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Please Behave Yourself Chapter 18

“Emperor Emeritus, I’m Guilty”

His call of father made the startled Bai Qingqing excited again .

Sure enough, it was Zhao Yuchen’s son .

So who was the child’s biological mother?

“Bai GGuniang, now that you cured my eyes after six years of blindness, your medical skills are approved by me out of question . So can you please go and see what’s wrong with the child in bed, and whether the illness is serious?”

Zhao Yuchen said this very skillfully .

First of all, he told all the people that Bai Qingqing was the divine doctor who was able to cure his eye diseases .

Secondly, he used a very positive tone to tell people that he had great confidence in Bai Qingqing’s medical skills .

As for the third, he did not use the honorable title of emperor to address the little emperor in the Dragon Bed, instead, he called him child, that was to tell everyone that Bai Qingqing’s status in his mind was even higher the little emperor .

All people who were selected to serve in Palace of Harmony were the all the most outstanding people in the palace . They could immediately read between the lines about what the Emperor Emeritus just said, so they took more respect looking at Bai Qingqing .

You know, it was certainly not an ordinary person who could be introduced in such a grand way by the Emperor Emeritus .

Bai Qingqing, who was granted the sacred mission, staggered to the bedside of the little emperor with her light steps, her eyes fixed on the face of the little doll in front of her .

If she remembered correctly, her son was born with a pale brown oval birthmark on the neck as big as a nail cap .

Would this child be her son?

At this moment, she was both excited and nervous, expecting miracles while fearing the breakdown of dreams .

When she held her breath and walked slowly to the edge of the Dragon Bed, she almost screamed out when she saw a brown birthmark lying on the baby’s neck .

Rui, this child was indeed her son .

She welled up immediately . Was her son really still alive?

The change of expression on Bai Qingqing’s face had not escaped from Zhao Yuchen’s eyes . Zhao Rui was the last resort in his hand . As long as Bai Qingqing saw the child, the doubts accumulated in his heart would disappear .

Sure enough, Zhao Rui’s appearance did break the mask of the woman who was trying to disguise herself in front of him .

In fact, not only Bai Qingqing, but also Zhao Yuchen was exited in this situation .

His eyes had lost sight since six years ago . Even though he knew that his son was well cared for in the palace, he neglected his son’s growing process because of his blind eyes .

At this time, seeing the little guy in the Dragon Bed with exquisite appearance mixing the advantages of his and Su Ruoqing’s, he could not be indifferent as a father .

Master Huijing deserved to be seen as an old living god . If he hadn’t got the advice from the Master, he would not have been able to regain sight after six years .

But now was not the time to show excitement . There was a saying that a little impatience spoils great plans .

While Zhao Yuchen’s heart was turning upside down, Bai Qingqing was also trying to suppress the extreme excitement in her heart .

In order to avoid arousing doubts from others, she quickly presumed calmness, secretly wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, then she sat beside the little emperor, pulled his soft and tender little arm, and put her fingers gently on the pulse of the child .

After the time it takes to drink half a cup of tea (approx . 5mins), she told the crowd in a low voice: “The Emperor just suffered a cold, and there is no serious problem . ”

Several old imperial physicians waiting in the Palace of Harmony could not help saying, “The result of my pulse examination for the emperor is also a cold, which is not a serious problem . But the emperor took the medicine for three days in a row, and there never seems to be any signs of improvement . . . ”

Saying this, one of the imperial physicians who looked a little older said to Bai Qingqing, “I heard that Bai Guniang is an apprentice of the Divine Physician Mo Shoude . Since Bai Guniang could cure the eyes that have been blind for six years, your skill must be as good as your master’s . In this case, does Bai Guniang know why the emperor clearly suffered from wind chill but had no signs of recovery after taking the medicine?”

On the one hand, the old imperial physician wanted to test Bai Qingqing’s abilities . On the other hand, he did not want the emperor and the Sacred Emperor to underestimate their medical skills .

A group of imperial physicians in the palace diagnosed the emperor with the same results as Bai Guniang, which showed that Bai Guniang’s ability was not much higher than them .

The old man who spoke was no stranger to Bai Qingqing . She knew that although he was eager for quick success and instant benefit, he was also a competent old imperial physician in the palace .

Now Zhao Yuchens’s eye disease had been cured by an unknown figure, quite naturally, their minds are not easy to lull into contentment .

“Some diseases are on the surface, while others are derived in the heart . The emperor was for sure suffering from cold, but he did not get better after taking the medicine . In my opinion, it is the emperor’s depression that hasn’t been eased in a good way for a long time that caused this situation . ”

“In the opinion of Bai Guniang, how should we treat this disease?”

“Of course we should apply medicine according to indications and find out what caused the depression . ”

Seeing people still had no intention to let go of Bai Qingqing, Zhao Yuchen was vaguely aware of it and said to them, “Physicians, you don’t need to interfere in the emperor’s illness for the time being . Just retreat and leave everything to Bai Guniang . ”

“But the Sacred Emperor, we the old people have been serving around the emperor for a long time, and if the emperor’ service is suddenly handed to outsiders, isn’t that … a little indecorous?”

Zhao Yuchen’s face turned solemn, and he said coldly, “Do you reckon I will hurt my own son?”

Everyone was shocked by the fierce momentum that burst out from him . Only then did they realize that although the Sacred Emperor had abdicated for three years, he was still the one who held the power of the court .

As for the emperor, he was indeed the son of the emperor .

What’s more, the eyes of the Sacred Emperor were really cured by the young Bai Guniang . Even if they had doubts in their hearts, they dared not continue to talk about it in front of the Sacred Emperor .

After the Imperial Physicians left the Palace of Harmony one after another, Zhao Yuchen came to the bedside of the little emperor and called the Grand Eunuch Li Dafa, who was in charge of taking care of the little emperor .

Li Dafa, who was in his fifties, had followed three emperors .

He was the Grand Eunuch appointed by Zhao Yuchen himself, and was one of his trusted subordinates in the palace courtyard .

The Grand Eunuch knew that his former master’s eyes had been cured and felt happy for him from the bottom of his heart .

“Talk about it . Why did the emperor suddenly got cold when everything was all right?”

“To reply to the Sacred Emperor, His Majesty worked hard all day for the Kingdom and worried about the suffering of the people, so he went to bed late and got up early every day, and coupled with the bad weather in the previous days, His Majesty got cold carelessly and the sacred body suffered . It made me extremely sad . ”

Zhao Yuchen frowned on what he heard . “Cold is not a serious disease . Why did the emperor see no effect after taking the medicine soup for as long as three days?”

The last sentence was in an obvious interrogative tone, which really frightened Li Dafa . He knelt down to the ground in a hurry, claiming that he was guilty .

Li Dafa, who had served three emperors in the palace courtyard, of course had sharped-eyes .

As soon as the Sacred Emperor entered the palace, he acted as a stern father to the little emperor, which clearly showed that he wanted to establish his authority in front of the little emperor .

Zhao Yuchen shot a cold look to Li Dafa and said in an emotionless tone, “I don’t know what the guilt of the Grand Eunuch comes from?”

Li Dafa, kneeling on the ground, secretly wiped the sweat on his forehead and said cautiously, “It is me the old slave who has not taken good care of the little emperor and made him suffer from illness . ”

“When I abdicated, I personally handed the emperor over to you to attend to, because I believed that you were all dedicated flunkeys and would spare no effort to take care of the emperor .

Unexpectedly, I entrusted the wrong ones . You useless flunkeys not only made the emperor suffer a cold, but also showed no help after letting him take the medicine for days .

Since the flunkeys who serve in the Palace of Harmony are so negligent of the master’s health, there is no need allowing you to continue to work here . ”

“The Sacred Emperor forgive my sins…”

Li Dafa fell on his knees to plead guilty . Zhao Rui, who had not said anything for a long time, suddenly called out softly, “Father, it’s none of the business of the Grand Eunuch . Please don’t punish others unrelated . ”

Bai Qingqing, who had no idea how things could have ended up like this, was most distressed by the young and weak emperor who was kneeing on the cold ground begging his father to forgive those people .

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