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Chapter 2 Mo Shoude’s Vow

What irritated them so much was that Bai Qingqing was no more than a country girl, more infuriatingly, a bitter-tongued and cunning country girl .

Upon entering the main hall, Prime Minister Qin couldn’t wait any longer to get Mo Shoude’s whereabouts from Qingqing .

“Excuse me? That Lao Mo set out on yet another trip?”

That riled up the Prime Minister, one could feel the anger oozing even from his floating beard .

He pounded the desk with his eyes wide open, “I made it clear that he shall come to the capital city to pay a visit regardless, how could he break his own promise like that? That maddens me!”

“Prime Minister Qin, your matters can be handed over to me . “

Qingqing, who was seated in a padouk armchair while enjoying a cup of light tea, glimpsed at the mad Prime Minister . She put on a foxy smile after sensing that suspiciousness in his eyes, “What’s going on? Prime Minister, you don’t trust me as a representative of my master?”

Qin Zizheng snorted, “Child, do you have any idea that why on earth I request your master’s presence?”

“My master is renowned as the Divine Physician, you, just like anyone else who is looking for him, are looking for a cure . “

“You are correct, then why doesn’t he show up?”

“Prime Minister, you have wronged my master . As you know, master made an oath on quitting practicing medicine since his wife’s demise five years ago . He vowed that he was going to abandon worldly distractions, and he won’t save one single soul in the days to come . “

The Prime Minister frowned upon her explanation .

He had heard one thing or two about his old friend’s vow .

Mo Shoude was dedicated to the art of healing his whole life, superb were his skills .

It was said that Mo could gain the upper hand over Yama (King of Hell) as long as the patient was still breathing, no matter how critically ill the patient was .

Unluckily, it was his wife out of everyone who fell ill severely and died soon while he was out treating other people .

When Mo came back from his trip, his wife had already long gone . He wailed and mourned with sorrow haunting him for so long .

He even made that oath, thinking he should be disqualified to keep practicing medicine in that he was not even able to save his wife’s life .

Ever since then, the Divine Physician was nowhere to be found just like water evaporated in the air .

About two months ago, the Prime Minister was told that Mo, who had disappeared for years, was spotted in Lin’an area .

He immediately sent people to search for Mo, who was found as expected .

Without a second thought, he corresponded to Mo on a serious note begging him that he shall pay a visit in person .

Yes, someone paid a visit, but it was not the one . The Prime Minister was justified to get mad .

“To put it in a nutshell, there are certain matters that should not be exchanged to a young lady, can you please write a letter to your master asking him to come to the capital city regardless?”

Bai Qingqing raised her head unexpectedly, casting the Prime Minister a look of great significance .

The Prime Minister was caught in such unease like having prickles on the back by Qingqing’s look . It looked like she was smiling but you know she was not .

“Prime Minister, you have been suffering migraine for a good four years now, correct?”


Qin Zizheng was startled .

“How do you know that I’m suffering migraine? Your master told you that?”

“Haven’t you lost contact with my master five years ago? As divine as he may be, by no means can he feel your pulse from a thousand li (approx . 310 miles) away . “

“Then how can you tell?”

“Traditional Chinese medical method is all about to look, listen, ask and feel the impulse . Even I haven’t felt your impulse yet, your complexion shows blood and chi deficiency, dark circles under your eyes means poor sleep quality, dark lip color says lack of blood circulation in the atrium, turbid pupils illustrate bad liver conditions . As for the reason incurs the migraine, if I haven’t diagnosed it wrong, it’s correlated with the fact that you have been poisoned . “

Qin Zizheng stared in disbelief at Bai Qingqing who was sitting just opposite him .

This girl was just eighteen or nineteen years of age, yet she managed to give an almost full description of his symptoms by merely looking at him .

He was plotted years ago, that almost cost his life .

He survived in the end, however he had been suffering the sequel of migraine since then .

Quite a few doctors practiced medicine on him over the years, tangible results were not yielded .

He deemed that as his fate as time passed by, it was not like his life was on the line, so he just let it be .

Bai Qingqing saw how stupefied Qin was, then she presented a little green jade bottle to him from her ragged cloth bag .

“Prime Minister, take out the cork, smell the stuff inside . “

Stunned for a bit, Qin Zizheng took the bottle and was greeted with refreshing aroma the second the cork was removed .

He sniffed a couple times greedily, momentarily, his discomfort-tangled mind felt at great ease .

“Child, what’s in the bottle?”

Bai Qingqing smiled at him, “This is Tranquil Aroma, it contains nepenthe which eliminates all toxins . The migraine symptoms haunted you for years will get cured within seven days as long as you sniff it for the time that an incense stick burns (approx . 30 minutes) three times a day . “

“This Tranquil Aroma serves as such a miracle worker?”

“You tell me the answer after you try it . “

Though the Prime Minister had mixed feelings about Mo, but the disciple of Mo’s was quite to his liking .

Bai Qingqing, fresh off the boat, was accommodated in the Prime Minister’s mansion .

On one hand, the Prime Minister was aimed to convince Qingqing to lure Mo Shoude to the capital city; on the other hand, he was intrigued to see whether the green bottle was a miracle worker or not .

Prime Minister Mansion was no small place, not too many people lived there though .

The Prime Minister lost his wife due to disease when he was in his fifties . He had two sons and one daughter . Both his sons were entrusted important positions in the military, so they could barely manage to stay away from work, while his daughter could hardly come back home since she married far.

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