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Chapter 14 Sneaking Away With the Bundle

Everyone looked at each other, and finally Ming Hao explained, “Just after Lord Seventh fell asleep, Bai Guniang said that she had something left at Prime Minister Qin’s . Before leaving, she left a prescription . . . “

“She’s left?”

“Uh-huh . “

Ming Hao didn’t expect the master’s mood would be so impulsive and he persuaded, “She only said that she would briefly return to the Prime Minister’s for her stuff, and she might come back in a minute . “

Not until he finished speaking, he saw his master jumped out of bed and walked towards the door with a coat randomly picked .

Ming Hao and others all followed him and said, “Lord Seventh, before she left, Bai Guniang instructed us to attend you to take the medicine after you wake up . “

How could Zhao Yuchen listen to it? All he thought about then was Bai Qingqing . No, to be more precisely, it was Su Ruoqing .

His deceased wife, his beloved, and the woman who he concerned and felt most sorry to in his life .

If Bai Qingqing really was Su Ruoqing after reincarnation, he would not allow her to be away from him not even for one inch .

Thinking of this, Zhao Yuchen came to the mansion of the Prime Minister Qin with Minghao rapidly .

The old Prime Minister was shocked by Zhao Yuchen’s sudden arrival . When he learned that Lord Seventh’s eyes had recovered, he was so excited that he cried on the spot .

“Thank God, thank God!”

Zhao Yuchen knew that the old Prime Minister was really worried about his health, but what he desperately wanted to know was Bai Qingqing’s whereabouts .

“Bai Guniang left Ink Garden early in the morning and said she was to get something back from here . Prime Minister Qin, where is she now?”

The tearful Prime Minister Qin was at a loss at Zhao Yuchen’s question . “Qingqing had returned to pick up things? But she hasn’t come back . “

At this time, Zhao Yuchen finally realized that something was wrong .

If he had guessed correctly, Bai Qingqing sneaked away with the bundle after curing his eyes .

Then, he turned to Ming Hao and said, “Block the city gate immediately and send the portrait of Bai Qingqing to the gate guards for record . In addition, send the Royal City Army to find Bai Qingqing . No matter where she is now, bring her back alive . “


Bai Qingqing, carrying an old cloth bag, was about to leave the Imperial City . Suddenly she felt an itch in her nose and uncontrollably sneezed heavily .

Rubbing her nose, she vaguely felt that something bad was going to happen . She hoped her foreboding was wrong .

The reason why she left so fast was that she was afraid that undue delay might incur troubles .

She knew Zhao Yuchen so well . A calculating man he was, so shrewd and complex .

Even if the chances of such nonsense of soul reincarnation were slim, it was hard to get by without letting him discover some traces when they live under one roof .

If she had not guessed wrongly, he had woken up by now .

As for his eyes, she was confident in her medical skills . She was the disciple who had been educated by the Divine Physician hand by hand, and would never lose his face, no matter how poor qualifications she had .

What’s more, she still was the reincarnation of Su Ruoqing in the body of Bai Qingqing with the memory of her previous life .

As the noble girl of Cabinet Scholar, at the age of three, she could compose poetry and at the age of five she could paint . Even the old emperor in the palace praised her as a rare genius in the world .

So she was fully assured that Zhao Yuchen, after being blind for six years, had recovered after her treatment .

Thinking of this, Bai Qingqing who had been nonchalant for years suddenly felt a little bit uneasy .

If she had known that it was Zhao Yuchen who had been entrusted to her by Prime Minister Qin, she would not have accept the risky task .

As early as her soul was reborn in Bai Qingqing’s body, she swore secretly that all her previous life’s memory would be forsaken completely .

As for Su Ruoqing’s family, she once inquired Prime Minister Qin obscurely . Su Qingyun, a former Cabinet Scholar, resigned several years ago, returned home and settled down there with his family .

The Su family was a large and prosperous one, but her mother who nurtured her, the only family member who she cared for had passed away when she was ten .

Her mother was Su Qingyun’s legal wife . Unfortunately, her father was unfaithful and had taken several concubines one after another after marrying her mother .

As the eldest daughter born of the legal wife, she was not favored by her father . Even if she had a grandeur marriage, she was just a chess piece and did not feel any concern from her family .

After her reincarnation, knowing that her father, Su Qingyun, was still alive, she had no willingness to find and reunite with him .

Just as Bai Qingqing was walking and recalling the past, there was a racket at the city gate ahead of her .

After the Great General of the Great Yan Kingdom had marshaled thousands of soldiers and defeated several small invading countries 20 years ago, the world of the Great Yan Kingdom could be described as prosperous and flourishing .

Logically speaking, the guarding of the city gates had been very strict since ancient times . The scene of a racket like today was really rare .

It seemed that there were two times as many officers and soldiers guarding the city as in the past, and the people who entered and left the city were also severely scrutinized by the officers and soldiers .

Bai Qingqing curiously stopped an aunt who had just been inspected and asked what had happened at the gate .

That aunt was warm-hearted . Seeing Bai Qingqing dressed as a village girl and with no more than 20 years old, she vividly told Qingqing that the most wanted criminal appeared in the city, and all men or women, no matter old or young, must accept the strict censorship when getting past .

“A wanted criminal? Is it a criminal who committed murder, arson or robbery?”

“I heard from a young man over there saying that he had just accidentally seen a portrait in the hands of the officers and soldiers . It seems that the wanted is a young girl . Alas! I don’t know what the girl has committed . Even the Royal City Army was mobilized . It must be some terrifying crime . “

Bai Qingqing didn’t take it seriously, but when she heard the words “Royal City Army”, a terrible thought flashed across her mind .

There were few people who had the right to mobilize the Royal City Army in the Great Yan Kingdom, letting alone that it was a young girl under arrest .

A girl? A wanted criminal?

It was not exactly what she thought to be, was it?

As she was lost in thoughts, her footsteps had come to the officers and soldiers along with the people heading out of the city .

She saw a large number of shrewd and capable Royal Army firmly guarding the city gate, and two young guards were responsible for checking people .

When they saw Bai Qingqing, their eyebrows wrinkled slightly . One of them snapped at her and said, “What’s your name? Where are you going?”

Bai Qingqing turned her eyes and came up with a name, “My name is Wang Xiaocui . I’m going to Shili Valley in Zhang County . “

The two guards did not believe her . They exchanged a meaningful look and one of them took a portrait from his sleeve .

Although the woman in the portrait was drawn with only a few rough strokes, it still gave away the outline .

Bai Qingqing peeped at the portrait and almost fainted when she saw it clearly .

Who else could the girl in the portrait be except her?

But she firstly did not commit adultery, secondly did not commit crimes, thirdly did not murder anyone, fourthly did not set fire, then how did she become the wanted criminal hated by everyone?

After looking at the portrait, the two garrisons suddenly got serious and said sharply, “She is the one that the court is going to arrest . “

Then the atmosphere suddenly became weird, and even the people around them were frightened by the sudden change .

Although Bai Qingqing was not the most beautiful woman in the world, her pretty appearance didn’t fit the image of a wanted criminal .

The officers and soldiers of the city suddenly declared a girl who was not threatening to be a wanted criminal, which made the public simply unable to accept .

Bai Qingqing was also angry at the words of the two men . She clutched the small cloth bag on her shoulder tightly and asked sharply, “What guilty things on earth have I done? Do you want to take me as the wanted criminal?”

“You know what you have done . As for us, we are just doing what we are told to do . Arrest her . . . “


Bai Qingqing shouted suddenly .

Although she was only a small village girl in shabby clothes, the assertive temperament in her manners really shocked the people around.

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