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Chapter 13 He Could See!

Bai Qingqing snorted with a faint smile, “Since you hate spicy food so much, it’s no fun keeping pushing you . ”

Zhao Yuchen raised his eyebrows and said, “Are you telling me you are pranking me by forcing me to eat spicy food every day?”

“That’s right . I’m just playing tricks on you . ”

Zhao Yuchen was choked severely by her frankness . At the same time, he was shocked by her tone which was like a shrewish little girl .

Yes, shrewish .

As if in her heart he was not Lord Seventh as a stranger, but an intimate one whom she could lose her temper to as she will .

The feeling was delicate, but it also deepened his doubts and speculations .

At this moment, he was more sure that there must be some inextricable connection between Bai Qingqing and Su Ruoqing .

Because of this, his heart pounded irregularly for several times .

Bai Qingqing ignored the complex emotions on his face, she went on stating routinely, “The reason why your eyes went blind is that the blood circulation wasn’t smooth, coupled with the record that you mourned for seven days and seven nights without rest, so that Qi and blood went countercurrent . A small amount of impurities in the blood hindered the circulation, slowly accumulating in your head, and eventually led to blindness .

The bitter medicine soup I forced you to drink every day contains the ingredients of Ginkgo biloba leaves . The main function of Ginkgo biloba leaves is to dredge channels and remove the impurities left in your body . ”

At this point, Bai Qingqing had put seven sterilized silver needles in front of him .

She took the liberty to explain herself, couldn’t be bothered to find out whether he understood it or not, “The seven silver needles I hold now are called Seven Star Silver Needles, which are invaluable treasures handed down to me by my master . Each needle is as thin as cow hair, but there is a star-shaped hole in the middle of each needle, which is specially designed for detoxification .

Next, I will insert the seven silver needles around your eyes according to the acupoints . As the needles go deeper, it may cause some pain . My only requirement is that you must stay still before I pluck the needles . Can you do it?”

Seeing that she spoke so formally, Zhao Yuchen took back his unsettling excitement and nodded gently, “No problem . ”

“Then, shall we begin . . . ”

“Wait a minute!”

Zhao Yuchen suddenly raised his head and looked at the direction of her voice, “May I ask you a question?”


“Why did you suddenly come and give me an injection?”

Bai Qingqing’s heart throbbed by his question .

Although knowing that he could not see, she stood in front of Zhao Yuchen like a fugitive looking for escape .

The reason was very simple . She couldn’t guarantee that she would not rekindle love for him after six years of silence if she kept being watched by him here, despite the fact that he was the man who killed her and her son .

She hated him, and she had hated him for six years .

Even if he got blind and gave up his power for her, and even made huge sacrifice in those six years, she could not accept the fact that he had impulsively killed her own baby .

It was his own flesh and blood with her, but he suspected that the poor child was a sin .

At the mere thought of her son, she could not forgive him for all his faults .

Heart, could only be hurt once .

Love, could only sustain abandonment once .

With all these in mind, there was no need for her to stay here and spend time with him .

Well, she did not deny that she was a coward . Since she could not control her heart, the only way was to run away from him in disgrace .

When Zhao Yuchen thought that she would not answer his questions, Bai Qingqing said, “Although you have temporarily lost eyesight, but your physic quality is good .

Taking the bitter medicine soup I prepared for you for days has cleared a good amount of impurities, so it is the best time to give you an injection now . ”

“Really?” Zhao Yuchen obviously did not believe it .

“Believe it or not, if you don’t have any other problem, please close your eyes . I’m going to give the injection . ”

Zhao Yuchen did not know Bai Qingqing’s temper, but he did know Su Ruoqing’s temper .

Although the woman whom he loved deeply was gentle and graceful, knowledgeable and courteous, she was a tough woman .

Otherwise, she would not have ended her life on impulse just because of hisdistrust .

With this in mind, Zhao Yuchen slowly closed his eyes and turned mute .

No matter whether she cured his eyes today or not, once he confirmed that Bai Qingqing was Su Ruoqing, she would never escape from him .

Certain things were easy to say, but difficult to deliver .

The reason why Bai Qingqing was chosen by the Divine Physician who never accepted disciples was that she was a rare medical wizard .

The reason why the Divine Physician was described to be Divine was not only because of his medical skills, but also because he could apply Qi strength to treating patients .

The so-called Qi strength was to transfer the Internal Qi energy into the patient’s body through the silver needles .

At that time, Mo Shoude discovered that Bai Qingqing could not only understand a medical book written by him, but also she could combine the words and sentences in the medical book with practice .

Since then, he had made up his mind to accept Bai Qingqing as his disciple .

While teaching her medical knowledge, he also taught her how to improve her internal strength, through which to treat patients .

This time, the reason why Mo Shoude let his disciple come to the capital to keep such a formal appointment with Qin Zizheng was that he believed in his disciple’s abilities .

When the seven silver needles were inserted into his head by Bai Qingqing, Zhao Yuchen noticeably felt an unspeakable heat flow was sent into his body through the small silver needles .

The heat flow ran several times in his body, which not only made him feel that the blood vessels around him were slowly opening up, but also the depression that originally deposited in his body seemed to disappear gradually because of the perfusion of the heat flow .


A warm and wet drop of liquid fell on his arm . His heart trembled and he said unconsciously, “What’s wrong with you?”


Bai Qingqing’s voice seemed to be very weak, which made Zhao Yuchen anxious at once .

Bai Qingqing warned before he had got a chance to speak, “If you don’t want your eyes to go wrong because of your impulse, relax your body and don’t fall into any mood swings . ”

Zhao Yuchen dared not act rashly any more, slowly he regulated his breath and tried to relax himself, but deep down he began to worry about her physical condition .

He knew that this kind of treatment fell to the category of the internal strength therapy, and if not handled properly, it would probably hurt the practicer’s own body .

Be her Bai Qingqing or Su Ruoqing, he did not want any mishap befall her for his own reasons .

But at this time, he felt powerless for everything .

He did not know how long the treatment would last, and his body was getting tired and his consciousness was getting blurred .

When he woke up, he felt a light shaking in front of him .

Slowly opening his eyes, he saw tables, chairs, screens, maidservants, Huaiyue, who had been with him since her childhood, and Ming Hao, who was chosen by him to work for him since the age of four .

At that moment, Zhao Yuchen was shocked by what he saw .

He could see!

He really could see!

If what in front of him was a dream, he naively hoped that he could live in the dream forever .

After repeatedly opening and closing his eyes, and even pinched himselfsecrectly, he was finally assured that he was not dreaming . It was true that his eyes finally recovered .

Noticing the situation here, Ming Hao, who had been waiting upon for a long time, came quickly and said cautiously, “Lord Seventh, do you feel well?”

Zhao Yuchen kept looking at Ming Hao’s eyes directly, and Ming Hao got gooseflesh and subconsciously stepped backwards . Zhao Yuchen slowly opened his mouth and said: “Ming Hao, six years no see, you have grown up . ”

Hearing the words, Ming Hao trembled slightly with excitement .

“Lord …Lord Seventh, your eyes really get recovered?”

When the others heard this, in surprise, they all came and surrounded over . “

Zhao Yuchen sat up with Ming Hao’s help and glanced at the crowd . “Who is Bai Qingqing?”

Zhao Yuchen, who woke up from six years’ daze, asked people who Bai Qingqing was as his top priority .

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