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Chapter 4 Fingertips, intentional mischief

Yaoyao no longer cared about the man’s terrifying words, she just wanted to escape the horrible cowboy’s clutches quickly.

The petite body was suddenly turned around by the man: “Woo…” The little hand subconsciously guarded him, tears streaming out wanton.

“Damn, it’s a satisfying response.” The man not only showed no sympathy when seeing her so pitiful, but he became more excited.

The big hand forcibly opened the hand she was protecting in front of her.

Seeing the spring will be exposed, her CD Nordica prayed: “? …… great big brother, I …… I do ‘no’, not fun, you go serve others, okay,”

this saying little incentive, But in the ears of men, it seemed to be a tease of refusing to welcome. Faced with the wonderful girls who took the initiative to post them, he was tired of playing with them. With such a fresh taste, I really want to try it right away! “I’m a cowboy, I’m a person who specializes in serving you who have nothing.” After that, he picked up the last trace of her upper body…

“Woo…” Yaoyao closed desperately. Put your eyes on.

Slender fingers landed on her flat lower abdomen and walked slowly upstream. The petite body was shaking more and more intensely.

“No, no…” When the man’s fingers were gradually approaching her…

Yaoyao’s heart instantly raised her throat, and her lips whispered from time to time.

“Heh.” Seeing that she was so nervous, the bad-hearted man smiled and deliberately avoided her sensitivity.

‘Huh…’ Yaoyao breathed a sigh of relief subconsciously. But in an instant, a faint breath came, and she only felt that her body was extremely numb, as if she was not her own.

Opened his eyes and looked down, the man actually…

“No…no, no, don’t kiss!” She tried to block the man’s head, and a nice red glow was attached to her small face.

“Huh? You really are a hypocritical little thing, but your body…” The man raised his head slightly, and swept over her evilly: “So honest.” A smirk floated to the corner of his mouth, and his fingertips deliberately spoiled…

“Um…” There was another bewildering shudder. She didn’t know what it was like, but she felt ashamed and embarrassed.

“Oh, oh, little thing, what can you do if you enter the state so soon, won’t you die in a moment?” The man kindly reminded him, bowed his head again, and kissed his collarbone lightly.

“Please, don’t continue! Don’t…” The voice stopped, and she obviously felt the man’s movements stop.

Is this cowboy finally willing to let him go? He looked at the man tentatively.

At this moment, his deep eyes stared at a deep scar on her left shoulder, and his expression was different from the previous one, as if it were a wolf, as terrible as a wolf about to kill people…

why did he… Looking at the scar on his shoulder with this look?


“Boss Yu.” Just when the man was about to say something, one of his men suddenly pushed the door and interrupted the conversation.

“Yu… Boss?” Hearing this call, a thunderbolt hit Yaoyao.

She looked at the domineering man pressing on her in horror…

who is he, he, he? Yu…Aotian? !

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