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Chapter 10 Endless Pain


Ming Hao showed a bit of hesitation and stopped her at the door, saying, “Today is very special for Lord Seventh, please forgive it . As for pulse taking, one day postponing should be fine . ”

For Ming Hao, Bai’s medical skills were not so superb that he became amazed . Maybe Prime Minister Qin merely aimed to console Lord Seventh by recommending Bai in case that he became hopeless .

It turned out that Lord Seventh’s eyes didn’t take a change for the better after receiving more than ten days treatment from Bai Qingqing .

She didn’t appear as a freeloader, neither did she execute effective treatment . As time went by, he was inevitably disappointed with her medical skills, which was the reason why he carried out Lord Seventh’s order so dutifully .

So clever was Bai Qingqing that she saw through what Ming Hao was thinking about, so she delivered the porridge pot to him with a long sigh, and said, “You know, there is no point for me staying here to treat him if he gives up on himself . Please tell Lord Seventh I will pack up and leave soon . You can find others with higher skills . ”

“Get in . ” A cool voice came from the room before Ming Hao replied .

Bai Qingqing successfully got in the room, only to find that no one else was in the spacious Coiling Dragon Pavilion except Zhao Yuchen .

Sitting by the desk, Zhao Yuchen was carving something meticulously with a piece of palm-sized wood in his left hand, and a dagger in right hand .

Looking closely, she found he had carved a vivid beauty figure from the wood .

Blind as he was, he fumbled for the final polish in the details with the blade of the dagger .

The wooden beauty was wearing a bead hairpin and a silk dress . It was so exquisitely made that people ’couldn’t help but fondle it admiringly despite the fact that it was carved from a piece of humble wood .

With one closer look, she saw that on the round table stood wooden beauties with different postures but identical faces .

After Bai Qingqing identified the face, her pupils enlarged instantly, and subconsciously she gripped the porridge pot even harder .

Zhao Yuchen seemed to know her arrival, but he didn’t look up . He put his wooden beauty on the table carefully then stretched his arm to her, asking, “The time that half an incense stick burns is enough, right?”

Bai came close to him, pushed his arm back, and answered, “Finish the porridge first before pulse taking . ”

Zhao raised his eyebrow, “A spicy one?”

Without answering him, she put it in front of him and removed the lid . An aroma mixed with a touch of medicine smell pervaded the air .

Zhao was a little shocked after smelling it, “Not this time . ”

Hiding the bitterness from the bottom of her heart, Bai delivered a silver spoon to him and whispered, “Eat it . ”

For some reason, he felt something different from her words .

Such a girl, who had treated him as an enemy, suddenly changed her attitude overnight .

“You didn’t put poison in my porridge, did you? Or something makes me have diarrhea, rash or itch all over?”

Bai Qingqing got angry after hearing him and retook the spoon, “Stop eating if you’re afraid of death!”

Zhao Yuchen couldn’t help laughing at her tone, he grabbed his spoon back, and said, “There’s nothing to be afraid of since you will be my sacrificial object if I die from this porridge . ”

He couldn’t wait to take a big sip of the porridge while he was talking to Qingqing, then one gulp after another for its good taste .

Maybe the porridge was too hot or he drank too fast, he choked . Then the porridge in the spoon spilled out, rendering him a pain in the back of his hand .

“Don’t touch it!”

Bai stopped his act and gently wiped the porridge off his hand with a handkerchief, murmuring, “Aren’t you a little bit too grown-up to scald yourself over having porridge?”

She scolded him while wiping his hand, which sounded warm and intimate .

Somehow, Zhao Yuchen was petrified . Her tone, her action made him felt so familiar unprecedentedly .

Long before, his beloved also complained to him using such a tone of intimacy .

Having realized her faux pas, Bai pretended to cough slightly and drew back her handkerchief, deliberately finding a new topic, “Were all these wooden women carved by you?”

Waking up from the strange feeling, Zhao nodded unconsciously, “Today is the death anniversary of my late wife, who is the model of these wooden women . ”

“But you are blind . ”

“Her appearance has been engraved in my heart and that’s enough . Even though 6 years has passed since her death, I won’t forget her appearance even on my deathbed . ”

He touched those wooden women softly and lovingly . Bai finally got a chance to see these figures clearly, each had a unique expression, pouting or dazing, smiling or frowning, standing or crouching…

These expressions made her feel familiar as well as strange, with an unspeakable pain and sourness .

Zhao Junchen fell into his own meditation, whispering, “How time flies . She has left me for 6 years . I promised her to spend her birthday with her every year when she married me . But now I’m here not for her birthday, but her deathday…”

Tears was unconsciously trickling down while he was talking, he looked so mournful .

Bai Qingqing subconsciously wanted to wipe his tears, only to find her arm halted halfway and somehow couldn’t reach his face .

For Bai, the face in front of her meant not only impressive memories, but also endless pain .

“Zhao Yuchen, do you know not just you are mournful in the world?” Bai thought to herself .

She lowered her arm slowly . “Now that she had died, what’s the point doing so?” She said in a plaintive tone .

“You are right . There is no point doing so . I just…”

He softly touched the wooden beauty in his hand and said, “I just hope one day when my eyes recover, I have a chance to look at her through these wooden beauties . After she died, I meant to die with her . But I’m also awaiting her to appear in my dream and tell me she has already forgiven me, by then, I will go keep company with her without any burden in my heart . ”

“What?” Bai was shocked .

Indifferently, he smiled, “Sometimes living also equals pain . I’m just lingering on to atone for my sin and awaiting her spirit to tell me in my dream that she has already forgiven me . Then I will follow her to…”

“That’s nonsense! She won’t appear in your dream because she is dead . Don’t you know you’re doing something meaningless? You would not have hounded her to death if you had foresight You know what would happen then why did you hound her to death? You son of a bitch!”

Bai yelled at him with a grieving choke .

Zhao Yuchen paused, so did Bai Qingqing .

She wiped tears from her face .

Aware of her faux pas, she restrained herself in case that he sensed she was embarrassed and fragile .

“How did you know my wife was…”

He intended to continue “hounded”, but he couldn’t utter it at all .

Bai realized she had spilt the beans so she answered with a snuffle, “Just heard it from someone else . They all described you as a domineering, arbitrary and cold-blooded man . In short, you’re far from a nice guy . ”

Having finished speaking in one breath, she seemed to be out of strength . She glared at him reluctantly, wiped her tears and ran out with her dress lifted in her hands so she could run faster .

Zhao got dumbstruck by Qingqing .

She sounded like a victim redressing the injustices for herself in a tone of rage .

A victim?

Was Bai Qingqing . . .

“Miss Bai’s ancestral home is Luohe County, Nan’an Province, where broke out a massive mountain torrent several years ago . At that time, Mo Shoude, who was called the Divine Physician passed by Luohe County and saved her, that’s why she became Dr . Mo’s disciple . In that mountain torrent, most villagers died and only a few survived, including Miss Bai . ”

Ming Hao told Zhao Yuchen .

Two days ago, he was appointed by Zhao to investigate Bai’s unknown background .

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