corners of his mouth faded away. He, who was still interested in answering questions, was silent for a moment. Suddenly the surroundings became silent, and everyone was waiting for his answer.

Wu Helian just smiled and returned a few words that made people vomit blood, “Don’t tell you.”

“Ah-tell us!”

“Senior Lotus, is the sixth hall of the school built for your first love?” “Someone cleverly talked about the two things together.

Wu Helian laughed and didn’t answer, and everyone only thought he was the acquiescence, “So what is she doing now? Are you still together?”

Under the eager attention of everyone, Wu Helian said mysteriously, “On this issue, next time Continue.” The

students protested with annoyance, and he chuckled.

In the aisle of unmanned bookshelves, Gu Xiaochen’s heart tightened sharply and saw him get up and leave. She hurriedly turned to the depths of the corridor and did not want to be discovered by him. Xu Shi’s footsteps were too anxious. Xu Shi’s thoughts were disrupted. She didn’t notice the front and collided with the male student holding a pile of books. The male student dodges and evades, and the hill-like book in his hand falls, hitting the blue and white porcelain placed in the corridor, with a bang, and a piercing shatter sound.

“What’s going on?” Suddenly, the students watched.

Wu Helian, who was about to leave, was also stunned by the sound. The afterglow in the corner of her eyes glanced away at will, and the girl stood there helplessly. Books fell to the ground, and pieces of porcelain smashed to the ground. The girl stooped down to pick up the books on the floor, her pretty short hair shook gently with the movement, and the sunlight refracted by the floor-to-ceiling windows hit her profile, letting him stop his eyes.

It was only for a moment, that Li Rong fixed his eyes, making him unwilling to move away.

Gu Xiaochen said panicly, “I’m sorry, I was careless.”

“It’s okay, I took too much.” The boy was very polite, but when he looked up, he saw a tall figure walking slowly from the end of the corridor, “Senior Lian?”

Because With this shouting, Gu Xiaochen’s hand was slightly sluggish, and the footsteps gradually approached, feeling that he was standing beside her, and she bit her lip angrily.

Why is she so unlucky?

Wu Helian glanced down at her and couldn’t help but say that the long body squatted down and silently helped her pick up those books. At this moment, the library was surprisingly quiet, and everyone looked at the two people in the corridor of the bookshelf. Wu Helian took the book from her hand, held it up easily, and handed it back to the boy. “In the future, don’t take the book, don’t take so many at once, it is not good to hit the person.” The

boy responded immediately, “Yes, It won’t happen in the future.”

“What’s going on?” The librarian came to deal with the unexpected situation. Seeing that Wu Helian was also there, she shouted with a smile, “Mr. Wu.”

“It’s just a small thing. They accidentally bumped into it , Smashing the porcelain.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice.

“It turns out this way. Which of these two students are you?” the administrator asked.

“I am from the Department of Industry and Commerce.”

“What about you?” The administrator looked at the girl on the side, Gu Xiaochen said softly, “I have graduated.”

“The porcelain is broken, and you can get compensation at the price.” The administrator again Road.

Gu Xiaochen snatched up before the boy, “I’m really sorry, I accidentally broke the porcelain. I’ll pay it.”

“Or I’ll pay, this kind of thing should be the boy.” The boy refused, he just carried it himself Next, go with the administrator to go through the formalities.

When the two left, Gu Xiaochen was a little embarrassed, Wu Helian asked in a low voice, “How are you here?”

Gu Xiaochen said truthfully, “Sister Bai Hui planned the cultural festival, so I’ll take a look.”

Wu Helian “Oh,” and then followed. Asked, “What a coincidence, you also come to the library.”


“When did you come?”

Gu Xiaochen stared at a book on the shelf. “It’s been a while.”

“What are you doing at the library?”

” I…” Gu Xiaochen was bored, and then looked up at him, “I’m looking for a book.”

“What book?”

“”Midsummer Night”, find this book.”

“Did you find it?”

” No.” The two asked one question and one answer. This strange way of getting along made everyone suspicious. This beautiful girl with short hair attracted everyone’s attention. Someone boldly speculated and asked, “Senior Lotus, is she your first love girlfriend?”

“Sister, are you your first love girlfriend?” Just tell us?”

” It happened that I met in the library, wouldn’t it be an appointment?”

“Sister Xue, you see that Senior Lian has also built the sixth hall for you, so you should follow him!”

The shouts of the crowd came like tide, and the students surrounded them in groups. Gu Xiaochen was even more embarrassed, and she just lowered her head again, and she could not face it. Suddenly, whose big hand held her hand at once, Gu Xiaochen raised her head in a trance, and saw Wu Helian dragging her towards the stairs.

The whistle sounded, and everyone clamored, “If you are married, you must marry Senior Lian!”

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