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Chapter 165 Emergencies

The editor-in-chief of Bi set the deadline of seven days, withdrew all work, and only let Ding Min specialize in the interview of star characters. After the interview was rejected, Ding Min did not give up on this, but instead became more and more courageous. Ding Min took Gu Xiaochen together and traced around Wu every day, never letting go of any opportunity.

“Come out!” Ding Min saw Wu Helian coming out of Wu’s Mansion sharply and hurried past.

Gu Xiaochen probed her head and followed Ding Min with her backpack.

“Mr. He! Mr. He, please stay! Please give us a little time?” Ding Min kept begging, but was blocked by the security guard, and Gu Xiaochen was also stopped a few meters away. The cold wind blew in the fall and roared past. Wu Helian didn’t look back, but her back was tall and tall, and she walked slowly to the roadside parked vehicles without looking back.

Ding Min turned around and shouted at Gu Xiaochen, “What are you doing stunned? Not quick to catch up!” The

magazine is equipped with a car. Ding Min’s driving skills are good. He has accumulated experience for a long time.

On the contrary, Gu Xiaochen was confused, how could this be the same as the movie.

The car followed the luxury version of the RV in front of it all the way and went to a five-star hotel. Ding Min slowed down and saw that the car turned into a five-star hotel, but she stopped the car nearby, determined to continue to wait. The two were blowing cold wind, and it was noon unconsciously. Gu Xiaochen bought fast food and came back, and the two sat in the car to solve the lunch.

The taste of fast food is not very good, the rice is hard and dry, Ding Min drank and complained, “Rich people are happy, come to the five-star hotel with a meal.”

Until two o’clock in the afternoon, Wu Helian came out from the hotel slowly , And he also followed a group of people behind him. The car came from not far away, Ding Min ran to him quickly at the right time, not looking at the others, just wanting a smooth interview, she tirelessly said, “Hello, Mr. He, excuse me, I am the deputy of IN Magazine The editor-in-chief Ding Min…”

Gu Xiaochen ran slower than Ding Min , arrived a little later, and turned his head to stunned.

She not only saw Wu Helian, but also Wu Jizong and Ji Yuehua and his wife.

There hasn’t been much change between the two of them. And beside Ji Yuehua, the skillful curly-haired woman held her arm intimately, like a prospective wife. And beside the woman, there was another man of the same age as Wu Jizong. The two looked alike, apparently father and daughter.

Ding Min was still pleading there, but Wu Helian was indifferent, and the indifferent Junrong was cold. “If you continue to struggle, I will let the magazine completely disappear!” The

car had already stopped in front of him, and Wu Helian stepped forward and opened the door .

A group of people got on the train one after another. When Ji Yuehua walked past the woman with short hair, she accidentally glanced at the work card hanging on her neck. Suddenly, his footsteps were dull, and he looked at her suspiciously again, with a beautiful eyebrow and a pure and beautiful girl, but she didn’t match the number in memory. Without saying much, she got into the car.

But Wu Helian was sitting in the same car with that curly hair.

From beginning to end, he didn’t look at her, not even one Yu Guang.

Several cars started their engines and drove past them. Ding Min frowned and said, “What should I do? This task is too difficult! Hey? Was the father and daughter the oil king and his daughter? And the chairman Both are with the wife of the chairman! Do they want to marry? The news is

breaking !” Gu Xiaochen pursed her lips and waited for the car to drive away, she looked up.

In the RV, Ji Yuehua was puzzled and said, “Master, that lady seemed to be her just now.”

“Who?” Wu Jizong was in a good mood, smiling broadly, but did not expect Wu Helian to agree to eat.

“That’s the girl, Gu Xiaochen, the girl that Lian has been waiting for.” Ji Yuehua murmured, “It turns out she’s back.”

Wu Jizong’s eyebrows were tight, as if remembering.

Wu Helian’s interview has been unsuccessful, Ding Min and Gu Xiaochen were criticized when they returned to the magazine. Ding Min also conveyed Wu Helian’s words to the editor-in-chief. When the editor-in-chief heard it, he dared not continue any more, for fear of annoying him. It’s just that my colleagues’ drafts are all related to finance. It’s probably too difficult to temporarily change the theme.

When the magazine agency was in trouble, someone came to Gu Xiaochen.

This man, Gu Xiaochen vaguely still has an impression, because he was the one who came to her before and took her to see Wu Jizong.

Then came to her this time…

Gu Xiaochen knew that he had come by the order of Wu Jizong, and did not intend to embarrass her, let alone disturb the magazine, so he followed the man downstairs. Wu Jizong was waiting in the car, and as soon as Gu Xiaochen got on the car, the car drove immediately and left in front of the unknown. After passing through the bustling downtown, came to a quiet suburban park, the car window fell a little gap, the air was particularly fresh.

The car stopped in an open space, and the subordinates opened the door.

Wu Jizong got out of the car, and Gu Xiaochen got out.

Wu Jizong walked on his own, but said to her, “Come with me.” The

two strolled on the trail, walking one after the other.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t speak first, Wu Jizong said, “I heard that you went abroad before, how come you come back now. Come back and come back, don’t get confused with him. I think you saw it too, the lady who was the oil king yesterday Their daughter, whether they are family or other, they are very suitable.”

“You should know that the past is over, there is no need to continue. Wu Er gave you the money, it should be enough for you to live a few years, you have to be content “”Wu Jizong is still the tone of the overbearing command. Gu Xiaochen listened quietly without saying a word. It was just that he was talking, and suddenly he felt dull for a while. He covered his chest, and the whole person was shaking, about to fall.

“Chairman?” Gu Xiaochen saw him wrong and strode forward to support him.

Wu Jizong suffered from high blood pressure and wheezing hard, “My medicine…”

“Where is the medicine?” Gu Xiaochen hurriedly helped him to sit down and heard him spit out the word “pocket”, and she immediately groped for the medicine bottle. Following the instructions, he took two pills to take him, but Wu Jizong did not improve. Gu Xiaochen was so anxious at the moment that she saw a taxi coming in front of her. When a passenger got off, she had no time to turn back to the other end of the park and yell at her. She walked in with Wu Jizong.

On the way to the hospital, Wu Jizong’s cell phone kept ringing.

Gu Xiaochen wondered if his subordinate could not find anyone and called him, so he took out his mobile phone from his pocket. Can’t take care of the others, and immediately answered the phone, “Master, where are you?”

“Mrs. Chairman…” Gu Xiaochen was shocked, “The chairman collapsed, and I’m sending him to the hospital now.”

Gu Xiaochen took Wu Jizong with him She went to the nearby hospital for treatment and she hurried through the procedures. As soon as he arrived at the hospital, the doctor made first-aid measures, and Wu Jizong woke up quietly. It was not a big problem, but it was difficult to bear due to lack of oxygen. The nurse asked him to stay in the oxygen room for a while. Wu Jizong felt more comfortable. Then he returned to the ward to lie down and rest. The whole person had recovered.

The doctor finished the examination for him, Ding-zhang asked a few words, and took the nurse away.

In addition to Wu Jizong in the ward, only Gu Xiaochen stood quietly on the side. Wu Jizong pursed his lips, turned his head and glanced at the side glass, trying to drink, but there was no drop of water in the glass. He just withdrew his gaze, even silently. And he looked like someone who was stubborn and stubborn, Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but raise his lips and smile.

Gu Xiaochen took the drinking glass and walked to the drinking fountain to pour a cup of warm water for him. He put his hands in front of him

. “Drink some water.” “Don’t drink.” Wu Jizong refused arrogantly, not empathizing.

Gu Xiaochen was not angry. Instead, he persuaded, “The doctor said just now, drink more water. If not, I had to go to the nurse.”

Wu Jizong’s old face was tense, still stubborn. Look. After a long silence, he reached for the glass and bowed his head to drink. Xu Shi drank too fast, and maybe he was a little uncomfortable. He drank a sip of water. On the contrary, he was choked. He coughed repeatedly. The hand holding the glass trembles, warm water spilled from the glass and splashed on the quilt. on.

Gu Xiaochen hurriedly took the water cup and put it down, took a paper towel to wipe it for him, and patted his back while asking, “How is it? Is it uncomfortable? Do you want to call the doctor?”

“No! Cough! What is it? Doctor! Cough cough!” Wu Jizong said intermittently.

“Do you still want to drink water?” Gu Xiaochen relied on him and treated him like a child. “I’ll pour you a little more.”

“No more!” Wu Jizong shouted, but Gu Xiaochen still poured it for him. Have a cup beside the bed. Her clever behavior made Wu Jizong a little stunned, and thought about it just because she was stumping. He was not happy to say, “You don’t need to treat me! Hurry up! No matter how good you are, I won’t agree!”

Gu Xiaochen said gracefully, and said softly, “I will leave when someone comes.” The

air was a bit turbid, and the smell of disinfecting water was also pungent. Wu Jizong’s face was slightly reddened. Gu Xiaochen walked quietly towards the window and opened it a little. The cool autumn wind blew in, blowing away the turbid and pungent air, making people feel refreshed. Wu Jizong moved his lips, Shen Sheng said, “What did you do with him that day?”

Gu Xiaochen recalled, knowing that he was referring to the previous day at the five-star hotel, “I work in a magazine, and the editor-in-chief sent me to assist the deputy editor-in-chief as a star. Interviews with people, this time the financial theme of the star interview is him.”

Wu Jizong seems a little unbelieving, but looking at her small white face, it doesn’t seem to be a lie. “What a coincidence, what magazine company?”

“IN Magazine.”

“Your magazine editor is really stupid!” Wu Jizong sarcastically said, “He never gave an interview, don’t you know?”

“Our editor said, conspiracy is where people make things happen,” Gu Xiaochen said lightly.

“It’s even more stupid! If you know you won’t succeed, you still have to try it, isn’t it fun to find yourself? And it’s a waste of time!” Wu Jizong said to himself, and the topic changed unconsciously, “but he has a vision Yes, when it comes to Hong Kong’s financial industry, if Wu Er dares to recognize the second, then no one is the first! He, he has been watching financial news with me since he was a child, and he will read every day!”

Gu Xiaochen saw pride between his eyebrows and couldn’t help but say, “It must be you who let him watch, how can children watch financial news!”

“You ask him if I let him see!” Wu Jizong Retorted.

“So…” Gu Xiaochen smiled and said softly, “I think he must want to be close to you for a while. You should have been busy and have no time to accompany him, so he wanted to be alone with you at this time. Plus When you were so happy, he thought you must like it, so he

watched it every day.” Wu Jizong suddenly froze, as if she didn’t expect her to say so. I am afraid that no one will say such words to him, just like the words two years ago.

Wu Jizong fell into contemplation, and her quiet and smiling face reflected in her eyes, making him annoyed for a moment.

“Master!” The woman’s cry broke the silence, and Ji Yuehua finally arrived. Ji Yuehua hurried into the ward and asked with concern, “Master! How are you? Are you

okay ?” “Nothing.” Wu Jizong said quietly.

Ji Yuehua saw that he was unharmed, and then he was relieved, and turned to look at Gu Xiaochen, and said gratefully, “Miss Gu, thank you.”

Gu Xiaochen shook his head with a smile, said politely, “The chairman, the wife of the chairman, then I will say goodbye. Please You have a good rest.”

“I let the driver give you away.” Ji Yuehua said quickly.

“No, I just need to take a taxi. It’s very convenient here.” Gu Xiaochen refused softly and turned away.

Ji Yuehua watched her leave and turned to look at Wu Jizong, who closed his eyes and rested his mind. “Master, this girl, I think it’s very good.”

Wu Jizong snorted coldly and refused to approve, but he didn’t scold fiercely.

After a while, Wu Helian arrived in a hurry. As soon as he entered the ward and saw Wu Jizong safe, Jun Yan eased his expression.

Ji Yuehua said, “Lian, your father is fine, don’t worry.”

Wu Jizong shook his hands on his chest without opening his eyes. He said slowly, “I want you to be interviewed by that magazine!”

Wu Helian asked indifferently, “Why?”

“Why is there anything! I accept you if you accept!” “Wu Jizong opened his eyes vigorously and shouted loudly.”

“I don’t like interviews.”

“Only once.”

“Not once.” The

two fathers and sons disputed over the interview, and Wu Jizong apparently took him for granted, shouting angrily, “She saved my life! I want you to accept Interview!”

Wu Helian stared at her, and then asked one after another, “Are you looking for her?”

Wu Jizong said goodbye, which was the default.

“I will accept the interview.” Wu Helian said, “You will not want to look for her in the future, she is already married, don’t disturb her.”

Ji Yuehua was surprised when she said this sentence, and Wu Jizong was stunned.

The interview with Wu Helian was delayed, and the magazine was in trouble. The next manuscript of the financial theme has been compiled, and it is even impossible to change the content temporarily. After discussing with the editor-in-chief and Ding Min, only to retreat second, he decided to interview another elite in the financial industry to barely support the field. Only in this way, the sales volume of the magazine is not guaranteed.

Just thinking about who to look for as a star, the magazine received a call.

From the Wood Group.

The call was made by Wu Helian’s secretary, telling them that President He agreed to be interviewed.

This time, everyone in the magazine was overjoyed.

In the afternoon of the same day, according to the scheduled time stated on the phone, Ding Min, Gu Xiaochen and three other photographers went on time. Entering the Wu family successfully, Shen Ruo led them into the office, “General Manager He, the editor interviewed by IN Magazine has arrived.”

Wu Helian raised her head and closed the document. He was wearing a white shirt and a black tie with a silver clip. In such weather, the office was a bit cold before the heater was turned on. Although he looks chic and heroic, Wei An is extraordinary, but this too thin dress makes Gu Xiaochen frown involuntarily.

Wu Helian walked to the rest area and sat down on the sofa. “You only have twenty minutes.”

“Thank you Mr. He.” Ding Min immediately answered, and the three sat down opposite him.

Ding Min grasped every minute and every second, and prepared questions one by one in advance. And Gu Xiaochen didn’t forget to make notes, and even recorded with a stylus. A full twenty minutes of interview time, without stopping for a moment, after asking the last question, Ding Min added a personal question, “He, Mr. He, the girls in Hong Kong treat you as a dream lover. I don’t know if Mr. He’s girlfriend is What standard?”

Wu Helian’s voice was slightly low and hoarse, and said

indifferently , “Time is up.” Gu Xiaochen stopped writing and slowly looked up at him. I saw that his handsome face was paler than before, as if it was uncomfortable.

Ding Min ate the turtle and didn’t dare to say anything. Politely said a long list of thank-you words, “General

Manager , you can be interviewed, we IN magazine is really honored! Thank you General Manager again!” And Gu Xiaochen from beginning to end She didn’t even say a word to him. While listening to the record quietly, she opened a small job and quietly looked towards the office, and found no trace of it.

At the end of the interview, the photographer finally took a picture.

This is a rare photo. Wu Helian never allowed outflow of photos, and all related photos were blocked. If anyone dared to make a mistake, it would be looking for death, so the Hong Kong media has always been very sensible. The three greeted each other and finally got up and left. The task was successfully completed, naturally, very happy.

Upon returning to the magazine, Ding Min was refreshed and smiled.

The photographer hurried to the darkroom to wash the photos, and the female colleague shouted, “Xiao Wang, how many more photos do you have, we each send one! Wu Helian’s photo, out of print collection!”

“Got it!” Xiao Wang responded unbearably, and the female colleagues cheered.

Before I got off work, I really had a photo.

Wu Helian in the photo, a handsome, indifferent and evil charm, slightly raised the corner of her lips, as if smiling. His eyes are as deep as pure ink, but there is no light, like the falling stars are faint and faint, somewhat unpredictable. I do not know whether it is the reason for the high shooting level or the reason for the light, but his face is not as pale as she saw with her own eyes.

Gu Xiaochen held the photo and touched his face lightly with his fingers, unable to help being worried.

“Here, Mr. He, come, I have a cup for you! Happy cooperation!”

“He has a good drink, let’s have another cup!”

“I also

have to celebrate a cup!” At the dinner party, a group of people are eager to get together with He Lin, the CEO Coupled with the manager, toast in turn. Wu Helian calmly and calmly continued to drink one by one. Shen Ruo was watching, but he could not help. She also has a moderate amount of alcohol. Moreover, following him for the past two years, he has not seen him drunk, but recently his physical condition does not seem to be very good.

The banquet was held until midnight, and everyone stopped, but they went directly to the hotel suite for fun.

Wu Helian went with the crowd together, and in the suite sat a coolly dressed woman. Under the dim light, the woman’s eyes were able to linger, and Mei said with a smile, “General

Manager , people are here to accompany you tonight…” “You can go.” Wu Helian said coldly, and walked to the bathroom.

The woman was specially arranged by the client for spending money, and it was even more beautiful than the others. She had to put the clothes back on, thinking that the money had been obtained, although she was not willing to do so. There was a clatter of water in the bathroom, and some people walked quietly into the suite while the woman left.

After a while, the sound of water finally stopped.

As soon as the glass door opened, Wu Helian wore a loose bathrobe and was submerged in the water.

It was dark in the suite before the lights were turned on and there was dim light. There was no light at the moment, except for the bathroom lights behind him. In the darkness, a delicate and slender figure can be seen vaguely. Water droplets dripped from time to time, Wu Helian looked at her indifferently, and did not speak.

She started to undress, coat, shirt, bow tie, one by one… the zipper sounded, and the skirt took off. She only wore a black lace bra and panties, and her delicate figure was looming. She reached out and took off the hairpin, her long hair spread down, her cheeks flickering, her eyes flickering and throbbing.

She took a step and walked forward.

Her breathing was slightly quickened. She seemed to be restraining, and her fair chest was up and down. Her hands went around her back and touched her corset button. With a light pick, the only cover was removed. She opened her eyes, her cheeks turned red, and her body smelled of perfume.

Wu Helian stood on the spot, carrying his light, he could not see the expression.

“Master Lian.” A soft cry rang out, and the woman’s face was faintly visible in the light and shadow.

-That is Shen Ruo.

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