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Chapter 16

Zhao Yuchen nimbly hugged her thus avoiding her buttocks from touching the ground .

Bai Qingqing was suddenly pulled closer by him and felt a sense of crisis . Although she was not unfamiliar with the chest she was clinging to, she had decided to completely forsake her infatuation for him since six years ago .

As soon as she resumed steadiness, she struggled out of his arms .

Suddenly the softness rooted in memory in his chest became void, Zhao Yuchen felt a sense of helplessness .

But he soon recovered from this feeling . Whether Bai Qingqing was Su Ruoqing who he had been waiting for six years, he could not act rashly to frighten away her who he had made great efforts to regain .

“Bai Guniang cured my eyes, which naturally made me grateful . But I have to make it clear that our one-month bet has not ended yet . Before I know for sure whether there will be any sequelae in my eyes, I hope you can stay in the Ink Garden . When I am sure that there will be no other problems with my eyes, then we can discuss whether you are free to go . ”

Hearing this, Bai Qingqing said angrily, “Is this your ultimate goal of arresting me with great fanfare as a wanted criminal?”

Zhao Yuchen smiled and said, “Bringing you back here in that extreme way was my last resort . ”

“Humph! Way to bring a girl back!”

“Bai Guniang, actually you can’t blame me for this . If I could see you, do you think you would have any chance to be hunted around as a wanted criminal?”

“So it’s my fault after all?”

“Otherwise, how do you explain that you sneak away with a bundle without a word?”

“I . . . ”

Bai Qingqing was speechless, and when she saw his smug smile on his face, she was really angry and had nowhere to vent .

Zhao Yuchen did not mean to keep harassing her . If he really pissed her off in the end, it would be him who suffered .

After lingering on this topic the whole day, the little girl must have been hangry and furious .

He ordered the maidservants outside the door to prepare dinner . She should not be neglected as a guest .

At first, Bai Qingqing was very repulsive to Zhao Yuchen’s arbitrary behavior . She also planned to refuse to eat or drink and prepared to hide in the room alone sulking .

But the skill of the chef in the Ink Garden was so exquisite that when the rich dinner with aroma and flavor were put on the table dish after dish, she could not help but to drool .

Zhao Yuchen was amused by the entanglement on her small face, but his face did not reveal any of his thoughts

He persuaded Bai Qingqing kindheartedly that she could express herself freely after dinner . Sure enough, the expression of defense piled up on her face slowly broke down . Although she was still pouting, she could not wait to sit on the chair and enjoy a big feast .

Bai Qingqing, who had been tossing around about for a whole day, was starving . When the food was ready, she imagined the rich dishes on the table as Zhao Yuchen, biting and chewing hard . She wished she could pull his tendons and break his bones .

Zhao Yuchen was a shrewd person who could understand her at a glance .

He was amused by her childish behavior . When he tried to help her with her dishes, he also filled several cups of mellow Pear Blossom Liquor for her in person .

Bai Qingqing was very calm when he attended on her . With several cups of mellow wine in her stomach, she got tipsy, with her head heavy, cheeks ruddy, eyesight blurred and slowly she started to talk more .

“If I had known that it was you who the Prime Minister Qin asked me to cure, I would have said nothing at the beginning and would not have come and involve in this matter . . . ”

Speaking of this, Bai Qingqing, slightly drunk, suddenly raised her slender and graceful fingers pointing at Zhao Yuchen’s nose impolitely .

“Do . . . Do you still remember the bet that we made?”

Zhao Yuchen was a little fascinated by her intoxicated eyes, knowing that she was now semi-sober, so he nodded slightly, “Of course I do . ”

“Don’t forget, you still owe me a sorry!”

After saying that, Bai Qingqing felt weak and dizzy, and was about to fall down towards the table .

Zhao Yuchen took her into his arms, carefully hugged her, and whispered in her ear, “You’re drunk . ”

“No, I am not . ”

She fluttered in his arms, “If you lose a gamble, pay the price . Apologize to me . ”

Looking at the charming face buried in his chest, Zhao Yuchen said in her ear from the bottom of his heart, “I’m sorry!”

These three words were very serious and real, with so much emotion colored in them .

Six years ago, he vowed to spend a lifetime protecting his wife, but she was forced to die by him because of his confusion at one time .

He cried, complained and regretted, but in the end he could not change the established fact .

Ruoqing died, so did his heart .

He knew that he owed Ruoqing a sorry . If Bai Qingqing was really Su Ruoqing’s reincarnation, the sincere apology was absolutely deserved .

Bai Qingqing, who was entangled with liquor, was not moved by the words of Zhao Yuchen .

At this time, she was dizzy and unconscious .

The confused thoughts were occupied by jumbled memories . Her mind operated like crazy, this second she remembered her last life as Su Ruoqing, when she met Zhao Yuchen and fell in love with him .

The next second it suddenly occurred to her that now she was Bai Qingqing, and she must keep this secret so that no one would know .

The stimulation of liquor made her hot over her body . She clutched Zhao Yuchen’s clothes and rubbed her cheeks on his broad chest, like a cat in a temper, desperately seeking the sympathy of her master .

He knew that taking advantage of others was not a gentleman’s manner, but the little woman was obviously seducing him to commit a crime .

If he had some doubts about whether Bai Qingqing was Su Ruoqing before, at this moment, he was eighty percent positive that Master Huijing’s prediction would come true .

When she was eating, he found that the dishes she picked were all Su Ruoqing’s favorites .

Including her gesture, movements and taste preferences…

Even the way she sought love from him was the same as Su Ruoqing…

It was her! It must be her!

He clearly felt the existence of Su Ruoqing from her .

Just when he was surprised by this, he heard a sudden sound of retch .

Before he came to his sense, a stream of dishes mixed with strong liquor smell came out of Bai Qingqing’s mouth and stained him all over .

The next morning, Bai Qingqing woke up and suffered from headache and stomach distension . If she guessed correctly, she must have had a hangover .

Hangover? Was she drunk?

In scattered memories, she vaguely remembered that when she had dinner with Zhao Yuchen last night, she indeed drank some wine . No wonder she had a terrible headache now .

Just then, the door was pulled open from outside, and it was Huaiyue, Zhao Yuchen’s personal maid .

Since Huaiyue saw Bai Qingqing’s medical skill, she put aside her previous prejudices about her, and immediately regarded the little village girl who used togive herself a hard time as a divine doctor .

You know, since the master’s eyes went blind, if not as many as a thousand, there were still eight hundred doctors that had been invited .

Those so-called divine doctors who thought highly of themselves could do nothing about the master’s eye disease . But Bai Qingqing, a small village girl from the countryside, cured his eyes .

This made Huaiyue respected Bai Qingqing from the bottom of her heart, and ashamed of what she had done before .

So when the master ordered her to wait and attend on Bai Guniang when she woke up, she respectfully opened up the door and sincerely explained her intention .

Bai Qingqing, sitting in the quilt, actually did not pay much attention to Huaiyue’s disrespect on her since the first day she resided at Ink Garden . She touched her unbearably sore eyebrows and said weakly, “What time is it now?”

Huaiyue answered softly, “To reply to Bai Guniang, it’s almost noon now . ”


With a cry of surprise, Bai Qingqing, who usually kept early hours, realized that she had slept until the sun was well up in the sky .

Looking around carefully, she found that she was not in the courtyard where she used to live.

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