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Chapter 12 Don’t Let me Say it Again

Zhao Yuchen did not give her a chance to dodge and he rested himself in the chair, “Do you know who it was that in the paintings on the wall?”

“Sorry, I’m not very interested . ”

Zhao Yuchen smiled . “She’s my wife, Su Ruoqing . Isn’t she very similar to the wooden figures I carved that day? Although I can’t see, I can still carve her features on the wood with the memory in my mind . ”

At that moment, a gloomy look flickered over Bai Qingqing’s face . Zhao Yuchen could not see it, but he could detect the change of her breath .

“My wife and I met each other at a lotus admiring gathering . When I saw her for the first time, I thought I saw a lotus fairy . She’s beautiful and elegant . Even standing among hundreds of people, people could notice her just at a glance . . . ”

Talking about his wife, his handsome face, which had been solemn for many years, suddenly glowed with a piece of brightness .

“You never know, when I first saw her, I felt the strong desire to take possession of her at any expense .

Even if I knew she was my brother’s future wife, I didn’t care if I’d be blamed by people all over the world and scolded by public opinion . ”

“But the wife you took by force and plunder died in your hands because of your suspicion and distrust!”

Zhao Yuchen grabbed her by the arm . “That’s why from the moment you met me, you became hostile to me . Are you defending her against me? You . . . Do you know her?”

“No!” She answered too quickly to appear convincing .

Zhao Yuchen persisted, “Although I can’t see anything with my eyes, I can feel from your aura that you don’t seem to like me . Then why did you take the bet? You could have definitely just walked away . ”

“I don’t want to disappoint Prime Minister Qin . ”

“So you are treating my eyes for the sake of Prime Minister Qin?”


“Bai Qingqing, you are lying . ”

“Whether I lied or not should never be judged by a blind man like you!”

Bai Qingqing suddenly got rid of his grab . “Don’t apply your self-righteous judgment to evaluating other people’s thoughts . Since you know you are not God, then quit producing condescending logic . Some mistakes should only be committed once!”

Zhao Yuchen’s face changed rapidly and he said eagerly, “What do you mean by the last sentence?”

At that moment, he knew his heart was beating fast and a bold answer was about to come out from his mouth .

Only then had Bai Qingqing found that she had spoken what shouldn’t have been uttered . Before Zhao Yuchen continued questioning, she turned and went away without turning back .

Even though six years had passed, she could not forget the injuries that Zhao Yuchen had inflicted on her when she was dying, which were well enough to make her desperate and suffer a mental breakdown .

Yes, Bai Qingqing now was the reincarnated Su Ruoqing .

Even she herself could not explain why her spirit was possessed by Bai Qingqing after being stripped from Su Ruoqing’s body .

Up till now could she never forget the mistakes Zhao Yuchen committed to her .

He doubted that she and his brother had rekindled the lost love, he even killed the new born who was less than two months old in the Hall of Safeness .

It was the baby she gave birth to with ten months’ pregnancy, only to be sent to the nether world by his biological father because of the frame of shysters .

If Zhao Yuchen’s distrust of her feelings towards him caused irreparable harm to her, then when he personally took away the life of his own son was what rendered no room for manoeuvre between them .

This was a secret she would never tell . Even if God arranged for her to meet him again in this way after her reincarnation, she would keep silent and completely erase the memory of Su Ruoqing in her mind .

Now she was called Bai Qingqing, 18 years old, and disciple of the Divine Physician Mo Shoude .

As for Su Ruoqing, it was her last life, and they had nothing to do with each other after the moment when her soul and body were separated from each other .

After her reincarnation, the only mistake she made was on that stormy night, she put the burnt jade on Zhao Yuchen’s leg gently out of sympathy, , , when she saw with her own eyes that that cruel man was tormented by old diseases, dreaming nightmares .

She was an idiot, a fool, a blockhead .

Heavily injured by him, what a fool she was to feel pity for him for the sake that he had mourned her for seven days without any rest and turned blind afterwards .

When she saw the wooden figures he had carved for her, she even almost fell into his tenderness again .

She knew that they both held responsibilities for the tragedies that year . He was domineering and obstinate, while she was stubborn and headstrong .

Knowing that she was wronged, she refused to talk to him, but she ended her life in an extreme way to punish his ruthlessness .

After her reincarnation, she asked herself countless times, whether her choice was right or wrong?

She hated him, but over the past six years, she still loved him deeply even though she was in the body of Bai Qingqing’s .

This ambivalent mood haunted her for six years . If she hadn’t seen him again and understood what he had done for her after her death, her heart would not have collapsed so thoroughly in an instant .

Zhao Yuchen, you never knew that your hurt and affection to me had made me a fool who was left no choice .

That night, Zhao Yuchen lied in bed, tossing and turning to guess the relationship between Bai Qingqing and Su Ruoqing .

Although he was sixty percent positive, he dared not rush to ask for the truth .

On the one hand, he was worried that he might frighten the little girl Bai Qingqing, on the other hand, he was also worried this was an arbitrary judgment due to his crazy pining affection for his deceased wife, , and this might eventually fall into empty joy .

When the midnight was approaching, there was a sudden rush of footsteps outside the door .

Huaiyue, who was waiting outside to keep watch at night, lowered her voice and said, “Bai Gunaing, don’t you know what time it is . Lord Seventh has already changed clothes and slept . Won’t you be afraid that Lord Seventh may get angry and punish you with a crime of disturbance when you suddenly barge in like this?”

“Get out of my way . Don’t let me say it again . ”

“I can’t do that…”

Zhao Yuchen didn’t fall asleep, and heard the conversation outside clearly .

Hearing Bai Qingqing’s arrival at this hour, his heart pounded uncontrollably and he got up violently . He said in a clear and loud voice, “Huaiyue, let Bai Gunaing in . ”

Huaiyue heard that the master was awakened and glared angrily at Bai Qingqing, whohad brought so many troubles in her eyes .

Bai Qingqing couldn’t care Huaiyue’s dissatisfaction less . She rushed into Zhao Yuchen’s room and shouted at several servants outside the room, “Now, I’m going to treat your master’s eyes . Prepare towels and hot water immediately .

Huaiyue, go get the medicine according to the prescription I prescribed before, then boil it in a medium-sized pot for half an hour, and add water when it’s boiled away, and boil again till it’s extracted to the amount of a bowl…”

When she had finished her instructions, she put the small rag bag she had with her on the table and gently opened it . In front of people, she drew out seven silver needles glittering with cold light .

Huaiyue and others were confused by Bai Qingqing’s actions .

For in the eyes of all the maidservants, after Bai Qingqing had promised to treat their master, what she merely did was either forcing their master to take the bitter medicine five times a day, or forcing him to eat the spicy food three times a day .

Although people were pissed by her arrogant behaviors, when they realized that the time her bet with the master ended would be when her life is at the mercy of Yama, all their discontent disappeared .

Unexpectedly, Bai Qingqing showed this trick, which really caught everyone off guard .

Sitting on the bed, although Zhao Yuchen could not see it, he could hear about some insights from Bai Qingqing’s arrangements with clear logic just now .

“Huaiyue, do as Bai Guniang tells you . ”

If Bai Qingqing really was Su Ruoqing, he believed that no way the orders she had just made would be jokes .

Seeing that the master had ordered, Huaiyue dared not get slack and she hurriedly dispatched several maids nearby to deliver .

After all the people in the room were fulfilling their duties, by the candlelight in the room, Bai Qingqing put the seven silver needles wrapped in the small cloth bag on the candle fire to disinfect .

Seeing that she had not spoken to him, Zhao Yuchen could not help breaking the silence first . “If I remember correctly, you seem to have said that I had to eat spicy food for twenty days so that my eye diseases could slightly recover . ”

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