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Chapter 11 Solving the Unsolvable Problems

They got shocked after investigating . Some incredible things happened to this little girl .

Before the age of twelve, quite recreant and timid Bai Qingqing was, she had been the talk of the town for being slow .

Word had it that her father was an excellent teacher when he was alive . Though at that time, a young lady was someone whose intellectual horizons stretched no further than her morality, a girl who was literate enough to chant poetry and create calligraphies could still earn herself a good reputation .

Sadly, she couldn’t write even a character despite the efforts and patience her father had poured into .

Bai Qingqing led quite an uneventful life till she was twelve when the mountain torrential broke out six years ago, which almost wiped out the whole village except Qingqing who made a narrow escape .

Maybe she was destined to live longer, she got saved by Mo Shoude who happened to pass by her village . After she recovered, she emerged as a changed person with intelligence and quick wit .

This became an anecdote in town .

Mo Shoude took her as his disciple because her parents had died in the torrent and he was too kind to leave her as a stray .

Listening to Ming Hao’s description, Zhao Yuchen kept frowning silently and found that unbelievable .

How could he believe such a sassy quick-witted doctress was once a notoriously dumb girl?

Exactly, that accident six years ago turned her from a perfect blockhead to a shrewd girl .

Six years . . .

His heart trembled on hearing the number .

Su Ruoqing, his late wife, also died that year .

Even six years had passed, it was still impossible for him to forget what happened that year .

He was called Lord Seventh because of his rank in the family . There was another brother, as excellent as him, ranked the ninth, called Zhao Yuting .

Zhao Yuting was engaged to Miss . Su when he was seventeen, their marriage was almost an established fact . However, Zhao Yuchen fell in love with his brother’s fiancée regardless .

He sincerely loved Su Ruoqing, though he was aware that was his doing was unforgivable .

To get Su Ruoqing , he took advantage of his lineal descendant status and fell out with his ninth brother who Su Ruoqing was supposed to marry .

Three years after they tied the knot, Su Ruoqing was pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy .

Such a joyous event, unexpectedly, turned to a tragedy .

Zhao Yuchen’s countenance aged abruptly recalling past events .

Someone revealed that it was Lord Ninth that Su Ruoqing had been anxiously longing for, not him, so that baby boy was illicitly conceived by her and Lord Ninth .

Hearing that, furiously, he immediately went to any length to interrogate Su Ruoqing whether the baby was his ninth brother’s .

Su strenuously denied, but he insisted on having a blood test to see whether his blood and the baby’s blood would be mixed in the water (an ancient nonsense way to do parental test) .

To everyone’s great surprise, their bloods didn’t mix, which instantly raised his hackles .

Accused of committing infidelity, Su cried that she had never betrayed him . Finally, helplessly, she resorted to suicidal to vindicate herself .

Before her remains even turned cold, smitten by conscience, the culprit confessed that the water for the blood test was tampered by him .

He, Zhao Yuchen, was the boy’s father .

The culprit was actually a puppet, he committed suicide without blowing the lid of who was behind the curtain .

Terrible sadness took over Zhao’s heart .

He hated himself for his irrational doings, and he blamed himself for not putting more trust in their relationship .

If he had taken a break from the rumors and really thought, chances were the tragedy six years ago could have been avoided .

Thinking of this, he abruptly asked Ming Hao, “When exactly did the disaster happen?”

Though confused about why Lord Seventh turned so excited, he answered respectfully, “September 25th, six years ago . ”

“September 25th . . . ” He repeated slightly .

In a flash, it hit him that his Ruoqing just died on that very day .

A snap rang through the spacious room, which not only startled Ming Hao, but also Zhao Yuchen, little did whom expected that he would be so emotional that he knocked the cup off . .

However, the snap reminded him of Master Huijing’s instructions that he got six years ago in Putuo Temple,when he got depressed and turned blind .

“Love is to sustain as fate is written, that’s when reunion is to ensue . ”

Two short sentences they were, they seemed to be a reminder the couple were not doomed by physical separation .

Zhao Yuchen probably wouldn’t take it seriously if they were said by anyone else .

But Master Huijingfrom Putuo Temple was able to soothsay fate and deduce omen, he was also capable of fathoming the unknown, solving the unsolvable problems .

The two sentences, like two pillars, had supported him through the six years, he would have lost hope and unite with his late wife otherwise .

“Lord Seventh . . . ” Feeling his master’s abnormal reactions, Ming Hao asked anxiously .

In his mind, Lord Seventh was an indomitable figure, no way would he appear as impulsive in front of a subordinate like him .

More unbelievable, it was Bai Qingqing, a country girl that made his master behaved this way .

Was it possible that Lord Seventh saw that Bai Guninang in a different way that he wasn’t aware of? Ming Hao thought to himself .

Frowning, Zhao stood up, saying, “Tell Butler Zhou to open the dust-leaden Plum Blossom Pavilion now . ”

This shocked Ming Hao . The Plum Blossom Pavilion was Lord Seventh’s study, filled with stuff that related to his late wife, Su Ruomei .

Lord Seventh had been blind for six years, and that study was loaded with memories of his late wife, so he shied away from the study despite the fact that he couldn’t see anything . Of course, he didn’t allow anyone else to set foot there .

For years, it remained a forbidden area in the Ink Garden .

What confused Ming Hao of course confused Bai Qingqing, but she didn’t intend to find out .

She had been tortured by a mixed feeling since she ran away from Zhao Yuchen’s room the other day, that feeling wiped away her calmness and reason, she even wanted to escape from the situation .

That other day, she came to Coiling Dragon Pavilion to send medicine as usual, only to be told he was in the Plum Blossom Pavilion .

After asking, she knew the Plum Blossom Pavilion was a study .

“A blind man in study?” she got puzzled .

She was amazed by the settings inside Plum Blossom Pavilion after arriving .

Pictures of the same woman were hanging on the walls, the woman was either dancing among flowers or standing under plum trees, either playing the zither demurely or sitting by the window . So vivid was every picture as if the woman was alive .

Bai’s hand, which was on the medicine bowl, trembled . Then, a voice came from behind when she was about to turn away and left .

“Now that you are here, what’s the rush to leave without a word?”

Along with the voice, Bai Qingqing saw Zhao Yuchen slowly came out from the inner chamber of the study with his jade crutch .

Though he was not able to see her, he still managed to look in her direction accurately .

Was it an illusion? That moment, she saw shrewdness and calculating flashed across his eyes . .

If she hadn’t known his blindness, she would have been shocked by his inquiring eyes .

Recovering from the over-frightened mind, she put the medicine bowl on the table, “I’m just fulfilling my duty to send you this medicine . ”

What was between the lines was that she was not interested to develop any other topic with him .

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