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Chapter 164 Midsummer Night

“Senior Lotus, you just eloped with the elder sister?”

“We haven’t answered our question yet?”

“That is to say, anyway, squeak, whether to marry or not? Not okay ?”


let’s talk !” Gu Xiaochen escaped from the library in a whistle and noisy, of course, needless to say, the person who ran with her was Wu Helian. From the sixth floor of the library, there was attention all the way. It wasn’t until I ran out of the library and walked to the clean campus tree-lined road that this group of crazy students was thrown away.

It has been a long time since Gu Xiaochen ran so many routes, he was out of breath. Looking up at him, he saw his face unharmed, blushing and panting.

Wu Helian asked back, “How are you?”

His big hand kept holding her hand tightly, and Gu Xiaochen shook his head, “It’s okay.”

Wu Helian looked down at her, apparently stunned for a while, then realized Your own gaffe. As soon as his big hand was loose, the temperature was no longer, and she took her hand back. The two stood face to face in this way, speechless for a moment. Surrounded by towering trees, the sunlight shone from the branches and shone on the two of them, and their faces were stained with golden light.

“The book was not found.” Wu Helian thought, suddenly said, but it seemed to be looking for a topic.

Gu Xiaochen said with a smile, “Just just came to school, I want to find out if there is none. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter.”

“Are you still living in the Spring Garden?”

“Well.” There

was nothing more to say, Gu Xiaochen

Put his hands into the sweater pocket. “It’s not too early, I will go back. Bye.” Wu Helian watched her passing by and said involuntarily, “I will send you.” Fearing that she would refuse, he changed his voice, ” It’s just that I’m going to pick up the car, let’s go together.”

The two walked slowly through the tree-lined path towards the south gate, and they stepped on the leaves, making a rattling noise. Such a quiet walk is like in the past, except that at that time, no matter when and where, he always clasped her hands overbearingly and would never let go. Walking on the road, he will let her go inside.

At the turn of the south gate, the school gate is on the left and the parking lot is on the right.

The two stopped, Gu Xiaochen said, “Are you going here?”

Wu Helian stopped, and Gu Xiaochen looked up at him, where there was plenty of light, only to find that his face was slightly pale and not so radiant. . On some cool days, he only wore a thin shirt suit, and her eyebrows flickered slightly. She started to remind, “It’s cold, wear more clothes.”

“Okay.” He responded, but it was abnormal. Obedient.

In the past, when he was so obedient, Gu Xiaochen was a little surprised and nodded toward him and walked away.

Wu Helian looked at her figure away, and did not mention anything about marriage, nor did she ask whether she was going on holiday or returning to China this time, or whether she would settle down, not to mention her husband. She is doing very well, at least better than before, a quiet life, a little happiness, which he could not give.

Her figure disappeared and disappeared, and Wu Helian took back her sight and turned back.

In the library, the students had not dispersed, but only a few were gone.

Wu Helian went back and forth, making everyone happy, “Lian Senior, why are you coming back?”

“Please help me.” Wu Helian looked at everyone and said calmly.

“What a busy! Senior Lian just say!” everyone answered in unison.

Wu Helian raised her lips slightly, and said with a deep voice, “Help me find a book called “Midsummer Night”.”

“Huh? Isn’t this the book that the school sister just looked for?” Ye said, this group of students is the king of children, naturally refused to let him go, “Senior Lian, the sister just now is your first girlfriend.”

Wu Helian’s smile was extraordinarily gentle, but with a trace of regret, it was extremely shallow.

The students searched in turns, only to turn the library over, and finally found the book “Midsummer Night” in the corner of a humble shelf. Some old books are old, and the covers are old and have accumulated thick dust.

Wu Helian borrowed this book from the library, but thought about it for several days.

Finally in the afternoon of the day, he drove to the Spring Garden.

Wu Helian is still dressed in a suit shirt, unrestrained.

He hasn’t been in this apartment building for a long time.

After stopping the car in the planning area on the roadside, Wu Helian just got out of the car with her pocket. It so happened that Gu Xiaochen was the one who appeared slowly in the community. Then came a sports car not far away and temporarily stopped outside the community. The window was half lowered, and the men in the car were faintly eye-catching.

The man got out of the car and walked to Gu Xiaochen, opened the door thoughtfully for her. The two got in the car and walked away.

Wu Helian put her pocket down and stared at the disappearing sports car. Started the engine, but he did not step on the accelerator. At this moment, after all, he knew he had no chance.


The weather has been extremely cold recently, and the first cold snaps since autumn began, and citizens began to change their clothes and pay attention to cold and warmth. Yu Mei, who had always been hardy, couldn’t stand the sudden cold. She came back from the outside and immediately wrapped a blanket. She laid down her things and ran into the bedroom. “Xiao Chen, who sent you something, you go and see.”

Gu Xiaochen Bought an oven and was cooking cakes in the kitchen. The handful of flour is a little funny. Hearing Yu Mei saying this, she wiped her hands and went to the living room table to check. A simple kraft paper package, but only the address and name of the recipient, and no relevant information about the sender, it is inevitable that she is suspicious.

“Why is it so cold! The cold snap is coming too fast?” Yu Mei changed her home clothes, and the female voice intermittently came from the bedroom.

Gu Xiaochen’s attention was attracted by the package in his hand, and he opened it. She ripped the kraft paper and there was a book with only a small corner exposed, but she recognized it at a glance. I was shocked, and hurriedly ripped all the kraft paper off. The books were immediately exposed to my eyes, and the cover was already somewhat crippled.

This book is “Midsummer Night”, her favorite book.

Gu Xiaochen flipped open the pages gently, and the red stroke was a line, the eighteenth line.

——The most beautiful thing in this world turned out to be for me to meet you.


the afternoon a few days later, Gu Xiaochen came to the library to return this “Midsummer Night”.

“Hello, I want to

return this book.” The librarian picked up the book to verify the scan entry, and said, “Miss, please show your library card.” The

library card? Gu Xiaochen only remembered that when the library borrowed books, a library card would be issued, and students could return books only with the library card. But what should I do now? She did not borrow the book, nor did she borrow the card. Although I had an answer in my heart and knew who borrowed the book, Gu Xiaochen still wanted to confirm, “Whose name is this book registered to borrow?” The

administrator glanced at the computer record and looked at her with some surprise. He said, “Mr. Wu Helian.”

Sure enough, it was Gu Xiaochen’s voice.

Leaving the library, Gu Xiaochen took the book out of the school. After thinking for a long time, how should I go back, but I didn’t think of a way. She didn’t know his contact information, that number might have changed a long time ago. If you go to his company, just for a book, it seems that this is not necessary. Suddenly, she had an idea.

Then let it come and go.

A day later, Shen Ruo received a package without the sender’s name and address from his subordinates. She was still wondering where the package came from, so she had to knock on the door and transfer it to the office, “Master Lian, there is your package.”

Wu Helian did not answer, and Shen Ruo said again, “This parcel is very strange, and there is no name and address of the sender.”

Wu Helian was originally processing the official document. When she heard this, she suddenly stopped and looked up at the parcel.

When Shen Ruo turned around, he didn’t forget to take a second look before leaving.

Wu Helian picked up the parcel, the same kraft paper packaging, as he sent it, the hard touch in his hand made him understand what was inside. He put down the package, did not rush to open it, just put it in the drawer and locked it.

Socializing, meeting with executives, and dealing with official documents are all arranged every day. In fact, this has been the case for many years, and it has not changed. But when he came back out at noon, Wu Helian felt a little faint head, took a sip of coffee to refresh, but found that it was useless.

Duoduo sat on the floor, his dark eyes staring at him alertly, as if he had noticed something.

Duoduo got up and walked to his side, shaking his tail.

Wu Helian reached out and touched his head, he rarely made such a move. When I grew up, I refused to be close to others, and rejected others from touching it. Even Wu Helian didn’t like him touching it. But this time, Duo Dao didn’t hide, letting his big hand caress.

For the first time, he was a little tired.

…After a

strong cold snap, the temperature finally warmed up.

Yu Mei went to class, she applied for a major in business management.

At first, Yu Mei was planning to open a bar in the second store. There was some training before, but suddenly there was no news. Gu Xiaochen asked her what happened, Yu Mei just smiled and said: I still think girls are not too frustrating, a shop is enough for me. I want to study now and re-enter college.

Yu Mei changed her decision again. Gu Xiaochen thought it was good, very agreeable, but it was a little strange, why she suddenly went to study again, Gu Xiaochen remembered that she had never loved studying. But no matter what, reading is always good.

And Gu Xiaochen finally received an interview call and went to a magazine to apply for a copywriter. After returning home for so many days, she could no longer stay idle. I just avoided the position in the financial industry, but chose the industry without any margin. For example, the magazine. This surprised Yu Mei, but it was reasonable.

There are two examiners for the interview, one woman and one man. The woman is very beautiful, with long straight hair shawl, but her eyes are very sharp. The man is slightly green and looks as big as Gu Xiaochen, obviously not the protagonist. The woman asked many questions in a row, and it was not until she could pick out any thorns that Gu Xiaochen entered the magazine successfully.

A week later, Gu Xiaochen had joined the group and had a good time with colleagues in the company.

By the time of the weekly meeting, members of the entire magazine would discuss the next issue together. Everyone studied for half a day and decided to focus on “finance”. Once the theme is set, then the celebrity interview is naturally settled. I don’t know which female staff shouted, “In finance, the star character was Wu Helian, the president of the Wu Group!”

“If we can interview him, then our magazine will definitely sell well!” Another colleague echoed Road.

The editor-in-chief, Bi, thought for a while and agreed, “Okay, then he will be fixed. Ding Min,

I will leave it to you for this interview.” “I know.” Ding Min responded.

“Then this time the copywriter, I will appoint…” Editor Bi’s eyes swept across the staff, thinking about the candidate.

Immediately, a female colleague Mao Sui recommended herself, “Bi editor-in-chief, I am willing to cooperate with deputy editor-in-chief!”

Bi editor-in-chief does not buy it, and still has power, “I remember Gu Xiaochen seems to have graduated from the Department of Finance of the University of Hong Kong?”

“Yes.” Gu Xiaochen I smiled right, and heard him say, “I have appointed you to assist Ding Min. From today, I will be responsible for the latest issue of celebrity interviews.”

Ding Min was the examiner who interviewed that day, and Mei Yu picked it up, dissatisfied with the protest, “Editor Bi, this star interview is so important, would you send a new person to me? Besides, I heard that this Mr Wu always refused to interview, Other magazines don’t know how many calls they made, how many times they ran, and they were turned away every time! It’s too hard to get it!”

“This is not your style! You admit defeat so quickly?” Bi said. “It’s good to say something, you can try something

if you’re doing something.” Editor in Chief Bi looked at Gu Xiaochen again. “Your first mission into the magazine is to cooperate with Deputy Editor Ding to interview Wu Shi. Mr. Wu Helian, the president of the group!”

Gu Xiaochen was suddenly taken aback, holding his hand tightly.

Suddenly, there was a feeling of meeting in the end.

…After the

magazine’s first mission decision, Gu Xiaochen did not directly participate in related matters.

Ding Min was obviously not at ease with her newcomer, so she did everything herself. For three days in a row, Ding Min made hundreds of phone calls to invite Wu Shi, but the phone was not transferred to the president’s secretary, but was rejected at the receptionist at the switchboard: I’m sorry, but Mr. He does not accept any magazine news Interview.

Every time I make a phone call, I always answer this way. This kind of result annoys Ding Min.

After spending three days, Ding Min decided to wait and wait. Walking through the pantry, I saw Gu Xiaochen was making coffee, and the inexplicable anger suddenly came up. Why can she still be so leisurely, but she should be so troubled? Ding Min snorted and ordered to her, “Gu Xiaochen, go out with me now!”

In fact, Gu Xiaochen is only a small copywriter, and is only responsible for the rearrangement and proofreading of the manuscript later. The editor-in-chief Bi appointed her to assist in this interview only because she graduated from the finance department. Now Ding Min ordered, Gu Xiaochen had to obey and followed her.

After leaving Hong Kong in the past two years, Wu has also expanded from a company to a group with strong strength.

The building has not changed, it is still the one in memory.

From a distance, the dark green lenses refracted the golden light, dazzling. Looking up, the top floor of the building is the president’s office. The two did not even walk in the hall, but were stopped by the security guards. Ding Min’s stubborn temper came up, and today he would not leave without seeing anyone. He just stood outside and waited, and Gu Xiaochen waited beside him.

The wind was slightly cold. I didn’t know how long I waited. Someone suddenly shouted, “

Xiaochen ?” Gu Xiaochen raised his head and saw Yan Xudong standing in front of her.

Since returning home, Yan Xudong has been very busy, flying back and forth all over the world. Apart from the occasional occasions when he came to dinner, they did not meet many times. Look at his servant appearance, apparently just got off the plane. Gu Xiaochen smiled at him, and Yan Xudong stepped forward and said, “What are you doing standing outside? The wind is so strong, go in and say again!” In

the lounge area of ​​the hall, Yan Xudong learned the truth of the matter, “He always did not I like interviews.”

“This gentleman, we know that Mr. He doesn’t like interviews, but the task is delegated, and it can’t be done without completion.” Ding Min said at the right time, recalling that the security guard respected him just now and called him “manager”. The identity of the man must not be simple, “I don’t know if you can help us? Let’s see Mr. He?”

Yan Xudong said silently for a moment, Shen Sheng said, “You come with me.” The

three of them turned around and finally Come to the top floor.

“Mr. Yan?” Shen Ruo met immediately, but just saw the two people behind Yan Xudong. His eyes stayed on Gu Xiaochen, and he couldn’t help wondering.

“Is President He here?”

Is there .” “Are there any guests?”


Yan Xudong simply said a few words, and Shen Ruo nodded and knocked on the door. Connaught University’s office is cold and quiet, with simple atmosphere of black and white, but it makes people feel dull and suffocating. The air pressure here is too low. Shen Ruo walked a few steps forward and stood up and said, “President He, these two are editors of the magazine and want to schedule an interview.”

“Hello, Mr. He, I am Ding Min, the deputy editor of IN Magazine. This is my business card.” Ding Min hurriedly handed in the business card, his hands stiff in the air.

Wu Helian didn’t even raise her head, and said in a cold voice, “I don’t want to be interviewed, who allowed them to come in?”

Shen Ruo said truthfully, “Manager Yan brought them.”

Wu Helian raised her head when she heard this. The sight was messy for a while, but when he met the person, he ignored the woman in front of him, but looked at Gu Xiaochen who was standing in a remote place. Gu Xiaochen also looked back at him, just about to speak, but there was a white shadow who didn’t know where to jump from, and rushed towards her, frightening her.

Gu Xiaochen stepped back in shock, it was a big white dog.

“Ah–” Ding Min was most afraid of dogs and could not help yelling.

Gu Xiaochen froze in place and dared not move. But the big dog was twirling around her, as if sniffing the smell, and then sitting around in front of her, not barking or barking, just flicking the tail gently, so clever. Gu Xiaochen looked at the white dog in front of him, and his memories overlapped. Is it… a lot?

The dark eyes are so cute.

After the shock, Gu Xiaochen was only surprised. She didn’t expect that how much grew so big.

“Duo Duo!” Wu Helian drank, turned back a lot, and stood up alertly, walked back to the side and lay down.

Ding Min was frightened and said in a trembling voice, “General President, please accept our interview. It won’t disturb you for a lot of time, half an hour is enough.”

“Go out! I will not be interviewed!” Wu Helian spoke coldly, “Secretary Shen, please ask them to go out!”

“You consider it, President He, it will never delay you a lot of time! Our IN magazine is the leading magazine in Hong Kong! President He…” Ding Min said anxiously, Shen Ruo She was already standing in front of her, “I’m sorry, please leave now! If I don’t leave, I have to ask the security guard!”

Ding Min was gone, and turned to leave.

Gu Xiaochen tranced back, just about to take his steps, but his calf was hit by something.

She looked down, and Duoduo ran back to her again, with round black eyes, as if not willing to leave her, or as if she was keeping her, vaguely like the little cute pity in her memory. She doesn’t know how he has lived these two years. Does she say how much he has been carrying? The legs are a little numb and unconscious.

Outside the office, Yan Xudong is still waiting.

“Mr. He does not accept interviews.” Shen Ruo took the door and said softly.

“Go back and change your personal interview.” Yan Xudong seemed to have expected it, and looked at Gu Xiaochen, said quietly, “He will not change.”

Walking out of Wu’s Mansion, Ding Min was still talking, “I won’t be like that. Give up and continue to wait tomorrow! What dogs are kept in the office! It’s so weird! I said Gu Xiaochen, you have a pet relationship, how do you like that dog so much? Also, do you know that manager? Ask him to help?”

Ding Min said something that Gu Xiaochen could not hear.

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