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Chapter 20 Zhao Yuchen’s Thought

Despite all the unwillingness, Zhao Yuchen still accepted the compromise so as to marry Su Ruoqing successfully. Consequently, he married Su Ruoqing and another two girls simultaneously, one girl was the daughter of Minister of the Board of Rites, and the other was Director of the Board of Works’.

When Zhao Yuchen was enthroned, Su Ruoqing was conferred the title of Empress Xiaolie, Chen Yuerong, third daughter of Minister of the Board of Rites was made Imperial Concubine Rong and Liu Xiangyi, first daughter of Director of the Board of Works was made Imperial Concubine Yi.

The two first thought they would enjoy exclusive love of the emperor and have chance to conceive princes to help themselves get higher rank in the harem.

However, neither had they expected that Zhao Yuchen never set foot on harem except Su Ruoqing the empress’s palace.

Being left out for years, Imperial Concubine Rong’s health, who was always narrow-minded, went from bad to worse. Several years ago, she unfortunately fell ill, and then passed away.

From then, Liu Xiangyi became the only hostess in the big harem of the Great Yan Kingdom.

Unfortunately, she was titular because she had no other imperial concubines to walk over, nor could she be together with the Empress, actually she couldn’t even see her husband once a year.

Since Zhao Yuchen abdicated, she turned from Imperial Concubine Yi to Imperial Concubine of Emperor Emeritus.

Her servant reported her that the Sacred Emperor had been back and lived in Palace of Sunrise last night.

Knowing this, Liu Xiangyi couldn’t wait to order servants to dress her up until she saw a beautiful and enchanting reflection in the bronze mirror, then she came to pay respects to the Sacred Emperor in a happy mood.

Zhao Yuchen almost completely forgot her but thanks to her appearance, her existence was reminded again.

However, as the saying goes, “A woman should stick with the man she marries, no matter what kind of man he is”. Since she had married Zhao Yuchen, she belonged to him all her life.

“I heard that the eye disease had haunted you for six years had gone away like a miracle. I’m so happy for you, Your Highness. How long are you going to stay in the palace?”

In fact, Liu Xiangyi did have what it took to maintain her position in the harem.

Comparing to those who tended to maneuver all their strtegies r to win favors from the emperor, she at least had a sense of propriety and how to figure out Zhao Yuchen’s thought. So she had been in charge of affairs of the harem for years.

Facts proved that the harem seemed peaceful so far.

But for Zhao Yuchen, anyone who presented at his one-on one time with Bai Qingqing was disturbing them. No matter how decent Liu Xiangyi behaved, he deemed her an eyesore.

What depressed him the most was Bai Qingqing’s reaction, she was seating nearby and drinking tea, as if she was a spectator who was ready to watch a show.

Seeing this, an idea to revenge her came to his mind.

He smiled at Liu Xiangyi, “Not really. My eye recovery was under medical help. I regain my eyesight after six years thanks to not only Prime Minister Qin, but also the disciple of the Divine Physician, Bai Qingqing, Bai Guniang.”

Liu Xiangyi was then beginning to notice the other person in the room.

She had known from a small eunuch that Sacred Emperor had taken a high-skilled physician back with him this time.

She always pictured physician as one with thick beard and grizzled hair like those in Officinal Institute of the Imperial Physicians.

But Bai Guniang had a young age and a beautiful face that absolutely would captivate hearts of any man despite the plain dress she was in.

That moment, Liu Xiangyi became alerted. Owing to the presence of Sacred Emperor, she only forced a smile and said, “That’s incredible for Bai Guniang for having such superb medical skill in such a young age.”

Bai Qingqing simply nodded to her as a response for the hypocritical smile.

She had little favorable impression on Liu Xiangyi, so she showed indifference.

Even six years had passed, what had happened last life still imprinted in her mind.

From the moment Zhao Yuchen suspected that Zhao Rui was the son of Zhao Yuting, the Ninth Lord, Liu Xiangyi began to find fault with her as desire to stir up trouble, she claimed she had seen Su had exchanged glances silently with the Ninth Lord for many times in the royal banquet, as if they had illicit relations.

Bai Qingqing had known Liu’s jealousy towards her for enjoying the exclusive love of Sacred Emperor, and that was why Liu Xiangyi then seized that chance to defame her when Zhao Rui’s identity was questioned.

Owing to Liu Xiangyi’s doing last life, Bai Qingqing, who hated evildoing as her enemy, couldn’t have favorable impression on her.

Thinking of this, Bai Qingqing suddenly stood up and said to Zhao Yuchen with a cold face, “Since you are busy on reunion with your wife, I won’t disturb you there. Please pardon my leaving for Palace of Harmony to diagnose the Emperor’s disease.”

Then she got up, turned around and left, paying no attention to others around.

Obviously, her arrogant attitude indicated that she didn’t take Liu Xiangyi seriously.

Seeing the village girl left without looking at her, Liu Xiangyi felt her self-esteem was hit.

She said to Sacred Emperor, “Such a hot-tempered girl Bai Guniang is. She even didn’t take Sacred Emperor seriously, not to mention me.”

Such obvious dissension-sowing it was, Zhao Yuchen understood instantly.

However, he was in a good mood now. Because he was sure that Bai Qingqing became so hot-tempered after meeting Liu Xiangyi for jealousy.

“Sacred Emperor…” Liu continued.

She tried to sow more dissension, only to find Zhao Yuchen show an unhappy face and sharply reply, “If you get a line on her, you’ll know that Bai Guniang, my benefactor, is respected as miracle-working physician by all the people in the palace, even the Emperor.”

“The title ‘miracle-working physician’ justifies her arrogant attitude. And you should find out why she disliked you, not others.”

Liu Xiangyi was a little shocked that Zhao Yuchen said it straightforwardly to this point. Even he never showed affection to her throughout, she was still his Imperial Concubine, his wife, his woman that universally acknowledged

But now he insulted her just for an unknown girl. By no means would Liu Xiangyi endure this insult.

She argued, “Sacred Emperor, we all know that, a state has its laws and a family has its rules. Bai Qingqing was merely a civilian…”

“What exactly made you come to Palace of Sunrise?” Zhao Yuchen questioned Imperial Concubine Yi.

Liu Xiangyi didn’t expect he would change the topic and answered deferentially without neglect, “Hearing that you came back, I want to pay respects to you instantly.”

“Do you know the emperor is ill?”

“Uh… yes I know.” She answered.

“Then why didn’t I see you in Palace of Harmony when I was back?” He questioned sharply.

“Because… Uh…” She seemed tongue-tied.

Liu Xiangyi only cared about Zhao Yuchen. As for that little emperor who had no blood relationship with her, she didn’t bother to check.

After all, no woman in the world would be so magnanimous that she had favorable feeling to her husband’s children with other women.

Once Liu Xiangyi got the chance to conceive the child of Sacred Emperor, even the emperor Zhao Rui must die and give way.

These words only came up in her mind, never been uttered with Zhao Yuchen’s presence.

Therefore, being questioned by Zhao Yuchen, she could only apologize deferentially and explained that it was her fault for failing in obligations as a mother when the little emperor was ill.

But she had cursed Zhao Rui thousands of times in her heart. To Liu Xiangyi, that damn boy showed an innocent face, but he held lots of formidable tricks up to his sleeves.

She drew this conclusion because she once tried to fawn over Zhao Ru then use him as a bait to get access to Sacred Emperor.

As a result, ever time Zhao Rui refused her flattering, making himself hard to reach out.

So she hated him increasingly and made up her mind firmly that one day she would have a baby with Zhao Yuchen.

At this moment, Ming Hao suddenly appeared outside the door and called slightly, “Lord Seventh…”

Zhao Yuchen and Ming Hao had known each other for years, he understood Ming Hao had something important to tell him from the tone.

So he asked Liu Xiangyi and all flunkeys and maids in the palace to leave. Then Ming Hao said in a low voice, “We got a problem in Fengyang. Lord Ninth was gone.”

Zhao Yuchen frowned, “Did we track him?”

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