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Chapter 6 A Typical Quack

Qin Zizheng’s thoughts were dragged back, he forced a smile, “To be honest, Lord Seventh’s madam passed away six years ago . ”

The words “passed away” pierced Qingqing’s heart yet again .

An indescribable grief seized Qingqing, a grief was known to no one but herself .

Seeing that Qingqing fell into a trance and turned pale, Qin Zizheng asked, “Qingqing, are you worried about the bet between you and Lord Seventh?”

“No, of course not . I was just thinking, Lord Seventh looks like a man of great influence, how come he turned blind, who plotted him?”

Qin Zizheng shook his head with a bitter smile, “Lord Seventh turned blind out of depress, no one was behind it . ”

“Out of depress?”

“Alas! These are all archaic matters, pointless to bring it up all over again . He puts on airs of being arrogant and domineering, deep down he is one tender soul . Chances are that he brought up this bet with you out of spite . I can plead him for leniency if you are not positive about curing him, we can let go of this bet . ”

Bai Qingqing replied, “What has been said could not be unsaid just like the poured-out-water could not be taken back, how can we let go of a bet that has been made . Besides, before he apologizes to me in person, I won’t take the matter lying down . ”

The persistence and determination flickered in Qingqing’s eyes startled Qin Zizheng .

“Fengyang area has not been peaceful lately according to our scouts . Although there’s no solid evidence about Lord Fengyang on expanding a fighting force or bribing the officials in court under the table, his doings have come into notice by several officials . Lord Seventh, how do you perceive…”

Hearing Ming Hao’s query, Zhao Yuchen, who was resting on the soft ta (a long, narrow and low bed, something like a couch) with his eyes closed, raised his hand gently and stopped Ming Hao .

“Let’s not beat the grass and frighten away the snake just yet, Lord Ninth is such a worldly-wise person, the slightest sign of disturbance or trouble will alert him . Before we can tackle him completely, the optimal option is to take a wait-and-see approach . ”

Ming Hao nodded in agreement .

“One more thing, Eunuch Li sent in a message this morning, saying His Majesty misses you so much that he is eager to pay a visit to Ink Garden tomorrow after morning court . ”

Zhao Yuchen opened his eyes slowly . Even though opening eyes and closing eyes made no difference to a blind person himself, but the change in his aura awed everyone around him .

“Has he finished commenting on the memorials to the throne in Imperial Study?”

Ming Hao replied with a smile, “The memorials to the throne from all provinces and counties are as many as eight hundred, if not a thousand . It’s mission impossible no matter how brilliant and capable His Majesty is . ”

“Now that he has things to attend to, why not stay in the palace like a brilliant emperor? Getting away from the palace over small matters is hardly any manner at all . ”

After a gentle cough, Ming Hao persuaded, “Eunuch Li said that His Majesty has been feeling blue lately, stuck in a bad mood . I guess it’s because His Majesty hasn’t seen you for days, he’s been longing for a gathering . So he requested Eunuch Li to send in the message, hoping to pay a visit to Ink Garden tomorrow after morning court . ”

“Tell Li Dafa (Eunuch Li’s full name) not to indulge Zhao Rui . Now that he has Inherited the throne, he should be well aware of his responsibility . And Ink Garden is not a place where an emperor should pay a visit . ”

Seeing his master declared a firm no, Ming Hao dared not to continue on this issue .

There was one more issue to submit, “That lady brought by Prime Minister Qin the other day was accommodated this morning . Lord Seventh, if you are not scheduled for something else, I’ll arrange her to treat you later on . ”

“For a little girl like her, you sure are taking her seriously . ”

Zhao Yuchen was justified to see Qingqing this way .

He turned completely blind six years ago, not only the imperial physicians who boasted their skills were clueless but also the renowned figures in medical field all corners of the country couldn’t find a way .

He spent six whole years in countless cycles of igniting hope and ending in disappointment .

He learned his lesson and tended to take this lightly .

What was the good in resuming his vision, what was the bad in losing his vision? When he wronged his wife out of mistrust back in the days, karma had befallen him .

“Lord Seventh, a young lady Bai is, she is a disciple of the Divine Physician . Besides, Prime Minister Qin endorsed her skills as well, she cured the migraine that had haunted him for over four years . Now that she is in Ink Garden, and she took the bet, plus that she looks like no fool, of course she wouldn’t put her own life in danger . She was confident enough to take the bet, probably her skills are good enough to cure you . ”

Ming Hao had never admired anyone, but he was so impressed with Bai Qingqing .

It was on one hand because Bai Qingqing possessed marvelous courage at such a young age, she approached Lord Seventh with an attitude which was neither too humble nor too pushy when he was in a rage .

On the other hand, Bai Qingqing cured quite a few difficult miscellaneous diseases when she resided in Prime Minister’s mansion according to Prime Minister .

Lord Seventh said that he wouldn’t care regardless, but the bitterness was self-evident .

A world without color was intricate with loneliness, fear and sadness .

The reason why Lord Seventh didn’t trust Qingqing was because he couldn’t afford to go through the cycle of igniting hope and ending in disappointment one more time .

He wasn’t touched by Ming Hao as he was indeed disheartened .

For the following two days, Bai Qingqing who stayed in an isolated yard in Ink Garden spent her days eating and sleeping, quite cozy and pleasant .

Before it lasted too long, the two maids who were arranged to be at Qingqing’s service were feeling disinclined .

The two maids, Cai’er and Ling’er, were quite ashamed of Qingqing being a freeloader at Ink Garden .

To them, this country girl called Bai Qingqing was a typical quack who possessed no skills at all .

Who could blame Cai’er and Ling’er for looking down upon Qingqing like this?

“The older the doctor was, the better his skills were” was regarded as truth since ancient times .

Bai Qingqing was eighteen years old, she looked no different than a country girl by the way she was dressed . It was impossible to relate her to a doctress .

Bai Qingqing of course held no resentment against Zhao Yuchen on not summoning her .

She kept early hours . There were two diligent maids attending to chores where she resided .

It didn’t bother her that the two maids rolled their eyes at her, speaking ill of her behind her back and accusing her of being a quack .

Being an idler for about three or five days, Bai Qingqing finally got summoned .

After breakfast this morning, the butler led her to Coiling Dragon Pavilion where Zhao Yuchen lived .

Bai Qingqing was dazzled the second she entered Coiling Dragon Pavilion .

In the spacious yard, a man wearing white brocade gown was practicing swordplay in such an unbridled style .

Qingqing admitted the man’s gestures and movements were dazzling despite the fact that she knew nothing about swordplay .

Four maids stood on the side in the yard with either towels or washing basin in hand, it looked like they were all servants waiting upon the man who was practicing swordplay .

A sword charged directly at her in the split second when Qingqing was staring blankly .

Bai Qingqing took a step back instinctively, yet before she screamed out, the sword halted at less than a half cun (3 . 33 cm) from her throat .

Zhao Yuchen couldn’t see anything, but his hearing was exceptional .

He felt a stranger’s existence as soon as Bai Qingqing entered the yard .

It must be admitted that was a great way to psych Bai Qingqing out, and at the same time it infuriated her .

She grasped the sword by the edge and tossed it to the side, asking coldly, “Lord Seventh, what’s the rush on taking my life? Are you ready to surrender without even giving the bet a try?”

Zhao Yuchen withdrew the sword after a moment of trance, bantering at Qingqing, “Please rest assured that I’ll keep your life before you are willing to admit the defeat . ”

He threw the sword backwardly with strength . Ming Hao, who wasn’t standing far, grabbed the sword neatly and put it back to the scabbard carefully .

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