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Chapter 166 Should come always

Recently, the most sensational entertainment news is that Wu Helian, the president of Wu’s Group, has frequently dated private names with famous people.

It is reported that two parents were present during the date, which is undoubtedly a blind date feast. First of all, the oil king is rich, and then there are rich merchants and daughters in the shipbuilding industry. It was once rumored that Wu’s family had already established the “second daughter-in-law” candidate, but now it is confusing and unclear.

On the free weekend, Yu Mei didn’t go to class, and Gu Xiaochen didn’t have to go to work.

The two are at home, Yu Mei is lying on the sofa with a book and is reciting explanations of professional terms. After a while, she turned on the TV anxiously to relax. But as soon as the TV was turned on, I saw lace news about XX being played on the screen. Hearing the sound of footsteps approaching from the bedroom, she turned off the TV almost reflexively.

“HumanResource, the people in the organization within a certain period of time can be used by the enterprise…” Yu Mei remembered what she thought.

“Boom,” someone knocked on the door, and Yu Mei got up and shouted, “Come!”

Yan Xudong thought that today was a weekend, and the three could have a meal together. After telling the intention, no one objected. Yu Mei and Gu Xiaochen changed clothes, and the three planned to go to the supermarket to buy food. Just about to go out, Yu Mei said that she was not feeling well. Gu Xiaochen couldn’t rest assured, Yu Mei only said that it was the aunt who came, and it would be fine to lie down for a while, and she just pushed the two out. The moment she closed the door, she smiled at Yan Xudong.

At the weekend supermarket, the crowd is crowded.

Yan Xudong did not accompany Gu Xiaochen to the supermarket, but that time, this silly girl came to buy pork liver soup for her rival. He pushed the car to follow, and she walked ahead to choose food. After choosing the food, the two went to the cash register to check out. Gu Xiaochen took out his wallet and paid, and Yan Xudong hurriedly blocked, “I’m coming!”

Yan Xudong refused while pushing her to put the wallet back in her bag. During the dispute, the wallet fell from the hands. The folding wallet was open, and Yan Xudong was about to pick it up, but when he looked down, he saw a picture on the sandwich of the wallet. Although it was covered with a brown mesh layer, he let him see who the photo was at a glance.

Gu Xiaochen was shocked and hurriedly stooped to pick it up, clutching the wallet in his hand.

“Let me come, how can I let the girls pay?” Yan Xudong looked unscathed and took the money to negotiate with the cashier.

“Then I will buy it next time.” Gu Xiaochen said softly, but just put the wallet away.

When they left the supermarket, the two got on the bus.

Gu Xiaochen was still wearing a seat belt, and Yan Xudong held the steering wheel, but said meaningfully, “Some things have passed in the past and can be commemorated, but don’t miss it. The coming will always come and cannot escape.”

Gu Xiaochenwei Suddenly, although he didn’t understand what he was talking about, he still said “en”.

The car started the engine and drove forward.

After the weekend, Wu held a weekly meeting at 19:00 every week.

Just after eight o’clock, someone pedaled to the manager’s office overseas, and Shen Ruo knocked on the door and entered. In the office, Yan Xudong is playing with a lighter. The silver-grey lighter is brand new and seems to have never been used. There was another lighter on the table, which he usually used.

Shen Ruo sat down on the office chair and said coldly, “According to the original plan?”

“You are so anxious, did something happen?” Yan Xudong Wen Xu’s male voice sounded with a click, Shen Ruo retorted, “I can happen What happened? Father been urging! I have been urging a headache! But rather you, the words manager, you should not be hesitant to temporarily back off, right? plan for two years, you can do when wimp! ” “

not round Until you preach!” Yan Xudong’s eyes suddenly condensed, and the sharp sharp haze made Shen Ruo tremble.

Shen Ruo gritted his teeth, “We said yes, my parents and younger brother can immigrate to Canada, and, you have to make sure I won’t be okay! Including…”

Half of her words, Xudong interrupted, “You can rest assured The money will not be less, and your family can also enjoy the blessing.”

“Well, then I will go first.” Shen Ruo got up and left.

Yan Xudong looked at the lighter in his hand, and his eyes were dyed with silver, but the picture in his wallet appeared in his mind. He pondered quietly for a long time, and blinked to nine o’clock. The assistant reminded that it was time for the meeting. He carefully packed the lighter, picked up his suit jacket and put it on. He walked out slowly under the attention of the assistant.

The Zhou meeting was held in the conference hall on the top floor. Once a group of people had arrived, Yan Xudong sat down at the forefoot and Wu Helian came at the back. Just about to start, the door of the conference hall was suddenly pushed open. The people looked up and were suspicious. Because the coming person is Wu’s four largest shareholders, Zhao Lao took the lead and said, “Except for the manager, you all withdraw.”

Everyone noticed something bad but dared not to act. It was not until Wu Helian nodded that she left.

When the people were gone, there were only three people left in the conference hall.

Yan Xudong, the four largest shareholders, and Wu Helian who never spoke.

Wu Helian sat steadily in the seat of the conference table, her hands lying flat on the arm of the chair, no trace of extraneous expression, no words, the calm momentum, the calm attitude, able to deal with everything, making people awe and awe.

Old Li said, “Wu Er, we just knew something and wanted to ask you.”

“You look at this first.” Mr. Zhao answered, took some documents from his subordinates, and threw them at the conference table. “This is Haishen’s four-year cooperation plan with Wu’s. We found something strange. The last phase of the project suffered huge losses. Haishen will declare bankruptcy, so how much debt does Wus need to bear? And, The first three phases of cooperation profit funds are very unreasonable, we suspect that someone has secretly acted! The cooperation case of Haishen Company is contacted by the manager of the speech, and the final decision is you Wu Er. For fairness, we decided to discuss The matter is handled by the police.”

As the voice fell, someone pushed in.

Several police officers rushed in, Wu Helian was right, but Yan Xudong was a little surprised, and the man headed was wearing a smart trench coat and took out his documents and said slowly, “Mr. Wu Helian, Mr. Yan Xudong, we are a commercial crime of the Hong Kong Police Department. investigations Section, has just received a telephone report, a commercial about Wu’s case, I am a senior inspector in charge of the survey scenery Xin, we hope you will return to the police station to assist with the investigation. “


Hong Kong police station.

Commercial Crime Investigation Section.

In the closed and quiet interrogation room, several people were interrogated in turn.

Wu Helian remained silent until lawyer Feng Yuan arrived, which answered the police officer’s questions. The indifferent handsome face looked unharmed, responding with extremely brief words. In the interrogation room next door, Yan Xudong cooperated with the police’s cross-examination, but when he looked down, there was a moment of surprise and anxiety.

While the two were interrogating, Shen Ruo, as Wu Helian’s secretary, was also interrogated in the other interrogation room.

“Miss Shen Ruo, please answer our questions truthfully.”

Shen Ruo didn’t speak with her lips closed, clenching her fists unconsciously, realizing she was in trouble this time. She didn’t expect that they would even raise the police in private. Even if the Yanjia no matter how bracing for herself, she would not retreat. This was completely inconsistent with the plan at the time, and she did not want to go to jail.

Shen Ruo shouted, “I want to see my defense lawyer! I want to see the lawyer!”

Shen Ruo couldn’t see the lawyer and the police officer’s inquiry could not proceed. Soon after, lawyer Huang came to visit. Shen Ruo did not know this lawyer Huang, but she knew that he must have been sent by a speaker. Lawyer Huang walked across from Shen Ruo and said slowly, “Miss Shen, Mr. Yan has appointed me to defend you.”

“I don’t want to go to jail!” Shen Ruo gritted his teeth.

“Miss Shen, please calm down.” Lawyer Huang lowered his voice, and Shen Sheng said, “Mr. Yan Lao asked me to tell you a sentence, your family is very good, they will all immigrate, and they will never lack money.”

Shen Ruo Hearing this, he finally knew that they were looking for a substitute for the dead ghost. She was dull for a while, and suddenly sneered.

“Everything is going according to the original plan, don’t make mistakes, so that Miss Shen’s family will be safe.” Attorney Huang said again, Shen Ruo narrowed his eyes and stared at him fiercely.

After Attorney Huang left, the police officer came to cross-examine again, “Miss Shen, is your position as Mr. Wu Helian’s personal secretary in Wu’s?”

“Yes.” The

police officer took out a document and handed it to Shen Ruo In front of me, “please explain to Shen Shen why you are the largest shareholder of Haishen Company?”

“Police officer, I want to know how many years I will be sentenced if the conviction is established? Can I reduce the sentence if I confess?” Shen Ruo slowly Looking up, the cold interrogation room made her feel cold all over.

“As long as you correct your guilty attitude and tell us everything you know, we will ask the judge to plead for you for leniency.” The police officer said.

Shen Ruo didn’t answer, Mu Ne nodded.

After a long silence, she spoke, her voice was very light and soft. The words did not support me at all, as if there was something wrong, just a trembling tail, but leaked her tension and fear, “He made me so When he did, he gave me a sum of money, let me be the shareholder behind this company, and then set aside Haishen to profit from it! If you don’t believe it, the money is still in my account, I have not moved one Points! What I said is true, you have to believe me!”

“Is it true, we will verify!” Police officer

Shen Sheng answered and asked again, “Who does he mean in your mouth?” Shen If he stared straight ahead and stared at a certain spot without focus, he finally spit out the name of the man, “Wu Helian.” While the

trial was in progress, the Wu family also heard the news and rushed to the police station.

Wu Jizong and Ji Yuehua both looked terrified. When they received the news, they were shocked. Wu Helian even involved in commercial crimes, secretly seeking Wu’s profiteering? This is totally impossible! But the four largest shareholders have come forward and even reported to the police station, and things have become out of control.

In the police station hall, Feng Yuan said, “Mr. Wu and Mrs. Wu, please don’t worry, things will surely come out, and there will always be a way to solve it.”

Wu Jizong and Ji Yuehua heard this, and they were still worried, but they were only worried Can wait patiently.

“Which is Mr. Wu Helian’s family?” After a while, Jingxin Xin came out with two police officers, Shen Sheng asked.

“We are his parents!” Ji Yuehua responded immediately, and Wu Jizong then asked, “Police officer, how about others? Is it okay?”

“Mr. Wu Helian is now suspected of a huge business crime, and now we have to criminalize him Detention!” Jingxin Xin said, but please rest assured that our police will investigate it! “

” Criminal detention? Why detain? Wu Jizong asked angrily.

“Police officer, I am Mr. Wu’s personal lawyer Feng Yuan. I am applying for bail to the police on behalf of Mr. Wu!” “

I’m sorry, I can’t bail!” “Scenery Xin Xin said coldly.

This made the Wu family’s two old people startled, and Wu Jizong shouted, “How can’t he be released on bail!” He did not commit a crime! What evidence do you have! “

I want to see Mr. Wu!” Feng Yuan said.

Jingxin Xin nodded slightly, “Take lawyer Feng.” “

At this time, Yan Xudong happened to come out, and the waiting subordinate immediately greeted him, “Master Yan, the master sent me to pick you up.” “

Yan Xudong’s elegant and graceful appearance rarely appeared to be condensed, as if he understood that the situation was serious. He remained silent and walked out of the hall with his subordinates. As soon as he turned around, he saw Wu Jizong and Ji Yuehua standing there holding each other. Suddenly, Some couldn’t face it. Wu Jizong saw him safe and sound, his eyebrows locked, and suddenly shouted, “It’s you! It’s your last name! “

Faced with the accusations, Yan Xudong condensed his face and said nothing. He just ran out of the hall and walked away.

“Mr. Wu, Mrs. Wu, I’ll take a look.” Feng Yuanding sighed, and led by the police, came to the visiting room.

Visiting the room, Wu Helian sat quietly on the chair.

Feng Yuan sat across from him and asked respectfully, “Mr. Wu, what instructions are there?” Wu

Helian stared, but Ying Tingyu’s brows were tight together. He seemed extremely troubled. For the first time, the first time he didn’t think well. After a long silence, he spoke quietly, and his male voice was extremely low, “Tell them, don’t come to see me, I’m fine.”

“Yes.” Feng Yuan should say .

Wu Helian was stunned and dinged again, “Send a few people to protect her, don’t let her find out, and don’t let her have anything to do.”

A car on the mountain road of Kowloon Bay in Hong Kong drove towards the scenic villa area. The car drove into the villa area and circled around the community for a long time before stopping at a Romanesque villa. Too late to wait for the subordinate to open the door, Yan Xu Dongmeng got off the train, the long figure flashed in the sun, strode into the villa, and the subordinate immediately followed.

“Master Yan, the master is in the study on the third floor.”

Yan Xudong rushed directly to the third floor and pushed the door open with both hands. Not yet concentrating, he only felt a burst of qi and blood, and he was fainted. He stared at the old man who wiped his glasses idly and calmly, and asked angrily, “You didn’t say it, you won’t report it to the police station! Why report it privately! Why don’t you discuss it with me! Why did you go out? Isn’t it the official entry of Wu Shi today?”

“I told you many times, shopping malls are like battlefields. Only when the enemy is hit is there is no possibility of a counterattack. This is a victory. !Chopping the grass does not remove the roots, be careful that the spring wind blows again!” The old man did not look up, looking at the glasses in his hand, carefully wiping the frame with the handkerchief, again and again.

Yan Xudong clenched his fists and walked towards him, hitting the table heavily, “bang -” with a loud noise, “Dad! You did this, don’t you want to kill me!”

“Forcing you?” The old man stopped and looked up at him. “Why did I force you? Who took the initiative to speak?”

Yan Xudong suddenly silent, the whole person was quiet and scary.

Yes, back then.

If you really want to go back to that year, then you have to talk about the Christmas more than four years ago.

After returning to Canada, Yan Xudong mentioned Gu Xiaochen to his father and mother. This ordinary girl with no family background and ordinary simpleness was naturally strongly opposed by Yanfu. Yan Xudong knew his father’s temper. He was afraid that his father would investigate and do anything unfavorable to Gu Xiaochen. He dared not leave easily and had to stay in Canada for a long time.

During his stay, Yanfu proposed conditions.

Father Yan promised him that he could accept the girl to enter the door, and no longer objected.

But the condition is for him to win Wu.

Of course, Yan Xudong also knew that his father hated Wu’s former hatred. Yan and Wu used to be friends, and Yan and Wu were friends. The speaker at the time was even a giant in the insurance industry in Hong Kong. The company faced a huge crisis because of a loss. Father Wu didn’t lend a helping hand to borrow money. The speaker couldn’t afford it, so he had to leave Hong Kong and emigrate to Canada.

At that time, Yan Xudong graduated from junior high school.

Yan Xudong realized that the reason why Father Yan did not object to his entry into Wu under the invitation of Wu Helian was because he had been ambushing secretly, and had long wanted to take Wu. Wu San will soon take over the company. He can wait for Wu San to take over, and wait until Wu Helian leaves Hong Kong to the United States. In this way, it is not against the morality of the brothers. Yan Xudong’s words made Yan Xudong tangled for a long time, but he could not make a decision.

Do you really want to do this?

Yan Xudong once asked himself ten million times, and his answer was-no.

Hesitate, always hesitate, always slow down no matter what you do. He missed the best opportunity, missed the best time, missed the girl he wanted. When he accidentally found that Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen were together, he was relieved even though he was sorry. No more choices, this result is the best result.

Yan Xudong originally thought this was the case, so he simply blocked his father’s plan.

But then…

“How can I say Shikang would have you as a son? From childhood to old, the reading score is second, the exam is always the second in the class, the second is the grade, and everything is second! You can never compare The kid named Wu! In this world, no one will remember the second! No one will remember! Everyone will only remember the first one!” Yan Shikang snapped the case and yelled, “You are very good, why Always standing behind him? Do you still need to take care of the company for him? What do you think he thinks of you? He treats you as a chess! It’s very safe to play there! Now it’s good, you are ranked second even if you like a woman! Why is it so useless? You never dare to fall in love with you! So the woman didn’t choose you at that time! That’s why!”

“Don’t talk!” Yan Xudong yelled angrily, hazy Junrong, Some are crazy. He took a step back and left angrily.

At that time, what did he do for himself?

In order to prove what, only today?

Yan Xudong dragged the car all the way and drove on the mountain road with fate. He didn’t know where to go, no direction, no place. The scenery passing in front of him was faint and faint, his eyes were in a trance, and he could only speed up and then speed up. He opened the roof of the car and allowed the cold wind to blow himself. Only at such a rapid speed would he let him forget himself and forget all that.

Can he still meet the quiet smiling girl?

Can he still meet at this point?

The night is cold like water, and the neon seems to never fade.

Yan Xudong walked into the bar dimly, and the waiter greeted him. He didn’t seem to hear it, but went straight to an unmanned private room. Yu Mei hurried to the private room under the notice of the bartender. Yan Xudong had ordered the wine, took a bottle of XO, and began to drink it endlessly, one glass after another.

“What’s the matter with you? What happened?” Yu Mei closed the door and ran to him to dissuade him. “Don’t drink it!”

Yan Xudong ignored her and drank it on her own, purely for venting.

“Yan Xudong!” Yu Mei shouted angrily, grabbing his arm to stop him. As soon as he stopped drinking, Yan Xudong turned his head to look at her and suddenly laughed. His smile, so gentle, made Yu Mei feel a sorrow, that kind of at a loss, revealing coolness from the bottom of his heart. She involuntarily quivered and asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

“Drinking.” Yan Xudong spit out two words in a muffled voice and shook her hand away.

Xu was infected by him, and Yu Mei also picked up a bottle of wine and confronted him, “I will drink with you.”

This night, I didn’t know how much I drank, but I drank it until it was dark and dark. Later, no one knew who it was. . At the moment when consciousness dissipated, Yu Mei saw Yan Xudong’s handsome face gradually approaching. She reached out and hugged him, and his vague male voice sounded, “I am really useless… really so… …Useless…”

Two years later, the person who could not return was actually him.

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