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Chapter 9 Nowhere to Vent

Zhao Yuchen had been capricious recently, it was on one hand because his habits were broken by Bai Qingqing maliciously, on the other hand his former affliction relapsed as rain season came .

His right leg fractured during taming a fiery steed when he was fifteen years old .

Although the broken bone was set, the wounded part still suffered unbearable dull pain when it rained .

This night, Zhao Yuchen tossed and turned over his former affliction . Suddenly he felt a warm flow was circulating around the wounded part .

The warm flow alleviated the pain, slowly, the wounded part felt better and better, and so did his heart .

He opened his eyes abruptly, even though it was pitch dark, he immediately felt someone was right next to him .

He grabbed in the void following what he heard, a slender arm was pulled within his palm tightly .

A girl’s scream interrupted the darkness .

Zhao Yuchen frowned, asking harshly, “Who are you?”

“Let go of me, you are hurting me!”

The person who he was pulling was no other than Bai Qingqing .

“What are you doing here?” His voice was so cold, without any warmth embellishing his tone .

Then he felt something was twined on his right leg, his hand slid down looking for the twine . It was a fuzzy object, and then he felt warmth from the inside of the object .

Bai Qingqing removed his hand on the twine, warning harshly, “Quit groping, it was a jade stone trialed by fire and I covered it with layers of flannelette . Your right leg was severely injured, that’s why you suffer unbearable pain when it rains . The stone can’t cure you once and for all, but it’s good enough to solve the most crying need here and now . ”

Zhao Yuchen was startled, “How come you know my right leg was severely injured?”

Bai Qingqing avoided his burning gaze despite the fact that she knew he was blind and wasn’t able to see her expression, and replied softly, “Ming Hao told me this . ”

“Ming Hao also told you about this treatment?”

“Does the answer matter?”

Zhao Yuchen wanted to say it out loud, “Of course it matters . ”

The apple of his eye also adopted this treatment years ago to alleviate his pain whenever he suffered a relapse .

He once told her that his leg injury would be like a ghost that haunted him for the rest of his life .

But she told him that he was her husband, her yang, she would be his cane willingly if he were to be crippled one day .

For the past six years, whenever he was bothered by the pain on rainy days, he told himself that the woman who alleviated his pain had been forced to die by him .

All he could do was enduring the torture sent from above in the dark .

Little did he expect that the obnoxious Bai Qingqing adopted the same treatment as the love of his life . She brought comfort when he was most miserable and helpless .


He subconsciously called the name that had been cherished in his heart for six years with tremble and he couldn’t help but well up .

Bai Qingqing who was called as Qing’er took a few steps back instinctively, she felt her heart was torn apart when she saw the tears on the corner of his eye .

She lifted her fingers to wipe his tears, but slowly she lowered her hand halfway .

“I have put the medicine at your bedside, remember to have it later . ” Bai Qingqing said in a cold voice .

Then she left the room hastily without turning back like she was chased by a ghost .

Zhao Yuchen lifted his hand to grab her, only to have void in his hand .

She left…

At that moment, an unspeakable feeling of lonesome and solitude arose from the bottom of his heart .

“I’m warning you Bai Qingqing, you will be in trouble if you have the kitchen prepare spicy food for Lord Seventh . ”

It was Huaiyue, Zhao Yuchen’s personal maid, who was speaking .

Bai Qingqing acted like she and Lord Seventh were sworn enemies since Lord Seventh agreed to accept treatment from her, she was so committed to torturing Lord Seventh every single day .

A personal maid she might be, who was in no position to be judgmental, she couldn’t help but uphold justice for Lord Seventh .

She went to the kitchen to instruct the servants not to play along with Bai Qingqing’s farce, to her surprise, as soon as she set foot on the kitchen, she saw Bai Qingqing who she couldn’t tolerate was busy with something in the corner .

Huaiyue was too discontent to care for the bet, she charged at Bai Qingqing to give full vent to her feelings .

Bai Qingqing who was adding ingredients to the pot looked at Huaiyue coldly and resumed stirring the pot with a spoon .

“Hey, have you heard what I just said?”

“What if I have, and what if I haven’t?”

Huaiyue was infuriated by her careless attitude, “Such an evil-minded girl, my master and you do not harbor any old grudge, why are you taking vicious methods against my master?”

Bai Qingqing lifted up her eyelids with a faint smile on her face, “Vicious methods?”

“You are well aware that my master shies from spicy food, but you ask the kitchen to prepare him spicy food four five days in a row, aren’t you finding fault with him deliberately?”

“That’s right, I am finding fault with him and that is deliberately done, so?”


Little did Huaiyue expect that the girl would admit it, leading Huaiyue having nowhere to vent, it was like she was throwing a punch at cotton .

“I…I’m warning you…”

Before Huaiyue could warn out, Bai Qingqing took an exquisite bowl and gently filled the bowl with porridge from the pot .

After a sniff, Huaiyue found the porridge quite appetizing and even with an appealing look . She didn’t know what ingredients Bai Qingqing had put to create such a colorful look .

She put down the hatred for now, and asked curiously, “What is this?”


Huaiyue gagged at the answer, she asked angrily with her face turning red, “Obviously it’s porridge, I’m asking you what is the porridge for?”

“For eating!”

“Of course it’s for eating, I’m asking you who did you cook the porridge for and what are the ingredients?”

“It’s for someone to eat, and all the ingredients are good for health . ”

She had finished filling the bowl while they were talking and she covered the bowl with a lid . Huaiyue stood in Qingqing’s way and continued relentlessly, “Is the porridge for Lord Seventh?”

It wasn’t till now that Qingqing looked at Huaiyue seriously and nodded, “I put several medicines that help to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, which are good for regaining his eyesight . ”

Huaiyue didn’t expect that Qingqing would explain to her, she was surprised . Still she asked the question in her mind, “You…you are not going to give Lord Seventh a hard time today?”

Bai Qingqing couldn’t help but sigh in her heart, she wouldn’t deny that she has been giving Zhao Yuchen a hard time for the past few days, but she found what she did quite naïve after she inadvertently heard Zhao Yuchen and Qin Zizheng’s conversation .

She became well aware that she wasn’t the only one who was suffering over the years, the bastard who put her in agony was also feeling painful and helpless just like her, he had even been self-punishing .

“Huaiyue, I won’t mess with Lord Seventh any more, I also want to cure his eyes so I can leave this place . “


“Please move aside, I need to send this medicine porridge to Lord Seventh . ”

Huaiyue leaned to the other side subconsciously, she watched Bai Qingqing disappear in front of her face yet she was speechless .

Was that an illusion? For a moment she saw an unspeakable expression of pain and helplessness from Bai Qingqing’s face .

It seemed like Bai Qingqing was forbearing something, it also seemed like she decided to give up something in a brief moment .

Bai Qingqing didn’t bother to fathom Huaiyue’s thoughts, she walked to Coiling Dragon’s Pavilion . Seeing her arrival, Ming Hao stopped her at the gate and apologetically said to her, “Bai Guniang, Lord Seventh ordered that he would see no guest today, please don’t bother to come inside . ”

Bai Qingqing was surprised, “No guest? Why?”

“This is an order from Lord Seventh, I’m only responsible for taking orders from him . ”

“But I made it clear yesterday that I need to feel his pulse during the Wu Period (from 11 a . m . to 1 p . m . ) so I can be sure how the treatment goes . ”

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